Scottish Pacific Review

Looking for a detailed Scottish Pacific business finance review? Our comprehensive guide offers critical insights on their services, interest rates, and much more, aimed to guide potential borrowers in the Australian financial landscape.

Best for

Specialised Business Financing: ScotPac’s loans provide a comprehensive range of specialised business finance options, including invoice and trade financing, making it a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and small or large business owners.

Tailor-Made Solutions: ScotPac is dedicated to offering customised Scottish Pacific business finance solutions, designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of each business.

Quick Approvals: Time is critical when it comes to Scottish Pacific. ScotPac understands the urgency and offers quick approvals as part of their working capital solutions.

Experienced Team: With decades of experience, the ScotPac team ensures the customer a smooth, professional, and highly informed borrowing experience.

Draw backs

Limited Personal Finance Options: Scottish Pacific is focused on business finance products, making them less suitable for personal loan needs.

Complex Products: The comprehensive range of products in Scottish Pacific business finance can be complicated and may require a deep understanding of business lending to navigate effectively.

Minimum Revenue Requirements: ScotPac generally requires businesses to meet specific revenue criteria, which can be a barrier for smaller enterprises.

Scottish Pacific Overview

Established in 1988, Scottish Pacific, commonly known as ScotPac, specializes in Scottish Pacific business finance solutions, offering a wide range of working capital solutions for businesses across Australia and New Zealand. With over 30 years of experience, ScotPac has grown into Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest specialist provider.

The firm focuses primarily on debtor finance, trade finance, and asset-based lending. ScotPac offers a comprehensive range of Scottish Pacific business finance solutions that aim to provide customers with the working capital they need to grow and succeed. The flexibility and tailor-made nature of their products make them a popular choice for businesses in a variety of sectors.

ScotPac sets itself apart with its robust due diligence process and expertise in the field of Scottish Pacific business finance. Whether it's short-term debtor finance or long-term asset-based loans, ScotPac business loans offer an extensive range of working capital solutions designed to help their customers achieve success.

Lender Details

Interest Rates

ScotPac offers competitive interest rates, especially when businesses can demonstrate strong operational performance. The rates are part of their comprehensive range of working capital solutions, allowing applicants to plan for the cost of borrowing effectively.

Loan Amounts

With ScotPac, applicants can access a broad spectrum of loan amounts, ranging from as low as $10,000 to as high as $30 million. This flexibility is part of their helpful range of Scottish Pacific business lending solutions.

Loan Terms

Loan terms with ScotPac business finance are flexible, ranging from short-term options to more extended periods, allowing applicants to select terms that align with their unique needs and working capital solutions.


All fees, including setup and service charges, are disclosed upfront as part of the Scottish Pacific business finance experience, reflecting their commitment to transparency and integrity.

Loan Types

Debtor loans

This form of Scottish Pacific involves leveraging unpaid invoices as collateral, an essential part of their working capital solutions.

Trade Finance

Trade finance from ScotPac is particularly useful for businesses involved in international trade.

Asset-Based Lending

ScotPac offers asset-based lending as part of its product offerings, enabling businesses to leverage a variety of assets.

Big no-no's (automatic declines)

Poor Business Performance: Businesses with unstable revenue streams or negative cash flow are less likely to be approved.

Incomplete Documentation: Proper documentation is crucial when applying for any of ScotPac's working capital solutions.

Unsettled Legal Issues: Businesses with unresolved legal disputes may not qualify.

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