Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan - Review, Specs and Pricing

According to recent data, off-road caravan camping in Australia has seen a significant increase in popularity, with more and more adventure-seekers embracing the freedom and flexibility of exploring the great outdoors. If you're planning your next off-road adventure, you'll want a caravan that can handle the rugged terrain without compromising on comfort and convenience.

Introducing the Galaxy Nemesis - an off-road caravan designed to meet the needs of even the most adventurous Australian travellers. This rugged and reliable caravan is built with high-quality materials and features, offering a luxurious interior and impressive off-road capabilities. Let's dive deeper into the review, specs, and pricing of the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan.

Exterior Features

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    When it comes to the Galaxy Nemesis off-road caravan, the exterior is as tough as it is stylish. This rugged beauty is clad in grey stucco aluminium cladding with black checker plate accents, giving it a distinctive and commanding presence on the road. The Galaxy Nemesis also features Euro-style double-glazed dark-tinted windows, adding a touch of sophistication to its rugged appeal.

    But it's not just about looks. The caravan is designed to withstand the rigours of off-road adventures, with its durable construction and attention to detail. It is equipped with side and rear-mounted LED bar and strip lights, enhancing visibility and safety during night drives and camping. The blue-coloured highlights add a pop of colour and personality to the caravan's exterior.

    And let's not forget about practicality. The silver-topped material side awning provides shade and protection from the elements, allowing you to relax and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the sun or rain. Whether you're lounging by the beach or camping in the bush, the Galaxy Nemesis has got you covered.

    With its tough and stylish exterior, the Galaxy Nemesis is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. Whether you're exploring the outback or embarking on a coastal road trip, this off-road caravan is ready to take you on your next adventure in style and confidence.

    Interior Features

    The interior of the Galaxy Nemesis offers a comfortable and well-equipped living space. With its soft walls and ceilings in white and creams, the caravan creates a light and airy atmosphere, making it feel spacious and inviting. The kitchen area adds a touch of colour with blue hues on the splashback, adding a stylish element to the space.

    Inside, you'll find a cafe lounge area with footrests, providing a cozy spot for relaxation and socialising. The caravan's well-designed kitchen features a stove with three gas and one electric burner option, allowing you to cook with versatility. The oven and grill offer convenience for baking and grilling your favourite meals, while the range hood keeps your cooking area clean and smoke-free.

    The Galaxy Nemesis also includes a microwave for quick and easy meal preparation. And when it's time to rest, the caravan offers a comfortable queen bed with an innerspring mattress, ensuring a good night's sleep after a day of outdoor adventures. For added convenience, the Galaxy Nemesis comes equipped with a front-load washing machine, allowing you to keep your clothes fresh and clean throughout your journey.

    Whether you're preparing meals, relaxing, or getting a good night's sleep, the interior features of the Galaxy Nemesis offer comfort and functionality, ensuring a pleasant off-road adventure.

    Chassis and Suspension

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    The Galaxy Nemesis off-road caravan is built to withstand the toughest terrains, thanks to its reliable and sturdy chassis. This caravan features a 6-inch A-frame and a G&S HC chassis, providing additional strength and durability for your outdoor adventures. The chassis is designed to handle the challenges of off-road travel, ensuring that you can navigate rugged terrains with ease.

    Equipped with control rider twin shock suspension, the Galaxy Nemesis offers superior handling and stability. This advanced suspension system enhances the caravan's performance, allowing for a smooth towing experience. Whether you're driving on uneven or bumpy roads, the control rider twin shock suspension provides optimal comfort and control.

    Key Features of the Galaxy Nemesis Chassis and Suspension:

    • 6-inch A-frame for added strength and stability
    • G&S HC chassis for durability on off-road adventures
    • Control rider twin shock suspension for superior handling
    • 16x265 MT tyres for enhanced traction and stability
    • 12" off-road brakes for reliable stopping power

    With a focus on durability and performance, the chassis and suspension of the Galaxy Nemesis off-road caravan are meticulously designed to provide a safe and enjoyable off-road experience. Whether you're exploring the Outback or venturing into remote locations, you can rely on the Galaxy Nemesis to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

    Additional Features and Accessories

    In addition to its impressive exterior and interior features, the Galaxy Nemesis off-road caravan offers a range of additional features and accessories that enhance your off-road adventures.

    Climate Control

    Stay comfortable in any weather with the Belair H3200 Air Con. This powerful air conditioning system ensures you can enjoy the perfect temperature inside the caravan, no matter the conditions outside.

    Off-Grid Power

    The Galaxy Nemesis is equipped with three solar panels and three AGM batteries, providing you with reliable off-grid power. You can keep your devices charged and run your appliances without relying on external power sources.

    Food and Beverage Storage

    The Waeco RPD 218 compressor fridge keeps your food and drinks fresh and chilled throughout your journey. With ample storage space, you can stock up on supplies and enjoy cold beverages and delicious meals wherever you go.

    Comfortable Temperature Regulation

    The Ibis air conditioner ensures that you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can adjust the temperature to your liking, creating the perfect environment for relaxation, no matter the weather outside.

    Shade and Protection

    The Galaxy Nemesis comes with an awning featuring ribs and anti-flap bars. This provides shade and protection from the elements, allowing you to enjoy outdoor living without worrying about harsh sun or rain.

    Extra Living Space

    With a full annex, you can expand your living area and create additional space for relaxation, dining, and storage. This versatile feature gives you more room to stretch out and enjoy your off-road adventures to the fullest.

    Towing Stability

    The Dexter sway control system enhances towing stability, ensuring a smooth and safe journey. This feature reduces sway and improves control, giving you peace of mind while towing the Galaxy Nemesis on challenging terrains.

    With these additional features and accessories, the Galaxy Nemesis off-road caravan offers convenience, comfort, and peace of mind for all your off-road adventures.


    The Galaxy Nemesis is a versatile off-road caravan designed for your comfort and convenience during your outdoor adventures. With its impressive features and specifications, it ensures a memorable and enjoyable journey.

    Body Length and Seating Arrangements

    The Galaxy Nemesis offers a spacious interior with a 22FT body length and a total overall length of 30FT. It provides ample room for you to relax and unwind after a long day of exploration. The caravan features a queen bed at the front, offering a comfortable sleeping arrangement. At the rear, you'll find a club lounge that provides a cozy seating area for you to socialise or simply relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

    Water Storage and Management

    Equipped with your water needs in mind, the Galaxy Nemesis comes with two 95-litre water tanks, ensuring a sufficient supply for your daily activities. Additionally, it includes a 65-litre drinking water tank with a filter to ensure clean and refreshing water at all times. The caravan also features a grey water tank, providing an efficient and eco-friendly way to manage wastewater during your travels.

    Appliances and Amenities

    The Galaxy Nemesis is packed with appliances and amenities that add convenience to your off-road experience. It features a full oven, gas top, and grill, allowing you to cook delicious meals on the go. The microwave is perfect for quick and easy meal preparations. For your comfort and convenience, the caravan includes an electric and gas hot water service, ensuring you have hot water whenever you need it. Additionally, it comes with a Camec 4kg front loader washing machine, allowing you to keep your clothes clean throughout your journey.

    With its well-thought-out specifications, the Galaxy Nemesis is a reliable and comfortable off-road caravan that caters to your every need. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or an extended trip, this caravan is designed to provide you with the ultimate off-road experience.


    The Galaxy Nemesis is the ultimate off-road caravan for those seeking an adventurous journey in Australia. Its rugged exterior, luxurious interior, and reliable chassis and suspension make it the perfect companion for off-road expeditions. With a variety of features and accessories, the Galaxy Nemesis provides convenience and enhances the overall travel experience. Whether you're exploring the vast outback or relaxing by the beach, this tough-looking caravan is built to take you anywhere in comfort and style.

    Investing in the Galaxy Nemesis means investing in unforgettable outdoor escapades. Its durable construction allows you to navigate challenging terrains, while the luxurious amenities offer comfort and relaxation after a long day of exploring. This off-road caravan is designed for the adventurers at heart and ensures that every journey is filled with excitement and memorable moments.

    Embark on your next adventure with the Galaxy Nemesis and experience the thrill of off-road travel like never before. With its powerful performance, advanced features, and stylish design, this caravan sets the benchmark for off-road exploration. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exceptional off-road caravan and create a lifetime of memories exploring the beautiful Australian landscapes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the key features of the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan?

    The Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan comes equipped with side and rear-mounted LED lights, blue-coloured highlights, a 28-litre gas hot water system, and three 150-watt solar panels.

    Is the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan suitable for off-road adventures?

    Yes, the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan is designed for off-road use with features like independent dual shock suspension and a sturdy build.

    How is the kitchen area of the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan designed?

    The kitchen area of the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan features blue hues on the splashback, ample cupboard space, and a cooktop for cooking convenience.

    What are the water storage options in the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan?

    The caravan comes with two 95-liter water tanks providing ample water storage for your travels.

    Does the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan have a comfortable interior?

    Yes, the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan boasts a comfortable interior with a laundry area, bench space for convenience, and a tandem design for extra space.

    How is the exterior of the Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan designed?

    The Galaxy Nemesis Off-Road Caravan features stucco aluminium cladding with blue-coloured highlights, a rear-mounted LED bar and a strip for added visibility.

    Where can I find Galaxy caravans for sale?

    A: Galaxy caravans, including the Nemesis Off-Road model, can be found at authorised caravan dealerships and online caravan sales platforms.

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