2023 GWM Tank 300 Review: Hybrid Specs, Price, and Safety Rating

GWM, the renowned automaker, is making waves in the Australian market with its exceptional sales growth. In 2022 alone, GWM experienced a remarkable 36% increase in sales. One of GWM's standout offerings is the impressive Tank 300, an off-road focused SUV that combines ruggedness with hybrid technology.

The new GWM Tank 300 is designed to compete with popular models like the Ford Everest and Jeep Wrangler, offering Australian consumers a compelling option. Within its captivating exterior lies a comfortable and lavish interior, complete with a bold dashboard design and premium trimmings.

Boasting a turbocharged 2.0-liter petrol engine merged with an electric motor, the new Tank 300 delivers a robust total output of 258kW of power and 615Nm of torque. This hybrid powertrain ensures both exceptional performance and fuel efficiency, providing an unparalleled driving experience both on and off the road.

Now, let's delve into the details of the GWM Tank 300's hybrid specs, pricing options, safety rating, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • The GWM Tank 300 is experiencing strong sales growth in Australia, with a 36% increase in sales in 2022.
  • The Tank 300 is an off-road focused SUV, competing against the Ford Everest and Jeep Wrangler.
  • It features a bold dashboard design, comfortable seats, and luxurious trimmings.
  • The hybrid powertrain delivers a total output of 258kW of power and 615Nm of torque.
  • The Tank 300 comes in two variants: the Lux Hybrid priced at $55,990 and the Ultra Hybrid priced at $60,990.
  • It has a five-star ANCAP safety rating and offers a range of advanced safety features.
  • The Tank 300 is backed by a seven-year unlimited-kilometer warranty and five years of roadside assistance.

Pricing and Models

The GWM Tank 300 is available in two models in Australia: the Lux Hybrid and the Ultra Hybrid. Both models offer a range of advanced features and come with GWM's seven-year unlimited-kilometer warranty and five years of roadside assistance.

Lux Hybrid

The Lux Hybrid model of the GWM Tank 300 is priced at $55,990. It comes with a variety of premium features, including:

  • LED headlights for enhanced visibility
  • A sunroof for a panoramic view
  • 17-inch alloy wheels for a stylish look
  • A 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster for a modern and informative display

Ultra Hybrid

The Ultra Hybrid model of the GWM Tank 300 is priced at $60,990. It offers all the features of the Lux Hybrid and adds even more luxury and convenience, including:

  • 18-inch alloy wheels for a bold and commanding presence
  • Nappa leather seats for a premium and comfortable interior
  • Heated and cooled front seats for optimum comfort in all weather conditions
  • A wireless phone charging for hassle-free charging on the go

Both the Lux Hybrid and Ultra Hybrid models of the GWM Tank 300 provide an exceptional driving experience with their advanced safety features and luxurious amenities. Choose the model that suits your preferences and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with GWM's warranty and roadside assistance.

Interior and Design

The GWM Tank 300, Australia's first hybrid review, has finally arrived, showcasing an impressive blend of ruggedness and sophistication. The interior design, inspired by Mercedes-Benz, boasts a captivating dashboard layout with shortcut buttons and rugged graphics, earning the Tank 300 a notable score of 88 per cent for adult occupant protection.

As you step into the Tank 300, you'll be greeted by a spacious and comfortable seating arrangement, with ample headroom and legroom—ideal for taller adults. The rear seat space is generously designed, ensuring a comfortable ride for all passengers. Storage options abound, with various compartments strategically placed throughout the cabin, keeping your essentials within easy reach during on-road journeys.

The Tank 300, like its predecessors, features underbody protection, enhancing its durability and off-road capabilities. In terms of safety, the Tank 300 scored 88 per cent for adult occupant protection, making it a reliable choice for those prioritising safety.

The GWM Tank 300 offers a hybrid variant, known as the Tank 300 HEV, introducing a new hybrid option to the lineup. This full-time four-wheel-drive system ensures optimal performance both on and off the road. The Tank 300 HEV is a noteworthy addition to the GWM Australia family, with its fuel efficiency and extended range.

For those interested in the price and specs, the Tank 300 variants cater to diverse preferences and requirements. The GWM Tank 300 seats, combined with its advanced infotainment system, contribute to a luxurious driving experience. Additionally, GWM Haval's commitment to innovation is evident in the Tank 300's use of cutting-edge technology.

Hybrid Engine and Performance

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    Embarking on an Australian first drive, the 2024 GWM Tank 300 Hybrid in its 300 Lux iteration delivers an exceptional performance, seamlessly merging a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor. This hybrid marvel not only scores an impressive 258kW of power and 615Nm of torque but also boasts an 88 per cent rating for adult occupant protection.

    Equipped with hybrid technology, the Tank 300 Lux enhances its off-road capabilities with a full-time four-wheel-drive system, switchable low-range, and remarkable ground clearance. Departure angles are optimised for navigating challenging terrains, ensuring that this hybrid off-roader lives up to the rugged reputation associated with the Tank brand.

    The Tank 300 Lux is a new addition to the GWM lineup, offering a feature-rich experience at a slightly reduced price compared to the top-tier model. Priced $300 below the Lux variant, it introduces advanced features such as a tank turn function to reduce the turning circle, a 360-degree camera system, and adaptive cruise control. The hybrid version of the Tank 300 also impresses with a 5-year unlimited-kilometre warranty, providing buyers with peace of mind.

    Safety remains a paramount concern, and the Tank 300 Lux excels in this aspect, scoring 81 per cent for vulnerable road user protection and 85 per cent for safety assist. The robust 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine delivers 380Nm of torque to both front and rear wheels, ensuring a powerful and dynamic driving experience.

    For those intrigued by the Tank brand's unique appeal, the Tank 300 Hybrid is finally here, offering a fresh perspective on off-roaders. GWM claims that the Tank 300 sets a new standard in its class, and the hybrid variant lives up to this promise with its remarkable efficiency and performance.

    Considering the Tank 300's boxy design, impressive departure angles, and the inclusion of a tank turn function, it's evident that GWM has crafted a vehicle that not only pays homage to iconic off-roaders like the LandCruiser but also introduces innovative features tailored to modern preferences.

    Whether you're captivated by the tank-like aesthetics or enticed by the hybrid technology, the Tank 300 Lux Hybrid invites you to explore new horizons. With a variety of GWM Tank 300 colors, fuel options, and a range of variants, including the Tank 500 and plug-in hybrid Tank 700, there's a Tank for every adventure seeker. Take the plunge and buy a GWM Tank 300 – a first-of-its-kind hybrid off-roader that sets the bar high for the 300 series and beyond.

    Advanced Off-Road Features

    • Crawl Control: The Tank 300 is equipped with crawl control, which allows you to maintain a steady and controlled speed in challenging off-road situations, such as steep descents or slippery surfaces.
    • Tank Turn: This unique feature enables the Tank 300 to perform a 180-degree turn within its own length, making it easier to navigate tight trails or parking spots.
    • Hill Descent Control: The Tank 300 comes with hill descent control, which automatically controls the vehicle's speed when descending steep slopes, ensuring a safe and controlled descent.

    Whether you're embarking on an off-road adventure or seeking a capable SUV for your daily commute, the GWM Tank 300 Hybrid's hybrid engine and performance, along with its impressive off-road capabilities, make it a stellar choice.

    Safety and Warranty

    The GWM Tank 300 prioritises your safety on the road. It has received a prestigious five-star ANCAP safety rating, assuring you of its high standard of protection. The comprehensive testing carried out in 2022 evaluated the Tank 300's performance in various safety aspects, including adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, vulnerable road user protection, and safety assist features.

    To enhance your safety even further, the Tank 300 is equipped with a range of advanced safety features. These include autonomous emergency braking, which detects potential collisions and automatically applies the brakes to prevent or mitigate accidents. The adaptive cruise control maintains a safe distance from the vehicle in front, providing a hassle-free driving experience on long journeys. The lane departure warning alerts you if you unintentionally drift out of your lane, helping you stay focused and centered on the road. Additionally, the surround-view cameras provide a comprehensive view of your surroundings, making parking and maneuvering easier and safer.

    The GWM Tank 300 also offers peace of mind with its warranty and support package. It comes with a generous seven-year unlimited-kilometer warranty, ensuring that you have the necessary coverage for any unforeseen issues. The warranty is a testament to GWM's confidence in the quality and reliability of the Tank 300. Additionally, you'll receive five years of roadside assistance, providing prompt support and assistance in case of any roadside emergencies. With GWM's commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, you can embark on your journeys with confidence and peace of mind.

    Fuel Efficiency and Running Costs

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    When it comes to fuel efficiency, the GWM Tank 300 Hybrid is a top performer. According to GWM's estimates, the Tank 300 Hybrid will have a fuel consumption rate of 8.5L/100km, making it an economical choice for those who want to save on fuel costs. This means you can enjoy longer journeys without worrying about frequent refueling stops, and with the added benefit of a 700-kilometer range, you can tackle even the toughest off-road adventures with confidence.

    But the Tank 300 Hybrid's fuel efficiency isn't the only thing that makes it a cost-effective choice. It also runs on 91 RON fuel, which is more affordable compared to premium fuels, helping you save at the pump. And with GWM's five-year capped-price servicing program, you can maintain your vehicle without unexpected expenses. Although specific pricing details have not been announced, this service program offers transparency and peace of mind by keeping your maintenance costs in check.

    The GWM Tank 300 also comes with a comprehensive warranty package, including a seven-year unlimited-kilometer warranty, which covers you for a longer period compared to many other SUVs in the market. This means you can enjoy worry-free driving for years to come, and with five years of roadside assistance, you can have peace of mind if you encounter any unexpected issues on the road.

    But that's not all - the Tank 300 also offers a range of convenience features that make it a great choice for those who want a luxurious off-road vehicle. The Lux Hybrid variant, for example, comes with a touchscreen infotainment system with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a host of other features such as leather seats, a panoramic sunroof, and a 360-degree camera system. And with a range of colors to choose from, you can personalise your Tank 300 to suit your style.

    Overall, the GWM Tank 300 Hybrid offers a compelling blend of fuel efficiency, running costs, and convenience features, making it a top choice for those who want a reliable and capable off-road vehicle. And with its 5-star ANCAP rating and generous warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're protected on the road. So why wait? Book a test drive today and experience the Tank 300 for yourself.


    The GWM Tank 300 is a versatile and powerful hybrid SUV that combines off-road capabilities with a luxurious interior. Whether you're navigating tough terrains or cruising through the city, this SUV has got you covered. With its impressive features and performance, the Tank 300 is a top choice for adventurous drivers in Australia.

    One of the standout features of the Tank 300 is its advanced hybrid powertrain, which combines a turbocharged 2.0-liter petrol engine with an electric motor. This combination not only delivers powerful performance with 258kW of power and 615Nm of torque but also improves fuel efficiency, making it an eco-friendly option.

    When it comes to off-road capabilities, the Tank 300 doesn't disappoint. It boasts a low-range four-wheel drive system, a locking rear differential, and a generous ground clearance of 224mm. These features, along with advanced off-road technologies like crawl control and hill descent control, ensure maximum control and confidence when tackling challenging terrains.

    Inside the Tank 300, you'll find a well-appointed cabin with a dual-screen infotainment system, offering seamless connectivity and entertainment on the go. The comfortable seating arrangement, spacious interior, and luxurious trimmings add to the overall premium feel. With its five-star ANCAP safety rating and a range of advanced safety features, you can drive with peace of mind.

    With its competitive pricing, seven-year unlimited-kilometer warranty, and strong sales growth in Australia, the GWM Tank 300 is poised to make a significant impact in the market. Whether you're looking for a hybrid SUV with off-road capabilities or a stylish and luxurious ride, the GWM Tank 300 is a compelling choice that ticks all the boxes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the specs of the 2023 GWM Tank 300?

    The 2023 GWM Tank 300 comes with various specs such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, hybrid options, and off-road capabilities.

    How much does the GWM Tank 300 cost?

    The cost of the GWM Tank 300 varies based on the specific variant, additional features, and market conditions. It's best to check with a dealership for the most accurate pricing.

    What are the available colors for the GWM Tank 300?

    The GWM Tank 300 is available in a range of colors, including but not limited to white, black, grey, blue, and red. The availability of specific colors may vary by region.

    What is the fuel efficiency and range of the GWM Tank 300?

    The GWM Tank 300 offers efficient fuel consumption and a respectable driving range, making it suitable for various driving conditions and long journeys.

    Is the 2023 GWM Tank 300 equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

    Yes, the 2023 GWM Tank 300 comes with support for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing seamless connectivity with compatible smartphones.

    How can I purchase a GWM Tank 300?

    You can purchase a GWM Tank 300 from authorised GWM dealerships or through certified automotive sales channels. It's important to buy from reputable sources to ensure quality and authenticity.

    What are the safety features and ratings of the GWM Tank 300?

    The GWM Tank 300 offers advanced safety features and has undergone safety testing to attain favorable safety ratings, providing peace of mind for drivers and passengers.

    What are the hybrid options available with the GWM Tank 300?

    The GWM Tank 300 offers hybrid variants, including the Tank 300 Ultra Hybrid, integrating eco-friendly technology with the vehicle's performance and efficiency.

    What is the off-road capability of the 2023 GWM Tank 300?

    The 2023 GWM Tank 300 is designed with robust off-road capabilities, making it suitable for challenging terrains and outdoor adventures.

    What are the different variants of the GWM Tank 300 available?

    The GWM Tank 300 is available in various variants, including different trim levels and optional features tailored to meet diverse preferences and requirements.

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