Check Out the 2023 GWM Haval Jolion: Reviews and Specifications

The 2023 GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid is truly remarkable when compared to other hybrid SUVs. This vehicle offers an unbeatable balance of smooth performance, fuel economy and cutting-edge features. The innovative aspects that make the Jolion stand out among ultra hybrid others are undeniable, it promises long-lasting impressions due to its superior technology. Let’s take a closer look at why the GWM Haval Jolion is such a great choice for your next automobile purchase!

Short Summary

  • Discover the 2023 GWM Haval Jolion Hybrid, an SUV that offers powerful performance and exceptional fuel efficiency.
  • Enjoy advanced tech features such as a 12.3" touchscreen infotainment system with navigation, wireless charging, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto.
  • Get your next car financed easily with Driva's advantageous rates and accommodating terms.

Discover the Haval Jolion Hybrid

Discover the 2023 GWM Haval Jolion, a modern SUV designed to combine power and fuel efficiency seamlessly. With its intelligent hybrid mode that optimizes performance depending on your driving conditions, it's sure to deliver an incredible experience for those seeking efficiency and smoothness in one vehicle.

The 1.5-litre turbocharged engine paired with GWM electric motor is capable of producing up to 139kW combined system power – plenty for any journey you take! Not only does this offer an invigorating drive, but the 390L boot space allows you more cargo space to store all your essentials without worrying about capacity constraints either.

Premium features such as 17-inch alloy wheels, multimedia touchscreen display unit and adaptive cruise control also come along with the package – so there’s no need to worry when exploring around town or offroading away from civilization!


The Haval Jolion offers an incredibly efficient fuel consumption of 6.2L/100km, making it a great choice for those looking to help protect the environment while still enjoying top-of-the-line performance. Its intelligent hybrid mode switches between petrol and electric power depending on conditions, providing you with that smooth ride expected from modern SUVs without sacrificing efficiency or responsiveness.

Fuel Efficiency

The Haval Jolion stands out amongst its peers with a remarkable 5.0L/100km fuel efficiency rating that equates to reduced emissions and an even more tranquil driving experience. Its highly advanced technology and environmentally conscious qualities make it the perfect car for individuals who seek both superior performance as well quality features such as environmental friendliness.

Intelligent Hybrid Mode

The Jolion Hybrid stands out from other vehicles through its Intelligent Hybrid Mode, which has been designed to deliver efficient fuel consumption and unbeatable performance. This system uses the vehicle's speed and load as references for seamlessly blending electric power with gasoline energy so acceleration, deceleration and handling are all improved significantly while reducing emissions at the same time.

This mode makes driving a breeze whilst still delivering superior results - giving owners of this hybrid model peace-of-mind knowing that they have chosen an ecologically friendly option without sacrificing quality or efficiency in any way!

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Jolion Premium: A Closer Look

The 2023 GWM Haval Jolion Premium is an entry-level trim designed to deliver a remarkable driving experience. It features a bold front grille, combined with stylish tail lights and signature LED headlights that will have everyone staring as you drive by. You can feel proud knowing the premium SUV has all these great features plus additional benefits unique to this model of the GWM Haval Jolion lineup.

From fuel efficiency upgrades and advanced safety systems such quote features such as blind spot monitoring and lane departure warning – it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing the Jolion Premium over its competitors!

Unique Hybrid Front Grille

The Jolion Premium, Lux and Ultra Hybrid models are the ideal combination of style and performance thanks to their unique front grille design. These vehicles feature advanced capabilities as well as other features such as improved fuel efficiency that makes them a stand-out choice for driving in cities or on highways.

Their impressive aesthetic is sure to garner attention (with the distinctive look of its front grille being an eye-catching highlight all the smarts) giving you a rare blend of form and function unseen elsewhere in today's market.

Stylish Tail Lights

The Jolion Premium stands out as one of the top choices for vehicle shoppers looking to make a statement. This is in part thanks to its highly detailed design, such as its signature LED headlights and unique hybrid front grille which harmoniously pair with stylish tail lights that add an extra bit of flair. All these elements come together creating a contemporary, sophisticated look on the car - something that has been carefully thought out by designers at every step when crafting this luxurious ride.

Signature LED Headlights

The Jolion Premium has been outfitted with signature LED headlights, delivering an attractive and modern look along with improved visibility for increased safety. Distinctive in design and elegant to the eye, these headlights serve as another distinguishing feature of the premium edition Jolion, guaranteeing you always make a stylish entrance.

Comfort and Convenience in the Jolion Interior

The Jolion Interior has been designed with your ease and comfort in mind, providing several features that guarantee a pleasant ride. From ergonomic seating to heated front seats as well as cruise control, the Jolion interior is equipped with everything you need for an enjoyable journey.

Its modern design highlighting interactive screens makes it stylish while creating a sophisticated atmosphere within the cabin. There might be one disadvantage of not having reach adjustment on the steering wheel. Altogether, this vehicle offers sufficient convenience resulting in the same smooth performance and a satisfying experience behind the wheel!

Ergonomic Seats

The Jolion Interior boasts ergonomic seats that have been designed with comfort and good posture in mind. Each seat can be adjusted to your height and features lumbar support as well as armrests for additional convenience. What's more, the seating design ensures an equal weight distribution throughout so you can go on longer drives without enduring neck or back pain anymore!

These chairs provide complete assistance when it comes to avoiding discomfort – no matter how long of a journey awaits ahead of you! With their ideal size and shape plus comfort ergonomic seats and adjustable functions, these ergonomic seats make sure that every drive is smooth sailing.

Heated Front Seats

The Jolion Interior has heated front seats that offer both the driver and passenger greater comfort on those cold mornings. These adjustable temperature settings, plus a timer to reach optimal warmth levels, ensure you'll be feeling cozy in no time at all!

Cruise Control

The Jolion Interior is equipped with an adaptive cruise control feature that allows drivers to travel more safely and conveniently by automatically controlling the speed of their vehicle in order to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. This added benefit also helps reduce driver exhaustion, and stress levels while offering improved fuel efficiency. It is. Adds value for customers who choose this interior option amongst its already impressive range of features available on offer.

Advanced Safety Features

The 2023 GWM Haval Jolion has a five-star ANCAP safety rating and an array of cutting edge safety features to ensure the protection of you, your passengers and other road users. Let's explore these advanced technologies in greater detail and discover why this car is setting such high standards for vehicle security.

Collision warning systems alert drivers when objects are too close while Emergency Lane Keeping helps maintain your position on the street, both essential components that reduce accidents from happening in the first place. Traffic Jam Assist meanwhile keeps control during congested traffic flow situations allowing more comfortable driving with reduced stress levels along long journeys.

It's clear to see how employing all these innovative safety assist features makes GWM Haval cars so reliable & safe out there on our roads!

Collision Warning

The Jolion's forward collision warning system is a helpful safety feature that works to decrease potential accidents. It can identify impending crashes and alert the driver with an alarm, or in some cases even apply the brakes automatically. This advanced technology increases awareness of imminent impacts while also working to reduce any harm sustained from collisions should they occur.

Emergency Lane Keeping

The Haval Jolion's emergency lane-keeping system provides a key safety feature, assisting the driver when their vehicle strays from its assigned path. This corrective steering input helps to reduce potential accidents and minimizes fatigue by detecting if the person behind the wheel is feeling tired or not paying attention.

By taking into consideration any visible markers on roadways such as lanes, this advanced technology can detect vehicles leaving it and intervene with assistance in order to keep it within designated areas while driving- thereby ensuring greater security for drivers everywhere.

Traffic Jam Assist

The Jolion features a traffic jam assist system that helps drivers maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front during congested times. This sophisticated driver assistance technology monitors surrounding cars and adjusts speed accordingly, thereby reducing the tiredness of the driver as well as enhancing safety on roads. Drivers benefit greatly by having this simple-to-use aid to help keep focus when they are stuck in high-volume traffic situations with their eyes on the road and hands at 10 & 2 o'clock positions!

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    Tech and Entertainment

    The Jolion SUV is designed to offer drivers not only a powerful and fuel-efficient ride, but also all the latest tech advancements for an entertaining experience. Its 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless charging capabilities along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto combine to give you the ability to stay connected on your journey while enjoying music or accessing navigation directions when needed.

    Features like adaptive cruise control are part of its advanced technology package which provides added convenience as well as enhanced safety during long drives since important information can be accessed from behind the wheel easily through the digital instrument cluster display that makes use of this highly efficient feature.

    Head-Up Display

    The Jolion is equipped with a sophisticated head-up display in full colour that allows the driver to have all necessary information easily accessible right before their eyes. By projecting vehicle speed, lane guidance and traffic signs onto the windscreen, this advanced feature increases safety and simplifies driving. Enabling drivers to focus on what lies ahead of them with more safety assist.

    This colour head-up display installed within the Jolion provides convenience as well as enhancing safety for drivers while they are behind the wheel, allowing data such as traffic regulations and speed limit readouts directly on the windshield so you can keep your gaze concentrated on what's coming. Down the road.

    Multimedia Touchscreen

    The Jolion's 12.3" colour multimedia touchscreen is equipped with many beneficial features, such as a navigational aid, voice control and an array of multimedia choices that provide a heightened user experience when on the go while also improving safety measures. This innovative device grants you instant access to all your necessary functions right from the convenience of its easy-to-use platform for maximum comfort and enjoyment during each journey!


    The 2023 GWM Haval Jolion stands out as an exceptional option for those in search of a modern, fuel-efficient SUV with cutting-edge technology and innovative safety features. This vehicle offers remarkable performance on city streets or highways combined with the comfort that will make it stand out wherever you go. And when you're ready to finance your next car, Driva is the perfect place to get the transparency and convenience needed to find what best suits your needs – don't miss this chance to experience driving excellence thanks to the groundbreaking 2023 GWM Haval Jolion!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Haval a reliable car brand?

    The Haval brand is a trustworthy and dependable car manufacturer. Recently achieving the highest score of five stars by safety testing group ANCAP. This clearly reveals their dedication to producing cars with high-quality reliability standards.

    Those who own one of these vehicles have reported no significant difficulties over an entire year time period. Highlighting its good reputation in terms of faithfulness.

    Is the Haval made by Mercedes?

    No, the Haval is not made by Mercedes. It is a Chinese automotive marque owned by Great Wall Motors that specialises in crossovers and SUVs.

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