Get to Know the Hyundai iMax: Car Reviews, Specs & Prices

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable and roomy vehicle that will accommodate your ever-growing family or business requirements, then it’s worth exploring what the Hyundai iMax has to offer. In this comprehensive review, we’ll be looking at every angle of this eight-seater people mover, from its key features to pricing and performance details.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hyundai iMax is a popular people mover in Australia, offering spacious seating for up to eight passengers and competitive pricing.
  • It features key safety features such as dual front airbags, and ABS with EBD and ESC, making it an ideal choice for modern drivers.
  • The Hyundai iMax offers reliable performance with its powerful diesel engine and 4-star ANCAP rating. Proper servicing is essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Hyundai iMax Overview

Hyundai created the iMax as an answer to the growing demand for large, reliable family vehicles such as cars and vans. It has since become a popular people mover in Australia due to its spacious interior and competitive pricing, up to eight passengers can fit with ease! The car comes equipped with standard features that make it incredibly versatile yet still safe: wagon-style design offers more than enough space so your loved ones will never feel cramped on long journeys. Hyundai’s well-known reliability ensures you’re always travelling safely no matter where life takes you next.

Key Features

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    The Hyundai iMax is a commercial vehicle that meets high safety standards, making it suitable for both family and other purposes. It comes equipped with dual front airbags, ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) plus EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), as well as ESC (Electronic Stability Control). This assures secure driving along with full protection of the driver and passengers in the second row. With its ample seating capacity, the automobile functions perfectly as an efficient people mover while keeping everyone safe and relaxed on their travels.

    For those who want to enjoy all comforts while riding in style, look no further than the highly sought after TQ model from iMax’s range. This spectacular variant offers great proportions between size, power output options alongside luxurious specs together.

    This makes it one of the perfect examples among vehicles within its category due to being famous for having supreme quietness during rides along with supreme comfortability.

    Last but not least, a summary. The grandiose features provided by zippy yet large iMax make any modern day rider fall head over heels into love at first sight!

    Competitor Comparison

    The people mover market is a competitive one, with the Hyundai iMax facing off against several well-known models such as Toyota HiAce (which has an expansive interior and robust motor), Kia Carnival (famous for its appealing design plus sophisticated safety tech) and Volkswagen Transporter. Each of these vehicles appeals to different drivers’ needs in their own special ways.

    Despite this competition though, the iMax remains an attractive choice because it offers practicality along with comfort at a great price point. Its roomy cabin ensures maximum passenger pleasure while also featuring user-friendly controls on the centre console. All bolstered by dependability, not forgetting that comes packed full of standard security features too!

    Hyundai iMax Interior and Comfort

    The Hyundai iMax provides a cozy interior with plenty of room and an easy-to-use control panel. The air conditioning system in this vehicle is superb, featuring adjustable fan speed to keep everyone nice and cool on trips or during hot days. There’s no doubt that the Hyundai iMax has all your comfort needs covered!

    Seating Arrangement

    The iMax model provides seating options that allow passengers to enjoy optimal comfort, with a selection of beige leather seats in the Elite version and grey cloth woven ones in the Active one. With its eight-seat configuration, this car has become quite popular among families or businesses requiring ample capacity for their occupants.

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    Centre Console and Technology

    The iMax is the perfect car for trips that are either long or short, as it boasts a number of useful features. A reverse camera and 7-inch touchscreen display come standard in its centre console while Bluetooth connectivity ensures maximum compatibility with your personal devices to keep you entertained. Plus, Android Auto integration guarantees one never gets lost during their journey! Plenty of space is provided by storage compartments situated throughout, ideal for keeping items neatly organised when travelling with passengers aboard. With these added bonuses comes peace of mind. Whatever route is taken will be made easier due to an array of reliable technology found on board this vehicle – making sure each drive feels effortless.

    Air Conditioning and Fan Speed

    When it comes to people movers, the cabin temperature needs to stay comfortable for passengers and that is exactly what iMax’s air conditioning system delivers. The vehicle features a refrigerant circuit with advanced climate control capabilities giving riders the power to adjust fan speed according to their own preferences.

    With such customization of airflow in place, those travelling can rest assured they will experience optimal comfort irrespective of external weather conditions.

    Hyundai iMax Performance and Handling

    The Hyundai iMax is a reliable on-road performer, with its powerful diesel engine and the ability to transport hefty loads as well as provide smooth handling. It makes it an ideal choice for both families and commercial use alike.

    Engine Specs

    The iMax offers plenty of space for transporting passengers, with its two-and-a-half litre CRDi diesel engine providing 125kW and 441Nm of torque to ensure optimum performance. At 8.8L/100km in the Wagon/Diesel model, this people mover also proves economical on fuel consumption too. Alongside these standard variants, there is an impressive N drift bus version specifically created for track driving - Please note that this particular vehicle isn’t legal on roads due to it boasting 300kW power output from its four-cylinder motor producing over 440Nm of torque capacity.

    Road Handling

    The iMax provides a reliable and comfortable ride, featuring minimal body roll and responsive steering. Perfect for maneuvering in tight spots or crowded areas with its people-mover design, the vehicle performs even better when carrying an entire load of passengers to guarantee everyone on board has a smooth voyage.

    To deliver great road performance, this model also incorporates a rear-wheel drive configuration which offers stability and balance while the driving experience is improved. By its ability to absorb irregularities along the way – adding extra comfort levels during your trips on wheels.

    Towing and Payload Capacity

    The iMax is an impressive vehicle when it comes to its ability to pull and carry cargo. Certified by the manufacturer, this auto can transport up to 2,000kg with braking applied while still providing a payload capacity of 851 kg which supplies plentiful space for baggage or extra freight. With such sizable abilities in tow/pulling weight as well as a significant interior storage room, the iMax certainly stands out among competitors within its class.

    Hyundai iMax Pricing and Variants

    The Hyundai iMax is offered in a range of models to suit diverse requirements and budgets. Starting at $38,790 for the base model and reaching up to $49,480 for higher-end variants, it provides an excellent combination of features with superb value for money.

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    Base Model

    The base model of the Hyundai iMax is a solid option due to its standard features. Its four-door wagon design provides plenty of seating with an ample third row so that all your passengers can have a comfortable ride. The rear-wheel drive configuration and touchscreen infotainment system give you control over how you want to experience driving while providing convenience on the road as well.

    Standard safety measures such as dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and ESC are also included in this package for added assurance during any journey. All these make sure even long trips in the Hyundai IMAX will be enjoyable behind its wheels!

    Higher-End Models

    The Hyundai iMax has different levels of luxury and convenience, particularly with its higher-end models. These include two sunroofs, a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system equipped with parking sensors and reversing camera, as well as cruise control. Also adding to the comfort are heated front seats featuring fold down armrests along with leather gear knobs and handbrake grip, plus an alloy look trim for extra elegance To 2 zone climate controls for both driver and passengers. With these luxurious features provided by the highest-end models of the iMax, experience unparalleled relaxation while on your journey.

    Hyundai iMax Safety Features and Rating

    The Hyundai iMax is a safe car, as evidenced by its 4-star rating from the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP). The standard safety features of the iMax include dual front airbags, ABS with EBD for braking control, ESC to help stabilize and prevent skidding in certain situations, and 3-point seat belts in all positions. Optional side curtain airbags are available for extra protection at the first row while the touch window up/down feature includes an anti-pinch technology on the driver’s side only. All these measures make sure that driving any model of this car will be done securely.

    Maintaining Your Hyundai iMax

    The Hyundai iMax offers optimal performance when properly serviced and maintained on a regular basis. Such an approach can provide drivers with enhanced satisfaction behind the wheel, as well as allow any potential issues to be identified before they become major problems requiring substantial repairs or replacements.

    Service History Importance

    When purchasing a pre-owned Hyundai iMax, verifying the service history is recommended. Having an up to date and complete record of all services performed can increase the secondhand value of this vehicle. Meeting maintenance requirements is essential in order for you to be eligible for unlimited mileage warranty coverage from Hyundai itself, which makes ascertaining its previous servicing so important.

    Common Problems and Solutions

    When looking to purchase a Hyundai iMax, it is important to be aware that the car may lack some of the latest tech features such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. The vehicle does come with risks associated though - including potential build-up of sludge in oil which can cause issues for both engines and turbochargers if not regularly maintained through oil changes. Copper washers located under fuel injectors are known to fail and should be replaced alongside cleaning out these injectors when necessary. Finally, diesel versions have been known for experiencing problems related specifically to their turbocharger system. Thus frequent servicing is recommended here too!

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    The spacious Hyundai iMax is an ideal people mover, providing superb comfort and great value for money. This car features a range of standard amenities alongside its cozy interior, which makes it well worth the cost. Plus, with Driva’s easy financing options available at your disposal, you can purchase this vehicle today! As long as regular servicing and maintenance are undertaken, you’ll be able to enjoy optimal performance from your iMax over many years. So why wait? Get behind the wheel now and see what makes this model stand out above all others on offer today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Hyundai iMax discontinued?

    The Hyundai iMax has been discontinued as of mid-2021, replaced by the all-new Staria people-mover range.

    What are the specs of the Hyundai iMax diesel?

    The Hyundai iMax has a 2.5L Diesel Turbo 4 engine that produces 125 kW of power and is coupled with the Five-speed Automatic, providing torque up to 441 Nm at 2000 rpm. It features 8 seats in total and its rear-wheel drive mechanism brings more flexibility on the road for people who desire it. As part of their range, this car made by Hyundai carries great characteristics regarding fuel efficiency as well as performance while offering maximum comfort to all occupants onboard when travelling long distances or even daily commutes around town!

    Is the Hyundai iMax a commercial vehicle?

    Yes, the Hyundai iMax can indeed be classified as a commercial vehicle. It's a versatile people mover, commonly used for business purposes such as transporting employees, clients, or goods. However, its comfortable and spacious interior with 8 seats also makes it a popular choice for larger families or groups requiring ample seating capacity.

    What is an iMax vehicle?

    The 2021 Hyundai iMax H-1 is a passenger transport van, which comes in two varieties and can be classified as a 8-seater people mover version of the Hyundai iLoad van. It has a turbocharged 2.5L four-cylinder diesel engine providing the power needed for people moving purposes. The name ‘iMax’ hints at its product range from Hyundai: an MPV version of their popular lineup of vans, the ever-versatile iLoads!

    What is the seating capacity of the Hyundai iMax?

    The Hyundai iMax is a great choice for family trips and outings as it can accommodate up to eight passengers. Perfectly suitable for larger groups, this vehicle has the capacity to take you wherever your heart desires in comfort and style.

    What are some key features of the iMax?

    The iMax provides great safety and comfort, with amenities such as dual front airbags to protect occupants, ABS (anti-lock braking system) plus EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution), ESC (Electronic Stability Control), along with sufficient seating space.

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