Volvo XC40 Review - The Current King of Volvo Cars

Throughout the years, Volvo has come out with some much loved cars. One car taking the Australian market by storm is the XC40. It already looks like it’ll be a Volvo classic in a few years.

This car has a great reputation, and once we’re through with our Volvo XC40 Review, you’ll understand why this is the current king of Volvo cars!


  • Dimensions (H x L x W): 1652 mm x 4440 mm x 1910 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2702mm
  • Weight: 1735kg
  • Doors: 4 doors
  • Seats: 5 seats
  • Engine Model: Turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder
  • Max Power: 408bhp
  • Max Torque: 660Nm

Volvo XC40 pricing based on model range/variants

  • Volvo XC40 Plus B4: $53,490
  • Volvo XC40 Ultimate B4 Bright: $60,490
  • Volvo XC40 Ultimate B5 Dark: $64,990
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric: $73,990
  • Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin Pure Electric: $81,490

What we like about the Volvo XC40

Let’s take an overview of what we like about the Volvo XC40 before taking a deeper look at each point:

  • You’ve got the choice between a standard ICE or EV model.
  • The performance in the EV model is impressive for an electric SUV weighing 2,185kgs. 
  • The base model powertrains pack a punch.
  • The XC40 is has excellent fuel consumption and efficiency.
  • The XC40 is stylish and has a great interior.
  • Massive range of colour options available.

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    ICE/EV Option

    Whether you still long for the power and reliability of petrol models or if you’re ready to experience what a plug-in hybrid model could bring to the table, this SUV will not disappoint. There are several engine options, including a full ICE version, a mild hybrid, and a full EV model. 

    That means no matter your preferences, you’re getting a stellar car with all the elements that make it amazing, all tuned to your preference. The Recharge Pure Electric SUV model is just as amazing as the full internal combustion engine model.


    The XC40 puts up impressive data when it comes to the vehicle's performance. The XC40 can achieve a top speed of 112mph, with an acceleration of 0 - 62mph in 4.9 seconds.

    Although not blindingly fast (we suggest you check out our sports car reviews if you have a need for speed!), the performance of these models is excellent, particularly compared to the XC40’s competition in this price bracket. The XC40’s three powertrains - from the B3 to B5 - are all exceptional when it comes to fuel consumption.


    The interior of the XC40 has been upgraded, and it’s looking amazing. The car inside is sleek and stylish, with quality materials used for almost every aspect of the cabin.

    The design is minimalistic, and while some might find it too tame, many will enjoy its simplicity. On the driver's side, there’s a 12-inch driver information system, while the centre display is a 9-inch touchscreen media/infotainment centre. With this, you can access things like all the Google features, media players and panoramic sunroof to keep the whole family happy. 

    It’s comfortable, spacious and well equipped, having everything you could need in an SUV.


    The XC40s exterior is relatively standard for an SUV. All the Volvo models in this line have the same exterior. It’s sturdy, made using quality materials, and has a minimalist style to it. Paying homage to other models that came before them, the front and rear of this SUV range are still quite box like, with straight lines and precise corners - these beauties were made to cruise seamlessly at lower speeds. 

    You’ve got options when it comes to the wheels, which are between 18” 5-Spoke Silver, 18” 5-Spoke Black Diamond, and 19” 5-Y Spoke Matt Graphite Diamond cut. You can also add a glass panoramic sunroof to further enhance the exterior.

    Colour Options

    With the XC40, you’re given several variants when it comes to the colour of the car:

    • Bright Dusk.
    • Silver Dawn.
    • Black Stone.
    • Onyx Black.
    • Crystal White.
    • Thunder Gray.
    • Fusion Red.
    • Fjord Blue.
    • Sage Green.

    What we don’t like about the Volvo XC40

    Nothing is perfect and the XC40 is no exception. Let’s take a quick look at these cons before we do deep dive:

    • Some drivers have reported a drop in wheel performance.
    • Updates to gear and standard equipment are limited.
    • The infotainment centre has been subject to criticism.

    Issues with Wheels

    When configuring the version of the XC40 you want, you’re going to be given the option of choosing between different types of wheels. Your options include;

    1. 18” 5-Spoke Silver wheels.
    2. 18” 5-Spoke Black Diamond wheels.
    3. 19” 5-Y Spoke Matt Graphite Diamond cut wheels.

    However in some configurations - drivers in Australia have noted a drop in performance and handling. It’s important to try to get advice from those who know more about the car to help. The last thing anyone wants is to be driving on the road and feeling uncomfortable in their car.

    Limited Updates

    Most people have noted that between the years, they haven’t really done much to truly upgrade or change the XC40 cars. While that’s not to say they didn’t change anything, many in the Volvo family have come not to expect big chainges when new models and variants come on sale. Perhaps the company likes to play it safe and carry out small changes and measure their results over a longer period of time.

    Minor Issues With Infotainment Centre

    The infotainment centre, while loaded with awesome features, isn’t perfect. Unfortunately, it’s commonly noted that the infotainment centre featured in the XC40 is often slow, and the buttons can be difficult to push. It can be hit or miss, as some absolutely refute that they’ve ever had any issues with the infotainment centre, but it’s something to look out for.

    Features & Equipment of the Volvo XC40

    Let’s take a quick look at the features and equipment found in the Volvo XC40 before taking a deep dive:

    • Google Automotive Services.
    • Air Purifier.
    • 360° camera.
    • Cross Traffic Alert.
    • Driver Assistance Technology.
    • Harman Kardon Premium Sound.
    • Power Tailgate.
    • Driving Assistance Technology.
    • App Remote Services.

    Google Automotive Services

    The XC40 has just about all the Google services designed to make your driving experience that much better. For starters, you’ve got Google Maps which is the best for navigation, avoiding traffic, and finding the fastest routes. With Google Assistant, you can use Google services hands-free. Finally, Google Play means you’ve got all the entertainment apps, services and information provided to you, right on a silver plate!

    Air Purifier

    Volvo has your best interests at heart, and that’s why they’ve included an air purifier in the XC40. Thanks to this air purifier, your cabin will benefit from 80% reduction of hazardous PM 2.5 particles from entering through windows and orafices. Regardless of the external conditions on the road in Australia, you and your passengers will enjoy cleaner air inside your SUV, thanks to Volvo.

    360° camera

    With the 360° camera, you’ll be able to find parking far easier than ever before. The camera also comes in handy when driving because you’ll be able to reverse better, stay in your lane more easily, avoid potential collisions, and more.

    Cross Traffic Alert

    With Cross Traffic Alert, drivers can reverse with confidence as the auto brake supports drivers when they reverse with a limited view. With this system, your car detects vehicles that are crossing behind you and will apply the auto brake if necessary, thus saving you from a fender bender.

    Harman Kardon Premium Sound System

    An unexpected yet extremely welcome benefit of the XC40 is the in-car sound system. Yes, the Harman Kardon Premium sound system delivers crystal clear audio and allows drivers and passengers to immerse themselves in their music.

    Power Tailgate

    With just the touch of a button, you can open and close your tailgate with ease. It’s a great feature when you’re struggling with carrying a lot in your hands. It’s also just extra convenient.

    Driving Assistance Technology

    The XC40 has a lot of great driving assistance technology included in the vehicle. One such feature is park assist. You’ll be able to easily park your car, knowing full well what’s going on around you. It also helps you when steering out of a parallel parking situation.

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    App Remote Services

    With the Volvo app, you’re able to know even more about your car right from your phone. You can control and view the status of the doors, and the cabin temperature (with pre-warming abilities), book maintenance appointments, etc.

    What are the common problems with the Volvo XC40?

    The XC40 is by no means a perfect car. As with any model, it’s got flaws. Some of the issues some people have noted with the XC40 include braking issues and power loss. These were prevalent issues in the first iterations of the XC40, which is what led to two different recalls. 

    The braking issue was partly due to the pedals not being properly riveted. This has since been fixed, but it still is something to look out for in case. The second issue was with the PHEV and EV XC40 models. Some drivers found that the car had just lost power while on the road.

    Is the Volvo XC40 twin pure electric worth the extra money?

    It honestly depends on the driver. If you’re looking to go green and want a luxury SUV that’s fully electric, then yes, it’s absolutely worth it. The other benefit of this version of the XC40 is that it drives amazingly with incredibly engaging driving dynamics.

    Is it worth buying a Volvo XC40?

    Yes, absolutely! The Volvo XC40 is an exceptional car that’s well-rounded. With the XC40, you’re getting value for money thanks to a car that’s utility-focused. Regardless of which version of the XC40 you go for, you’re getting a great car that’s ready to take you places in style and comfort.

    Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a Volvo XC40?

    We’ve told you just about everything you need to know about the Volvo XC40 and why it’s a car worth driving. Now, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of this superb vehicle. With Driva, your wish to drive an XC40 could become a reality. Within just minutes, you can get personalised loan rates that compare 30+ lenders without impacting your credit score. So, what are you waiting for? Get your finance pre-check now and get into your new Volvo XC40!

    Philana Kwan

    Philana Kwan is the marketing coordinator at Driva she has a demonstrated history in customer service excellence and is knowledgeable in all things car and finance related. When she’s not working Philana enjoys learning new things and keeping up with the latest trends in marketing and technology.

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