2024 BMW M4 Review: Series 4 Specs and Convertible Features

Prepare to be captivated by the power and sophistication of the 2024 BMW M4, a standout model in the luxury sports car segment. The 2024 BMW M4 not only marks the latest evolution in the iconic Series 4 lineup but also introduces a convertible variant that blends performance, style, and the exhilaration of open-top driving.

This review dives into the specifications and convertible features that position the 2024 BMW M4 as a leading choice in its class. With its robust performance capabilities, sleek design, and convertible experience, the M4 is poised to make an indelible mark on enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

BMW M4 Review Key Takeaways:

  • The 2024 BMW M4 showcases impressive performance features and twin-turbo technology.
  • Its design and styling reflect sophisticated aesthetics, with proportions that command attention.
  • The convertible experience offers unmatched top-down thrills, complemented by advanced technology and features.
  • Sustainable performance options highlight BMW's commitment to innovation.
  • New BMW M4 dimensions and performance specs underscore its dynamic capabilities.

Experience the pinnacle of driving pleasure with the 2024 M4's outstanding performance features. This model, embodying precision and power, offers an unrivalled driving experience that combines speed, agility, and cutting-edge technology.

Powerful Engine and Performance

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    At its core, the BMW M4 features a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine, pushing out up to 503 horsepower. This enables the M4 to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 3.8 seconds, a testament to its lightning-fast acceleration and twin-turbo efficiency.

    Precise Handling

    The 2024 M4 excels in precise handling, thanks to its adaptive M suspension and M Servotronic Steering, ensuring dynamic and exciting driving experiences. This, paired with the active M differential and rear-wheel drive options, affords optimal stability and maneuverability.

    Advanced Technology

    Featuring advanced technology, the 2024 M4 integrates the M xDrive all-wheel-drive system and an 8-speed M STEPTRONIC transmission for seamless gear changes. Its technology suite, including a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a 14-speaker Harman-Kardon audio system, enhances every journey.

    The BMW M4, especially in its M4 Competition convertible variant, promises an unparalleled driving experience. It's a perfect blend of power, precision, and luxury, offering an engaging drive whether on highways, scenic routes, or race tracks.

    Design and Styling of the 2024 BMW M4

    The BMW M4, along with its high-octane variant, the BMW M4 Competition Convertible, showcases a sleek, aerodynamic body that epitomizes sportiness and mirrors the new Series 4 style. Its iconic kidney-shaped grille and expressive LED headlights not only add a touch of elegance but also assert a bold stance that harmonizes with the aerodynamic contours of the hood. The inclusion of a carbon-fibre roof on the 4 Series enhances its silhouette and efficiency by reducing weight, affirming the M4's unique, cohesive, and daring design ethos.

    Internally, the BMW M4 radiates luxury and a driver-centric design, available in both coupe and convertible models. It boasts high-quality materials and a contemporary instrument panel, with a digital display and multimedia touchscreen that integrate seamlessly into the dashboard. This setup ensures that driving data and entertainment options are conveniently accessible. Contrasting stitching, carbon-fibre trim, and sporty seats underscore the M4's motorsport heritage.

    For those who crave an even more tactile driving sensation, the 2024 M4 coupe offers a six-speed manual transmission, situated on the centre console for an engaging, hands-on driving experience. Whether opting for the coupe or convertible, the M4's rear-wheel-drive configuration promises dynamic and responsive handling.

    The vehicle's sporty essence is further accentuated by M-specific aerodynamic features, air intakes, flared wheel arches, and a commanding rear with signature quad exhaust pipes. The M4 exudes a formidable road presence, a testament to BMW's engineering prowess and meticulous attention to detail. The availability of a six-speed manual transmission reinforces the M4's dedication to delivering a visceral and thrilling driving journey for purists.

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    BMW 4 Series Convertible Experience

    Prepare for an unparalleled driving adventure with the 2024 M4 Convertible. Embrace the freedom of open-air driving, whether cruising on picturesque roads or navigating through urban landscapes. This marvel is equipped with a retractable hardtop that transitions seamlessly from an enclosed coupe to an open convertible, providing top-down thrills in mere seconds.

    The M4 Convertible doesn't just dazzle from the outside; its interior is a haven of luxury, designed to ensure utmost comfort while you enjoy the open skies. Immerse yourself in the latest technological advancements and exquisite interior choices that make every journey memorable. As a convertible, this vehicle stands as a masterpiece, offering exhilarating performance and top-down excitement like no other.

    With a potent electric drivetrain and an intelligent all-wheel-drive system, the M4 Convertible's performance is nothing short of thrilling. Whether you're cruising, sprinting, or navigating curves, this convertible is engineered to deliver an unparalleled level of excitement and engagement. The convertible experience promises unmatched top-down thrills, setting a new standard for open-air driving.

    Cutting-Edge Technology and Connectivity

    The BMW 4 Series Convertible is at the forefront of automotive innovation, offering a wide array of state-of-the-art technology and advanced features that redefine the luxury driving experience. Central to this transformation is:

    • Intuitive Infotainment System: Seamless navigation and multimedia options to keep drivers informed and entertained.
    • BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant with Android Auto: Ensures focused driving by providing real-time personalized support and managing daily routines effortlessly.
    • Revolutionary Steering Wheel Design: Enhances safety and convenience, taking the driving experience to the next level.

    Embrace the thrill of driving a vehicle that competes with rivals such as the Audi RS5 and Mercedes-AMG C63, epitomizing luxury and innovation.

    Key Technological Highlights:

    • BMW Live Cockpit Professional: A digital instrument cluster and control display offering comprehensive overviews of navigation, speed, and fuel consumption with customizable heads-up display settings.
    • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration: Allows seamless smartphone integration, giving access to music, contacts, and apps through the car's touchscreen.
    • Gesture Control: Offers hands-free control of various functions, such as adjusting volume or muting the audio system, with simple gestures.

    Driving Assistance Professional: A suite of advanced safety features, including active lane-keeping, traffic-jam assistant, and emergency stop assistant, enhancing overall driving safety.

    The Future of Driving: BMW M4's Sustainable Performance Options

    The automotive landscape is shifting towards sustainability, and the 2024 BMW M4 is at the forefront with its electric powertrain options and eco-friendly materials. This evolution underscores BMW's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, offering a blend of exhilarating performance and environmental responsibility.

    Sustainable Materials in the BMW M4:

    • Interior Trim: Crafted from bio-based plastics, the M4's interior not only exudes luxury but also promotes environmental sustainability.
    • Seat Fabrics: Utilizing recycled PET materials, BMW demonstrates its dedication to reducing waste and promoting recycling initiatives.
    • Roof Lining: Made from recycled materials, further emphasizing BMW's commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing processes.

    By choosing sustainable performance options, including all-wheel drive capabilities and advanced powertrains, BMW M4 drivers can enjoy the legendary performance of models like the M3 and M4 Competition, along with the new BMW M3 and M4, without compromising on environmental values. Whether you're drawn to the sedan body type or the versatility of the M4 Convertible, BMW offers a driving experience that's both thrilling and conscientious.

    As we look towards 2023 and beyond, with anticipation for updates on the 2022 M4 and the all-new BMW lineup, the BMW M4 stands as a testament to BMW's pioneering spirit in both performance and sustainability.

    Electric Powertrain Options

    The 2024 M4 embarks on an exciting journey of innovation, embracing electric powertrain options alongside its famed twin-turbocharged petrol engine. This shift towards electrification allows the M4 to maintain its revered status for speed and power, now with a sustainable twist. BMW offers drivers a choice between electric engines, a smart hybrid system, or a fully electric powertrain, marking a significant stride towards reducing carbon emissions without compromising on the vehicle's performance heritage.

    Innovative Features and Sustainable Driving:

    • Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Options: Diversify your driving experience with cutting-edge electric engines, a smart hybrid powertrain, or a fully electric model, tailored to reduce emissions and enhance efficiency.
    • All-Wheel Drive Capabilities: The xDrive all-wheel-drive system ensures outstanding traction and handling, adapting seamlessly from serene cruises to spirited drives.
    • BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant: Streamlines your journey with intuitive controls and connectivity, elevating the driving experience to new heights.

    The introduction of wireless technology and advanced tyre technology reinforces the M4's commitment to modern connectivity and superior performance, ensuring drivers enjoy optimal grip and responsiveness. With dimensions that pay homage to BMW's legacy of precision engineering, the 2024 M4 delivers an extraordinary drive, supported by its dynamic all-wheel-drive system.


    The BMW M4 represents the pinnacle of automotive craftsmanship, offering an unmatched blend of dynamic performance, sophisticated design, and cutting-edge technology. Whether you're captivated by the thrill of the M4 Coupe or the freedom of the Convertible, this vehicle delivers exhilarating experiences, underscored by BMW's commitment to sustainability.

    Emphasising BMW's dedication to innovation, the M4's sustainable performance options enable enthusiasts to enjoy the legendary driving dynamics of the BMW M3 and M4 Competition, as well as the new BMW M3 and M4, with a conscience clear of environmental concern. With accolades from owner reviews and comparisons to rivals like the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and Audi RS4, the M4's blend of race-inspired design, carbon-fibre trim, and anthracite accents truly sets it apart in the luxury sports car market.

    As BMW Australia and other markets prepare for the M4's release later this year, anticipation builds for this model to redefine what's expected from high-performance vehicles—melding power, prestige, and progressive sustainability into one irresistible package.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the specifications of the 2024 BMW M4?

    The 2024 BMW M4 is equipped with a standard 3.0L BMW M Twin Turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine that generates 473 horsepower and delivers 406 lb-ft of torque. This potent engine is complemented by an all-wheel-drive system and an 8-speed sport automatic transmission, providing a comprehensive and powerful package.

    How does the 2024 BMW M4 perform on the road?

    The 2024 BMW M4 delivers exceptional performance with its powerful engine, precise handling, and advanced technology that enhances the driving experience.

    What safety features does the BMW M4 Coupe offer?

    The 2024 BMW M4 Coupe is equipped with standard Active Driving Assistant, incorporating various safety systems such as Lane Departure Warning, Active Blind Spot Detection, and Active Lane Keeping Assistant to enhance road safety. For additional safety enhancements, the Driving Assistance Professional package is available, offering advanced features like Frontal Collision Warning with City Collision Mitigation and Extended Traffic Jam Assistant.

    What are some design highlights of the 2024 BMW M4?

    The 2024 BMW M4 boasts a sleek and sophisticated design, featuring aerodynamic body lines, a distinctive grille, and sporty accents that showcase its unique character.

    What is the interior like in the 2024 BMW M4?

    The interior of the M4 is luxurious and driver-centric, featuring premium materials such as leather and carbon fibre accents, along with M Sport seats that offer excellent support and comfort.

    Can I enjoy the convertible experience with the 2024 BMW M4?

    Absolutely! The 2024 BMW M4 Convertible offers top-down thrills with its retractable hardtop, luxurious interior, and exhilarating performance that make every journey unforgettable.

    What cutting-edge technology and features are available in the 2024 BMW M4?

    The 2024 BMW M4 comes equipped with innovative technology, including an intuitive infotainment system and various safety and convenience enhancements that elevate the driving experience.

    What are the latest updates and news about the 2024 BMW M4?

    In 2024, BMW M4 models feature a 12.3-inch digital instrument display, a 14.9-inch infotainment touchscreen, optional synthetic leather for the dashboard, and a probable discontinuation of the limited-production C

    What colors are available for the 2024 BMW M4?

    The BMW M4 sports coupe offers a wide array of captivating metallic and striking matte colors, totaling more than a dozen options. For drivers seeking a truly distinctive look, BMW Individual provides over 165 custom paint colors to choose from.

    What towing capacity does the 2024 BMW M4 have?

    The 2024 BMW M4 has a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds (1,587 kg), making it suitable for towing trailers and small campers.

    How much is the 2024 BMW M4?

    The 2024 BMW M4 is priced between $79,095 and $92,935, depending on the chosen trim and optional features. Investing in the M4 Competition comes with several compelling advantages, such as increased horsepower and torque, along with the option for all-wheel drive, making it a worthwhile consideration for those seeking enhanced performance and versatility.

    Which model variants are offered for the M4 Coupe?

    There are four distinct model variants for the 2024 BMW M4 Coupe. These include the M4 Coupe, M4 Competition Coupe, and the M4 Competition xDrive Coupe. All variants feature a robust 3.0-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder gasoline engine, capable of delivering up to 503 horsepower.

    What is the fuel economy of the BMW M4?

    The M4 achieved an average of 26.3 miles per gallon.

    Is the 2024 BMW M4 committed to sustainability?

    Yes, BMW is dedicated to sustainability, and the 2024 BMW M4 offers sustainable performance options that combine outstanding power with eco-friendly considerations for a greener future of driving.

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