The Best Cruiser Motorcycles of 2023: Performance, Comfort, and Beginners

The open road is calling, and there’s no better way to answer it than with a cruiser motorcycle. In 2023, the cruiser market is more diverse than ever, with options ranging from classic American V-twins to eco-friendly electric models. Ready to find your perfect ride? Let’s dive into the 10 best cruiser motorcycles of 2023, broken down by performance, comfort, and beginner-friendly options.

Key Takeaways

  • 2023 is the year to get into cruisers, with powerful sport and long-distance options for all levels of riders.
  • Cruiser motorcycles offer a variety of engines and customisation opportunities plus advanced safety features for a safe ride.
  • Electric cruiser motorcycles are becoming increasingly popular as the future of cruising, offering improved performance but limited range & higher prices.

Top Cruiser Motorcycles of 2023

Many cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in cruiser motorbikes. 2023 promises to be an exciting year for the cruiser category, with models that cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a powerful sport cruiser, a comfortable long-distance tourer, or a beginner-friendly option, there’s a cruiser motorcycle out there for you.

Now, let’s explore the best cruiser motorcycles of 2023 and their key features.

Performance Cruisers

Performance cruisers are the ideal bikes for riders seeking the perfect blend of power, style, and comfort. These motorcycles are serious machines, packed with powerful engines, high horsepower, and impressive handling capabilities. They’re designed to provide an adrenaline-pumping experience without compromising on the comfort that performance cruiser bikes are known for.

Some of the top performance cruisers of 2023 include the Suzuki M109R, Triumph Rocket 3, Harley-Davidson V-Rod Night Rod, Ducati Diavel V4, BMW R 18, Indian Chief Bobber, Yamaha VMAX, and the KRGT-1. Motorcycle manufacturers have equipped these vehicles with a range of advanced features. These include adjustable Showa suspension, Brembo Stylema Brakes, advanced traction control, cornering ABS, multiple ride modes, cruise control and many more..

In essence, performance cruisers blend the excitement of acceleration and cornering with the renowned comfort and cruiser engine power of cruiser motorcycles, making them some of the best cruisers on the market.

Comfort Cruisers

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    Comfort cruisers cater to long-distance riders and touring enthusiasts, featuring plush seats, ergonomic riding positions, and smooth suspensions for optimal comfort on long journeys. Models like the Harley Davidson Road Glide and Honda Gold Wing are specifically tailored for long-distance touring, offering a range of amenities and advanced features to keep riders comfortable and entertained on the open road.

    Tourer and bagger cruisers are popular choices in this category, offering large fairings and hard luggage for long-distance rides, as well as features like heated grips passenger seat back, cruise control, and onboard infotainment. The Indian Chief, Valkyrie Interstate, and Indian Scout are also excellent examples of comfort cruisers that provide a stylish and powerful ride, without sacrificing the comfort that long-distance cruiser riders demand.

    Beginner-Friendly Cruisers

    New riders seeking a cruiser motorcycle with easy handling, manageable power, and user-friendly features should consider beginner-friendly cruisers. Some great options for beginner riders and those just starting out in the world of cruiser motorcycles include:

    • Yamaha V Star 650
    • Harley-Davidson Nightster
    • Harley-Davidson Street Bob
    • Indian Scout Bobber Sixty
    • Kawasaki Vulcan S
    • Triumph Bonneville T100
    • Honda Rebel 300
    • Honda Rebel 500
    • Kawasaki Vulcan 900
    • Indian Scout Bobber
    • Kawasaki Eliminator
    • Royal Enfield Classic 350

    These models, with their lightweight cast aluminium frame, offer a combination of performance and ease of use that make them ideal for new riders.

    Beginner-friendly cruisers typically have:

    • Smaller engines, making them easier to handle and control for new riders
    • Comfortable designs and adjustable riding positions
    • Low seats and forward controls to accommodate a variety of rider sizes and preferences
    • Modern features like LCD displays and smartphone connectivity
    • A pillion saddle as standard, giving new riders the perfect mix of vintage style and modern convenience

    The Evolution of Cruiser Motorcycles

    Since their inception in the United States in the 1940s, cruiser motorcycles have undergone significant evolution. Initially characterised by their low seat height, feet-forward riding position, and V-twin engines, cruisers have evolved over time to incorporate various engine configurations, modern features, and innovative design elements.

    American aesthetics have played a significant role in shaping the cruiser motorcycle style, influencing the design of many of the production cruiser motorcycles that followed. The American motorcycle industry was instrumental in popularising the big-bore V-twin era and the distinctive rumbling exhaust note that so many cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts adore.

    The cruiser market today boasts a diverse selection from American, European, Japanese, and Australian manufacturers, meeting a wide array of riders’ needs and preferences.

    Iconic Features of Cruiser Motorcycles

    A few key design elements set cruiser motorcycles apart from other types of bikes. The low seat height, feet-forward riding position, and V-twin engines are iconic features that have defined the cruiser category for decades. These design elements not only contribute to the distinctive look of cruiser bikes but also provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for many cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts.

    The V-twin engine, in particular, has become a hallmark of American-made cruiser motorcycles, providing both visual appeal and a unique, throaty exhaust note beloved by many riders. This powerful and smooth engine configuration is an essential component of the cruiser riding experience, offering low-end grunt and a solid ride.

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    Powering Your Ride: Cruiser Motorcycle Engines

    Renowned for their powerful engines, cruiser motorcycles offer a variety of types and configurations to match varied rider preferences. Traditionally, cruisers have been powered by V-twin engines, which are known for their torque and smoothness. However, cruiser bikes today also feature other engine configurations, such as:

    • V4 engines, which offer a balance of power, torque, and smoothness ideal for cruising
    • Inline-six engines, which provide smooth power delivery and a unique sound
    • Boxer engines, which have a low centre of gravity and offer good stability

    These different engine configurations give cruiser bike riders more options when choosing a cruiser motorcycle that suits their riding style and preferences.

    Additionally, large-displacement engines can be found in some of the bigger cruiser motorcycles, providing even more power and torque for those who crave a thrilling ride. With such a diverse range of engine options available, riders can choose a cruiser motorcycle with the perfect balance of power, performance, and comfort to suit their needs.

    Customisation and Personalisation

    Customization plays a pivotal role in cruiser motorcycle culture, empowering riders to express their unique style and create a distinct ride. Popular modifications and aftermarket accessories for cruisers include:

    • Aftermarket exhaust systems
    • Custom lighting
    • Upgraded seats
    • Leather luggage and accessories
    • Bar-end mirrors
    • Race levers and handguards

    By adding these aftermarket accessories and mods, riders can make their cruiser stand out from the crowd and tailor the bike to their personal preferences and riding style. With endless customization options available, cruiser motorcycle enthusiasts can truly make their bikes one-of-a-kind.

    Cruiser Motorcycles and Safety

    Regardless of their experience level, safety remains paramount for all cruiser motorcycle riders. Modern cruiser motorcycles are often equipped with advanced safety features such as:

    • ABS
    • Traction control
    • Combined braking systems
    • Stability control
    • Rear lift-off protection

    These features enhance the riding experience and ensure rider safety.

    In addition to these safety features, all riders should invest in proper protective gear, such as:

    • a full-face helmet
    • gloves
    • boots
    • protective clothing

    Moreover, new riders are encouraged to take motorcycle safety courses to learn the basics of safe riding and gain experience in handling their cruiser bikes. Regular maintenance is also essential to ensure that the motorcycle remains in optimal condition for safe riding.

    Choosing the Right Cruiser Motorcycle for You

    Choosing the ideal cruiser motorcycle is subjective, influenced by factors like intended use, riding experience, budget, and personal tastes. To find the right cruiser for you, consider factors like engine size and power, design, weight, and brand, as well as how well the bike fits your lifestyle and identity.

    Test riding different models can help you determine which cruiser motorcycle suits your needs and preferences best. Additionally, look for reviews and ratings of different cruiser motorcycles to gather information about their reliability, performance, and overall satisfaction from other riders.

    Ultimately, the right cruiser motorcycle for you is the one that meets your unique needs and preferences.

    Electric Cruiser Motorcycles: The Future of Cruising?

    With the global shift towards eco-friendly transportation, electric cruiser motorcycles are gaining popularity among riders. These bikes offer several advantages over traditional gas-powered cruisers, such as better performance, increased range, and lower emissions. However, electric cruiser motorcycles currently face challenges, including limited range, the need for frequent charging, and higher price tags.

    Despite these challenges, the future of electric cruiser motorcycles looks promising, with advancements in battery technology, longer ranges, and more affordable options expected in the coming years. As the electric cruiser market continues to evolve, these bikes may soon become a popular choice for riders seeking a more sustainable and environmentally friendly cruising experience.

    Cruiser Motorcycle Brands and Models Around the World

    Enjoying worldwide popularity, cruiser motorcycles are cherished by riders for their distinctive style and comfort. Some of the top manufacturers of cruiser motorcycles include:

    • American manufacturers
    • European manufacturers
    • Japanese manufacturers
    • Australian manufacturers

    These manufacturers produce a wide range of cruiser models, catering to the diverse preferences of riders worldwide.

    In Australia, popular cruiser motorcycle brands include:

    • Yamaha
    • Suzuki
    • Honda
    • Harley-Davidson
    • Kawasaki

    These brands are well respected amongst the motorcycling community. The influence of American aesthetics in cruiser motorcycle design is also evident in models from these manufacturers, as well as in offerings from European and Japanese brands. This diverse range of options ensures that riders can find a cruiser motorcycle that suits their unique preferences and needs, no matter where they are in the world.


    In conclusion, the cruiser motorcycle market in 2023 offers something for everyone, from high-performance sport cruisers to comfortable long-distance tourers and beginner-friendly options. With a rich history, iconic design features, and a diverse range of engine configurations, cruiser motorcycles continue to capture the hearts of riders worldwide. 

    As technology advances and the world becomes more eco-conscious, electric cruisers may become an increasingly popular choice. No matter your preferences or experience level, there’s a cruiser motorcycle out there for you, ready to take you on the open road and beyond.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best brand of cruiser motorcycle?

    The best brand of cruiser motorcycle is Harley-Davidson, featuring models such as the Nightster, Softail, and Fat Boy. Other top brands include Indian, Ducati, Yamaha, and Suzuki.

    What is the most reliable motorcycle cruiser?

    For reliable cruiser motorcycles, the Triumph Rocket, Indian Scouts, Yamaha Bolt, and other top-tier models are some of the best money can buy.

    What are the key features to look for in a cruiser motorcycle?

    When looking for a cruiser motorcycle, focus on key features like engine size, power, design, weight, and brand to find the perfect fit for your riding style.

    What are the advantages of electric cruiser motorcycles?

    Electric cruisers have the advantage of improved performance, a greater range, and reduced emissions compared to traditional gas-powered models, making them a great choice for environmentally-conscious riders.

    What are some popular modifications and accessories for cruiser motorcycles?

    Cruiser motorcycles often come equipped with aftermarket exhaust systems, custom lighting, upgraded seats, leather luggage, and bar-end mirrors for that classic look.

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