2024 BYD Seal: Review, Price, Specs vs Tesla Model 3

The 2024 BYD Seal is an electric vehicle (EV) that aims to take on the popular Tesla Model 3 in the Australian market. In this article, we will provide an in-depth comparison of the specs, pricing, and features of both vehicles to help you make an informed decision.

When it comes to EVs, it's important to consider factors such as performance, range, battery and charging capabilities, size and dimensions, and driver technology. By examining these aspects, we can determine which vehicle best suits your needs and preferences in 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 2024 BYD Seal is a new electric sedan that rivals the Tesla Model 3.
  • It has a claimed driving range of up to 570km on the WLTP cycle.
  • The Seal offers Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology.
  • It boasts larger dimensions than the Model 3, providing more interior passenger space.
  • The Seal has a starting price of around $40,000.
  • It's available in both premium and performance trim levels, with the latter offering a more powerful motor and longer range.
  • The Seal design is sleek and modern, with a hatchback body style that sets it apart from the SUV-style Model 3.
  • BYD has launched the Seal with a focus on sustainability and affordability, offering an all-electric vehicle that's accessible to a wider range of buyers.
  • The long-range model is priced at around $45,000 and is available for sale in Australia now.

Performance and Range Comparison

As we dive into the realm of performance and range, the BYD Seal and Tesla Model 3 showcase their unique strengths, catering to different types of drivers.

The BYD Seal Extended Range model boasts an impressive WLTP range of 570km, making it suitable for long journeys with minimal charging stops. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in 5.9 seconds, providing a smooth and responsive driving experience. This electric sedan is set to give Tesla's Model 3 a run for its money.

On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3 Long Range takes the lead in terms of range, offering a WLTP range of 629km. This extended range allows for even more flexibility, minimising the need to stop and recharge during long trips. In terms of acceleration, the Model 3 can go from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 4.4 seconds, providing exhilarating speed and performance.

In terms of performance, the BYD Seal and Tesla Model 3 are both impressive. The Seal is powered by a 150kW electric motor, while the Model 3 has a range of up to 520km on a single charge. The Seal also features BYD's Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology, which allows drivers to tap into the car's battery power and use it as a convenient source of electricity for external devices.

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    Whether you prioritise a longer range or quicker acceleration, these differences should be taken into account when comparing the BYD Seal and the Tesla Model 3. The Seal is available in various model grades, with its starting price set at $44,990. The Model 3, on the other hand, starts at $56,990.

    As we look to 2024, the BYD Seal Electric Sedan is set to take on the Tesla Model 3 and Hyundai Ioniq, providing a rival to the popular Model 3. With its impressive range and acceleration, the Seal is sure to make waves in the electric car industry.

    In conclusion, the BYD Seal and Tesla Model 3 offer different strengths, catering to different drivers. The Seal's extended range and smooth acceleration make it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient electric car. On the other hand, the Tesla Model 3's quicker acceleration and longer range make it perfect for those seeking a thrilling driving experience. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and your specific needs.

    Battery and Charging Capabilities

    The BYD Seal is fully electric and is equipped with an 82.56kWh battery pack, which contributes to its impressive range. This high-capacity battery enables the BYD Seal to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency, allowing for extended driving distances without the need for frequent recharging.

    One of the standout features of the BYD Seal is its Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology. With V2L, you can tap into the car's battery power and use it as a convenient source of electricity for external devices. Whether you need to charge your electric tools, camping equipment, or even provide power during a blackout, the BYD Seal offers a versatile and convenient solution.

    In contrast, the Tesla Model 3 features a smaller battery size, but it excels in charging speed. The Model 3 is capable of charging at up to 250kW on public DC chargers, which means you can replenish the battery quickly and get back on the road in no time. This fast-charging capability is a significant advantage for drivers who value convenience and shorter charging times.

    Whether you prioritise a longer range and the versatility of V2L technology or prefer the faster charging speed, both the BYD Seal and Tesla Model 3 offer unique benefits in terms of their battery and charging capabilities. The choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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    Size and Dimensions

    When it comes to size and dimensions, the BYD Seal and the Tesla Model 3 have some notable differences.  The BYD Seal measures 4800mm in length, 1875mm in width, and has a height of 1460mm, with a comfortable wheelbase of 2920mm. These dimensions provide ample interior space for passengers, ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone on board. In comparison, the Tesla Model 3 has slightly smaller dimensions, with a length of 4770mm, a width of 1850mm, and a height of 1440mm. However, it boasts a longer wheelbase of 2970mm.

    The BYD Seal's design incorporates inspiration from dolphins, giving it a sleek and futuristic look. While the BYD Seal is longer than the Tesla, the Tesla Model 3 makes up for it with its larger storage capacity. The Model 3 offers an additional 194 liters of boot space and 38 liters in the frunk, giving you more room to stow your belongings. Whether you're carrying luggage for a weekend getaway or shopping bags from a day at the mall, the Model 3 has got you covered.

    As for pricing, the BYD Seal is available in various model grades, starting at $44,990. The Tesla Model 3, on the other hand, starts at $56,990. The Seal has received positive reviews for its dynamic performance, and its dimensions make it a great choice for those who prioritise interior space. The Model 3, with its smaller dimensions and larger storage capacity, is a great option for those who need a car that can handle long road trips.

    Overall, the BYD Seal and Tesla Model 3 are both excellent choices for those looking for an electric vehicle. Their different dimensions and features make them suitable for different types of buyers, and it's essential to consider your individual needs and preferences before making a decision. Whether you prioritise interior space, storage capacity, or performance, both vehicles have something to offer.

    Size and Dimensions Comparison:

    • BYD Seal:
    • Tesla Model 3:

    Considering the size and dimensions of both vehicles is essential when determining your priorities. If you require more interior space for passengers, the BYD Seal offers an advantage. However, if storage capacity is your main concern, the Tesla Model 3 provides additional cargo room. Keep in mind that both options have their unique benefits, and it's up to you to decide which suits your needs best.

    Driver Technology and Infotainment

    Both the BYD Seal and the Tesla Model 3 offer advanced driver technology features. The Tesla Model 3 comes with the highly regarded Autopilot system, which provides a superior experience for highway driving.

    The BYD Seal, on the other hand, features a unique 360-degree camera system, giving you a comprehensive view of your surroundings. This innovative technology provides added peace of mind during parking and maneuvering.

    When it comes to infotainment, the Tesla Model 3 boasts a user-friendly interface with a large 15-inch center screen. The intuitive controls and responsive touchscreen make it easy to navigate and access various features.

    On the other hand, the BYD Seal offers an Android-based infotainment system with a 15-inch screen. This system provides seamless integration with your smartphone through wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, allowing you to access your favorite apps and features directly from the screen.


    In conclusion, the 2024 BYD Seal and the Tesla Model 3 are both impressive electric vehicles that offer strong competition in the Australian market. The BYD Seal excels in terms of performance, range, battery and charging capabilities, size and dimensions, and driver technology. However, the Tesla Model 3 also has its unique features and advantages.

    Ultimately, the choice between the BYD Seal and the Tesla Model 3 will depend on your personal preferences and priorities. It is recommended that potential buyers thoroughly compare the detailed specifications of both vehicles, take them for test drives, and carefully consider their individual needs and preferences before making a decision.

    Whether you prioritise a longer range, faster acceleration, a spacious interior, or advanced driver technology, the BYD Seal and the Tesla Model 3 have something to offer. Therefore, it's important to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed choice that aligns with your lifestyle and requirements. Both vehicles stand out in their respective ways, making the comparison verdict a matter of personal decision.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the 2024 BYD Seal?

    The 2024 BYD Seal is an all-electric sedan manufactured by BYD, a Chinese car maker and EV company.

    How does the 2024 BYD Seal compare to the Tesla Model 3?

    The 2024 BYD Seal is positioned as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3, offering similar all-electric capabilities and advanced features.

    What are the key specifications of the 2024 BYD Seal?

    The 2024 BYD Seal boasts impressive specs, including its electric range, power output, and advanced technology features.

    Is the 2024 BYD Seal available in different trim levels?

    Yes, the 2024 BYD Seal is offered in multiple trim levels, catering to varying preferences and requirements.

    How does the performance of the 2024 BYD Seal sedan compare to other electric vehicles?

    The 2024 BYD Seal offers dynamic performance, competing effectively with other electric sedans in its class.

    What is the price range of the 2024 BYD Seal?

    The pricing of the 2024 BYD Seal varies depending on the trim level and available options, offering competitive pricing within the electric sedan segment.

    What are the dimensions of the 2024 BYD Seal?

    The 2024 BYD Seal features specific dimensions, ensuring ample space for passengers and cargo while maintaining a sleek and modern design.

    Does the 2024 BYD Seal offer all-wheel drive (AWD) or rear-wheel drive (RWD) options?

    The 2024 BYD Seal provides options for both all-wheel drive (AWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD) configurations, catering to different driving preferences.

    What are the main differences between the 2024 BYD Seal and the Hyundai Ioniq 6?

    The 2024 BYD Seal and the Hyundai Ioniq 6 are both notable all-electric sedans, each showcasing unique features and characteristics that distinguish them from one another.

    How does the 2024 BYD Seal's driving range compare to other electric vehicles?

    The 2024 BYD Seal offers impressive driving range, ensuring that drivers can confidently embark on long journeys without concerns about range limitations.

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