Your perfect loan match in minutes

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Instant & personalised

Instant & personalised

No impact on credit score

No impact on credit score

No hidden fees - how we get paid

No hidden fees - how we get paid

Your perfect loan match in minutes

We navigate, you Driva!

Think of us as your navigator, for a seamless car-buying and personal finance journey.

1. Smart match

We match your unique profile to the best pre-qualified rates

2. Choose loan

Choose your preferred lender, with 100% rate and fee transparency

3. We do the checks

Your online application gets checked against 1,000+ lender policies before it's shared with a lender to protect your credit score

4. Loan approved!

The fun part. Final loan documents are reviewed and funds are released!

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What is a comparison rate?
A comparison rate is the interest rate after accounting for all extra fees associated with a loan over its lifetime. That's why looking at a lender's comparison rate is the best way to compare loans.

Will I get these rates?
Lender rates vary depending on credit score, age of vehicle, and living situation. Driva provides you personalised rates which won't vary later in the process, which you can access in 60 seconds by getting a quote.

Find my rate options

This won't affect your credit score

Interest rate: 6.20%Comparison rate: 7.10%*
Interest rate: 6.57%Comparison rate: 7.19%*
Interest rate: 6.68%Comparison rate: 8.73%*
Interest rate: 6.89%Comparison rate: 8.10%*
Interest rate: 7.29%Comparison rate: 8.38%*
Interest rate: 7.49%Comparison rate: 9.18%*
Interest rate: 7.49%Comparison rate: 8.53%*
Interest rate: 7.87%Comparison rate: 9.17%*
Interest rate: 7.90%Comparison rate: 9.60%*
Interest rate: 7.91%Comparison rate: 9.54%*
Interest rate: 8.49%Comparison rate: 10.09%*
Interest rate: 8.70%Comparison rate: 10.82%*
Interest rate: 8.70%Comparison rate: 10.77%*
Interest rate: 8.95%Comparison rate: 9.66%*
Interest rate: 8.99%Comparison rate: 9.89%*
Interest rate: 9.15%Comparison rate: 10.69%*
Interest rate: 9.24%Comparison rate: 11.07%*
Interest rate: 9.29%Comparison rate: 10.56%*
Interest rate: 9.44%Comparison rate: 10.92%*
Interest rate: 9.52%Comparison rate: 10.49%*
Interest rate: 9.69%Comparison rate: 11.19%*
Interest rate: 9.75%Comparison rate: 11.49%*
Interest rate: 9.90%Comparison rate: 10.47%*
Interest rate: 9.90%Comparison rate: 10.47%*
Interest rate: 9.95%Comparison rate: 11.69%*
Interest rate: 9.95%Comparison rate: 11.29%*
Interest rate: 10.09%Comparison rate: 11.78%*
Interest rate: 10.25%Comparison rate: 11.88%*
Interest rate: 10.25%Comparison rate: 12.20%*
Interest rate: 10.29%Comparison rate: 10.59%*
Interest rate: 13.95%Comparison rate: 17.58%*
Interest rate: 14.95%Comparison rate: 15.95%*
Interest rate: 15.75%Comparison rate: 19.10%*
Interest rate: 16.00%Comparison rate: 18.99%*
Interest rate: 18.99%Comparison rate: 35.96%*
Interest rate: 21.90%Comparison rate: 28.71%*
Interest rate: 24.00%Comparison rate: 24.00%*

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