Latitude Financial Review

Latitude Financial Services is an old-school lender that has a rich history (previously owned by General Electric). However, its long history means outdated systems, manual processes, slower turn around times.

Best for

Older vehicles, with vehicles up to 20 years old at the end of the loan permitted

Open to some impaired credit history (e.g. payday loans, some late payments on credit cards)

Draw backs

Manual, paper-based processes meaning printing and signing required to get your loan sorted

Slow approval and funding times, so you may need to be patient if you pick Latitude as your preferred option

Latitude Financial Overview

Previously owned by General Electric, Latitude Financial Services is a diversified non-bank lender that offers a range of financial products. These include traditional products like unsecured personal loans, car loans and credit cards, but also buy now pay later (interest-free) and insurance products in both Australia and New Zealand.

Despite being one of Australia’s largest non-bank lenders, they are notoriously slow to review and approve loan applications and rely on manual, paper-based processes (we hope you have access to a printer!).

There are also many customers who have raised concerns about hidden fees and their customer service, which you can read more about on Product Review.

How to apply for a Latitude Financial car loan

Latitude Financial is a little bit less strict than other lenders, which means as long as you have a credit score above 300 (aren’t a new credit file), and the car you’re looking to buy is newer than 20 years old, you can apply for a Latitude car loan.

You’ll need to be in some form of employment, but if you’re full-time employed there’s no minimum length of employment before you can apply (provided you’ve stayed in the same industry). If you’re a casual or contractor, you’ll need to have been in your role for at least 12 months (and 24 months for self-employed applicants).

Driva tip: Latitude Financial can come in handy for customers looking for a secured, fixed-rate product on an older vehicle. With Driva, you can play around with vehicle age at the time you’ve received your quote to see what your best loan matches are

See if you qualify for a Latitude loan in 60 seconds

Find my rates
Fixed rates from:

7.99% (10.46% comparison rate*)

Loan amounts:

$5,000+ (max loan amount depends on your financial situation)

Loan terms:

1-7 years

Loan types:

Consumer and commercial loans

Min. credit score:


Min. income:




  • Establishment fee: $295
  • Monthly: $10
  • Early repayment fees: Maximum of $750 (reduces over the life of the loan)
  • Brokerage: up to $990

Big no-no's (automatic declines)

Bankruptcies - regardless of whether they are current or discharged

Unexplainable late payments (common sense rule applies)

Other hot tips

If you’re in a rush or don’t have a printer handy, look to another lender!

Latitude Financial - Frequently Asked Questions