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Car Finance Calculator

Find out how much you can afford to pay for a car by using our simple car loan repayment calculator.

Why Our Calculators Different

  • You can get an exact rate match instead of a generic estimate
  • Our monthly repayment estimates are fully inclusive of all fees of the lender, so need to worry about hidden surprises.
  • We'll look at a wide range of inputs to give you a personalised calculation across a variety of loan structures
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Personal Loan Calculator

Find out your monthly repayments and total loan cost with our easy-to-use personal loan repayment calculator.

Why Our Repayment Calculator Excels

  • Accurate Forecasts: Get detailed repayment schedules based on your loan amount, interest rate, and loan term.
  • No Surprises: Includes all fees and charges to provide you with a complete view of your financial commitment.
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Motorcycle Loan Calculator

Get a handle on how much motorcycle finance will cost using our simple bike loan calculator.

Motorcycle Finance With Driva

  • Our friendly and knowledgeable team has financed hundreds of motorcycles and are available to discuss your motorcycle loan requirements.
  • From balloon payments to large deposits, Drive offers a wide variety of loan structures to suit your individual circumstances and needs. 
  • Whether you’re buying your motorcycle from a private seller, a dealership or an auction, Driva has your motorcycle loans covered and can help you secure finance at a competitive rate.
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Caravan Finance Calculator

Use our easy caravan loan calculator to figure out how much you could borrow.

Why Our Calculators Different

  • No generic estimates here - Driva can give you an exact rate match. 
  • We include all fees and charges in our monthly repayment estimates, so you don’t need to worry about hidden surprises.
  • Driva gives you personalised caravan finance calculations across a range of different loan structures.
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Refinance Calculator

Discover how much you could save by refinancing your car loan with our straightforward car loan refinance calculator.

  • Streamlined Estimates: Quickly see how refinancing might lower your payments or shorten your loan term with our easy-to-use interface.
  • Flexible Parameters: Adjust your loan amount, term, and interest rates to simulate different refinancing scenarios and immediately see how they affect your monthly payments.
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Debt Consolidation Calculator

Discover how much you could save by consolidating your existing loans into a single repayment with our straightforward debt consolidation calculator.

  • Simple Process: Just a few steps to quickly see potential savings from consolidating your loans.
  • Savings Estimate: Estimate how consolidating multiple loans into one can lower your monthly payments and overall interest.
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Novated Lease Calculator

Discover the benefits and potential savings of a novated lease with our intuitive calculator. Optimise your vehicle financing by packaging your car and its running costs into pre-tax salary deductions.

  • Efficient Financing: Streamline your car expenses into one regular payment directly from your pre-tax salary, potentially lowering your taxable income.
  • Cost Savings: Learn how a novated lease can reduce the overall costs of owning and operating your vehicle, including fuel, maintenance, and insurance.
  • Customise Your Plan: Tailor your novated lease to suit your budget and driving needs, and see how different scenarios affect your take-home pay and expenses.
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