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Car Loan Refinance Calculator

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You can get an exact rate match instead of a generic estimate.

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Our monthly repayment estimates are fully inclusive of all fees of the lender, so no need to worry about hidden surprises.

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We'll look at a wide range of inputs to give you a personalised calculation across a variety of loan structures.

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Car Finance With

Borrow the full amount

Whether you’re buying a new or used car, you can borrow the full amount of the car’s purchase price and avoid dipping into your savings!

Expanded choice of vehicles

A car loan can give you the ability to buy a more modern vehicle than you would be able to afford otherwise. This will likely mean cost savings with fewer visits to the repair shop and a more enjoyable driving experience.

Low rates & monthly repayments

Secured car loans with Driva are accompanied by very low rates because your car is used as collateral, and because the loan is paid back over a longer period of time (up to seven years), monthly repayments are low as well.

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