2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan Review - Luxury Off-Road Excellence

The 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan is a luxurious off-road vehicle designed for all-terrain adventures. With its rugged construction and unwavering commitment to design, the Trooper offers unrivaled luxury and off-road performance. Whether you're exploring the outback or tackling rough terrain, the Lotus Trooper Caravan is ready-built to provide an exceptional off-road experience.

The Trooper features a galvanised chassis and a Cruisemaster ATX suspension system, ensuring excellent stability and durability. Its fusion of comfort and convenience features, such as the Dometic dust reduction system and redarc lithium batteries, elevates the camping experience. Available in a range of floorplans and sizes, from 19ft to 22ft, the Trooper provides ample space for all your needs.

For those seeking off-road accessories, the Trooper offers jerry can holders, an awning, and alloy checker plate protection. It is equipped with a wide range of features, including a shower cubicle, solar power capabilities, and a hybrid frame. The Trooper is designed to be easily towed by a suitable off-road vehicle, making it the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.

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    Experience the meticulously designed 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan and discover the blend of luxury and off-road excellence it offers. Whether you're in Queensland or New South Wales, this ready-built caravan is your ticket to unforgettable adventures.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan is a luxury off-road vehicle designed for all-terrain adventures.
    • It features a galvanised chassis and a Cruisemaster ATX suspension system for excellent stability and durability.
    • The Trooper offers a fusion of comfort and convenience features, such as the Dometic dust reduction system and redarc lithium batteries.
    • With a range of floorplans and s es, from 19ft to 22ft, the Trooper provides ample space for all your needs.
    • Equipped with off-road accessories like jerry can holders and an awning, the Trooper is ready to tackle any adventure.

    Features and Design

    The Lotus Trooper Caravan is meticulously designed to offer exceptional features and a stylish design that sets it apart from the competition. Whether you're planning an off-road adventure or seeking a luxurious getaway, the Trooper has everything you need to make your trip unforgettable.

    Unparalleled Off-Road Capabilities

    The Trooper's robust chassis and Cruisemaster ATX suspension system provide exceptional durability and stability, allowing you to conquer any terrain with confidence. The galvanised chassis ensures long-lasting performance, while the suspension system absorbs shocks, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride on uneven surfaces.

    Functional and Luxurious Interior

    Step inside the Trooper, and you'll find a thoughtfully designed interior that combines functionality and luxury. The fusion of high-quality components such as Dometic appliances, reading lights, and overhead lockers creates an inviting and comfortable living space. The coordinated interlocking cabinetry not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also maximises storage efficiency, allowing you to keep your belongings neatly organised on your travels.

    Convenience at Your Fingertips

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    The Trooper is equipped with a range of convenient features to enhance your camping experience. With features like jerry can holders, an awning, and a 12-volt tyre pressure monitoring system, you can rest assured that you'll have everything you need for your outdoor adventures. Plus, the Trooper comes with a spacious shower cubicle, ensuring you can freshen up and unwind after a day of exploring.

    Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

    Embrace sustainable living with the Trooper's solar power capabilities. The caravan comes equipped with solar panels, allowing you to harness the sun's power and reduce your carbon footprint. Additionally, the Trooper is fitted with lithium batteries, providing reliable and efficient power for all your electrical needs while on the road.

    Stylish and Durable Exterior

    The Trooper's sleek matte black design and alloy checkerplate protection combine style and practicality. Not only does the Trooper look stunning on the road, but it also offers exceptional durability, ensuring that your caravan can withstand the challenges of off-road adventures.

    With its unwavering commitment to design and functionality, the Lotus Trooper Caravan redefines off-road travel. Experience the luxury, convenience, and durability of the Trooper for yourself.

    Off-Road Performance

    The Lotus Trooper Caravan is specifically designed to deliver exceptional off-road performance, making it the ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. With its impressive features and capabilities, the Trooper can handle tough off-road conditions with ease.

    • The Trooper is equipped with a Cruisemaster ATX suspension system, which ensures a smooth and stable ride even on challenging terrains.
    • It also comes with solar power capabilities, allowing you to enjoy self-sufficiency on your extended journeys, without worrying about running out of power.
    • The Trooper's matte black bumper bar and alloy checker plate protection not only add to its rugged appearance but also provide enhanced durability, safeguarding the caravan against potential damage.
    • With its lithium batteries, the Trooper offers a reliable power source, ensuring that you have ample power for your appliances and devices throughout your trip.
    • The hybrid frame of the Trooper is one of the strongest and most robust frames on the market, providing exceptional structural integrity and durability.
    • Thanks to its high ground clearance and 12-inch electric brakes, the Trooper can confidently tackle even the roughest terrains, offering you peace of mind and a safe driving experience.
    • The Trooper is also designed to be easily towed by a suitable off-road vehicle, ensuring a hassle-free journey to your desired destination.

    Experience the superior off-road performance of the Lotus Trooper Caravan and enjoy exploring the great outdoors like never before.

    Interior Comfort and Convenience

    The interior of the Lotus Trooper Caravan is designed to provide ultimate comfort and convenience for your off-road adventures. Whether you're traveling through the rugged outback or exploring remote locations, the Trooper ensures a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


    • The Trooper features a 12-volt electrical system, allowing you to power various appliances and devices, ensuring your comfort and convenience.
    • With the Fusion entertainment system, you can enjoy your favorite music and movies while on the road.
    • Reading lights are strategically placed throughout the caravan, providing illumination for nighttime reading or any other activities.


    • Ample storage space is provided by overhead lockers and coordinated interlocking cabinetry, allowing you to efficiently organise your belongings.
    • Choose from a range of floor plans to suit your specific needs and preferences, ensuring the perfect layout for your lifestyle.
    • The security door offers peace of mind, keeping your belongings safe and providing an extra layer of protection.
    • The Fusion radio allows you to stay connected and listen to your favorite stations while on the road.
    • The cassette toilet provides a convenient bathroom solution, ensuring you have all the necessary facilities during your travels.

    The nearside layout of the Trooper ensures easy access to essential amenities, making it a functional and comfortable living space for you and your travel companions. Whether you're lounging in the cozy interior or enjoying the breathtaking views from inside the caravan, the Lotus Trooper Caravan provides exceptional interior comfort and convenience for unforgettable off-road adventures.


    The Lotus Trooper Caravan is the pinnacle of off-road luxury and comfort, designed to enhance your outdoor adventures. Built with rugged durability and precision craftsmanship, Lotus Caravans has created a ready-built masterpiece that exceeds all expectations. Whether you're exploring the rugged landscapes of Queensland or embarking on a road trip through New South Wales, the Lotus Trooper Caravan is your reliable companion.

    With its sleek alloy wheels, the Trooper effortlessly conquers any terrain, providing exceptional traction and stability. The gas cylinders and abundant storage options ensure that you have everything you need for extended off-grid living. Equipped with a powerful 100Ah battery and a 240V power system, you can enjoy all the modern conveniences wherever your journey takes you - from the functional benchtop to the comfortable bedhead with a vanity cabinet.

    The Lotus Trooper Caravan is designed to make your outdoor experiences unforgettable. Its spacious and meticulously designed interior offers a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day of exploring. The Trooper's rugged construction and attention to detail create an unrivaled off-road caravan that is ready for any adventure.

    Experience the ultimate off-road excellence with the new Lotus Caravans Trooper. Immerse yourself in luxury and discover the freedom of exploring the great outdoors in style. Get ready to embark on your next adventure with the Lotus Trooper Caravan - your gateway to unforgettable experiences.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the key features of the 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan?

    The 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan boasts luxury off-road excellence with features such as top-notch chassis design, spacious floorplans, and impressive ground clearance for tackling rough terrains.

    How does the trooper caravan differ from other Lotus caravans?

    The trooper caravan stands out for its rugged off-road capabilities, making it ideal for adventurers seeking a luxurious yet durable caravan experience.

    What is the unique design of the Lotus Trooper's chassis?

    The Lotus Trooper features a robust chassis specially designed to withstand challenging off-road conditions, providing a stable foundation for your adventures.

    Can you customise the floor plans of the 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan?

    Yes, the 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan offers customisable floor plans to suit your specific needs and preferences for a personalised camping experience.

    How is the ground clearance of the Lotus Trooper Caravan beneficial for off-road travel?

    The impressive ground clearance of the Lotus Trooper Caravan allows you to navigate uneven terrains with ease, ensuring a smooth off-road adventure without worrying about obstacles.

    What type of axle does the Lotus Trooper Caravan feature?

    The Lotus Trooper Caravan is equipped with a heavy-duty axle designed to provide stability and durability during off-road journeys, enhancing your overall towing experience.

    What are some of the interior amenities of the 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan?

    The 2023 Lotus Trooper Caravan offers luxurious features such as bunk beds, timber finishes, a modern cooktop, and a spacious drainer, ensuring comfortable living on the road.

    How does the Trooper Caravan's water storage capacity compare to other RVs?

    The Trooper Caravan boasts ample litres of water storage capacity, ensuring you have enough water for your journey without the need for frequent refills.

    Is the Lotus Trooper Caravan compatible with a Toyota LandCruiser for towing?

    Yes, the Lotus Trooper Caravan is designed to be towed by vehicles like the Toyota LandCruiser, making it a versatile and practical choice for off-road enthusiasts.

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