Driva broadens its offering adding two new lenders to its panel

Fundamental to Driva's value proposition is our ability to quickly find you personalised rates from multiple lenders, tailored to your unique circumstances.

With two new lenders on our panel, Liberty Financial and MoneyPlace, you’re now even more likely to find a great finance option than ever before!

Let’s take  a look at these two new lenders to find out why we’re so excited.


Liberty is one of Australia’s largest non-bank lenders offering mortgages, commercial loans, personal loans and of course, car loans.

Liberty offers secured rates to a broad range of customer types, from those wanting a brand new car for business use to someone whose vehicle will be up to 20 years old at the end of the loan term


MoneyPlace offers unsecured personal loans for almost anything, including cars. They are 100% online, and tailor their interest rates to customers depending on their credit score (so you’ll be rewarded for a good credit history). A speedy application process and no early payout fees make them a good option for a smaller loan on an older vehicle. But keep in mind the loan is unsecured, and if you’re buying a new car you may get a better rate from a lender that offers a secured loan.

If you want to find your best rate from MoneyPlace, Liberty or any of the other lenders on our large panel use our free loan matching tool.

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