The Top 10 Best 4WD Cars In 2021

If you’re after a 4WD but are feeling overwhelmed by all the options out there, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re counting down the top 10 best four-wheel drive cars of 2021 to make shopping around a little bit easier. And if you’re after a car loan to help finance your new set of wheels, we can help with that too!

Top 10 4WDs

10. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Number 10 goes to the Range Rover Sport, one of the most popular luxury SUVs on the Australian market. This four-wheel drive is as sleek as it is capable and comes in a variety of models to suit all different driving styles. The Range Rover starts at $115,506 drive away. 

9. Suzuki Jimny

Next, we’ve got the Suzuki Jimny, an affordable and capable four-wheel drive that starts at $28,490 before on-road costs. This lightweight vehicle is a lot of fun but compared to the other 4WDs on this list, it’s pretty small so might not be a practical choice for all drivers. 

8. Isuzu MU-X

Coming in at number 8 is the Isuzu MU-X, the seven-seat SUV that is sleek enough for the city streets, but can also tackle rougher terrain. The MU-X features a polished interior, including a 9-inch touchscreen, as well as all of the latest safety features and technology you’d expect, and starts at $43,900 drive away.

7. Land Rover Discovery

Next up is the Land Rover Discovery, a four-wheel drive that has continued to gain popularity amongst Aussies since its initial launch in the country in 1991. Complete with all of the latest safety features and technology, this iconic model has enjoyed decades of popularity for a good reason. The Land Rover Discovery starts at $101,875, and the Land Rover Discovery Sport starts at $66,810.

6. Jeep Wrangler

Coming in at 6th place is the Jeep Wrangler, a car that is truly built for the outback. Though it’s not quite as smooth driving around the city, it thrives off-road, whether that’s rock-crawling or dune bashing. The Wrangler starts at $61,750.

5. Jeep Gladiator 

The number 5 spot goes to the Jeep Gladiator, a five-seat midsize truck that is available in four trim levels: Rubicon, Sport, Overland and Mojave. Built for adventuring and off-roading, this is a car that’s better suited to the outback than the city streets. Depending on which trim you choose, the Gladiator starts at $65,450 drive away.

4. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

One of the more expensive 4WDs on the market, but also one of the most iconic, is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Starting at $233,776, this luxurious SUV is as sleek on the inside as it is on the outside, and its off-road ability is exceptional.

3. Toyota Land Cruiser

Number 3 goes to the Toyota Land Cruiser, another four-wheel drive with exceptional off-road capabilities. Starting at $60,830, the Land Cruiser is built like a tank and is known for its excellent long-term reliability. Its relatively simple design means that there’s a lot of room for aftermarket modifications if that’s something you’re interested in. 

2. Ford Ranger Raptor

The Ford Ranger Raptor comes in second place for its smooth performance and extraordinary reliability. With impressive off-road credentials and the capacity to deliver an excellent ride quality regardless of the terrain, the Ford Ranger Raptor is an incredibly capable 4WD ute that starts at $79,390.

1. Land Rover Defender 

Taking out the top spot is the Land Rover Defender, an iconic, capable and unstoppable four-wheel drive that thrives on-road and off. Though it comes at a reasonably high price point, starting at $71,500 for the 2021 model, you’re absolutely getting what you pay for. Featuring a stunning cabin design and sleek exterior, the Land Rover Defender is undoubtedly our favourite 4WD of 2021.

Got more car questions?

What is the best 4 wheel drive vehicle?

Our top pick for the best 4 wheel drive vehicle of 2021 is the Land Rover Defender. 

What is the most reliable 4WD?

The Ford Ranger is one of the most reliable 4WDs in Australia, given that it is used in normal conditions and has regular servicing. 

How does the car finance process work?

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What are my finance options?

Depending on whether you’re buying a car for personal or business use, there are several vehicle finance options available to you.

  • Secured loans. These are one of our most popular loan products and are generally suited to newer vehicles (2013 or newer). With a secured loan, your new vehicle will be used as collateral against the loan. This gives your lender the security that they’re able to reclaim the asset if you default on your loan. The main advantage of a secured loan is that because you’re giving your lender this additional security, you’ll normally be able to access lower interest rates. 
  • Unsecured loans. By comparison, unsecured loans are best suited for older vehicles (2012 or older) and they won’t require your car to be used as collateral. If you default on your loan, your lender won’t be able to immediately repossess your car, but you might face legal action (which would be very messy!). Unsecured loans are normally accompanied by a higher interest rate.
  • Commercial loan options. If you’re after a vehicle to use for business purposes, we have several loan options available for commercial vehicles. These include chattel mortgages, hire purchase agreements and novated leases. You can read more about our commercial loan options in our blog article, ‘Buying A Vehicle For Your Small Business - 3 Important Things To Consider’.

What’s the best selling car in Australia?

As of right now, the best selling car of 2021 is the Ford Ranger, followed closely by the Toyota Hilux. 

Can I get a loan for a second-hand car?

Absolutely! Whether you’re buying a new car straight from your local car dealership, or are negotiating a bargain with a private seller, Driva can help you organise car finance.

How do green car loans work?

Green car loans are a great option for those drivers who are looking to reduce their environmental impact by buying a hybrid or electric car instead of considering more traditional cars with petrol or diesel engines. In order to qualify as a ‘green car’, your car must meet a few pieces of criteria. Normally, you’ll be eligible for a green car loan if the car is:

  • A new vehicle (or a demonstration vehicle)
  • Either electric or hybrid
  • More fuel-efficient than average (when compared to other vehicles of its approximate size)

You can compare a range of green vehicles by using the Green Vehicle Guide, which is produced by the Australian Government.

Green car loans work in the same way as regular car loans, but some lenders will offer an incentive for getting a car loan for a hybrid or electric car. At Driva, you can get a 0.7% discount on green car loans with Firstmac.

All of the loans we offer are fixed-rate loans, which means that the amount you pay in regular instalments isn’t going to change over the duration of the loan, making it far easier to budget for the future. 

How long will it take to get my loan approved?

Depending on which lender you’ve chosen, approval normally takes between 2 hours and 2 days. 

What are the costs involved with owning a car?

There are several costs involved with buying a car, and it’s important to factor these in before making a purchase. The biggest cost is going to be the car itself. A good rule of thumb is not to spend more than your annual income on a car. In fact, it can be wise to spend between just 10-30% of your income on a car. Vehicles tend to depreciate the most in the first three years, so if you’re looking to buy a used car, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of slower depreciation.

Getting a car loan is a great way to spread the cost of your car over several years, but bear in mind that you’ll have to pay interest and fees along the way.

In addition to the cost of the actual car, you’ll also need to factor in a number of ongoing costs. These include:

  • Registration. You’ll need to register your car to drive it anywhere in Australia - this is an ongoing cost that you’ll have to pay every year, and the cost will vary depending on which state or territory you’re in.
  • Insurance. You’ll need to take out compulsory third party insurance (CTP) by law (this is often included in your registration cost), and in order for your loan to settle you’ll also need to take out comprehensive insurance
  • Petrol. Depending on how fuel-efficient your car is and how often you’re driving it, petrol could end up being a considerable expense. If you’re looking at electric or hybrid vehicles, you could be able to save a considerable amount on this running cost. 
  • Service and repairs. In order for your car to run smoothly, you’ll need to make sure you’re regularly getting it serviced. One of the benefits of buying a new car is that you’re likely to experience fewer issues and will probably end up spending less on repairs and maintenance than you would with an older car. 
  • Toll road costs. Depending on where you live in Australia, this might not be an expense that’s relevant to you (there are currently 16 tolls roads in 4 cities in Australia). However, if you are living in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Toowoomba you’ll definitely want to factor this cost into your budget. 

Learn more: How Much To Spend On A Car - A Complete Guide

How should I decide on the right car for me?

When it comes to choosing your dream car, it can be pretty overwhelming with the sheer amount of options available. When you start shopping, it can be a good idea to make a list of all the features that your new car ‘needs’ to have and the features that you ‘want’ it to have. By making these lists, you’ll be able to narrow down what you really need from your new car, making the process of shopping around a little bit easier.

For example, you might need a car with a high maximum towing capacity if you’re going to need to pull a trailer, or perhaps having the latest safety features are of paramount importance to you. By comparison, on your ‘wants’ list, there might be things like heated seats, steel wheels or getting a rear wheel drive car - features that you might be able to live without.

Why would I refinance my loan?

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking to refinance your car loan:

  • Take advantage of your improved credit score. If you’ve been meeting all your repayment obligations on time and in full, you’ve likely improved your credit score. This means you might be eligible for a loan with a lower interest rate - allowing you to save money in regular repayments as well as over the duration of the loan.
  • Access more flexible loan conditions. Refinancing is also a good idea if you’re looking to access more favourable loan conditions (ie: a lender that won’t charge you fees for making extra repayments) or if you’re looking to change to a different type of loan (ie: from a secured loan to an unsecured loan).
  • Lower your monthly repayments. If you’re finding that your monthly repayments are too high, you could always refinance and take out a loan with a longer loan term, which would spread the cost of your loan out further and reduce your monthly repayments. It’s important to note that while this will reduce your short term costs, you’ll end up paying more over the duration of the loan in interest and fees. 

Learn more: What does it mean to refinance a loan?

How does refinancing work?

If you’re not 100% happy with your current car loan, Driva can help you refinance it! Because car loans are a fixed rate finance product, the amount you pay won’t change each month over the duration of your loan. While this makes it easy to budget, it also means the only way you can get a lower interest rate (and access lower monthly repayments) is to refinance.

In order to refinance your loan, you’ll first need to contact your existing lender and find out how much money you still owe on your loan, as well as if there are any exit fees or charges on your loan. Next, you can get personalised quotes from Driva (in just minutes!) and compare your best refinance options. The rates we show you are pre-qualified based on your profile, and we’ll assess your profile against each lender's eligibility criteria, meaning you’ll only see rates that you’re actually eligible for. 

Once you’ve decided on your perfect lender, you’ll just need to provide us with a few documents and we’ll pass on your application to your chosen lender. We’ll make sure that you’re likely to be approved before submitting your profile, to prevent disappointment, protect your credit score and speed up the process. 

Depending on the lender, approval normally takes between 2 hours and 2 days, and once you’re approved your new lender will directly transfer funds to your old lender. You can then start making your regular (lower!) loan repayments to your new lender, and enjoy your new savings. 

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