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    Whether you're looking to lock in your next family car or you're a die hard motor sports fan, there's plenty of resources on the web.

    But not all sources are created equal, so here's our favourite review sites for all your research needs:

    CarsGuide for practical reviews and shopping

    CarsGuide provides a great mix of reviews and car listings and has a popular YouTube channel with over 124k users.

    The company focuses predominantly on everyday vehicles for Australian families, tradies and adventurers and is therefore a practical resource for those thinking seriously about their next purchase.

    Unlike other car review websites, you can also see listings for cars available for sale, with over 100k different vehicles advertised on the site.

    This means CarsGuide is also a great place to check on price or find a seller that has the car you’re looking at available.

    The WhichCar Network for die hard petrol heads

    WhichCar is another great domestic review website that boasts over 28,000 articles of car content. 

    Like CarsGuide, WhicCar’s primary focus is catering to mainstream new car buyers with simple, easy to understand reviews and  advice.  

    As an affiliate network it also has access to a number of more niche websites for motor enthusiasts and offers good coverage of vintage and sports cars. It’s therefore a great place for the diehard car tragics.

    Here’s a quick break down of all the brands in the WhichCar network:

    • Car enthusiasts should check out Wheels for broad coverage of the entire motoring spectrum
    • Motor focuses exclusively on high-performance sports cars, so adrenaline seekers this one’s for you
    • As the name suggests, 4x4 Australia is for the off-roaders
    • For the urban dwelling petrol heads, look no further than Street Machine for modified car coverage

    Carwow for video reviews

    Carwow’s YouTube channel has over 1 billion views in aggregate, nearly four million subscribers and posts content most days of the week.

    While they are a UK based company, they review all kinds of vehicles and chances are they’ve covered a car you’re looking for.

    The company, which also offers a car buying comparison site for it’s UK users, is one of the worlds largest review companies so the production quality and broad coverage makes them worth checking out.

    They also get early access to test drive a number of cars, so for eager followers of car news this could be one to subscribe to.

    CarAdvice for Aussie cars

    CarAdvice is a pure news and reviews site, using a simple score based system on all of their reviews to allow you to easily compare cars you’re looking for.

    Owned by Channel 9, they have a high production quality and are more focused on playable content. They have weekly podcasts and previously a TV show which both make for a great source of informative entertainment.

    They also have great coverage of both domestic and international motor shows, and is your go to resource for all events.

    Summing up

    It’s always been important (but difficult) to do your research when it comes to financing. That’s why we built Driva, to help you compare personalised rates across our large panel of lenders

    But it’s also crucial that you spend the time researching your vehicle before making a purchase.

    With test driving out the window for now, it doesn’t mean you can’t get behind the wheel of the car you’re thinking about buying virtually. There’s plenty of people that do test drives and car reviews for a living, and chances are they know a lot more about cars than you, or even us (bet we know more about financing!).

    William Brown

    William Brown is the co-founder of start-up Driva, an online car loan marketplace helping customers fight back against the car financing process - providing options and transparency to empower customer choice.

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