2023 Holden Commodore – Reviews, Specs, Prices, and Models

The Holden Commodore, a well-known car with decades of history in Australia, is more than just a vehicle – it’s an icon. We provide all the necessary information on this legendary model for drivers to have full knowledge about its fuel efficiency and options available when looking at models or variants. Get ready as we take you through an exciting exploration into the world of one of Australian automotive greatness’ symbols: The Holden Commodore! Here you can find out what parts are best suited to replace existing ones or tips on how maintain your own for optimum use along with other relevant info regarding fueling up this iconic car.

Short Summary

  • The Holden Commodore has been an iconic staple of the Australian automotive industry for over four decades.
  • It offers a variety of models and variants, with features such as dual-zone climate control, heated seats and advanced infotainment systems to provide a comfortable driving experience.
  • Prices range from $20,900 to $41,140. Driva provides competitive rates & flexible terms for financing options.

A Tribute to the Holden Commodore Legacy

The Commodore moniker from Holden has had a long standing presence since its unveiling in 1978. It is renowned for being reliable and of excellent craftsmanship, making an impact on the Australian automotive industry that won’t soon be forgotten.

This history embodies more than just vehicles. It reflects Australia’s ability to progress through adaptation and originality within automobile production over the years - embodied by ‘the Commodore’.

The Birth of the Commodore Nameplate

The Commodore nameplate, introduced in 1978 by Holden Motors, has been instrumental in the automotive history of Australia and remains a beloved icon. It is widely respected for its ability to change with times and meet customer expectations over time. This vehicle stands as an emblematic symbol of Australian culture due to its design features coupled with remarkable performance abilities.

Thanks to these characteristics, those loyal customers that have chosen the Commodore have never been disappointed. It continues to be one of the most reliable names on Australian roads today since it effectively meets all their demands!

VF and VE Commodore Eras

The Holden Commodore has had its share of different versions, yet the VF and VE editions were very special. The 2006 release of the VE model brought with it an independent rear suspension for enhanced handling and ride quality. Three years later, in 2013, this car experienced a transformation by way of revamped styling on both exterior design elements as well as interior dashboard fixtures. Making the vehicle much more attractive while also improving its overall efficiency, Solidifying it as a trustworthy choice among consumers Down Under.

End of an Era: South Australia Manufacturing Closure

The decision to end the manufacturing of Holden’s Commodore in South Australia was a significant turning point for both this particular nameplate and the automotive industry all over Australia. One major contributor leading up to closure was due to outside factors such as an increased exchange rate alongside fewer government subsidies.

Despite no longer having local production, Commodore models imported from overseas carry on with its legacy developed by Australians involved in automobile engineering.

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    Available Models and Variants

    Holden’s Commodore range provides a variety of models and variants to satisfy the preferences of its broad customer base. From Holden Berlina or Calais, for those seeking luxury, up to SS V with sporty characteristics, each model delivers an assortment between comfort and performance in one vehicle. In this section we will describe features available on the basic version as well as others from superior trims such as SS V trim level apart from Options that may be at disposal depending on what is desired by customers when opting out for their ideal Holden car.

    Base Model: Features and Specs

    The Holden Commodore’s base model for 2023 is an ideal choice for those wanting to enjoy the excellence of driving that it provides. This 3.0-litre V6 engine supplies 185kW/290 kW.Nm worth of power, allowing you to experience its performance in a daily setting effortlessly.

    Equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels and leather upholstery, LED daytime running lights plus chrome highlights coupled with push button start. This base model still gives convenience along with its classic stylish design appeal intact!

    SS V Variant: Performance and Upgrades

    The SS V trim of the Holden Commodore offers a dynamic driving experience to those seeking thrills. This variant packs a 6.0-liter V8 engine under its hood, allowing it to generate an impressive 270 kW (362 hp) and 530 Nm (391 lb-ft) of torque for optimum power output on the road. To augment its performance capabilities, 19 inch tires are fitted in this version that greatly improve handling and grip when cornering or accelerating at high speeds.

    All these features make up what makes the SSV uniquely capable among all Commodores – providing exhilarating levels of acceleration combined with enhanced control thanks to superior tyre traction on different surfaces while you’re behind the wheel.

    Additional Trim Options

    The Holden Commodore is a vehicle that provides an extensive range of models and trims. From the base model to SS V, there are plenty of options for drivers to choose from. These include LT, RS-V, VXR and Calais/Calais V variations. Design Packs can also be purchased which contain various extras at one set price, ideal for those who want more personalisation on their sports car! The variety available means that motorists can tailor this motor vehicle perfectly into something they truly desire.

    Colour Options and Interior Choices

    Customizing your Holden Commodore to suit your personal style and preferences is an important part of the car-buying experience. The 2023 model offers a wide selection of exterior colours as well as interior options for drivers who want their vehicle to look unique.

    Let’s take a closer look at all the colour choices and interior features that are available on this wonderful car – the Holden Commodore! With so many options, you can surely find something perfect to add personality into it.

    Exterior Colours

    The 2023 Holden Commodore is sure to make a statement on the streets with its array of attractive exterior colours. The options include Summit White, Nitrate, Phantom Black, Karma, Alchemy and Perfect Blue – each hue ensuring that your vehicle will be both eye-catching and stylishly designed. Not only do these vibrant shades provide visual appeal, but they can also help enhance the car’s sleek profile too.

    Cloth vs Leather Seats

    When it comes to seating comfort and aesthetic appeal, many drivers face a difficult decision between cloth or leather. Cloth is often preferable due to the cooler temperature in hotter climates as well as its price-point being much lower than that of leather seats. Yet, for those wanting luxury car vibes and ease of cleaning/maintaining, investing in genuine cowhide may be more suitable.

    Whether you opt for cloth or leather depends on your individual preferences & priorities when looking at factors such as cost effectiveness and convenience versus style & elegance choices.

    Climate Control and Other Interior Features

    The range of interior features found in the Holden Commodore is expected to remain similar for 2023 models. These likely will include dual-zone climate control, heated seats and advanced infotainment systems to maximize comfort levels while driving, as was present in past editions of this car. All these options are designed with both drivers and passengers’ preferences kept at heart so that their ride becomes enjoyable and pleasant throughout the journey time period.

    Fuel Efficiency and Consumption

    The Holden Commodore is a popular vehicle among drivers who prioritize fuel efficiency. Depending on the model and type of fuel, there are various rates for consumption to accommodate different driving requirements. We will be comparing petrol and diesel options across the entire range in order to provide an analysis into their respective levels of economy. This applies not just for 2023 models, but all versions offered by Holden’s commodore series, including variety in terms of engine types and fuels used within each model available.

    Petrol Models

    The Holden Commodore line of petrol-powered models has varying fuel economy, depending on the model and engine size. The VFII edition features a 8.2L/100km rate while the ZB offers an improved 7.2L/100km figure, proof that technology can enhance efficiency when it comes to cars with traditional engines which run on gasoline or similar fuels like diesel.

    As progress in the automotive industry continues to strive for greater mileage out of each drop of fuel consumed, we expect future versions to be even more economical than their predecessors were before them.

    Diesel Models

    Holden Commodores powered by diesel are known to have differing fuel consumption rates, depending on the individual model. The 4-cylinder engine with a 2.0L turbo diesel is capable of 6.2 Litres/100 km. To the V6 3.0L turbo diesel which consumes 7.2 litres per 100km, demonstrating that there can be potential benefits when it comes to fuelling efficiency through selecting one of these models from the Holden Commodore range. This variation should certainly depend upon your own driving style and needs for motoring performance.

    Comparing Fuel Efficiency Across the Model Range

    The Holden Commodore model selection offers a wide variety of fuel efficiency options, with the diesel Hatchback leading in terms of its estimated 5.6L/100km consumption rate. Even though V8-powered models are typically thought to be less efficient, their improved rates have increased up to 7.3%.

    Drivers can take advantage of this broad range when looking for a specific vehicle that will suit their requirements both performance and fuelwise - no matter what type of vehicle they decide upon within the line-up.

    Wheel and Tyre Configurations

    When it comes to ensuring the optimum performance and handling for any vehicle, including Holden’s Commodore model, having the right wheel and tyre setup is essential. There are a number of options available that vary depending on each individual car as well as driving conditions. So picking an appropriate combination is paramount yet can be quite personal too.

    In this section we will be looking at all potential configurations regarding wheels and tires present in Commodores – from standard sizes up until optional upgrades along with some suggested tires recommendations.

    Standard Wheel Sizes

    The standard wheel size for the Holden Commodore differs depending on its particular model and year. The base version typically comes with 17x7.5 inch wheels coupled to 225x55 R17 tyres.

    When it comes to the 2023 model, no specific information is given about its defaults, but you should definitely consult your car’s manual or a professional mechanic in order to find out what size will be perfect for your vehicle’s impressive performance capacity – especially when taking into account that we are talking about a Commodore from famous brand Holden here!

    Optional Upgrades

    The Holden Commodore offers drivers an opportunity to upgrade their vehicle’s performance and aesthetics with a selection of wheel sizes, tyre widths, and specialised tyres. This allows owners the freedom to select which combination will best suit their desired driving experience as each model has specific handling characteristics.

    By picking the perfect blend of wheels and tyres for your Commodore, you can tailor its operation to your unique preferences. Giving it an extra edge in both style & agility on the roads ahead.

    Tyre Recommendations

    For optimum performance, fuel economy and safety, it is important to choose the right tires for your Holden Commodore. The recommended tire size for a SSV model of the vehicle is 245/40R19 98Y at front and 275/35R19 100Y on rear wheel position. For other Commodores, make sure to check the manual or discuss with an expert so as determine appropriate set up regarding size & type.

    By opting for correct rubber you can gain comfortable driving experience overall.

    Maintenance and Replacing Parts

    It is important to look after your Holden Commodore and replace necessary parts regularly in order for it to reach its optimal performance. Here we will guide you through taking care of the car, fixing common problems that may arise, as well as what engine replacement options are available so that your beloved Commodore can be running at top-notch condition throughout the years.

    By carrying out our advice and following these instructions carefully, you should have no issue with keeping up the excellent quality associated with this vehicle model.

    Routine Maintenance Tips

    It’s essential to make sure your Holden Commodore remains in top condition. By performing regular maintenance such as oil changes, transmission filter and fluid replacements, and spark plug services, you can extend the life of your vehicle. Regular inspections should also be performed on its exterior. Checking for fading paint colors, rust corrosion or abrasions that could lead to higher repair costs if neglected. Keeping up with basic servicing procedures is key for ensuring a smooth running car overall.

    Troubleshooting Common Issues

    Owners of the Holden Commodore may encounter a variety of issues. For instance, timing chain faults and oil or transmission leaks can occur. Electrical problems as well as worn clutches could also be present in some cases.

    It is essential to consult an experienced mechanic to assess any such flaws right away so that performance and safety are not compromised with time passing by unaddressed. Dealing promptly with these matters provides the best chance for maintaining your vehicle’s quality standard throughout its life-cycle, this applies especially when it comes to situations concerning your Holden Commodore!

    With appropriate care taken from both sides – owner and specialist technician – you have greater assurance when running daily errands or road trips around town at peak efficiency without worrying about technical malfunctioning resulting in potential danger on roads due to hasty fixes which do not necessarily fix all components.

    Engine Replacement Options

    Holden owners facing an engine malfunction can look into several low cost alternatives. Purchasing a new car is one option, but it may be possible to rebuild the current engine or exchange or sell it for a used/refurbished version instead. Depending on your situation and budgeting capabilities, you will need to make the most suitable choice regarding your vehicle’s future course of action.

    Holden Commodore Pricing in Australia

    In Australia, the Holden Commodore provides a diverse array of choices with varying prices from $20,900 to $41,140. Consumers will be able to find an ideal model for their budget and preference whether it is LT or RS in performance.

    Making your dream vehicle achievable can easily come true with Driva’s assistance by helping you finance your chosen Holden Commodore car within this wide range available on the market today throughout Australia.

    How Driva can help you finance your vehicle

    For customers looking to acquire a Holden Commodore, Driva provides the perfect car financing solution. Offering competitive rates and flexible terms for leasing, loan or balloon payments, this platform makes it easier to secure your dream vehicle without breaking the bank.

    With an impressive range of options available through dealers or private lenders alike. Driva is helping drivers take control by finding the best deal that fits their budget on their desired car model – whether it’s a commodore from Holden, another make/model - whatever you’re searching for!


    The Holden Commodore of 2023, renowned for its long-standing history in the automotive industry and diverse model range that offers plenty of customization options, is an iconic car worthy to appreciate. With facts on fuel efficiency, maintenance needs as well as pricing all taken into account when making a purchase decision, you can be sure your experience will be nothing less than satisfactory - it’s no wonder this vehicle remains one of the most popular choices around!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Holden Commodore still made?

    Holden, formerly known as General Motors Holden, was an Australian automobile manufacturer which sold cars under its own marque, including the Commodore full-size car from 1978 to 2017.

    Locally manufactured versions of the Commodore ended in Australia on 20 October 2017, thus ceasing production of the vehicle.

    What is a Holden Commodore?

    The Holden Commodore, a car made and offered exclusively in Australia by General Motors to compete with other U.S. brands, was an impressive muscle vehicle sold there.

    Is the Holden SS a Commodore?

    The Holden Commodore SS was the performance edition of the full-size car, in production from 1978 until 2020. It became a permanent feature in their range with its introduction on model VN and made for an unbeatable bargain when it came to power.

    Included among its specs was that this version featured an automatic transmission – which had never been seen before, creating plenty of interest between those who appreciate quickness while behind the wheel!

    What are the most significant differences between the VF and VE Commodore eras?

    The Commodore brand saw two distinct eras with the VF and VE models, each bearing their own characteristics. The former included a redesigned nose, tail, as well as dashboard design whereas the latter featured an independent rear suspension. All in all, these two generations were very different but still kept much of what was beloved from previous iterations of the vehicle itself.

    What are the primary benefits of choosing leather seats over cloth seats in a Holden Commodore?

    When it comes to cars, Holden Commodore owners can rest assured that leather seats are the ideal choice. Not only do they offer a luxurious look and feel compared to their cloth counterparts, but also superior comfort while being incredibly easy to maintain for years down the line.

    The durability of leather makes cleaning easier than fabric ones. Enhancing its longevity as one investment with long-term use potential in mind. Its ability to retain shape is another key feature which adds value when choosing these types of seating material over alternatives available on today’s market.

    For anyone looking at buying into the iconic Australian brand – like holding up against time due partly to classically stylish yet comfortable seats such as those made out of premium quality genuine leather – you won’t go wrong investing money in a Holden Commodore vehicle.

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