The Best Luxury Sports Cars 

If you want the ride of your life, you need to slip into something sleek and sexy. And for an experience you’ll never forget, you need the best of the best. Of course, we’re talking about the best driving experience – what else? And for that, you’ll need a luxury sports car. 

For performance and design that are equally matched, only luxury will do. And for most luxury sports car owners, the prestige that comes with a slick ride is secondary. What they want is an innovative design, speed, and all of the interior features that modern automotive technology can provide. 

But for those not in the know, you may be wondering what puts the ‘sports’ into a luxe car.

So let’s spell it out:

What is a luxury sports car?

For any car to get the luxury stamp of approval, it needs to have high-end features that go way beyond the average. We’re talking sumptuous interiors, state-of-the-art performance attributes, and the hottest design. Oh, and it’s got to meet the highest safety standards, too.

But for a luxury car to slide into the sports niche it has to be more than merely quick. If you just want to drive really really fast, you could drive an F1 car at top speed around the Orbital. Would it be exhilarating? Yes. Would it be comfortable? No. 

A luxury sports car provides ultra-responsive handling, thrilling acceleration and the highest speeds possible blended with luxury interior comforts and design features. 

It’s the best of both worlds. 

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So, now let’s cruise through the best luxury sports cars on the market right now.

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    Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    When it comes to the best luxury sports cars, you’re not going to do better than the Porsche GT3 RS. There are very few cars that can maintain a retro design dynamic and incorporate the state-of-the-art performance necessary to stay at the top of the luxury sports car class. But the 911 keeps pushing the boundaries to give drivers a race track experience on the road.

    With its 4.0-litre naturally aspirated 525 PS engine with a max. torque of 465 Nm, you’ll get from 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds. What’s more, with a downforce more significant than the McLaren Senna, you’ll get all the speed you’ll need without losing grip. And if you’re worried about control, don't be. The traction control and ECS are fully adjustable making this Porsche a truly responsive ride even in challenging environmental conditions.

    Starting Price: $500,200

    Audi R8

    If you want a supercar driving experience of the highest level, upgrade to the R8 V10 Performance Quattro. The naturally aspirated 5.2- litre V10 engine generates between 570 PS and 620 PS and with the system torque of 580 Nm you’ll get acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.1 seconds.

    The mid-engine concept provides a low centre of gravity. And with the enhanced weight distribution and an all-wheel drive, you’ll experience enhanced stability at high speeds even when cornering. 

    As Audi states, “No other Audi is closer to motor racing”. So for sheer driving delight, this particular machine certainly puts the sports into the car.  

    Starting Price: $294,892

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    Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    The Z06 won’t be arriving in Aus until mid-2023, but it is a hugely anticipated luxury sports car. Not only are the body paint options eye-catching, but it's also getting eye wateringly fast track speeds. 

    It’s a car that’s built for the win. And its 5.5 L engine provides 650 hp and 650 ft-lbs of torque to get from 0-60 in 2.6 seconds. Its balanced mid-engine design directs the power to rear wheels and coupled with an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox with paddle shifters, the Z06 makes playing the lanes a piece of cake.

    Starting Price: $200,000+

    Jaguar F-Type

    Jaguar has always been the Monte Carlo of luxury cars. And while the F-Type may not have the track performance of its rivals, there are few sporty cars that can match its sophistication. Car design doesn’t get classier than a Jag and that goes for the F-Type coupé or convertible. 

    It’s more about looks than power with the Jaguar F-Type. But its capabilities aren’t to be sniffed at. With headline figures of 0-62mph in 3.7sec and the needle topping 186mph thanks to its supercharged V8s, you’ll still get the speed. It’s just the speed of Silverstone rather than Nurburgring. But with its entry-level price tag, you’re still getting supermodel looks. And the Jaguar F-Type’s trademark symphonic exhaust roar is music to our ears. 

    Starting Price: $159,900

    Aston Martin V12 Vantage

    This is a sports car that has the last word in luxury. And even though its performance doesn’t always compare favourably with some of the machines we’ve mentioned, it tops the list in terms of its sheer presence. And with this last-of-the-line Vantage, Aston Martin are more interested in the V12’s ‘attack on the senses'. 

    And it certainly achieves that aim with its 700PS V12 motor, the most powerful 12-cylinder engine to have been fitted in a Vantage. So performance may come after design but you’re still going to get from 0 - 62mph in 3.5sec and a top speed of 200mph. Plus, its refined engineering means the Vantage isn’t going out with a whimper but an almighty roar. 

    And now it’s the last of the line, the V12 Vantage is very much like Aston Martin’s most famous fictional driver – one of a kind. 

    Starting Price: $299,950

    McLaren GT

    If speed is number 1 on your sports car wishlist, then put a McLaren GT at the top. Those in the know will start off by saying that despite its name, it can’t really claim to be a grand tourer. Has it got the speed to get you cross-state fast? Lightening fast. Will it get you to a distant destination comfortably? Only if you travel solo or super light.

    So can it still claim to be ‘luxury’ if it doesn't offer a driving experience that’s as smooth as melted chocolate? Hell yeah! Not everyone’s after a sports car that is the automotive equivalent of a smoking jacket. What the McLaren GT does offer is blistering fast speeds thanks to its 4-litre twin-turbocharged flat-plane-crank V8 engine. Go from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds or 0-124mph in 9.0 seconds and get a red-hot speed of 203 mph. And with the GT’s touch-screen tech that takes its design principles from a private jet, it’s not a leap to say the only way to travel quicker would be to take flight.

    Starting Price: $399,995

    Ferrari 296 GTB

    This model is touted as one of the best sports cars of 2023. But the space and comfort that this GT provides makes this sports car actually warrant the name luxury. And not only has it got all the good looks that the Italian automaker can provide, but this Ferrari’s also got utter power to match.

    The 296 GTB is Ferrari’s first 120-degree, twin-turbo V6 engine and despite its whopping 819bhp capabilities, it’s not a scary drive. It’ll take you from 0 - 62 mph in 2.9 seconds but because of Ferrari’s sophisticated electronic chassis system or that the PHEV is capable of delivering up to 830 hp, there's nothing edgy about it. It’s definitely one of 2023 top sports cars because the 296 GTS gives you premium performance while making it feel like an everyday drive - albeit a luxury one.

    Starting Price: $568,300

    What is the Best Luxury Sports Car in Australia?

    Ferrari Roma

    This may be the second Ferrari on our list, but it’s arguably the hottest luxury sports car available in Australia right now. And its popularity is shared all over the globe, pretty much and rightly so. It’s been hailed as a ‘near perfect’ grand tourer. 

    And we just love Ferrari’s summary of the Roma as ‘an F1 car in evening attire’. That’s a description that this luxury sports car lives up to. While its front, rear-wheel-drive layout is mated to the new eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox, its turbocharged 3.9-litre V-8 engine mounted near the middle of the car pumps out 612 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque. And, Ferrari claims, 0–62 mph in 3.4 seconds.

    Why is it the best in Australia? Because it’s got the exclusivity of being a more expensive ‘daily driver’ than most can afford – even compared to the luxury sports cars class. 

    Plus, it’s not a flashy ride. It’s got understated even classical lines that scream elegance. And even when it gets hot, it keeps us looking super cool. 

    Starting Price: $409,888

    What is the Cheapest Luxury Sports Car?

    The Nissan Z

    One of the most eagerly anticipated sports cars in Australia in 2022, has now arrived and is firing luxury sports car enthusiasts' cylinders all over the country. It’s the first z in more than a decade so it’s not hard to see why.

    This may not be the fastest accelerator from our list of luxury sports cars, as it takes 4.6 seconds to reach 60 mph from a standing start. But thanks to a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine it still pumps out 400 hp and provides 350 lb-ft of torque. The Z’s power is sent to the rear wheels via either a nine-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission with paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

    Plus, it’s one of the more affordable luxury sports cars in our list. And with its upgraded retro-styled look but with a twin-screen interior, it’ll still look super slick beside its competitors.

    Starting Price: $73,300

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’re in the market for a luxury sports car, checking out the best sports cars you can afford, or allowing yourself to fantasise – you’ve got to have a dream – we think our list is a great start.

    And if you need help working out how to cover the cost, our trusty finance calculator can help.

    So whether your ride is in the luxury sports car class or not, remember: it's not the destination, it's the journey.

    Declan Flaherty

    As the Digital Marketing Manager at Driva you can find Declan during the day transfixed by a flurry of spreadsheets, mar-tech, Slack emojis and graphs all pointing in the right direction and keeping up to date with the latest car finance trends.

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