Explore the 2023 GWM Ora: Review of The Cheapest EV

The 2023 GWM Ora is set to become Australia's cheapest electric vehicle option. Priced from $44,490 drive-away, it offers impressive features and a range of up to 420km. This compact hatchback boasts unique retro styling and is the first fully electric offering from Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors. With a single electric motor, the GWM Ora delivers 126kW of power and 250Nm of torque. It also comes equipped with a range of features including a 360-degree camera and climate control.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 2023 GWM Ora is the cheapest electric vehicle option in Australia.
  • Priced from $44,490 drive-away, it offers a range of up to 420km.
  • The GWM Ora is a compact hatchback with retro styling from Chinese carmaker Great Wall Motors.
  • It features a single electric motor producing 126kW of power and 250Nm of torque.
  • The GWM Ora comes equipped with a 360-degree camera and climate-control.

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    GWM Ora Pricing and Variants

    The GWM Ora is available in three variants: Standard Range, Extended Range, and GT. These models offer a range of options to suit different preferences and budgets.

    • Standard Range: The Standard Range model starts at $44,490 drive-away. It provides a great entry point into the world of electric vehicles, offering a balance of affordability and features.
    • Extended Range: Starting at $48,490 drive-away, the Extended Range model offers additional mileage and features for those seeking an extended driving range and more advanced specifications.
    • GT: Priced from $54,125 drive-away, the flagship GT model comes fully loaded with premium features and enhancements. It includes extras such as a sunroof and heated steering wheel for an elevated driving experience.

    Please note that the prices mentioned may vary slightly depending on the state or territory in Australia.

    The GWM Ora lineup provides options for buyers looking for a competitively priced electric vehicle with varying levels of features and capabilities. Additionally, there is also an Ora Ultra model that is expected to be released at a later date, further expanding the range of choices available to consumers.

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    Interior and Features of the GWM Ora

    The GWM Ora offers a well-appointed interior and an impressive range of features. Even in the entry-level Standard Range model, you'll find a host of amenities that enhance your driving experience.

    • 18-inch alloy wheels for a sleek and stylish appearance.
    • A centre console that provides convenient storage space for your belongings.
    • Wireless phone charging to keep your devices powered up on the go.
    • A panoramic sunroof that lets in natural light and creates an airy feel inside the cabin.
    • Climate-control for personalized comfort, ensuring you stay cool in summer and warm in winter.
    • A multifunction steering wheel that puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through various functions.
    • Cruise control for a relaxed and effortless driving experience, especially on long journeys.
    • Various airbags strategically placed throughout the cabin to prioritize your safety.
    • A 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing seamless smartphone integration for entertainment and navigation.

    Whether it's the luxurious panoramic sunroof or the advanced climate-control system, the GWM Ora is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and an enjoyable driving experience. Even at the entry-level, this electric car doesn't compromise on features.

    Safety and ANCAP Rating

    The GWM Ora has received a five-star ANCAP safety rating, making it a safe choice for buyers. This rating ensures that the vehicle meets the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind for both drivers and passengers.

    The GWM Ora is equipped with a range of advanced safety features aimed at enhancing overall safety. These features include blind spot warning, which helps to detect vehicles in the driver's blind spot, reducing the risk of accidents when changing lanes. The rear cross traffic alert system provides additional safety when reversing by warning the driver of approaching vehicles or pedestrians behind the vehicle.

    Another key safety feature is the speed sign recognition system, which uses cameras and sensors to detect and display speed limit signs on the instrument cluster or head-up display. This helps drivers stay aware of speed limits and avoid inadvertently exceeding them.

    The GWM Ora also comes equipped with traffic sign recognition, which helps drivers stay updated on important road signs, such as stop signs or no entry signs. This feature enhances driver awareness and contributes to a safer driving experience.

    With its comprehensive suite of safety features, the GWM Ora prioritizes the well-being of its occupants, making it an ideal choice for those who value safety without compromising on style or performance.

    Performance and Range of the GWM Ora

    The GWM Ora is a remarkable electric vehicle that offers impressive performance and an excellent range. Powered by a single electric motor, it delivers a torque of 250Nm, providing a smooth and responsive driving experience. Whether you're accelerating on the highway or maneuvering through city streets, the GWM Ora's torque ensures a dynamic and efficient ride.

    One of the standout features of the GWM Ora is its range. Depending on the variant, it can offer a range of up to 420km, making it suitable for both daily commutes and longer journeys. Whether you're heading to work or planning a weekend getaway, the GWM Ora has the range to take you there without worry. With its larger battery options of either 48kWh or 63kWh, depending on the model, the GWM Ora provides ample power to support a comfortable and reliable driving experience. This means you won't have to worry about frequent charging stops, allowing you to focus on enjoying the journey.

    Another notable advantage of the GWM Ora is its seven-year warranty. This extensive warranty coverage ensures peace of mind for buyers, providing protection and support for an extended period. It demonstrates the manufacturer's confidence in the GWM Ora's durability and reliability, making it an even more attractive choice for those considering an electric vehicle.

    When it comes to affordability, the GWM Ora stands out as Australia's cheapest electric vehicle option. Offering exceptional performance and range at a competitive price, the GWM Ora provides great value for money. With its advanced features, stylish design, and cost-effective ownership, the GWM Ora is a smart choice for those looking to embrace electric driving without breaking the bank.

    Final Thoughts


    The 2023 GWM Ora is set to revolutionize the Australian electric vehicle market as the most affordable option available. With its distinctive retro design, impressive features, and competitive pricing, the GWM Ora offers an enticing choice for those considering an electric vehicle. With a range of up to 420km and a generous seven-year warranty, the GWM Ora delivers exceptional value for money. As Australia's most cost-effective electric vehicle, it is poised to capture attention and make electric driving more accessible to a wider audience.

    By opting for the GWM Ora, you not only enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly transportation but also relish in its cutting-edge features. Whether you're commuting to work or embarking on a road trip, the GWM Ora provides the power and endurance you need. With its efficient electric motor and spacious interior, this vehicle seamlessly combines sustainability and practicality.

    Don't miss the opportunity to be part of the future of transportation. With the GWM Ora, you can embrace the electrifying journey ahead while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with owning Australia's most affordable electric vehicle. Experience the thrill of emission-free driving and join the growing community of eco-conscious individuals who are driving positive change for our planet and our future. Step into the world of electric mobility with the GWM Ora and discover why it is Australia's cheapest and most exciting electric vehicle option.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the key features of the 2023 GWM Ora?

    The 2023 GWM Ora comes with an extended range, multiple models including the Ora Sport, and features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

    What is the range of the GWM Ora electric vehicles?

    The GWM Ora has range options that go up to 420km, making it a suitable choice for most driving needs.

    Does the GWM Ora offer different models apart from the standard range?

    Yes, the GWM Ora lineup includes extended range versions, Ora Sport, and other models to cater to different preferences.

    What are some competitors to the GWM Ora in the EV market?

    Competitors of the GWM Ora include brands like BYD, Tesla Model 3, Kia, Hyundai, and MG ZS EV, among others.

    Does the 2023 GWM Ora offer advanced safety features?

    Yes, the GWM Ora comes equipped with features like Autonomous Emergency Braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, and a 63kWh battery for safety and performance.

    What is the warranty coverage for the GWM Ora?

    The GWM Ora is covered by a seven-year warranty, providing buyers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.

    Are there any unique design elements in the GWM Ora?

    The GWM Ora boasts a five-door hatchback design with an almost flat floor, spacious interior, and a modern aesthetic for a comfortable driving experience.

    Is the 2023 GWM Ora available for sale in Australia?

    Yes, the GWM Ora is available for purchase in Australia, offering an affordable and eco-friendly option for the Australian market.

    What are the price and features of the 2023 GWM Ora?

    The 2023 GWM Ora offers a balance of competitive pricing and features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a larger 10.25-inch touchscreen display.

    Can the GWM Ora accommodate the needs of Australian drivers?

    The GWM Ora is tailored to the needs of Australian drivers with features like a bigger battery, 126kW and 250Nm power output, and a tailgate for convenience.

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