Hyundai ix35 Review: Specs, Features and Pricing

Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Hyundai ix35, a popular SUV in the Australian market. If you're in the market for a versatile and reliable SUV, the ix35 may just be the perfect fit for you. In this review, we'll take an in-depth look at the engine options, specifications, features, and pricing of the Hyundai ix35. So, let's dive in and explore everything this SUV has to offer.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Hyundai ix35 is a mid-sized SUV that offers versatility and reliability for Australian drivers.
  • It comes with both petrol and diesel engine options to suit different preferences and requirements.
  • The ix35 offers various trim levels, including the entry-level Active and the top-of-the-line Highlander, catering to different budgets and preferences.
  • With competitive pricing, the ix35 provides excellent value for money in the SUV segment.
  • The Hyundai ix35 is known for its fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for daily commuting and long drives.
  • Equipped with a range of safety features, the ix35 prioritises the well-being of its passengers.
  • Overall, the Hyundai ix35 stands out as a reliable and feature-packed SUV in its class.

Hyundai ix35 Performance and Engine Specs

The Hyundai ix35 offers a range of powerful engines to suit different driving preferences. Whether you prefer the performance of a petrol engine or the efficiency of a diesel engine, the ix35 has got you covered.

The petrol engine option available for the ix35 is a 2.0-litre engine, delivering impressive power. With 122kW of power and 197Nm of torque, this engine provides a spirited driving experience.

For those seeking even greater torque and better fuel economy, the ix35 offers a 2.0-litre R-series turbo-diesel engine. With 135kW of power and an impressive 392Nm of torque, this diesel engine delivers excellent performance and efficiency.

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    When it comes to transmission options, the ix35 gives you the choice between manual and automatic transmissions. This allows you to tailor your driving experience to your preferences and driving style.

    Additionally, the ix35 offers both front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) options. The front-wheel drive configuration provides a more fuel-efficient and economical driving experience, while the all-wheel drive system enhances traction and stability, especially in challenging road conditions.

    With its range of engine options, transmission choices, and drivetrain configurations, the Hyundai ix35 ensures that there is a variant suitable for every driver's needs and preferences.

    Hyundai ix35 Trim Levels and Features

    The Hyundai ix35 offers three trim levels to choose from, each with its own set of features tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for basic functionality or luxurious upgrades, the ix35 has you covered.


    • Six-way electric driver's seat for optimum comfort
    • Auxiliary and USB ports for seamless connectivity with your devices
    • Multi-function steering wheel for easy control


    • Leather and cloth combination seats for a stylish and comfortable interior
    • Fog lights to enhance visibility in adverse weather conditions
    • 17-inch alloy wheels for a sleek and sophisticated look


    • Full leather upholstery for a premium feel
    • Touch screen display for easy access to multimedia and navigation
    • Full-size spare tire for added peace of mind on the road

    The ix35 is positioned in the compact SUV class, competing with models from Nissan, Mazda, and Toyota. With its range of trim levels and a variety of features, the ix35 offers something for everyone, whether you're seeking practicality or a touch of luxury in your SUV.

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    Hyundai ix35 Pricing and Australian Sales

    The Hyundai ix35 offers a range of pricing options to suit different budgets. Starting at a competitive price of $10,989 for the base model Active trim, the ix35 provides outstanding value for money. For those seeking a more luxurious driving experience, the top-of-the-line Highlander trim is available at $22,490, offering a premium level of comfort and features.

    To purchase the Hyundai ix35, you can visit any Hyundai dealership across Australia. With a wide network of dealerships, convenient access to the ix35 is assured, allowing you to explore the vehicle in person, take it for a test drive, and make an informed decision.

    Why Choose the Hyundai ix35

    • Competitively Priced: The ix35 provides a range of pricing options to fit different budgets, making it an accessible choice for many buyers of SUVs.
    • Strong Australian Sales: The Hyundai ix35 has gained popularity among SUV buyers, enjoying strong sales figures in the Australian market.
    • Wide Availability: Hyundai dealerships across Australia offer the ix35 for sale, ensuring easy access and availability for potential buyers.

    Experience the Hyundai ix35 for yourself and discover why it is a preferred choice among SUV enthusiasts. With its attractive pricing, strong sales history, and accessibility through Hyundai dealerships, the ix35 offers a compelling package for those in search of a versatile and capable SUV.

    Hyundai ix35 Fuel Economy and Reliability

    The Hyundai ix35 offers impressive fuel economy, making it an economical choice for daily commuting and long drives. The petrol engine, on average, consumes around 8.5 litres per 100 kilometre, ensuring you can go the distance without worrying about frequent fuel stops. However, if fuel efficiency is a top priority, the diesel engine is even more efficient, with an average consumption of around 7.5 litres per 100 kilometre. This means you can enjoy longer journeys without constantly refueling.

    In addition to its fuel economy, the Hyundai ix35 is known for its reliability. Owners rave about the ix35's longevity and dependability, making it a trustworthy companion for both daily commutes and adventurous road trips. With proper maintenance and care, the ix35 can provide years of trouble-free ownership, giving you peace of mind with every journey.

    The suspension of the ix35 has been designed to provide a comfortable and smooth driving experience. Whether you're navigating city streets or cruising on the highway, the suspension absorbs bumps and uneven surfaces, ensuring a stable and enjoyable ride. This attention to detail enhances both comfort and safety, making the ix35 an excellent choice for those who value a smooth and controlled driving experience.

    Another notable feature of the Hyundai ix35 is its well-designed steering wheel. The steering wheel is ergonomically designed, offering a comfortable grip and intuitive controls. This allows for precise and effortless steering, giving you a sense of control and confidence behind the wheel. Whether you're maneuvering through tight city streets or taking on winding country roads, the ix35's steering wheel ensures a responsive and enjoyable driving experience.

    Hyundai ix35 Safety and Ancap Rating

    The Hyundai ix35 prioritises safety, offering a range of features to keep you and your passengers protected on the road. With its advanced safety technology, the ix35 provides peace of mind for all your journeys.

    Key safety features of the Hyundai ix35 include:

    • Six airbags, strategically placed throughout the cabin, providing comprehensive protection in the event of a collision.
    • Active front headrests that minimise the risk of neck injuries during a rear-end collision.
    • Stability control, which helps maintain vehicle stability by reducing skidding and oversteering.
    • Traction control, which optimises grip on the road to prevent wheel slip and enhance overall vehicle stability.
    • Anti-lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, allowing for controlled braking and reducing the risk of wheel lock-up.

    While the exact Ancap rating for the ix35 is not mentioned in the sources, based on its extensive safety features, it is likely to have a high safety rating. This demonstrates Hyundai's commitment to prioritising the safety of its vehicles and drivers.


    In conclusion, the Hyundai ix35 is a highly regarded SUV in the Australian market. With its range of trim levels and engine options, the ix35 offers versatility and choice to potential buyers. Moreover, the competitive pricing and good fuel economy make it an attractive option for those looking for an SUV.

    One of the standout features of the Hyundai ix35 is its reliability. Owners have consistently praised the ix35 for its dependability and longevity, making it a trusted choice for many Australian buyers. Additionally, the ix35 prioritises safety with its comprehensive range of safety features, providing peace of mind for drivers and passengers alike.

    Overall, the Hyundai ix35 proves to be a well-rounded SUV that ticks all the boxes. With its impressive specs, extensive features, and reasonable pricing, it offers great value for money. Whether you're a family in need of extra space or an adventurous individual who craves versatility, the Hyundai ix35 is a worthy contender in the Australian SUV market.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the specs of the Hyundai ix35?

    The Hyundai ix35 comes with various specs such as engine options, transmission, fuel consumption, cargo space, and off-road capabilities. The ix35 range includes models like the active, elite, and highlander, each with its own set of specifications.

    How does the Hyundai ix35 perform in terms of fuel consumption?

    The Hyundai ix35 offers good fuel consumption, especially with the six-speed automatic transmission. The fuel efficiency varies based on the model and driving conditions, but overall, it is known for being fuel-efficient for a SUV.

    What are the pricing details for the Hyundai ix35 models?

    The pricing for Hyundai ix35 models like the active, elite, and highlander can vary based on the list price and any current promotions or offers. It's recommended to check with Hyundai dealers for the most up-to-date pricing information.

    What are the notable features of the Hyundai ix35?

    The Hyundai ix35 boasts features such as advanced suspension tuning, sequential manual gearbox, spacious cargo area, off-road capabilities, and advanced safety features. The elite and highlander models also offer premium features for a more luxurious driving experience.

    Is the Hyundai ix35 suitable for off-road driving?

    Yes, the Hyundai ix35 is designed to handle off-road driving to a certain extent. With its off-road capabilities, the ix35 can handle various terrains and rough roads, making it suitable for outdoor adventures.

    How does the Hyundai ix35 compare to other Hyundai SUV models like the Tucson and Santa Fe?

    The Hyundai ix35 is positioned between the smaller Tucson and larger Santa Fe. It offers a balance of size, features, and pricing, making it an attractive option for those seeking a mid-sized SUV.

    What are some common issues or maintenance considerations for the Hyundai ix35?

    Some common maintenance considerations for the Hyundai ix35 include regular servicing, potential gearbox and pump wear, and addressing any mechanical issues promptly to prevent further problems. Ignoring such cases may lead to expensive repairs.

    Can the Hyundai ix35 be purchased with additional premium features?

    Yes, the Hyundai ix35 elite and highlander models offer additional premium features for those seeking a more luxurious driving experience. These features include advanced technology, comfort, and convenience options.

    Are there any ongoing or upcoming promotions for the Hyundai ix35?

    It's recommended to check with Hyundai dealers for any ongoing or upcoming promotions specifically for the Hyundai ix35. Dealers may have special offers, financing options, or promotional deals available for potential buyers.

    What type of gearbox does the Hyundai ix35 have?

    The Hyundai ix35 comes with a six-speed automatic transmission, offering smooth and efficient gear changes for a comfortable driving experience. The sequential manual gearbox is also available with certain models for more control over gear selection.

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