2024 BMW iX3 Review: Unveiling the Electric SUV of the Year

The 2024 BMW iX3 is set to revolutionise the electric car market with its stunning combination of luxury and performance. This all-electric SUV is based on the popular BMW X3 model but features a unique grille and styling treatment that instantly captures attention.

At the heart of the iX3 is a powerful 210kW electric motor, delivering a smooth, silent, and exhilarating driving experience. The iX3 showcases a range of innovative features and cutting-edge technologies, making it a top-tier SUV in the electric car segment. With its impending release in 2024, the BMW iX3 is poised to become the electric SUV of the year.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 2024 BMW iX3 offers a seamless blend of luxury and performance, setting new standards for electric SUVs.
  • With its distinctive styling and unique grille, the iX3 stands out from the crowd and turns heads everywhere it goes.
  • Featuring a powerful 210kW electric motor, the iX3 delivers instant torque and exhilarating acceleration.
  • The iX3 is packed with advanced features and technologies that set it apart from the competition.
  • Set to be released in 2024, the BMW iX3 is expected to make a significant impact in the electric car market.

Performance and Efficiency

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    The BMW iX3 is a remarkable all-electric SUV that offers impressive performance and exceptional efficiency. Its electric motor provides instant torque, delivering a thrilling driving experience with smooth acceleration. The iX3 has received high ratings for its performance and energy efficiency, making it a top choice among electric vehicle enthusiasts.

    In the competitive world of all-electric SUVs, the BMW iX3 stands out and goes head-to-head with other notable models such as the Hyundai Ioniq 5, Mercedes-Benz EQC, and Audi e-tron. These vehicles represent the cutting edge of electric technology and stand as strong competitors in the market.

    With its exceptional performance and efficiency, it's no wonder that the BMW iX3 has also garnered recognition as a top contender for Car of the Year awards. The iX3 exemplifies the future of automotive engineering, where all-electric vehicles offer exceptional performance without compromising on efficiency. For those seeking a high-performing, environmentally friendly SUV, the BMW iX3 is the perfect choice.

    Interior and Technology

    The interior of the BMW iX3 offers a perfect blend of luxury and technology. Step inside the iX3, and you'll be greeted by an elegant and modern design that reflects BMW's commitment to creating a premium electric driving experience. With its spacious cabin and high-quality materials, the iX3 provides a comfortable environment for both driver and passengers.

    The centerpiece of the iX3's interior is its state-of-the-art infotainment system. The system combines a large touchscreen display with intuitive controls, allowing you to easily access a range of features and functions. Whether you're adjusting the climate control settings, selecting your favorite music, or navigating to your destination, the iX3's infotainment system provides a seamless and user-friendly experience.

    BMW has also incorporated elements from its electric vehicle lineup into the iX3's interior. The design cues of the i4 and i3 models can be seen in the iX3, creating a cohesive and distinctive electric vehicle identity. The iX3 offers a harmonious fusion of luxury and sustainability, making it a standout choice for environmentally-conscious drivers.

    For those seeking enhanced performance and capability, the iX3 is available with all-wheel drive. This advanced drivetrain ensures confident handling and improved traction in various road conditions. Whether you're navigating city streets or venturing off the beaten path, the iX3's all-wheel drive system provides the stability and control you need.

    In addition to all-wheel drive, the iX3 offers various interior trims that allow you to customise your driving experience. From luxurious leather upholstery to sleek aluminum accents, you can choose the interior trim that best suits your style and preferences.

    Key Features:

    • Spacious and comfortable cabin
    • Modern infotainment system
    • Incorporation of i4 and i3 design elements
    • All-wheel drive for enhanced performance
    • Customisable interior trims

    The iX3 is a testament to BMW's engineering expertise and innovative vision for electric vehicles. As seen in the brand's concept car, the Vision Neue Klasse X, BMW is pushing the boundaries of electric mobility and creating a sustainable future. The iX3 is not just another electric SUV; it is a symbol of BMW's commitment to delivering exceptional performance, advanced technology, and luxurious comfort.

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    Safety and Features

    The BMW iX3 combines cutting-edge safety features with an array of innovative technologies to ensure your peace of mind on the road. This all-electric SUV prioritises safety, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a secure and enjoyable driving experience.

    Advanced Safety Technologies

    • Collision Warning: The iX3 is equipped with collision warning technology, which utilises sensors to detect potential collisions and alerts the driver to take appropriate action.
    • Autonomous Emergency Braking: With autonomous emergency braking, the iX3 can detect obstacles in its path and automatically apply the brakes, helping to prevent or mitigate collisions.
    • Lane Departure Warning: Keep your vehicle on track with lane departure warning. This feature alerts you if the iX3 starts drifting out of its lane, helping you stay safe and focused on the road.

    Panoramic View for Enhanced Visibility

    Experience a breathtaking view of the surroundings with the BMW iX3's panoramic view feature. The spacious panoramic sunroof floods the cabin with natural light, creating an open and airy atmosphere. Additionally, it enhances visibility for both the driver and passengers, making every journey more enjoyable.

    Safety and Performance Testing

    Rest assured that the BMW iX3 has undergone rigorous testing to meet stringent safety and performance standards. It has been tested for electric vehicle safety (EVS) to ensure it meets the highest levels of safety for electric vehicles. Additionally, the iX3 complies with the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP), a globally recognised standard for measuring vehicle emissions, energy consumption, and performance.

    A Seamless Transition from Petrol to Electric

    As part of BMW's commitment to the transition from petrol to electric vehicles, the iX3 serves as an exemplary model. It offers similar driving experiences to the regular X3 model, delivering a smooth and engaging performance. With its advanced safety features and innovative technologies, the iX3 provides a seamless transition for those venturing into the world of electric vehicles.

    Price and Variants

    The BMW iX3 offers a range of variants and price options to cater to different preferences and budgets. The base model of the iX3 starts at $89,100, offering an affordable entry point into the world of electric SUVs. For those looking for more luxury and performance, the M Sport Pro variant is priced at $104,900, providing additional features and enhancements.

    With its different variants, the iX3 allows you to select the model that suits your needs. Whether you prioritise power, efficiency, or advanced technology, there is an iX3 variant for you. You can choose from a range of powertrains and battery capacities, ensuring that you have the driving range you require for your daily commutes or longer trips.

    In addition to its various configurations, the iX3 incorporates luxurious features such as climate control to provide optimal comfort for both the driver and passengers. The spacious and well-equipped interior ensures that every journey is enjoyable, whether you are driving through the city or embarking on a long road trip.

    When considering a transition from petrol-powered vehicles to electric, the iX3 is an excellent choice. It competes with other electric SUVs in the market, including the Audi e-tron, providing a compelling alternative for those who want to make the switch. With its advanced features, stylish design, and impressive driving capabilities, the iX3 offers a seamless and exciting transition to the world of electric vehicles.

    Charging and Range

    The BMW iX3 offers a seamless and convenient charging experience, allowing you to power up your vehicle quickly and easily. Whether you're at home or on the go, there are multiple charging options available to suit your needs.

    You can charge your iX3 at home using a wallbox, providing a convenient and reliable way to keep your vehicle charged overnight or during the day. Additionally, you can take advantage of a network of public charging stations, ensuring that you have access to charging facilities wherever your journey takes you.

    Equipped with a 150kW charging capacity, the iX3 enables faster charging times, so you can spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the road. This high-capacity charging ensures that you can quickly replenish your vehicle's battery, providing you with the freedom and peace of mind to explore without limits.

    Inside the iX3, you'll find a spacious and comfortable cabin designed to enhance your driving experience. The driver and front passenger are treated to luxurious seating and ample legroom, ensuring that every journey is as comfortable as possible.

    The iX3 features a 12.3-inch display, allowing for easy access to important information and entertainment features. Coupled with advanced driver assistance systems, this cutting-edge technology enhances safety and convenience on the road.

    With its charging capabilities, comfortable interior, and advanced features, the BMW iX3 offers a driving experience that is comparable to the regular X3 model. It combines the power and luxury of BMWs with the eco-friendly benefits of an all-electric vehicle.


    Experience luxury and innovation with the BMW iX3, a remarkable all-electric SUV that combines style, performance, and advanced technology. Step inside the spacious and comfortable interior, where you'll be greeted by features such as the Harman Kardon sound system, wireless phone charging, and ambient lighting, creating a truly immersive driving experience. The user-friendly infotainment system with high-resolution display seamlessly integrates with Apple CarPlay, making it easy to access your favorite apps and stay connected on the go.

    Charging your BMW iX3 is convenient and hassle-free, thanks to the wireless charging pad that eliminates the need for cables. The iX3 has undergone rigorous testing since its introduction in 2017, building upon the proven success of the X3 xDrive 30e plug-in hybrid powertrain. With its powerful engine and quick acceleration, the iX3 delivers an exhilarating drive, going from 0-62mph in just 6.8 seconds.

    With its impressive 80kWh battery capacity, the BMW iX3 offers a range of up to 285 miles, ensuring you can hit the road with confidence and explore new horizons. The build quality of the iX3 is exceptional, reflecting BMW's commitment to excellence. As BMW further expands its electric vehicle lineup with models like the i4 saloon and i8, the iX3 remains at the forefront of the electric revolution, competing with other renowned electric SUVs such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Kia EV6, and Skoda Enyaq.

    Get behind the wheel of the BMW iX3 and experience the seamless integration of power, technology, and luxury. Discover the future of driving with its intuitive touchscreen and head-up display, providing easy-to-read information at a glance. The iX3 sets a new standard for electric SUVs, offering a combination of performance, range, and sustainability that is unmatched in its class.

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    Are you looking to finance your next vehicle purchase, especially if you're considering making the transition from petrol to electric? Driva can help you with that, offering transparent and no hidden fees to make the process easier for you. By using Driva's services, you can compare personalised rates from over 30 lenders to ensure you get the best rate for your new electric ix3 or any other EV model you desire. The ix3 sits in the model range as the new all-electric SUV from BMW, offering a range of features such as a 74kwh battery, 282bhp motor, and an aerodynamic design with 20-inch wheels. The ix3 uses the same platform as the X3, so if you're a current X3 owner, the transition to electric with the ix3 feels familiar, from the way the car looks, drives, and even smells.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the 2024 BMW iX3?

    The 2024 BMW iX3 is an all-electric SUV that combines BMW's iconic X3 design with modern electric technology.

    How does the BMW iX3 compare to the traditional X3 models?

    The BMW iX3 is the electric version of the X3, offering zero emissions and a more sustainable driving experience compared to petrol-powered X3 models.

    Can you tell me more about the infotainment system in the BMW iX3?

    The BMW iX3 features a state-of-the-art infotainment system that is easy to use and offers a wide range of functionalities to enhance your driving experience.

    What sets the BMW iX3 apart from other all-electric SUVs like the Audi e-tron?

    The BMW iX3 stands out with its sleek design, impressive performance, and BMW's renowned driving dynamics, setting it apart from competitors like the Audi e-tron.

    How fast can the BMW iX3 accelerate from 0-62mph?

    The BMW iX3 can accelerate from 0-62mph in a competitive time, showcasing its powerful electric motor and performance capabilities.

    Is the BMW iX3 a suitable choice for those looking to make the transition from petrol to all-electric vehicles?

    Yes, the BMW iX3 is a great option for individuals looking to make their transition from petrol to all-electric vehicles, offering a seamless and sustainable driving experience.

    What are some key features of the new 2024 BMW iX3?

    The new 2024 BMW iX3 includes updated technologies, enhanced range, and improved performance compared to its predecessors, making it a top choice in the electric SUV market.

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