New Age Gecko Caravan: Your Comprehensive Buying Guide

The New Age Gecko caravan is the ultimate choice for adventurous souls seeking a blend of luxury and practicality. Designed with a lightweight and compact frame, this caravan is perfect for exploring all that Australia has to offer. Whether you're embarking on a road trip or a family holiday, the New Age Gecko is equipped with everything you need to experience comfort and convenience on the go.

Featuring a spacious and well-thought-out interior, the New Age Gecko offers a range of luxurious amenities. Step inside and discover a fully equipped kitchenette, allowing you to prepare delicious meals no matter where you are. The generous dining area provides ample space for family meals or entertaining guests.

When it comes to relaxation, the New Age Gecko does not disappoint. With a comfortable queen bed, you can rest easy after a day of adventure. For added convenience, the caravan includes a separate shower and toilet, ensuring you always have access to essential facilities. The ample storage space, including cupboards for personal belongings and a 3-way fridge to keep your food and beverages fresh, makes the New Age Gecko a true home away from home.

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    The design and construction of the New Age Gecko caravan are second to none. Built on a sturdy chassis, this caravan provides stability and durability on the road. It features a tunnel boot and overhead cupboards, offering plenty of storage space for all your travel essentials. Maneuverability is a breeze with the jockey wheel, and the solid sliding door provides privacy and convenience.

    For those looking to embrace off-grid adventures, the New Age Gecko comes with a solar panel to power your devices and a spacious awning for outdoor shade and relaxation. You can truly enjoy the great outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of home.

    Key Takeaways:

    • The New Age Gecko caravan offers a perfect blend of luxury and practicality.
    • Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to tow and maneuver.
    • Equipped with a fully equipped kitchenette and spacious dining area.
    • Includes a comfortable queen bed and separate shower and toilet facilities.
    • Ample storage space and a 3-way fridge provide convenience on the go.

    Features and Amenities of the New Age Gecko Caravan

    The New Age Gecko caravan range offers a variety of models, each packed with an array of exceptional features and amenities. Whether you're a passionate adventurer or a family seeking a comfortable travel experience, the Gecko has something for everyone. Let's explore some of its standout features:


    • A separate shower, toilet, and vanity provide privacy and convenience.

    Water Tank:

    • An onboard water tank ensures a reliable water supply during your travels.

    Luxury Design:

    • The Gecko is designed with luxury in mind, offering a fully equipped kitchenette for all your cooking needs.
    • Featuring a 3-way fridge, it keeps your food and beverages fresh while on the move.
    • Enjoy a spacious dining area that accommodates your family or guests comfortably.
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    Solar Panel:

    • The Gecko comes with a solar panel, delivering off-grid power for a sustainable and eco-friendly camping experience.


    • An awning provides outdoor shade and a cozy space to relax while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

    With the New Age Gecko caravan, you can embark on your Australian adventures knowing that luxury and comfort are always at your fingertips.

    Design and Construction of the New Age Gecko Caravan

    The New Age Gecko caravan is built on a sturdy chassis, ensuring stability and durability on the road. Despite its lightweight and compact design, the Gecko offers ample storage space for all your travel essentials. It features a conveniently located tunnel boot, perfect for storing larger items, while overhead cupboards provide easy access to smaller belongings.

    The Gecko is designed with maneuverability in mind, equipped with a jockey wheel that allows for effortless navigation and positioning. Additionally, the caravan features a solid sliding door, providing both privacy and convenience during your travels.

    The exterior construction of the Gecko is made with high-quality checker plate cladding, offering enhanced protection from the elements. This durable material ensures that your caravan remains in optimal condition, withstanding the rigors of the road and keeping your belongings safe.

    Comfort and Livability in the New Age Gecko Caravan

    The New Age Gecko caravan is your ultimate companion for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience. Its spacious layout offers a sense of freedom, providing ample room for relaxation and unwinding after a day of adventure.

    One of the key highlights of the New Age Gecko is its thoughtfully designed dining area. You can gather with your loved ones and share delicious meals, creating cherished memories along the way. The dining area provides the perfect space to enjoy a home-cooked meal or engage in lively conversations with your fellow travelers.

    When it's time to rest, the queen-sized bed in the New Age Gecko ensures a good night's sleep. The plush mattress and cozy surroundings guarantee maximum comfort, so you wake up refreshed and ready for the next day's adventures.

    Storage is never an issue in the New Age Gecko caravan. With strategically placed cupboards, you can easily keep your personal belongings organised and within reach. From clothing to travel essentials, everything has its dedicated space, enhancing the overall convenience and livability of the caravan.

    For your culinary needs, the New Age Gecko is equipped with a 3-way fridge. This ensures your food and beverages stay fresh and chilled throughout your journey. You can stock up on your favorite treats and cook up delicious meals on the go, adding an element of convenience and independence to your travels.

    The New Age Gecko caravan provides the luxury of having a separate shower and toilet onboard. You no longer have to rely on shared facilities or hunt for public restrooms during your adventures. The convenience of having your own private shower and toilet allows you to freshen up and maintain your hygiene with ease wherever you go.

    Embark on your next adventure with the New Age Gecko caravan, where spaciousness, comfort, and convenience come together seamlessly. Experience the joy of traveling in style and create lasting memories with your loved ones.


    In conclusion, the New Age Gecko caravan is the perfect choice for families seeking a reliable and comfortable travel experience. With its easy-to-tow design and luxurious features, this family van ensures an enjoyable adventure on the road. Whether you're exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Australia's great outdoors or embarking on a memorable family holiday, the New Age Gecko caravan provides all the amenities and comforts necessary for an unforgettable trip.

    Designed with the utmost attention to detail, the Gecko caravan offers a range of luxuries that will make your journey truly remarkable. From its spacious and comfortable interior to its fully equipped kitchenette and modern bathroom facilities, this reliable and dependable caravan will add a touch of comfort and convenience to your adventure.

    Investing in a New Age Gecko caravan guarantees a memorable experience packed with excitement and enjoyment. Say goodbye to cramped accommodations and welcome a spacious and comfortable travel companion that caters to all your needs. Embrace the freedom to explore the beauty of the Australian landscapes with the reliability and comfort that the New Age Gecko caravan has to offer. Begin your ultimate family adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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    Driva offers competitive financing options to help you purchase your next vehicle, including new age caravans such as the Gecko 12ft and 16ft. The Gecko models are compact and versatile, featuring a fold out bed and all the luxuries you would expect from a full-sized caravan. With features like a pop top, anderson plug, 240v and 12v systems, checkerplate exterior, and a 3 way fridge, the Gecko makes for an ideal travel companion to explore Aussie landscapes. In addition, Driva ensures a transparent financing process with personalised rates from over 30 lenders, allowing you to get the best rate without any hidden fees.

    When you finance your next vehicle purchase through Driva, you can choose from a selection of versatile ranges, such as the Gecko series with options like the Gecko 12ft and 16ft.  Driva ensures a transparent financing process with personalised rates from over 30 lenders, so you can confidently invest in your next adventure.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes the New Age Gecko Caravan unique?

    The Gecko is one of our most versatile campers, featuring a foldout bed and all the luxuries you would expect from a full-sized caravan.

    What are the key features of the New Age Gecko Caravan?

    The Gecko includes a fold-out queen size bed, plenty of cupboard space, a gas bayonet, a grey water tank, and a reading light, among other features.

    Does the New Age Gecko Caravan have a pop top roof?

    Yes, the Gecko is equipped with a pop top roof, allowing for extra headroom and ventilation when needed.

    How many people can the New Age Gecko Caravan accommodate?

    The Gecko can comfortably accommodate 2 adults and 2 children, making it a great option for small families.

    What is the weight of the New Age Gecko Caravan?

    The Gecko has a weight of 4.5kg and is designed to be lightweight and easy to tow behind a variety of vehicles.

    Does the New Age Gecko Caravan come with a full kitchen?

    Yes, the Gecko features a sink with adjustable hose, ample cupboard space, and a gas bayonet for cooking convenience.

    Is the New Age Gecko Caravan suitable for off-road travel?

    The Gecko is equipped with features like an extended A-frame, Alko Enduro Outback suspension, and black checker plate front for off-road adventures.

    Can the New Age Gecko Caravan be set up and packed easily?

    Yes, the Gecko is designed for easy setup and packing, making it convenient for travel and camping trips.

    Where can I purchase the New Age Gecko Caravan?

    The New Age Gecko Caravan is available for purchase at authorised dealers in Melbourne and other locations in Australia.

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