Jacaranda Finance Review

Jacaranda Finance has flexible personal loans up to $25,000. 100% online with fast outcomes. See Driva’s review on Jacaranda Finance for everyday Australians.

Best for

Digital Platform: Their digital-first approach ensures a seamless online experience for customers, right from application to repayment management.

Quick Funding: With the support for PAYID banks, customers with NPP-enabled accounts can expect funds in as swift as 60 seconds. Others can anticipate overnight processing.

Variety of Loans: Ranging from personal loans, car loans to quick loans, Jacaranda Finance caters to diverse financial needs, with loan amounts spanning $3,000 to $25,000.

Draw backs

Credit Checks: While they do a holistic financial assessment, they also undertake credit checks, which might be a deterrent for some.

Jacaranda Finance Overview

Established as a digital lender in 2014, Jacaranda Finance has been serving Australians with a range of financial products tailored for modern banking consumers. The lender stands out for its emphasis on quick processing, clear communication, and responsible lending. Positive reviews consistently highlight the firm's reliability, quick service outcomes, and excellent customer support.

Jacaranda Finance's dedication to efficient online service is evident in their streamlined application processes. Most applications can be completed 100% online within 5-12 minutes, and most applicants receive a same-day outcome during business hours.

See if you qualify for a Jacaranda Finance loan in minutes

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Fixed rates from:

14.95% (15.95% comparison rate*)

Loan amounts:

$3,000 - $25,000

Loan terms:

2 - 4 years

Loan types:

Secured and unsecured personal loans

Min. credit score:


Min. income:

$20,000 per annum (net)





Big no-no's (automatic declines)

Bankruptcy within 3 years of discharge

Temporary citizenship - you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident with a fixed address.

Driva tip: When planning to secure a loan, maintaining clean bank statements is crucial. This showcases financial discipline, significantly enhancing loan approval chances.

Other hot tips

For a smoother experience with Jacaranda Finance, ensure all documentation is up to date. Regularly check credit scores and rectify any discrepancies before applying. This proactive approach can expedite the loan process.

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