2023 Yamaha MT-07LA Review: MT-07 Spec & Pricing

The 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is a popular naked bike that has received updates to its aesthetics, ergonomics, engine, and brakes. As the flagship model of the Yamaha MT range, it has become the top choice for beginner riders. The latest model features a 5-inch colour TFT dash with smartphone connectivity, a new LED headlight with a futuristic Y-shape face, wider handlebars for easier turning, and larger front dual discs for improved braking. Priced at £7500 before optional extras, the MT-07LA offers a balance of performance and value.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is a popular naked bike with updates to its aesthetics, ergonomics, engine, and brakes.
  • It features a 5-inch colour TFT dash with smartphone connectivity, a new LED headlight, wider handlebars, and larger front dual discs.
  • Priced at £7500 before optional extras, the MT-07LA offers a balance of performance and value.
  • The MT-07LA is the flagship model of the Yamaha MT range and is a top choice for beginner riders.
  • It provides an engaging and manageable riding experience with its 655cc engine and responsive low to mid-range power delivery.

Upgrades to the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA

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    The 2023 MT-07LA has undergone several upgrades to enhance its performance and features. These upgrades elevate the riding experience, making the bike even more appealing to riders seeking a combination of style, functionality, and power.

    Enhanced Display and Connectivity

    One of the most notable upgrades on the 2023 MT-07LA is the addition of a new 5-inch full-color TFT display. This vibrant display offers two switchable screen themes, allowing you to customise the information you see while riding. Additionally, the display features smartphone connectivity, enabling seamless integration with your device. Stay connected and in control while enjoying your ride.

    Sleek Bodywork and LED Headlight

    The bike showcases distinctive bodywork that embodies its aggressive and sporty nature. The addition of twin winglet-type air intakes enhances aerodynamics, giving the bike a more dynamic appearance. Furthermore, a compact LED headlight with a futuristic Y-shape face improves visibility and adds to the bike's overall aesthetic appeal. Your ride will be as stylish as it is thrilling.

    Refined Engine and Exhaust Note

    The 2023 MT-07LA's engine has undergone refinements to provide an even more linear response and a throatier exhaust note. The changes ensure a smoother and more exhilarating ride, with an exhaust sound that perfectly complements the bike's performance. Experience the perfect balance of power and precision.

    Improved Handling and Braking

    Enhancements to the MT-07LA include wider aluminium taper handlebars, improving ergonomics and enhancing your ability to maneuver the bike confidently. Moreover, larger 298mm dual front discs deliver stronger braking performance, ensuring excellent stopping power when you need it most. Take on every turn and corner with ease and control.

    With these upgrades, the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA sets a new benchmark for middleweight naked bikes. Elevate your riding experience with the elevated style, functionality, and performance that the MT-07LA now offers.

    Ride & Brakes of the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA

    The ride quality of the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is known for its exceptional lightness and agility, making it a joy to ride. The bike maintains the same frame and suspension set-up as the 2018 update, ensuring a stable and comfortable experience on the road. The most notable improvement in the 2023 model is the upgrade to the braking system. The dual front discs have been increased in size from 282mm to 298mm, resulting in enhanced braking performance and greater confidence for riders.

    The MT-07 is also equipped with premium Michelin Road 5 tyres, which are highly regarded for their exceptional grip and high-performance capabilities. Whether you're riding on dry or wet roads, these tyres deliver optimal traction and stability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride.

    The bike's handling is another standout feature. The refreshed suspension, combined with a redesigned leg area and improved handlebar position, contributes to its sporty and comfortable character. The MT-07LA offers effortless maneuverability, allowing you to navigate corners with ease and carve through city streets with confidence. It strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels.

    Engine Performance of the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA

    The 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is powered by a refreshed 655cc 2-cylinder CP2 engine that has been specifically designed to meet Euro5 emissions regulations. This engine is known for its impressive performance and reliability, making it a favourite among riders of all skill levels.

    Despite the changes made to comply with emissions regulations, the 2023 MT-07LA engine still delivers a powerful performance. It produces an impressive 72.4bhp and 49.4lb. ft of torque, providing ample power for thrilling rides.

    Yamaha's renowned cross-plane technology is integrated into the engine, ensuring a more linear power delivery and improved fuel efficiency. This technology enhances the overall riding experience, making the MT-07LA responsive and easy to handle.

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    The engine's power delivery is particularly impressive in the low to mid-range, offering excellent acceleration and responsiveness. Whether you're cruising on the highway or taking on twisty roads, the MT-07LA's engine performance will keep you engaged and entertained.

    Furthermore, the engine's proven reliability means you can ride with confidence, knowing that it will consistently deliver exceptional performance. It is this combination of power, responsiveness, and reliability that sets the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA apart in its class.

    2023 Yamaha MT-07LA Design

    The design of the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is a signature style for the latest hyper-naked models from Yamaha. The bike features a futuristic Y-shaped face that projects a modern and aggressive look. The newly-designed bodywork includes new winglets on the sides, giving the bike a more aerodynamic appearance.

    One notable design feature is the 3D moulded texture that is featured around the bike. This textured surface adds a unique visual element and enhances the overall aesthetics of the MT-07LA. Additionally, the LED flashers underline the top specification and provide a sleek and stylish look.

    The MT-07LA is equipped with a 14-litre fuel tank, giving the bike a good range for long rides. The tank design also includes a knee grip area, providing improved controllability and a sportier character. The black control levers and compact LED flashers add to the bike's overall design appeal.

    The MT-07LA comes with new left and right-side dual-layer LED position lights, further enhancing its visibility on the road. These lights contribute to the signature Y-shape face that reaffirms its close family ties with the MT-09.

    In terms of ergonomics, the MT-07LA features aluminium taper handlebars that provide easier turning and a more commanding riding position. The handlebars, along with the black control levers, offer both style and functionality.

    The bike is also equipped with new specification Michelin PR5 tyres, which provide excellent levels of traction and enhance the overall performance of the MT-07LA. The tyres, combined with the 655cc engine, deliver even more linear response and a gutsier exhaust note, adding to the bike's exhilarating riding experience.

    Reliability & Build Quality of the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA

    While the specific reliability feedback for the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is limited due to its recent release, the previous model has garnered a reputation for good overall reliability. Riders have reported that the MT-07LA is a dependable machine that performs well on the road.

    However, it's worth noting that there have been occasional reports of rust issues with certain components, such as the swingarm. Yamaha has addressed these concerns under warranty, demonstrating their commitment to resolving any build quality issues that may arise.

    When it comes to the engine, the MT-07LA is known for its reliability. Yamaha has a strong track record for creating robust and durable engines, and the CP2 engine in the MT-07LA is no exception. As long as regular maintenance is carried out, the engine is likely to provide many miles of trouble-free riding.

    Monitoring and Maintenance Practices

    To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your MT-07LA, it's important to keep an eye out for potential rust problems. Regularly inspecting your bike, especially the areas prone to rust, and promptly addressing any issues can help prevent further damage.

    In terms of maintenance, Yamaha recommends following the standard service intervals. It is advised to have a professional technician conduct regular service checks and adhere to the prescribed maintenance schedule to keep your bike in top condition.

    Specifically, Yamaha recommends checking the valve clearances every 24,000 miles. This ensures that the engine continues to run smoothly by maintaining the correct tolerances within the valve system.

    By being proactive with monitoring for rust and staying on top of regular service intervals, you can enhance the reliability and build quality of your 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA, ensuring that it remains a high-performing and enjoyable ride for years to come.

    Value & Competition of the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA

    The 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA offers exceptional value for money, priced at £7500 before optional extras. It is considered a strong contender in the middleweight naked bike category and competes with other popular models such as the Honda CB750 Hornet, Triumph Trident 660, Honda CB650R, and Kawasaki Z650.

    The Yamaha MT-07LA sets itself apart with its distinctive styling, delivering a unique and aggressive look on the road. Its excellent performance, powered by a responsive 655cc engine, is a major draw for riders who seek exhilarating rides.

    What makes the MT-07LA stand out among its competition is its beginner-friendly features. It has been designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for both new and experienced riders alike.

    • The MT-07LA's value proposition is incredibly appealing, offering fantastic specifications and performance.
    • Its reputation for reliability further solidifies its position as a top choice within the segment.

    With its outstanding balance of pricing, performance, and features, the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is the bike of choice for riders who desire an exceptional ride without breaking the bank.

    Yamaha MT-07LA vs. Triumph Trident 660

    The Yamaha MT-07LA and Triumph Trident 660 are two highly regarded middleweight naked bikes that offer exceptional riding experiences. Let's take a closer look at each bike to see how they stack up against each other.

    Yamaha MT-07LA

    The MT-07LA has made a significant impact in the motorcycle market since its launch, captivating riders with its powerful 655cc engine, comfortable ride, and distinctive styling. This Yamaha model is known for its agility and performance, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts. With its recent updates, including a new TFT display and improved engine response, the MT-07LA continues to impress riders looking for a thrilling experience on the road.

    In terms of review, the MT-07LA has received positive feedback from riders who appreciate its power delivery, responsive handling, and overall reliability. The bike's design and aesthetics also contribute to its appeal, with its bold lines and striking LED headlights.

    Triumph Trident 660

    The Triumph Trident 660, on the other hand, offers a more modern design, advanced features, and excellent handling. It is equipped with a responsive and torquey 660cc inline-triple engine, delivering smooth acceleration and an exhilarating ride. The Trident 660 boasts a refined chassis and suspension setup, allowing for confident cornering and precise control. Riders who prioritise performance and handling will find the Triumph Trident 660 to be a worthy contender in the middleweight naked bike segment.

    Reviews of the Trident 660 highlight its impressive build quality, advanced technology, and comfortable riding position. The bike's modern styling and attention to detail are also notable features that add to its appeal.

    When comparing the Yamaha MT-07LA and Triumph Trident 660, it ultimately comes down to personal preferences and priorities. If you value raw power, a comfortable ride, and distinctive styling, the MT-07LA is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you prioritise modern design, advanced features, and exceptional handling, the Triumph Trident 660 could be the perfect match for you. Both bikes have their strengths and offer exhilarating riding experiences, so it's recommended to test ride them to determine which one aligns best with your riding style and requirements.


    The 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is an impressive naked bike that offers a winning combination of performance, value, and beginner-friendly features. With its recent upgrades, such as the new TFT display, LED headlight, and improved engine response, the MT-07LA remains at the forefront of the middleweight naked bike segment.

    Whether you're a seasoned rider or just starting, the Yamaha MT-07LA delivers a versatile and enjoyable riding experience. Its well-rounded nature and exceptional build quality make it a top choice for riders in Australia and beyond.

    When compared to other manufacturers, the Yamaha MT-07LA holds its ground, offering a compelling package that sets it apart. Its performance, reliability, and value for money make it the clear winner in the middleweight naked bike category. If you're searching for a bike that combines power, style, and affordability, look no further than the Yamaha MT-07LA.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the latest review of the 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA?

    The 2023 Yamaha MT-07LA is a standout in the hyper naked category, featuring signature style and best-in-class value.

    What are some key features of the Yamaha MT-07?

    The Yamaha MT-07 is equipped with a fuel tank that gives the bike a signature Y-shape face, 3D moulded texture, LED flashers, knee grip area, bodywork with twin winglet-type air intakes, and a compact design.

    What makes the 2023 MT-07 different from the 2021 model?

    The 2023 MT-07 features a range of enhancements, including a more linear engine and improvements in overall performance compared to the 2021 model.

    Is the Yamaha MT-07 learner approved?

    A: Yes, the Yamaha MT-07 is learner-approved, making it a suitable choice for riders at different skill levels.

    How does Yamaha give the MT-07 a signature Y-shape face?

    Yamaha achieves the signature Y-shape face for the MT-07 through futuristic design elements like twin winglet-type air intakes and LED flashers that underline the top specification of the bike.

    What are some standout aesthetic features of the Yamaha MT-07?

    The MT-07 features a 3D moulded texture around the bike, a knee grip area, and a stylish design that projects a futuristic and bold look on the road.

    What sets the Yamaha MT-07 apart from other hypernaked models?

    The Yamaha MT-07 stands out with its unique design elements, performance enhancements, and value proposition, making it a top choice in the hyper-naked category.

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