Explore the Latest MG ZS: Review, Interior, Price and More in 2023

For the practical and budget-friendly family SUV, consider the MG ZS. It provides an enjoyable ride with its plush seating including fabric upholstery and a 10.1” colour touchscreen, without sacrificing comfort or convenience!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore the MG ZS, a small family SUV with features and performance to suit individual needs.
  • Enjoy impressive exterior styling, interior comfort & style, advanced infotainment system & boot space for cargo/passengers.
  • The MG ZS offers competitive pricing and reliable protection on the road alongside its rivals in terms of affordability.

Discover the MG ZS: Features and Performance

If you’re looking for an economical, small family SUV that offers both generous interior space and utility value, the MG ZS series has two options – MG ZS Excite or EV, to choose from. With such a variety of features on offer through this brand’s range including the larger HS variant SUVs , customers can visit their local dealership and discover which is best suited to them personally. The combination of function with its economy makes MG ZS stands out among other brands Making it worth considering when browsing around for an excellent all-round vehicle experience.

MG ZS Excite

The first of the MG ZS makes is the MG ZS Excite MY23 is an ideal option for those who are searching for a practical and stylish SUV. Featuring a turbocharged 1.0L petrol engine, it provides excellent performance as well as delivering improved driving comfort in urban areas even when facing congested traffic conditions. With its initial cost of $23,990, the car grants drivers with great value too!

Inside this trim level, you will find easy-to-read dials on black background along with digital information display at the center which can all be conveniently accessed via your steering wheel that also controls cruise control settings to elevate your journey experiences further. As such making it really desirable among consumers looking into buying an MG or ZS model SUVs .


The MG ZS EV is an environmentally-friendly choice for those looking to go electric with their vehicle. This modern take on the classic MG ZS comes with battery and motor technology that offers a range of up to 263 miles per charge, making it one of the most capable EVs available today. Plus, its 0-62 mph acceleration time takes only 8.5 seconds while reaching speeds as high as 87 mph - all this at a starting price point under £25K!

Eco benefits come in hand with regenerative braking included. Allowing you save energy whenever needed plus reducing emissions when driving around town or longer trips alike – giving more than enough reasons why investing into an MG ZS EV could be worth your while!

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    MG ZS Dimensions and Design

    The SUV silhouette of the MG ZS stands out due to its sleek styling and sweeping design, which enhances its agile looks. It has generous measurements - 4314mm in length, 1809mm in width and 1644mm in height – providing plentiful room for both passengers and luggage making it a preferred choice within the zs range.

    The excellent value-for-money cabin ensures that all who use this MG ZS will have an enjoyable journey no matter where they go.

    Exterior Styling

    The MG ZS is sure to turn heads when you’re out on the road, as its sleek and stylish exterior brings an extra sense of elegance. Enhancing this look are body kit accents for a sporty finish and tailgate trim molding that completes its modern design.

    You can find the perfect fit with plenty of mg zs colours available in black, white, silver or red so your car reflects your individual style!

    Interior Comfort and Style

    The MG ZS provides remarkable cabin quality and comfort in a cost-efficient package. While there are some plastic materials that can be found to be not so pleasant to the touch, they only appear on areas which people would normally rarely come into contact with.

    This car includes small door bins at the back seat as well two pockets for storage within easy reach of passengers situated in front seats – making sure items remain accessible during trips even when sitting inside an MG ZS vehicle.

    Technology and Infotainment

    The MG ZS comes with a 10.1-inch color touchscreen, which allows you to easily enjoy the benefits of Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The exclusive model also features integrated sat nav for easy navigation as well LED DRL headlights and automatic headlight activation for added convenience while driving. It is equipped with 3D audio sound technology along side a rear-view camera to give your car an enhanced range of tech amenities when out on the roads in this vehicle!

    Get your lowest rate from 30+ lenders
    Get your lowest rate from 30+ lenders

    Practicality and Space

    The MG ZS is known for providing premium comfort and plenty of space to passengers, plus an extremely spacious 448-liter boot. This impressive boot capacity allows you to fit in luggage or your shopping with ease when taking the car out on daily errands. Ensuring that there’s always enough room and storage available, this vehicle proves itself as a worthy option time after time!

    Rear Seats

    The rear of the MG ZS is loaded with features to ensure passengers have a comfortable journey. There’s plenty of space for occupants and ISOFIX mounts on the two outer chairs that provide an extra layer of security when travelling with little ones in tow.

    Roomy leg, head and shoulder area ensures guests can enjoy relaxing rides no matter how long they travel for too.

    MG ZS Boot Space and Storage

    The MG ZS boasts an impressive boot space of 448-liters, perfect for storing your gear as you travel or go on a weekend getaway. With its adjustable floor and split 60:40 rear bench, the interior storage is highly versatile to make sure there’s always enough room for larger items when necessary. Plus it has great towing capacity too - so no matter what kind of job you need done with the MG ZS, this vehicle will have all that extra space ready at hand!

    MG ZS Towing Capacity

    When it comes to towing capacity, the MG ZS doesn't disappoint. This compact SUV offers a maximum towing weight of 500kg for unbraked trailers, making it an ideal choice for hauling small trailers or light caravans. For braked trailers, the towing capacity increases significantly, allowing you to tow heavier loads with ease.

    It's important to note that the actual towing capacity can vary depending on the engine and transmission type of the specific MG ZS model you own. Always refer to your vehicle's owner manual for the exact specifications. Regardless, the MG ZS's robust build and powerful engine options ensure it's more than capable of handling most towing needs for a vehicle of its size.

    Pricing and Affordability

    The MG ZS is a compelling choice for budget-conscious buyers, with starting prices around AUD $25,490. When stacked against comparable vehicles such as the Nissan Qashqai and Skoda Karoq, The MG ZS cost presents itself as significantly lower, saving buyers thousands instead of mere hundreds.

    This small family car SUV still holds its own when considering value for money. Various trim levels and options can Affect pricing but customers will remain satisfied by the low cost associated with a quality vehicle like this one from MG.

    Safety and Reliability

    The MG ZS attains an ANCAP safety rating of 4 stars, offering protection to those inside the car. Rear parking sensors come standard while Exclusive trimming includes a rear cross traffic alert system that provides additional assurance and peace of mind. In order to ensure longevity and reliability from ownership, there is a 7-year/80 000 mile warranty supplied with the vehicle as well. The cost for servicing this 1.5 litre automatic model ranges between $243 - 343 per annum. Proving the overall mg zs price tag favourable To other cars available on today’s market

    Comparing the MG ZS to Its Rivals

    The MG ZS is an attractive proposition for those shopping around in the small family SUV market, as it offers a practical and cost-effective solution. It may be priced competitively against its competitors like the Renault Captur, Seat Arona and Citroen C3 Aircross but still manages to deliver on style and performance, making it an ideal choice for buyers wanting value without compromising quality. This vehicle provides many features similar to that of higher models at a fraction of their price!

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    The MG ZS range offers an outstanding mix of affordability, practicality and amenities, all within one attractive vehicle. It features a modern design aesthetic complemented by comfortable seating plus high-tech gadgetry. For those shopping for the perfect family SUV without breaking their budget, this car is well worth considering. From its competitive pricing to its efficient performance capabilities, the MG ZS ticks all the boxes at such great value that it’s hard to look past when searching for your next ride!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the problem of MG ZS?

    The MG ZS has been noted for some engine difficulties such as a decrease in power, odd sounds and recurrent misfires. All these indicators could potentially indicate several different root issues with the motor.

    Is the MG ZS a reliable car?

    The MG ZS, a family SUV car type, has earned positive marks in the 2022 What Car? Reliability Survey. With this model helping to position MG as ninth out of 32 manufacturers. Consequently, it can be concluded that this vehicle is dependable and reliable.

    How much is an MG ZS worth?

    The MG ZS is an attractive option at a competitive starting price of £15,995. Depending on the specs chosen, it can reach up to around £24,000, still making this vehicle relatively affordable for its high quality build and features.

    Who makes MG SUV?

    MG, a British company owned by SAIC Motor of China, manufactures small to mid-sized vehicles such as the MG ZS crossover SUV. These cars are highly popular in today’s market and continue to be an important brand for drivers worldwide.

    What engine options are available for the MG ZS?

    The MG ZS has two engine types at its disposal, the 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol and a larger capacity of 1.5 litres. Both offering drivers an abundance of power to choose from for their driving experience.

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