NAB Review

Dive into our comprehensive review of National Australia Bank (NAB), highlighting their home loan offerings, innovative banking services, and unwavering commitment to Australia's homeowners.

Best for

Competitive Home Loan Rates: At the forefront of NAB's offerings is their promise of providing competitive mortgage rates that give other lenders a run for their money.

Flexible Loan Options: With options ranging from fixed to variable rate home loans, NAB ensures solutions for every financial aspiration.

NAB Rewards Program: A unique selling proposition, the rewards program bestows numerous benefits upon its loyal clientele.

Dedicated Support: With a country-wide branch network and digital platforms, customers always have a channel to reach out for advice or assistance.

Draw backs

Application Process: Some users have reported a more bureaucratic application procedure compared to some newer, digital-first lenders.

Consistency: As with most large institutions, the customer experience can vary from one branch to another.

Digital Platform Glitches: Occasional technical issues have been reported with their online banking systems.

NAB Overview

Having anchored itself as a leading name among Australia's "Big Four" banks, NAB is a force to reckon with in the nation's bustling banking sector. Throughout its storied history, NAB has seamlessly blended innovation with tradition, often setting itself apart from other banks in the process. 

This commitment ensures that customers, whether seeking advice on a credit card application or exploring diverse account options, feel catered to. From standard home loan products to their renowned 'Tailored Home Loan' packages, NAB extends its offerings to a vast audience, both in Western Australia and beyond. 

With competitive interest rates and an array of customer privileges, including a reliable banking app and phone support, they've displayed a strong commitment to facilitating both the novice homeowner's dreams and the aspirations of seasoned property investors.

Anyone, from a person eyeing their first debit card to someone contemplating a transfer to a new bank, can look towards NAB. Their dedication to the future of banking and ensuring customers receive top-tier service cements their position as a top choice, not just for homebuyers, but for anyone in Australia seeking a trusted banking partner.

Lender Details

Interest Rates

NAB offers various interest rates depending on the loan type and borrower eligibility, with the aim to be as competitive as possible. Personal loan rares start at 6.99% while home loans start at 6.49% p.a.

Loan Amounts

Loan amounts range from smaller personal loans to substantial business loans, allowing flexibility in the amount you wish to borrow. Personal loans with NAB allow up to $55,000 to be borrowed with a minimum of $5000.

Loan Terms and Flexibility

Personal loans can have a 1 to 7 year loan term while home loans are personalised and flexible.

Fees and Transparency

NAB's application fees, ongoing fees, and other charges vary depending on the type of loan. Typically, their personal loans have a one-off $150 application fee, monthly fee of $10 and no exit or late payment fees.

Loan Types

Residential Home Loans

NAB offers a wide array of home loans that cater to different types of buyers, from first-timers to investors. They provide fixed-rate, variable-rate, and interest-only options.

Personal Loans

Whether it's for a car, holiday, or debt consolidation, NAB's personal loans come with flexible terms and competitive rates.

Business Loans

For enterprises both small and large, NAB offers an extensive range of business loans and asset finance options designed to help grow your business.

Big no-no's (automatic declines)

Potential borrowers with major outstanding liabilities or financial discrepancies should approach with caution as these might impact the application's success.

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