2023 - 2024 BMW X6: Review, Specs & Prices for SUV Coupe

The 2023 - 2024 BMW X6 is a luxurious SUV coupe that combines power and elegance. It offers a smooth ride with sporty handling, impressive performance, and an attractive cabin. The X6 features a sleek and stylish design, with a dramatically sloped roofline that gives it a sporty and unique look. It is available with a range of powerful engines, including a peppy 375 horsepower turbocharged inline-six engine and a 523-horsepower twin-turbo V-8. The X6 also boasts an enormous infotainment screen and a high-tech command center. Prices for the BMW X6 start at $74,895.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 2023 - 2024 BMW X6 is a luxurious SUV coupe with a sleek and stylish design.
  • It offers a smooth ride, sporty handling, and impressive performance.
  • The X6 is available with a range of powerful engines, including a turbocharged inline-six and a twin-turbo V-8.
  • Prices for the BMW X6 start at $74,895.

What's New for 2024?

The 2024 BMW X6 has undergone a makeover, bringing exciting updates to both its exterior and interior. Let's dive into the changes that make the 2024 X6 a standout choice.

Exterior Enhancements

  • A revised front grille and bumper give the 2024 X6 a more commanding presence on the road.
  • New headlamps and taillamps add a touch of sophistication and enhance visibility.
  • Updated wheel designs further elevate the X6's aesthetics and performance.

Boost in Power

  • The base engine of the 2024 X6 has received a significant power boost.
  • A new 48-volt hybrid system has been incorporated, resulting in enhanced performance.
  • The turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine now generates an impressive 375 horsepower.
  • The 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine remains unchanged, delivering exhilarating power.

Advanced Features

The 2024 X6 introduces the Highway Assistant hands-free driving feature, providing an added level of convenience and safety during highway journeys.

With these updates, the 2024 BMW X6 combines its signature style with increased power and cutting-edge technology. Prices for the 2024 X6 range from $74,895 to $94,595, depending on your preferred trim and options.

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    Engine, Transmission, and Performance

    The 2023 BMW X6 offers a range of powerful engine options to suit your driving preferences. The lineup includes a turbocharged inline-six engine and a twin-turbo V-8, both delivering exceptional power and performance on the road. The 375-hp inline-six engine and the 523-hp V-8 engine provide an exhilarating driving experience, whether you choose the xDrive30d or the X6 M Competition.

    Paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, the BMW X6 ensures seamless and precise gear shifts, enhancing the overall driving dynamics of the vehicle. The transmission enables smooth acceleration and effortless cruising, making it a joy to drive whether on the highway or in the city.

    Equipped with all-wheel drive, the BMW X6 ensures superior traction and stability in various road conditions. The advanced all-wheel drive system allows for enhanced handling and control, giving you the confidence to tackle any terrain. Whether you're navigating winding roads or taking on off-road adventures, the X6's all-wheel drive system has got you covered.

    One notable feature of the BMW X6 is the inclusion of a 48-volt hybrid system, which provides smoother start/stop functionality and improves fuel efficiency. This innovative system also offers an additional performance boost when needed, delivering instantaneous power and responsiveness.

    The 2023 BMW X6 is available in various trim levels, including the X6 M Competition and the X6 M60i. The M Competition trim offers a more aggressive design, sportier suspension, and a more powerful engine. The X6 M60i, on the other hand, offers a more luxurious interior and a range of advanced safety features.

    If you're looking for a more affordable option, the 2023 BMW X5 may be worth considering. The X5 offers a similar range of engine options and features, but with a slightly lower price tag. However, if you're looking for a more premium driving experience, the 2024 BMW X5 may be worth waiting for, as it's expected to offer even more advanced features and improvements.

    Regardless of which model you choose, you can expect an exceptional driving experience with the 2023 BMW X6. With its powerful engine options, precise transmission, and advanced all-wheel drive system, this SUV is sure to impress even the most discerning drivers. And with its sleek design and luxurious interior, you'll feel like you're driving in style.

    Key Highlights:

    • Turbocharged inline-six engine and twin-turbo V-8 options
    • Eight-speed automatic transmission for seamless gear shifts
    • All-wheel drive for superior traction and handling
    • 48-volt hybrid system for improved fuel efficiency and performance

    With these engine, transmission, and performance features, the BMW X6 delivers a thrilling and engaging driving experience, making it a top choice for those seeking both power and refinement in a luxury SUV.

    Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

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    The interior of the BMW X6 is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience for drivers and passengers. It exudes sophistication and elegance with its high-quality materials and soft-touch surfaces throughout the cabin. The use of premium materials enhances the overall aesthetic appeal and creates a sense of opulence.

    One of the standout features of the X6 is its dual-screen infotainment system. It consists of a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and a generous 14.9-inch infotainment touchscreen. This advanced system is equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your smartphone's features and apps.

    Step inside the X6 and you'll find a spacious and comfortable seating arrangement. Both the front and rear seats offer generous legroom and headroom, ensuring that everyone can relax and stretch out during long journeys. The seats are designed with ergonomics in mind, providing excellent support and comfort.

    In addition to its seating capacity, the X6 also delivers impressive cargo space. When the rear seats are folded down, it offers a maximum cargo capacity of 1530 liters. This ample space allows you to transport your belongings with ease, making the X6 a practical choice for everyday use and road trips.

    • Spacious and well-designed interior
    • High-quality materials and soft-touch surfaces
    • Dual-screen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
    • Comfortable seating arrangement with generous legroom and headroom
    • Ample cargo space with a maximum capacity of 1530 liters

    Overall, the BMW X6 combines style, comfort, and practicality in its interior design. Whether you're embarking on a long journey or running errands around town, the X6 ensures a premium driving experience with its luxurious amenities and thoughtful details.

    Safety and Driver-Assistance Features

    The BMW X6 is designed with your safety in mind. It comes equipped with a range of advanced safety and driver-assistance features that provide enhanced protection on the road.

    Forward-Collision Warning and Automated Emergency Braking

    The BMW X6 includes forward-collision warning, which uses sensors to detect if you're approaching a vehicle or object too quickly. When a potential collision is detected, the system will alert you, giving you time to react. In case of an imminent collision, the automated emergency braking feature can apply the brakes automatically to help avoid or mitigate the impact.

    Blind-Spot Monitoring

    Changing lanes becomes safer and more convenient with the X6's blind-spot monitoring system. It uses sensors to detect vehicles in your blind spots and alerts you with a visual or audible warning if you attempt to change lanes when a vehicle is present. This feature helps prevent accidental collisions and provides additional peace of mind.

    Adaptive Cruise Control

    The X6 offers adaptive cruise control, an advanced feature that makes long drives more comfortable and stress-free. This system uses sensors to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, automatically adjusting your speed to match the traffic flow. It even includes stop-and-go technology, allowing the vehicle to come to a complete stop in heavy traffic and resume driving when the traffic clears.

    Surround-View Camera System and Parking Sensors

    Parking the BMW X6 is made easier and safer with the surround-view camera system and parking sensors. The cameras provide a 360-degree view of your surroundings, making it effortless to maneuver in tight spaces. Additionally, parking sensors help detect objects that may be out of your line of sight, ensuring you avoid any potential obstacles.

    Lane-Keep Assist

    The X6's lane-keep assist feature helps you stay centered in your lane on the highway. If the system detects that you're drifting out of your lane without signaling, it provides gentle steering inputs to guide you back into the correct lane. This feature helps prevent unintentional lane departures and reduces the risk of accidents caused by driver distraction or fatigue.

    The safety features of the BMW X6 are designed to provide you with peace of mind and confidence on the road. While the X6 has not been tested by ANCAP, it shares a similar safety rating to the BMW X5, which received a five-star rating in 2018.

    Pricing and Which One to Buy

    The BMW X6 offers three variants to choose from: the xDrive30d, xDrive40i, and M60i. The pricing for these models starts at $140,900 for the xDrive30d, $144,900 for the xDrive40i, and $178,900 for the M60i. While the M60i provides more power and performance, the xDrive40i is a more affordable option that still delivers impressive performance.

    Buyers also have the freedom to customize their BMW X6 with a range of optional equipment and packages. These additional options allow you to personalize your X6 to suit your preferences and needs.

    If you're looking for a sportier option, it is highly recommended to consider the xDrive40i with the M Sport package. This package includes a sportier body kit, an upgraded exhaust system, and suspension enhancements, helping you stand out on the road.


    The 2023 - 2024 BMW X6 is a luxury SUV coupe that exudes power, elegance, and sleek design. It offers a smooth ride, impressive performance, and a cabin that is both attractive and luxurious. The X6's sleek design, with its dramatically sloped roofline, sets it apart from traditional SUVs and makes it a head-turner on the road.

    Equipped with a range of powerful engines, such as the turbocharged inline-six and twin-turbo V-8, the X6 delivers exhilarating performance that will satisfy even the most discerning drivers. Whether you choose the sporty inline-six or the powerhouse V-8, the X6 guarantees an exciting and thrilling driving experience.

    Step inside the X6, and you'll be greeted with a luxurious interior crafted with high-quality materials. The advanced infotainment technology, including the dual-screen display and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, ensures convenience and entertainment for every journey.

    In conclusion, the BMW X6 is a luxurious SUV coupe that effortlessly combines power, elegance, and impressive performance. Its sleek design, comfortable interior, and advanced features make it a top choice for those seeking both style and substance in their vehicle. Experience the ultimate driving pleasure with the BMW X6.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the key specifications of the 2023-2024 BMW X6?

     The 2023-2024 BMW X6 comes with various powertrain options including petrol, turbo-diesel, and mild-hybrid. It also offers models with a V8 engine, six-cylinder, and 3.0-litre to 4.4-litre engines. The X6's range-topping models feature advanced infotainment systems, with premium features like head-up display and modern BMW's iDrive.

    How does the fuel economy of the BMW X6 compare to other large SUVs?

    The BMW X6 provides competitive fuel economy, particularly with its mild-hybrid and turbo-diesel models. It offers a good balance of power and efficiency compared to other large SUVs in its class.

    What is the towing capacity of the 2023-2024 BMW X6?

    The towing capacity of the 2023-2024 BMW X6 varies based on the specific model and engine type, but it is generally capable of towing a range of loads, making it suitable for various towing needs.

    How does the BMW X6 compare to the X5 model in terms of features and performance?

    The BMW X6 offers a more sporty and coupe-like design compared to the X5, which is more of a traditional SUV. The X6 also tends to prioritize performance and style while the X5 leans more towards practicality and versatility.

    What are some of the notable features in the 2023-2024 BMW X6's interior?

    The interior of the 2023-2024 BMW X6 includes luxurious amenities such as heated front seats, advanced dashboard with a head-up display, and standard features across the range including a premium infotainment system and modern BMW's iDrive.

    Is the 2023-2024 BMW X6 available in a coupe design?

    Yes, the 2023-2024 BMW X6 is known for its distinctive coupe design, offering a sporty and stylish alternative to traditional SUVs.

    What can we expect in terms of pricing and specs for the 2023-2024 BMW X6 lineup?

    The pricing and specs for the 2023-2024 BMW X6 lineup offer a wide range of options, catering to different preferences and budgets. From the base models to the range-topping trims, there is a variety of features and performance levels to choose from, each with its own unique price range.

    Does the 2023-2024 BMW X6 offer real-world driving performance as advertised?

    A: Yes, the 2023-2024 BMW X6 delivers real-world performance that lives up to its reputation. With a powerful powertrain and well-engineered driving dynamics, it offers an engaging and enjoyable driving experience in various road conditions.

    What are some key dimensions and physical characteristics of the 2023-2024 BMW X6?

    The 2023-2024 BMW X6 exhibits a sleek and modern design, with specific dimensions and physical characteristics that contribute to its distinctive appearance and performance, such as its coupe-like silhouette, model range, and modern BMW's design language.

    How does the 2023-2024 BMW X6 compare to other luxury SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz GLE and Volvo XC90?

    The 2023-2024 BMW X6 competes favorably with other luxury SUVs such as the Mercedes-Benz GLE and Volvo XC90, offering a strong combination of performance, luxury features, and modern design, making it a compelling choice in its segment.

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