Exploring the Holden Colorado: Australia's Favourite Dual Cab Ute

Hello and welcome back to Driva’s car reviews! Today, we're taking a deep dive into the Holden Colorado, a standout in the dual cab ute market from the legendary Australian Holden brand. Whether you're looking for a reliable workhorse for the job site or a weekend warrior for off-road adventures, the Colorado could be just what you're after. 

Let's explore why this mighty ute, born and bred at the GM Thailand plant, could be the perfect pick for your garage.

Holden Colorado Overview (Model Year): Pricing, Dimensions, and much more!


Holden Colorado's pricing is contingent on the chosen trim level. Prices start from $23,980, soaring to $55,880 for the most recent model year. The model range, along with its engine and transmission specifications, is available in different body types. Remember - the prices are based on Holden’s recommended retail price (RRP) and may vary depending on additional options and dealer pricing. 


Body Type: Ute

Specs: 2.8L Diesel, 6 SP MAN

Price Range: $23,980 - $55,880


Body Type: Ute

Specs: 2.8L Diesel, 6 SP MAN

Price Range: $18,920 - $63,250


Body Type: Ute

Specs: 2.8L Diesel, 6 SP MAN

Price Range: $17,380 - $59,510


Body Type: Ute

Specs: 2.8L Diesel, 6 SP MAN

Price Range: N/A - $46,090


Body Type: Single Cab

Specs: 2.8L Diesel, 6 SP MAN

Price Range: $17,930 - $30,250


Body Type: Dual Cab

Specs: 2.8L Diesel, 6 SP MAN

Price Range: $19,250 - $43,670


Body Type: Extra Cab

Specs: 2.8L Diesel, 6 SP MAN

Price Range: $24,310 - $39,050

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    2020 - 1780x1882x5147 mm

    2019 - 1780x1882x5083 mm

    2018 - 1780x1882x5083 mm

    2017 - 1802x1882x5083 mm

    2016 - 1802x1882x5083 mm

    All Holden Colorado base models have a ground clearance of 210 mm. 

    Body styles of the Holden Colorado

    Choose from Single Cab, Space Cab and Crew Cab, each available in cab-chassis and pick-up form.

    • Space-Cab models come with rear-hinged doors and foldable seats behind the front seats, which are accessible only when the front doors are open.
    • Crew Cabs offer a traditional four-door layout with a five-seater arrangement.
    • The back of cab-chassis models can be customised with trays, typically custom-built by aftermarket specialists, while pick-ups come with a factory-installed tub.
    • All cab styles are available in cab-chassis versions, but only Space Cabs and Crew Cabs are available as pick-ups.

    The Colorado is available either as a rear-wheel drive vehicle or with a part-time dual-range four-wheel drive system, which should be manually switched to 4WD for better traction on loose surfaces. This light commercial pick-up is ideal for those seeking versatility.

    Towing Capacity

    2020 - Braked Capacity from 3500kg

    2019 - Braked Capacity from 3500kg

    2018 - Braked Capacity from 3500kg

    2017 - Braked Capacity from 3500kg

    2016 - Braked Capacity from 3500kg


    The Base Holden Colorado is equipped with:

    • A leather-covered steering wheel featuring cruise control, sound system, and phone operation buttons.
    • Automatically activated headlamps as darkness falls.
    • A 7.0-inch or larger central touchscreen that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for convenient display and control of compatible smartphone apps.
    • Bluetooth phone connectivity, auxiliary and USB ports for devices, and digital radio tuning for access to numerous additional channels in cities.
    • A reversing camera and rear parking sensors on pick-ups (cab-chassis variants come with pre-installed wiring for easy camera connection during tray installation).
    • Safety features like electronic stability control, trailer sway control, hill-start assist, and electronic traction control.
    • Seat Belt reminders for all seats, power-operated door mirrors, and remote window activation for pre-cooling on hot days.
    • A full-size spare wheel.
    • Seven airbags positioned at strategic points for maximum occupant protection.

    All Colorados come with Holden’s standard five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty - bloody beautiful, right? 

    If you’re itching to get your own Colorado, but aren’t sure on your finances, check out Driva’s free car loan calculator to see how much you could borrow in just a few clicks.

    Key features of higher trims

    The base model, Colorado LS, is perfect for tradespeople seeking a simple yet reliable truck. It comes with cloth seats, 16-inch steel wheels, and durable vinyl floor covering in the Single and Crew Cab versions.

    The upgraded Colorado LT offers larger, stylish aluminum alloy wheels, front fog lights for improved visibility, side steps for easier access, carpeted floors, lockable tailgate, and enhanced digital radio sound quality.

    The LSX Crew Cab builds on the LT, offering a more aggressive style with 18-inch grey alloy wheels, a gloss black grille, flared wheel arches, and a soft tonneau cover.

    The Colorado LTZ offers more features, including heated front seats, power-adjustable driver’s seat, an 8.0-inch touchscreen with built-in satellite navigation, automatic windscreen wipers, and climate-control ventilation and air conditioning. It also has front parking sensors, a tyre monitoring system, chrome door handles, and side mirrors, and a sports bar for aesthetics. Active safety aids include forward collision alert and lane departure warning. The LTZ+ adds a towbar to this list.

    At the top end, the Z71 includes the features of the LTZ but with the added luxury of leather trim seats, roof rails for easy luggage system attachment, and a unique sporty exterior look.

    For those looking to further customise their Colorado, Holden offers a wide range of accessories like bull bars, driving lights, bike carriers, fender flares, and sheepskin seat inserts. For the more adventurous, accessories like snorkels, bash plates, and all-terrain tyres are available. These can be included separately or as part of extra-cost packages such as the Tradie Pack, The Black Pack, The Farmer Packs, The Rig Pack and The Xtreme Pack.

    Fuel Economy

    2020 - 8.6L/100km - 2.8L Diesel 

    2019 - 7.9L/100KM - 2.8L Diesel

    2018 - 7.9L/100KM - 2.8L Diesel

    2017 - 8.1L/100KM - 2.8L Diesel

    2016 - 8.1L/100KM - 2.8L Diesel


    You’ll find the Holden Colorado available in 7 colours. They are Dark Shadow, Absolute Red, Mineral Black, Nitrate Silver, Summit White, Power Blue and Orange Crush. 


    Step inside the Holden Colorado, and you're met with an interior that combines practicality and comfort. With an intuitive centre console layout, the Colorado offers a well-thought-out design that maximises user-friendliness. The LTZ variant is especially luxurious, boasting heated front seats that are perfect for chilly mornings and an advanced climate control system that keeps you comfy no matter the weather outside.

    Let's not forget about the infotainment system. You've got a vibrant 8-inch colour touchscreen at your fingertips, providing easy access to essential features such as satellite navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The reverse camera is another notable addition, providing an extra level of safety when manoeuvring tight parking spaces or backing up at the job site.


    The Holden Colorado is loaded with safety features that make it a top choice for families and businesses alike - something the Driva team always looks for when we are doing our car reviews. Standard across the model range is a comprehensive traction control system, giving you confidence even on loose or slippery surfaces. When it comes to passive safety, the vehicle is equipped with multiple airbags, providing crucial protection in case of a collision.

    Moving up the range, the LTZ and Z71 trims also feature advanced driver assist systems, including lane departure warning, making long trips on the highway safer and more comfortable. Add to that the comfort of knowing you have ABS brakes and Electronic Stability Control on your side, and it's clear that safety is a primary concern for the Colorado.

    Driving Experience

    Driving a Holden Colorado is an experience in power and control. Under the hood lies a Duramax engine, a product of the expert minds at GM Thailand. This engine not only delivers more power than many competitors but also provides an impressive towing capacity.

    Whether you're hauling a heavy trailer or carrying a load in the bed, the Colorado is up to the task. And with a refined suspension and responsive steering, this dual cab ute delivers a surprisingly smooth ride for such a workhorse.

    Off-road, the Colorado stands its ground. While it may not have some features like a rear differential lock, it compensates with a strong low range mode, enhancing its off-road capabilities.

    **Check Holden’s website for up-to-date servicing and care advice**

    Why buy a Holden Colorado?

    You should consider buying a Holden Colorado if you're after a dual cab ute that balances work and play effortlessly. It's an all-rounder – powerful and rugged for the worksite, yet comfortable and safe for the family. Plus, with the Holden brand's commitment to quality and reliability, you know you're making a solid investment for your hard-earned money.

    Wanting more info? Check out Marcus Craft’s review of the Holden Colorado 2020 Z71 below.

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    Buying a Holden Colorado in Australia

    Although Holden stopped making cars several years ago, its legacy lives on. Holden’s are sought-after and loved by Aussies all around the country, and the Colorado is no exception. Make sure to do your research and only buy from those you trust. Second-hand marketplaces and dealerships are great places to find incredible value Holden’s, just make sure you take them for a test drive and do your due diligence! 

    Key Driveaways

    Whether you're seeking a reliable work vehicle or a family-friendly ute with off-road capabilities, the Colorado is worth a look - there’s a reason it’s among the best 4WDs on the Australian market

    If you’re ready to take that leap and get one, find your best Holden Colorado finance rate with Driva today. It’s free and only takes a few minutes. 

    Have a good one!

    People Also Ask

    Does the GM Thailand Plant make Holden Colorados?

    The GM Thailand plant played a crucial role in the production of the well-received Holden Colorado. However, the plant was sold to Great Wall Motors, leading to changes in the production line. 

    When was the last Holden Colorado made?

    The Holden Colorado, which succeeded the Rodeo, became a top-seller for Holden, with production running until 2020. This robust dual-cab's legacy continues with its American Chevrolet counterpart, with production set to start in 2023 at General Motors' assembly facility in Missouri.

    Do Holden Colorado dual cab utes have climate control?

    Absolutely! The Holden Colorado offers a range of standard features such as power windows and Bluetooth connectivity. The higher-spec LTZ model also comes equipped with a climate control system and a reversing camera for added convenience and safety.

    Is a Holden Colorado a good dual cab ute?

    Without a doubt, the Holden Colorado is a dual cab ute worth considering. Especially if you're in search of an affordable and dependable vehicle, it's a top choice. Opt for an automatic model, and perhaps consider an upgrade to a premium sound system for an elevated driving experience.

    Is the Isuzu D-Max the same as Holden Colorado?

    Yes, the third-generation Isuzu D-Max was sold as the Holden Rodeo in Australia and New Zealand from 2003 to 2008. After a facelift, it was reintroduced as the Holden Colorado following the separation of GM and Isuzu, which led to the discontinuation of the "Rodeo" name.

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