A Complete Guide to the Electric Motorbike

Motorbikes have always been a popular means of transport, but they started to skyrocket in popularity in the late 19th century. Now, they’re on the same level as cars, having sold 58.6 million in 2021, closely behind cars at 66.7 million units.

Maybe it’s because everyone loves the freedom of a motorbike? The wind on your skin, the big open road, splitting lanes. Well, it turns out motorbikes have also been catching up to cars when it comes to electric vehicles.

But we’ve already written all about the best electric cars on the market…want to know what the best electric motorcycles are?

Here are the Best Electric Motorcycles on the Market in Australia

Savic C Series Alpha

  • Top Speed: 100km/h
  • Range of Battery: 200km
  • Engine Power: 60kW
  • Price: $23,990

Savic Motorcycles presents their entry into the world of EV bikes with the Savic C Series Alpha. This bike features one of the most interesting designs you’ll find on this list. It’s unlike anything we’ve really seen, and that makes it an incredibly unique entry into the EV motorcycle market. This bike has a lot of amazing technical features, like its range which is 200 km, and the charging time of 4 hours to get from 20% to 80% (which is considered fully charged).

Some of the other tech features include an LCD dash, ABS, riding modes, regenerative braking control, and traction control. Savic’s C Series Alpha is a great EV motorbike that’s a strong entry into a growing market.

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    Energica Experia

    • Top Speed: 180 km/h
    • Range of Battery: 420 km
    • Engine Power: 75 kW
    • Price: $49,214

    The Energica Experia is a beautiful bike that’s an excellent option for anyone looking to get a motorbike that’s efficient, with great range and style in excess. Let’s focus on the range because it’s one of the most exciting features of this model because it’s the best. The Energica Experia has the longest claimed range for any EV motorbike on the market right now. A single charge gets you a range of 420 km for city driving which is a lot more than most entries on this list. On highways, it’s limited to 209 km, but that’s still impressive and shows how cutting-edge this electric vehicle's battery is.

    Overall, this is an impressive bike on the market that’s got a lot to offer. It’s steady, handles great, has a great aerodynamic design, and looks amazing. It’s one of the best electric motorcycles out there right now in the EV world.

    Evoke 6061

    • Top Speed: 230 km/h
    • Range of Battery: 470 km
    • Engine Power: 120 km
    • Price: $39,500

    One downside many people note when it comes to an electric scooter or electric motorcycle is that they’re not always the fastest to charge. The Evoke 6061 went in a direction to make that a focal point. This is one of the fastest rechargeable EV motorbikes on the market. It takes a mere 15 minutes to charge it to 80%, which is an incredible charging time for that kind of power.

    Beyond its impressive performance, this electric motorcycle looks amazing. It’s a hand-assembled model that features a minimalistic design that works on every level. It’s not the fastest motorbike out there, but it’s still an incredibly impressive model that’s worthy of your attention.

    Damon Hypersport Premier

    • Top Speed: 322 km/h
    • Range of Battery: 322 km
    • Engine Power: 149 kW
    • Price: $24,995

    Not only are the Damon Hypersport Premiers great looking electric motorcycles, but they’re also well-priced and have some amazing features to make it worth it. The Damon Hypersport boasts an impressive 200 horsepower and can even achieve up to 96.5 kph in a mere three seconds! This is only made more impressive when you consider its range of 322 km.

    The minds behind this impressive electric motorbike have ensured it’s among the fastest and safest motorbikes while taking you further than the competition. Some of its best features include the seamless transformation of the riding position to avoid fatigue and to gear up for upcoming curves in the road. The bike has also incorporated a CoPilot system which uses AI to know what’s going on around you and provide warnings of potential hazards. It’s an impressive bike through and through and a great way to ride the open roads.

    Zero FX

    • Top Speed: 137 km/h
    • Range of Battery: 111 km
    • Engine Power: 34 kW
    • Price: $25,297.09

    Zero has been in the EV motorbike game starting over a decade ago. In that time, they’ve made some incredible models with the FX proving their time in this space was worth it! This sports bike, at heart, is most at home when out on the trails, but that doesn’t mean it can’t thrive in city streets either.

    Zero motorcycles are built using aircraft aluminium which is an interesting material to use but there’s a great reason. The use of aircraft aluminium has been shown to have one of the best power-to-weight ratios, and that’s thanks to Zero shaving it down over several years to get it to that point. This bike has been made with care and a dedication to finding the perfect balance of materials to enhance performance, and it shows!

    Harley Davidson Livewire S2 Del Mar

    • Top Speed: 160 kp/h
    • Range of Battery: 177 km
    • Engine Power: 59.6 kW
    • Price: $25,500

    Easily one of the most interesting designs on this list, the Livewire S2 Del Mar is a bike for lovers of tech. This bike was designed to show Harley loves that EV bikes are the future, and its robust look might have won over some hearts and minds. If you’re after an electric motorcycle that oozes style, then the Livewire is the perfect choice for you.

    The bike itself is a more nimble and lighter version of previous models while also being a less expensive version of the Livewire ONE. This is all while having the kind of power anyone wants in an electric motorcycle. Based on looks alone, this bike is great, but once you get down to the intricate features beyond its incredible exterior, you’ll see why this bike has gained such attention.

    Cake Kalk&

    • Top Speed: 95 kp/h
    • Range of Battery: 80 km
    • Engine Power: 10 kw
    • Price: $20,125

    Cake has a relatively strong cult following in the world of EV motorcycles. The Kalk& is just another strong entry into the market, and this lightweight is a well-priced model ready to be enjoyed on any kind of terrain. What makes this bike great beyond its lightweight design is the three braking modes which allow for impeccable control. It’s not as powerful as many options on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great electric motorcycle. It’s most loved by bike riders who are in professional stunt work, so if you love to do tricks and enjoy off-road driving, this might be the kind of bike for you!

    Super Soco TC

    • Top Speed: 45 km/h
    • Range of Battery: 48km
    • Engine Power: 1.9kW
    • Price: $3,330

    If you’re interested in getting an electric bike but still want the old-school look, then the Super Soco TC might be what you’re looking for. This electric motorcycle isn’t the strongest bike on the market, but what it lacks in speed, it makes up for in style. It gets better because these electric motorcycles provide a great ride at a great price. Not only are you getting great value, but you’re getting decent performance and a great-looking electric motorcycle.

    Lightning LS-218

    • Top Speed: >351 km/h 
    • Range of Battery: 290 km 
    • Engine Power: 150 kW – 200 hp
    • Price: $50,000

    Now for one of the fastest electric motorcycles on the market. The Lightning LS-218 are powerful electric motorcycles designed for city streets and off-road trails. But thanks to the speeds this bike can achieve, you’ll want the wide open roads to see what this bike can really do!

    Now technically, this isn’t the true king when it comes to the fastest EV motorcycle. However, the champion, which is the Vocan Wattman, hasn’t been approved for street use, so for now, this bike takes the prize. You’ll achieve a maximum speed of 218 mph while enjoying a near-silent driving experience. The design is amazing and makes it a stylish bike while also making it a technically advanced bike. Of course, it’s an expensive model, but it’s worth every dollar.

    Ready to hit the road on two wheels of your own?

    Are you ready to get behind one of these bad boys? These are some of the best electric motorbikes out there, and Australian riders are going to love these amazing bikes. It’s time to head on over to Driva to see what can be done about getting a loan for the EV bike of your dreams! You’ll be tearing down city streets in style while reducing your overall carbon footprint thanks to the electric motor found in these EV motorcycles.

    So, what are you waiting for? Start applying today! EVs are the future, and electric motorcycles are catching up!


    Which electric motorcycle has the longest range?

    As it stands, the Energica Experia has the longest claimed range of up to 420 km on one charge. That’s pretty impressive and shows that electric vehicles like these motorcycles aren’t messing around with showcasing power with an electric motor.

    Are electric motorbikes legal in Australia?

    Electric motorbikes aren’t illegal in Australia. Unfortunately, when the incentives for owning them were low, they faded from the Australian vehicle market. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all-electric motorbikes have steered clear of Aus. Now it’s just becoming more apparent that there’s an appetite for more which is why they’re about to be bringing numerous models to Australia this year.

    Please note: some models aren’t legal on the roads just yet, but overall they’re not outright illegal.

    How fast is a 5000w electric sports bike?

    A 5000w electric sports bike should get you a top speed of about 100-80 km/h(65-50 miles/h). These bikes will also have impressive torque and be able to tackle difficult terrain like going up larger hills.

    Is it worth getting an electric motorcycle?

    Listen, in truth, the technology behind electric motorcycles is still new and in the early days. They’re going to continue getting better and better. However, right now, the models on the market are great, and they’re worth the high price tag. They offer stellar performance, are reliable, and have numerous after-sales savings. This type of purchase is cost-effective in the long run as you’re saving money on petrol which can become extremely expensive. They’re also just a lot of fun to ride. If you’re not completely sold on electric motorbikes but love the idea of going green, why not settle for an electric car? 

    What is the top speed of an electric motorbike?

    The figures on this are all over the place, but right now, the Lightning LS-218 has the title for fastest approved for a street-use electric motorbike with a top speed of 218 mph.

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