Resimac Finance Review

Dive deep into our Resimac Group Review for insights on their home loan offerings, competitive interest rates, and unparalleled user experience in Australia's mortgage landscape.

Best for

Competitive Home Loan Rates: Central to Resimac is their commitment to offering competitive home loan rates, often challenging even the major banks.

Varied Loan Types: Whether it's fixed or variable rate home loans, Resimac ensures options that cater to every financial scenario.

Customer Benefits Program: A standout feature, the customer benefits program offers numerous advantages to loyal clients.

Consistent Support: Their team's dedication ensures borrowers always have someone to consult, be it through phone calls or other support channels.

Draw backs

Stringent Credit Checks: Their detailed approach to assessing creditworthiness may limit options for some potential borrowers.

Lengthier Approval Times: As with many non-bank lenders, approvals may sometimes take several weeks, longer than some other lenders in the market.

Preference for Larger Deposits: Resimac often favours borrowers with a more substantial deposit, which might be a limitation for some.

Resimac Overview

Resimac is a seasoned non-bank lender established in 1985, offering a diverse array of loan products that cater to both individual and commercial borrowers. Known for their client-focused approach, Resimac strives to make home ownership, refinancing, and asset financing an uncomplicated and smooth process, setting them apart from mainstream lenders. Over the years, Resimac has shown impeccable prowess, particularly in its comprehensive home loan solutions. 

Their dynamic offerings are a testament to the company's dedication to providing a myriad of financial options, tailored to the unique needs of every homeowner.

From straightforward home loans to their special Resimac Prime suite of products, they cater to a wide range of requirements. With their competitive interest rates and the notable Resimac customer benefits program, they've proven their commitment to both first-time home buyers and seasoned investors alike.

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Lender Details

Interest Rates

Interest rates are competitively priced but are subject to market conditions. Their prime rates start at 6.99% p.a and varies on a customer-to-customer basis.

Loan Amounts

Depending on the type of loan and its purpose, Resimac offers varying loan amounts to suit diverse purchase or investment needs.

Loan Terms and Flexibility

Transparent and upfront, Resimac has no hidden agendas, with a clear breakdown of costs associated with every loan.

Loan Types

Home Loans

Resimac offers competitive interest rates and flexible home loan options for a wide range of borrower types. Their home loan offering is best suited for those who value the guidance and assistance of a mortgage broker

Consumer Car Loans

Those looking to purchase a vehicle for consumer use can take advantage of Resimac's Asset Finance to get a car loan funding up to $150k.

SME and Commercial Finance

Under the Resimac Asset Finance banner, a variety of financial solutions are available for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These include car loans for business use, equipment finance, and secured loans.

Big no-no's (automatic declines)

Prospective borrowers should ensure their financial histories are in order, as significant liabilities or inconsistencies can deter application success.

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