Hyundai Kona Review: A Compact SUV Built for Aussie Roads

Welcome to the Driva blog! If you're in the market for a compact SUV that's perfect for our beautiful Aussie roads, you can't go past the Hyundai Kona…there’s a reason it’s featured on our page for the best SUVs under 30k! 

Whether it's a trip to the beach or a drive through the outback, this small SUV is a standout performer. Offering a blend of style, performance, and safety, the Kona truly embodies the adventurous Australian spirit.

Overview of the Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is a gem in the compact SUV category - adding to the catalogue of the Hyundai Motor Company who have other awesome cars in the Hyundai Kauai and Hyundai Encino. Its eye-catching design, combined with Hyundai's commitment to safety and convenience, makes it a firm favourite among Australians

In this section, we’ll dive a bit more into each trim level's features and pricing. 

The Hyundai Kona Range

The Kona range is quite diverse, offering something for everyone. It spans from the base model right up to the high-end N Line Premium trim level. For those of you who are more environmentally conscious, there are the electric variants, including the highly popular Hyundai Kona Electric. 

Each model in the range brings its own unique perks, whether it's added luxury features or the additional power and sporty flair of the N Line versions.

Kona (from $30,527)

The base model of the Hyundai Kona range is anything but basic. It comes equipped with a 2.0L MPi petrol engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission. Its key features include:

  • 16" alloy wheels
  • 8" multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Wireless smartphone charging
  • Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)
  • Rear parking sensors and rear view camera
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)

Kona Active (from $32,175)

Upgrading to the Active trim level, you gain more convenience and safety features, such as:

  • 16" alloy wheels
  • 10.25" digital supervision cluster
  • Smart Key with push button start
  • Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW)
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning (RCCW)

Kona Elite (from $35,677)

The Elite trim level offers more luxury features and tech, making your driving experience even more enjoyable. Its features include:

  • 17" alloy wheels
  • Leather-appointed seats
  • 10.25" satellite navigation system
  • Front and rear bumper parking sensors
  • Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

Kona Highlander (from $42,269)

As the top of the standard Kona range, the Highlander offers high-end luxury features and advanced tech. Key features include:

  • 18" alloy wheels
  • Head Up Display (HUD) and wireless smartphone charging
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Safe Exit Warning (SEW)

Kona N Line and N Line Premium (from $41,033)

Both the Kona N Line and N Line Premium sporty trims offer a more performance-focused experience, with a 1.6L turbo GDi engine and 7-speed DCT. Both come with:

  • 18" alloy wheels
  • N Line exclusive interior and exterior design
  • 10.25" multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • N Line tuned suspension
  • N Line sports seats

Kona Electric and Electric Highlander (from $30,527)

These environmentally-friendly trims offer a powerful electric motor and a long electric range. Key features include:

  • 17" alloy wheels
  • 10.25" multimedia system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Smart Key with push button start
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Regenerative braking

Remember, each trim level above the base model includes all the features of the previous level, plus its own additional features. So whether you're looking for a cost-effective compact SUV, a sporty ride, or an environmentally-friendly car, there's a Hyundai Kona for you.

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    The Hyundai Kona's Eye-Catching Exterior Features

    Compact and Strong Design

    The Hyundai Kona is known for its bold and eye-catching exterior design, which is perfect for making a statement on the Australian roads. Its compact and strong design is characterised by a wide stance, sculpted bodylines, and a cascading grille that gives it a distinctive look. 

    This small SUV is not only visually appealing but also provides excellent aerodynamics, contributing to its fuel efficiency and performance.

    LED Headlights and Rear Parking Sensors

    The Kona is equipped with advanced LED headlights, offering better visibility and an elegant touch to its front fascia. The LED headlights not only provide better illumination, but they also consume less energy, making them an eco-friendly option. 

    Additionally, rear parking sensors come standard on higher trim levels, such as the Elite, Highlander, N Line, and N Line Premium variants. These sensors help drivers park with ease, even in tight spaces, by detecting obstacles behind the vehicle and providing an audible warning.

    The N Line and N Line Premium Variants

    For those looking for a sportier appearance, the Hyundai Kona N Line and N Line Premium variants are an excellent choice. These trims offer exclusive exterior features such as a unique front bumper, N Line badging, a rear diffuser, and twin exhaust pipes. 

    Furthermore, the N Line Premium variant comes with an optional two-tone Phantom Black roof, giving the Kona an even more eye-catching and dynamic appearance.

    Comfort and Convenience in the Hyundai Kona's Interior

    Spacious Seating and Rear Seats with Extra Space

    The Hyundai Kona doesn't compromise on comfort, offering spacious seating that ensures both the driver and passengers enjoy every ride. Front seats are crafted to provide ample support, and the driver's seat features available power adjustments to help find the perfect driving position. 

    The rear seats are equally impressive, offering extra space for passengers to stretch out. In addition, the 60/40 split rear seats fold down to provide extra cargo space when needed.

    Climate Control and Satellite Navigation

    The Kona is designed to make every journey comfortable and convenient with its advanced features. It's equipped with automatic climate control that maintains a set temperature within the cabin, providing year-round comfort. 

    Higher trim levels, such as the Elite, Highlander, N Line, and N Line Premium variants, come with a 10.25” touchscreen with satellite navigation. This feature ensures you'll never get lost, providing real-time traffic updates and clear, easy-to-follow directions. It's a feature that truly makes a difference, especially on long road trips or when you're exploring new areas.

    Smart Key and Wireless Smartphone Charging

    With the Kona, convenience is at your fingertips. The smart key system allows for keyless entry and push-button start, letting you get in and go without fumbling for keys. This feature is especially useful when your hands are full. 

    Moreover, the Kona keeps you connected on the go with its wireless smartphone charging feature, available on Elite, Highlander, N Line, and N Line Premium variants. Just place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the charging pad, and it'll charge up without the need for any cables. 

    This feature helps keep your device powered up during your travels, so you can stay connected and entertained on every journey.

    Performance and Capability of the Hyundai Kona

    Engine Options and All Wheel Drive (AWD)

    The Hyundai Kona provides a dynamic driving experience with a variety of engine options to choose from. The base model comes with a 2.0L MPI petrol engine, while the N Line and N Line Premium models feature a powerful 1.6L turbo GDI engine that delivers more power for a sportier drive. 

    The Kona also offers an All Wheel Drive (AWD) option, providing enhanced stability and improved handling, especially in challenging driving conditions.

    Fuel Economy and Electric Variants

    The Kona impresses with its fuel economy, making it a cost-effective choice for both city and highway driving. For those seeking an eco-friendly option, the Kona Electric offers a zero-emission driving experience without compromising on performance. 

    Its electric powertrain provides instant acceleration, and a single charge can deliver an impressive range, making it perfect for daily commutes and weekend getaways.

    The Kona N Line's Added Power

    The N Line and N Line Premium variants of the Kona take performance to another level with their 1.6L turbo GDI engine. These models offer a more dynamic drive with added power and torque, making them the choice for drivers seeking a sportier compact SUV.

    Advanced Safety Features of the Hyundai Kona

    Lane Keeping Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert

    The Hyundai Kona is equipped with an array of advanced safety features to keep you and your passengers safe. The Lane Keeping Assist helps keep the vehicle centred in its lane, while the Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns you of vehicles approaching from the side when reversing.

    Six Airbags and Cruise Control

    The Kona comes standard with six airbags - dual front, front side, and side curtain airbags - providing comprehensive protection for all occupants. The cruise control system adds convenience on long drives, allowing you to maintain a set speed without continuously pressing the accelerator.

    Automatic Emergency Braking

    One of the key safety features of the Kona is the Automatic Emergency Braking system. This system uses radar sensors to detect potential collisions and can apply the brakes automatically to prevent or minimise the impact of a collision. This feature adds an extra layer of safety, helping you drive with confidence in various road conditions.

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    The Hyundai Kona Electric: A Game Changer

    The Kona Electric Range

    The Hyundai Kona Electric is a game-changer in the world of compact SUVs. It combines the practicality and style of the Kona with the added benefits of an electric powertrain. The Kona Electric boasts an impressive driving range of 484 km on a single charge, ensuring you can tackle both short commutes and longer journeys with ease.

    The Electric Motor and Its Power

    Powered by a potent electric motor, the Kona Electric delivers instantaneous acceleration and excellent performance. With its generous torque, it provides a responsive and exhilarating driving experience. 

    The Kona Electric doesn't just impress in terms of performance, but it also stands out with its efficiency, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of electric driving without the high running costs.

    The Convenience of an Electric Car

    Owning a Kona Electric means saying goodbye to frequent petrol station visits. Charging the Kona Electric is as simple as plugging it into a charging station at home or at one of the many public charging stations available. 

    Plus, with its regenerative braking system, energy is recaptured during braking to help extend the driving range. All these features combined make the Kona Electric not just a great SUV, but also a convenient and sustainable choice.

    Ready to grip the steering wheel of your very own Kona?

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    People also ask

    What is the fuel efficiency of the Hyundai Kona?

    The Hyundai Kona delivers an impressive fuel efficiency, averaging between 6.2 to 7.6 L/100km for petrol models, while the electric variant offers up to 484 km of range.

    How many seats does the Hyundai Kona have?

    The Hyundai Kona is a compact SUV that comfortably seats up to five passengers, offering ample space and comfort for all occupants.

    What is the warranty period for the Hyundai Kona in Australia?

    The Hyundai Kona comes with a 5-year/unlimited kilometre warranty for private and domestic use. This offers peace of mind and protection against defects in workmanship or materials.

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