Kia Cerato Buyers Guide - Pricing, Specs & Technology

If you’re in the market for a new car with plenty of features, great value and an elegant design, then check out Kia Cerato! In this comprehensive overview, we’ll be looking into all its aspects - from different models to exterior & interior designs, advanced safety technologies, connectivity and infotainment options. Prices and maintenance. So get ready as your journey begins here for discovering everything about the Kia and Cerato sedan!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Kia Cerato models with powerful engines, stylish exteriors and a 7-year warranty program.
  • Enjoy the GT’s 1.6L Turbo 4 Cylinder engine, sporty styling & luxurious interior or the Sport’s 6/7 speed transmissions & modern infotainment systems.
  • With advanced safety features, wireless charging capabilities and competitive pricing against rivals, experience superior performance at an affordable price!

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    Exploring the Kia Cerato Models

    The range in their Cerato lineup includes both practical and sporty models - for those looking to make a statement, there’s the GT model which is powered by 1.6L Turbo 4 Cylinder engine delivering 150 kW of power along with its dynamic suspension system – while if comfort is what matters more than performance, opt for the feature packed Sport version instead.

    Kia Cerato GT

    The Kia Cerato GT is the perfect car for passionate drivers that desire a stylish and sporty vehicle. It comes with a powerful 1.6L Turbo 4 Cylinder engine delivering 150 kW of power and 265 Nm of torque, To its 7-speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). To enhance performance. It also has an advanced multi-link suspension system which provides great handling ability when cornering at speed. Michelin Pilot Sport tires mounted on 18” alloy wheels deliver improved grip as well.

    In terms of style, this model stands out from other vehicles with distinguished elements such as red accents within the cabin area together with leather seats contributing towards an overall stunning look for the exterior design plus interior appeal too - all sitting atop specially tuned sport suspension meaning you can drive this machine confidently knowing it’s responsive output will meet your expectations! The Kia Cerato GT really does have what every driver needs to take their driving experience up another level thanks to these fine details they’ve included!

    Kia Cerato Sport

    The Kia Cerato Sport provides an ideal mixture of power and ease, showcased by its modern design. Its athletic capabilities have earned it a 7.2 out 10 performance rating for the Sport+ model particularly – available with either 6-speed automatic or 7-speed DCT transmission to ensure optimal driving experience as well as offering a sleek contoured shape that exudes sophistication in every detail from the pointed front fascia to incorporating Kia’s new logo into the structure itself. To get the most use of your vehicle, look at product information provided within owners manual before utilizing such powerful machinery.

    Exterior and Interior Design

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    The exterior of the Kia Cerato bears a new badge, and has taken on an angular design with 16-inch steel wheels. LED lighting is used to create a modern appeal which comes complete with satin silver accents that add elegance to its look.

    Inside you will find an ultra-modern cabin featuring infotainment systems for optimal digital experiences while driving. Heated seats ensure comfort in any climate alongside power adjustable sports seats (available as part of the GT model). Overall, this creates a luxurious feeling for drivers and passengers alike.

    LED Headlights and Rear Combination Lamps

    The Kia Cerato model comes with a modern touch to the car’s lighting, offering LED headlights featuring DRLs (Daytime Running Lights). This guarantees not just increased visibility, but also improved clarity for better road safety, no matter what weather conditions. The rear combination lamps are powered by LED technology too and they greatly boost overall visibility from behind. To adding an extra level of style that Elevates its sophisticated look.

    Ultra-Modern Cabin

    The Kia Cerato offers a luxurious driving experience with its ultra-modern cabin design that is spacious and driver-focused. The large central touchscreen, crisp instruments, and the ability to access latest infotainment systems including Apple CarPlay & Android Auto provide convenience for all drivers. For Comfort features in the interior of this model include heated seats which make for optimal year round temperature control as well as the leather appointed seats and power adjustable sports seating exclusive within the GT version of this automobile. All aspects give off an elegant atmosphere providing pleasant vibes throughout for both passengers and drivers alike inside this stylish ride.

    Advanced Safety Technologies

    Advanced safety technologies for the security of its occupants are incorporated into Kia Cerato vehicles. The standard array of protective features is built to help you and your passengers get on the highway securely and comfortably, such as lane-departure warning system, Forward AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking), driver attention alert systems, plus a Lane Follow Assist. Together these programs contribute to making sure that everyone’s wellbeing while driving is guaranteed at all times with this vehicle model.

    Kia’s forward collision notification tech along with their rear occupant alerts give additional confidence when traveling - allowing drivers to be made aware ahead of time if any possible collisions might arise. Reminding them also not to forget anything from inside before leaving the car after parking it!

    The wide selection of active safety technology integrated within KIA and Cerato range of cars ensure stress free drives for its users wherever they may go.

    Forward Collision Warning System

    The forward collision warning system in the Kia Cerato aids drivers by providing warnings of potential collisions ahead through visual and audio notifications, along with steering wheel vibrations. Such cautionary measures have been found to be highly useful for preventing accidents due to giving the driver enough time to take necessary corrective actions before it’s too late. By effectively alerting both the driver and other road users, this vital safety measure allows for a smoother journey overall.

    Rear Occupant Alert and Keyless Entry

    Kia Cerato’s safety pack includes a rear occupant alert system, equipped with ultrasonic sensors that detect any movement in the back seats and generate three alerts to help prevent leaving children or pets behind unintentionally. There are also the rear doors for extra security when it comes to child protection. Meanwhile, its keyless entry allows drivers greater convenience as they can lock/unlock their vehicle by pressing buttons on the remote instead of needing physical keys. While rear cross traffic alert and autonomous emergency braking give them more confidence during driving experience.

    Connectivity and Infotainment

    The Kia Cerato is designed to provide an enhanced driving experience with its array of infotainment and connectivity options. These features include an 8.0-inch touchscreen system, both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that can be used wirelessly, as well as a six speaker audio setup. Some models come equipped with the larger 10.25-inch screen for added immersion into the entertainment offering within the car’s cabin space.

    Drivers also benefit from convenient wireless phone charging in their cars thanks to Qi compatible pads installed next to the central console area which eliminates using cables or wires whilst USB -C ports deliver improved speeds when transferring data between your devices and vehicle’s infotainment unit improving performance in this respect too.

    Wireless Phone Charging and USB-C Ports

    The Kia Cerato’s wireless phone charging feature offers an array of benefits including convenience, safety and compatibility. Place your Qi-compatible device on the center console pad for a seamless charge without wires getting in the way, all while keeping you focused when driving. Plus, with efficient energy transfer from charger to compatible smartphones that are always charged at hand, users don’t have to plug anything in!

    USB-C ports fitted into the new car model provide drivers with faster digital device charging speeds as well as higher data transfer rates which can come together through its symmetrical connection regardless of whatever gadget may be used by passengers or drivers alike, Suiting modern user needs effortlessly. This makes sure those who want plenty of connectivity options get what they seek out right away, any time!


    When considering the purchase of a Kia Cerato, you need to be mindful about the costs for various models and trims. The GT variant can go from $36,990 up to $37,840 while its Sport variant has a price tag that begins at $26,290 and goes as far as $36,090. As for the base model, it is available starting with an on-road cost set at just over $25,000, or offered in drive away mode costing around $27,000. It should also be taken into account that some optional extras such as exclusive paints or safety packages might increase your final total. For more details regarding pricing, inquire either through their website’s service menu option or ask any authorised dealership near you. This way will help make sure your budget matches what best suits your needs when making the decision about purchasing Kia’s Cerato range car.

    Maintenance and Ownership

    When owning a Kia Cerato, there are several factors to consider. Fuel efficiency is one of them – ranging from 6.8L/100km up to 7.6L/100km according to the manufacturer’s specifications, it offers good value for money when it comes to fuel consumption rates compared with similar cars in its range and class category. The car has an impressive 1200kg max load capacity too, ideal if you need something that can pull light loads without putting strain on other aspects of the vehicle or engine power output levels during acceleration and higher speed journeys.

    Maintaining your KiaCerato regularly should not be overlooked either. Carrying out services such as oil changes every 12 months or 15000 kilometres (whichever occurs first), tire rotations safety checks alongside replacing necessary parts like air filters all combine to give reliability guarantee over long-term ownership performance expectations, allowing any driver peace of mind whilst motoring around town!

    Fuel Economy and Towing Capacity

    The Kia Cerato is a great choice for those looking to drive an efficient and capable car. Boasting estimated fuel consumption starting from 7.4L/100km in its latest version, it provides competitive efficiency when compared with other cars of the same class. The 1100kg braked tow capacity allows you to pull light loads without difficulty or worry – something that not all vehicles can provide at such levels of frugality! All things considered, if you are after an excellent combination between performance and the fuel economy, then look no further than this model from Kia’s lineup.

    Comparing the Kia Cerato to Rivals

    The Kia Cerato Hatch offers a great value for consumers looking for reliable and comprehensive performance features. The vehicle boasts more interior space than its rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf, Holden Astra, Ford Focus, Hyundai i30 or Mazda 3 making it stand out from them all. It also provides advanced safety measures along with user-friendly technologies to Bolster its appeal compared to vehicles like the Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic which are capable of delivering superior performance levels but lack in terms of interior size and specifications offered by the kia Cerato gt. Hatchback.

    On top of these advantages comes an extensive warranty package that assures customers that their investment is safeguarded at no extra cost whilst costing less overall when comparing this car against others within the same class – indeed a winning combination! As such, it is certainly worth considering if one requires both affordability yet quality assurance in purchase decision - fittingly shaping up why the Kia Cerato hatch stands apart from its competitors.


    The Kia Cerato offers an unbeatable combination of performance, amenities and affordability that makes it a smart choice for vehicle shoppers. The GT model is sure to please with its sporty look while the Sport trim provides generous equipment levels. Meanwhile, exterior & interior styling are modern and features like advanced safety technologies make this car particularly attractive as well as convenient connectivity options. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of all these qualities in one great package, experience the power and sophistication of the Kia Cerato!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Kia Cerato bigger than Hyundai i30?

    The Kia Cerato is slightly larger than the Hyundai i30 and provides more utility for those seeking additional space. It has a bigger boot with enhanced split rear seats which create an even flat surface when folded, unlike that of the latter’s model. These features give it an advantage over its counterpart, making it optimal for people who require extra room.

    Is the Kia Cerato being discontinued?

    Kia Australia has confirmed that the popular kia Cerato top range will remain on sale, with a facelift due later this year and an all-new generation set to arrive in the next two years.

    The Rio nameplate will not continue locally, however its SUV sibling, the Stonic, will remain on sale.

    What is the difference between the Kia Cerato GT and Sport models?

    The Kia Cerato GT offers boosted performance with its 1.6L Turbo 4 Cylinder engine and specifically calibrated suspension for an athletic feel, while the kia cerato Sport+ model is created to provide maximum convenience due to its stylish look and utilitarian characteristics.

    What safety features does the Kia Cerato offer?

    The Kia Cerato boasts a range of safety features to provide you with maximum security while on the road, including lane-departure warning, forward-AEB for automatic emergency braking and driver attention alerts which can monitor your state behind the wheel. An optional advanced package may be selected that also includes a forward collision warning system and a rear occupant alert system.

    Does the Kia Cerato have wireless phone charging and USB-C ports?

    The Kia Cerato offers convenient wireless phone charging, as well as USB-C ports which provide improved power transfer and data speeds.

    What is the Kia Cerato towing capacity?

    The Kia Cerato is designed with a robust towing capacity that can handle loads weighing up to 1100kg. This impressive towing capacity makes it an excellent choice for small to medium towing needs such as hauling recreational equipment, small trailers, or lightweight caravans. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or need to move some bulky items, the Kia Cerato has got you covered!

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