Fair Go Finance Review

Seeking a comprehensive Fair Go Finance review? Our detailed guide uncovers everything from interest rates to establishment fees, offering essential insights for potential borrowers.

Best for

Diverse Loan Offerings: Fair Go Finance shines in its variety of loan options. Borrowers can select from an array of loan amounts and loan terms, to fit their unique financial circumstances.

Transparent Pricing and Establishment Fee: Fair Go Finance takes pride in its transparent pricing. From the interest rate to the establishment fee, all costs are disclosed upfront, offering a genuine experience for borrowers.

Swift Approvals for Fair Go Finance Personal Loan: Time is money, and Fair Go Finance understands this better than anyone. Apply for a Fair Go Finance personal loan, and you could have approval within minutes—perfect for those urgent finance needs.

Excellent Customer Support: Customer satisfaction is a priority at Fair Go Finance. Their support staff is available via phone and online chat, providing an all-around excellent experience for borrowers.

Draw backs

Higher Rates for Poor Credit: Fair Go Finance employs risk-based pricing. This means the interest rate you receive may be directly tied to your credit score, which can result in higher rates for those with less-than-ideal credit.

Fees: The establishment fees are worth considering when calculating the overall loan amount you'll need. part from the establishment fee, Fair Go Finance also charges a monthly fee, especially when it comes to long loan terms.

Limited Business Loans: Although they dominate in the personal finance arena, Fair Go Finance has fewer options for business loans.

Fair Go Finance Overview

Established in 2008, Fair Go Finance has risen as a key player in Australia's finance market by focusing on customer-centric solutions and transparent practices. Among its array of financial offerings, Fair Go Finance's personal loans stand out for their flexibility and ease of access. Whether you're looking to consolidate debts, cover sudden expenses, or fund a holiday, a Fair Go Finance personal loan could be the answer.

Unlike traditional lenders, Fair Go Finance simplifies the application process for personal loans, enabling quick approvals and immediate access to funds. All costs, including the interest rate and establishment fee, are disclosed upfront, eliminating any hidden surprises. With various loan terms and amounts available, Fair Go Finance personal loans offer a tailored financial solution for a wide range of borrowers. Their commitment to speed, transparency, and customer satisfaction positions Fair Go Finance as a reliable choice for anyone considering a personal loan in Australia.

Lender Details

Interest Rates

Fair Go Finance offers competitive interest rates that vary depending on your loan type and creditworthiness. These rates can range between 27.49% and 29.9% p.a.

Loan Amount

With Fair Go Finance, loan amounts are quite versatile, ranging from $500 to $10,000. This wide range makes them a one-stop solution for multiple financial needs.

Loan Term

Fair Go Finance offers loan terms from 3 to 36 months. Whether you need a short loan term for a small expense or a longer loan term for a significant investment, Fair Go Finance has you covered.


Fair Go Finance clearly outlines its establishment fees upfront, adding a layer of transparency that borrowers appreciate. Though Fair Go Finance generally doesn't charge a monthly fee for most loan types, always check the specifics related to your chosen loan to avoid surprises.

Loan Types

Fair Go Finance Personal Loans: These are versatile financial solutions designed for various needs—whether it's consolidating debt, covering medical expenses, or planning a holiday. With the convenience of varied loan terms, they are among the lender's most popular offerings.

Car Loan: If you're in the market for a new or used car, Fair Go Finance provides car loans with competitive interest rates and transparent fees.

Cash Loans and Line of Credit: For those in need of fast cash, Fair Go Finance offers cash loans. Additionally, they provide a line of credit that functions similarly to a credit card but with a fixed loan term.

Big no-no's (automatic declines)

Inadequate Income: Fair Go Finance mandates a minimum income requirement for all its borrowers. Failure to meet this can result in an immediate decline of your application.

Incomplete Documentation: Ensure that all required documents are submitted correctly. Incomplete or incorrect documentation can hinder your loan application process.

Fair Go Finance- Frequently Asked Questions