Best Selling Cars In Australia - 2023

If you’re just starting your journey of searching for a new car, it can be wise to get an idea of what your fellow Aussie drivers are buying. To help you do this, we update this page every year with the vehicles Australian car buyers have been loving the most.

Here’s a super quick sneak peek into January 2023 top seller’s list:

  1. Ford Ranger (4,749 vehicle sales)
  2. Toyota Hilux (4,131 vehicle sales)
  3. Tesla Model 3 (2,927 vehicle sales)
  4. Mazda CX-3 (2,417 vehicle sales)
  5. Mazda CX-5 (2,189 vehicle sales)
  6. Toyota RAV4 (1,958 vehicle sales)
  7. Isuzu UTE D-Max (1,843 vehicle sales)
  8. MG ZS (1,842 vehicle sales)
  9. Mitsubishi Outlander (1,674 vehicle sales)
  10. Hyundai Tucson (1,615 vehicle sales)

In the second half of this year, we will write an extensive blog on these best-selling cars above and circle back to check in on new car sales. 

In this blog, however, you’ll find the best-selling cars in Australia from 2022, along with some answers to other frequently asked questions our Driva community has put forward to us. If you’re not planning on entering the new car market and instead would like to know about the best cars from 2021 - scroll to the bottom of this page! 

That’s enough frills! 

Let’s get into the 10 top-selling cars of 2022 so you can decide if one of these popular models on the Australian car market could be your dream set of wheels!

Top 10 Vehicles (by car sales) Winning Australia’s Car Market in 2022

10. Hyundai i30

Starting Price: $22,700


  • The base model has tyre pressure monitoring and adaptive cruise control.
  • This latest model has got improved safety credentials.
  • The ride quality on local streets is impeccable. 


  • It’s missing a few of the safety features of higher grades.

Starting off the list strong, we’ve got this rock-solid car from Hyundai with their i30 model. This hatchback model is, at its core, a simple car, but it’s incredibly effective. It offers a comfortable driving experience that’s cost-effective and safe. The i30 has got decent fuel economy, and with this latest facelift, it looks even better than ever. It’s not a perfect car, as mentioned, it’s missing things that slightly more expensive cars might have, like certain safety and tech features such as rain sensing wipers or hill descent control. However, that doesn’t mean you need to overlook this car altogether. For a car of its base price, it’s a great car to have, and you’ll notice how nice it is to drive around town in one of these bad boys. 

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    9. MG HS

    Starting Price: $31,990


    • Comfortable ride.
    • Can handle difficult terrains, of which Australia has plenty.
    • The rear seat is roomy.


    • The infotainment is underpowered and extremely laggy.

    The MG HS is among the best selling cars in Australia for a good reason. This SUV was specifically designed to take on the harsher Australian roads with the ease it does in the city and suburbs. The verdict is in. It nailed it! Not only does it drive well, but it’s got the latest technology and safety features. Not to mention it looks amazing inside and out. One complaint is that the infotainment is lacklustre, considering it’s laggy. Regardless, the MG HS has earned its spot on the best selling cars in Australia list for sure. 

    8. Isuzu D-Max

    Starting Price: $32,000


    • The interior is functional with a lot of storage options. 
    • Value for money.
    • The 3.0-litre engine is a strong advisory for competitors.


    • The infotainment centre is dull.

    This stylish and massive car by Isuzu is another great entry. The D-Max has been updated, and those tweaks took perfection and made it even better. It’s surprising that they missed the mark on the infotainment centre, but their efforts are felt in other places. The updated interior is stunning, but the performance is where the car shines. The suspensions can take a lot without you feeling a thing, and the car knows how to cruise. This is one of Isuzu’s best models and a worthy entry into the list. 

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    7. Toyota Landcruiser

    Starting Price: $99,990


    • Major improvements to the performance thanks to a new 3.3-litre diesel V6 and 10-speed automatic. 
    • The off-road capabilities have thoroughly improved. With traction control software, this car’s far better prepared.
    • The interior is comfortable, well thought out, and spacious. 


    • The third row is cramped, so best to use it for kids, not adults, who might struggle more. 

    It only took 14 years for Toyota to upgrade its LandCruiser series. From the 200 Series to the 300 Series, the changes are obvious. The 300 offers style and a lot of substance, especially under the hood. With a new engine and 10-speed automatic, this baby drives like an angel. You can stick to the suburbs and towns or head to the off-road trails and take this vehicle for a true spin. Overall, it’s a brilliant car that’s going to be getting a lot of attention in the coming years. 

    6. Toyota Corolla

    Starting Price: $28,130


    • Striking exterior and interior design.
    • The cornering grip is fantastic.
    • The turbo three-cylinder engine is perky.


    • Limited supply of the 2023 model.

    The Corolla has long been a staple in the Australian car market. It’s been a reliable series for over five decades and with the latest facelift, it’s looking better than ever. It’s by no means the flashiest car or the best of the best, but it’s reliable, fuel-efficient, and overall just a great vehicle. Toyota dominates for a reason, and cars like the Corolla are the very reason why that’s the case! They’ve gone with a bold design this time around and taken the facelift seriously. This is likely because people weren’t thrilled about previous attempts where it felt like there was a lack of an attempt. Overall, this is a great vehicle, and it’s beloved in Australia for good reason.

    5. Mazda CX-5

    Starting Price: $35,510


    • Stylish and sleek medium SUV.
    • NVH levels have been improved to the point where it’s noticeable.
    • The turbo-four is punchy, and the six-speed auto (which is refined) works excellently together. 


    • This car is super thirsty, so it’s not great for fuel economy. 

    In fifth place, we’ve got the CX-5 from Mazda, an extremely popular car that’s got stellar vehicle sales to prove it! Of course, this car has lagged slightly in popularity while this last January, the CX-3 saw a 167.1 per cent burst of energy, and the CX-5 saw a slight decline. There are multiple models in the CX-5 range that have a lot to offer. The updated interior is the first thing we’ve got to mention. It looks even more classy than before and offers a stylish yet unique design for the medium SUV creating a comfortable driving experience. Speaking of driving experience, the CX-5 is a smooth drive that packs a punch thanks to the turbo-four. However, the downside is that this car is a gas-guzzler. Overall, it’s a great model and one that’s remained one of the most popular cars sold.

    4. Mitsubishi Triton

    Starting Price: $29,500


    • 10-year warranty, which is incredible.
    • The styling enhancements are great.
    • Value for money compared to rivals.


    • Infotainment screen is tiny.

    Mitsubishi takes fourth place with their Mitsubishi Triton model. This model features a no-fuss approach to a segment that usually gets far too much fuss. Yes, we’re talking about the dual-cab ute segment. It’s one of the large cars on this list that features a rugged design. With a decent amount of tech and safety features, and a great-looking interior, the Mitsubishi Triton is a worthy car for Aussie drivers, and clearly, they’re enjoying the ride. 

    3. Toyota RAV4

    Starting Price: $36,550


    • The standard features are great.
    • The RAV4 has a great style to it that appeals to the SUV market consumers.
    • The rear and boot have ample space. 


    • Getting one can be tricky due to the long wait times. 

    Taking third place is yet another one of the Toyota vehicles. This car brand has earned its place in Aussie hearts for sure, considering their sales far outpace their competitors. As far as new cars go, the RAV4 is among the finest on the road today. Some of the best features of the RAV4 are the safety features. Some features include Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Active Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Parking Sensors, and Blind Spot Monitors, which provide excellent blind spot warning. Additionally, the car looks great, drives amazing, and has decent fuel economy.

    2. Ford Ranger

    Starting Price: $35,930


    • The rear step was a brilliant addition.
    • The interior is next-level and a welcome change from Ford.
    • The technology is top-tier, which we love to see in a Ranger. 


    • The price listed is for a base model. The Ranger can get extremely expensive real quick. 

    The Ford Ranger comes so close to taking the top spot but just misses it. There’s no shame in the number two spot, especially when the vehicle is amazing regardless. The top-tier infotainment centre has numerous features, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which are both wireless. The driving experience is where this car shines, thanks to features like adaptive cruise control, lane change assist, climate control, tailgate assistance, reverse camera, a decent engine (with the option to get a better one, a few versions up), and a comfortable interior. The Ford Ranger is one of the most popular cars on the market, and Australians seem more than happy to part with their money, and a lot of it, to own one of these incredible vehicles. 

    1. Toyota Hilux

    Starting Price: $24,225 


    • Tough and rugged, perfect for off-road adventuring.
    • The cabin is simple yet functional. 
    • The parts and service network for the HiLux is second to none. 


    • The cost of ownership climbs with the six-month servicing. 

    The top-selling car is another Toyota, but no surprise it’s the HiLux, one of Toyota’s most successful models. With so many cars reaching the top ten selling vehicles in Australia, it’s no wonder Toyota’s total sales make them dominant in market share for the Aussie car market. Of all new car sales, the HiLux is the dominator, and it has been for years now. So, what makes this car so great? The interior is incredible, with a stylish and sleek design that’s comfortable. The driving experience is smooth, and the safety features like cyclist and pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert, and lane keep assist make it even better. The HiLux is worth it, and recent history shows Australians know it too.

    Keen to dip your toes in the Australian new car market?

    With all these amazing cars, it’s high time you get yourself behind the wheel of one of the best-selling cars in Australia. Whether you’re looking for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles to add to your business’s light vehicle fleet, fuel economy and more, there’s something for everyone. 


    What is the best-selling car brand of 2022?

    Hands down, Toyota, and that’s largely thanks to their uber-successful cars, the Corolla and the Hilux, which has seen sustained success for years and tens of thousands of cars sold.

    What is the number 1 selling car in Australia?

    Another Toyota vehicle takes the top spot for the number 1 selling car in Australia, and that’s the HiLux. 

    What is Australia's top-selling car in 2022?

    At the time of writing, the trusty Toyota Hilux was back at the top as Australia’s best-selling car after a brief fall in 2021 to second place. 

    What are the top-selling car brands in Australia this year?

    Taking out the top spot for most vehicles sold in 2022 was Toyota, holding down the title for the 25th year in a row according to figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). As of July 2022, new Toyota vehicle sales were over 19,565. Coming in second was Japanese rival Mazda, followed closely by Korean brand Hyundai, Ford and Kia. Honourable mentions go to Tesla who are leading the charge in EV sales with their Tesla Model 3.

    Most popular new car brands growing within the automotive industries

    1. Toyota
    2. Mazda
    3. Hyundai
    4. Ford
    5. Kia
    6. Mitsubishi
    7. Nissan
    8. Volkswagen
    9. MG
    10. Subaru

    There has also been a noticeable growth in electric vehicles being sold, particularly the top-selling Tesla Model 3. The growth in electric vehicle sales doesn’t come as too much of a surprise - and Driva expects electric vehicles to continue taking a larger per cent of the new car market share in the coming years as we reach for future decarbonisation.

    What is the top-selling car in Australia in 2021?

    As of November, the most popular car in Australia is the Ford Ranger, narrowly taking out its biggest competitor, and former reigning winner, the Toyota Hilux.

    Where can I find the latest information on car sales in Australia?

    If you’re looking for the most up-to-date information on the best-selling vehicles in Australia, and the Australian new vehicle market in general, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries website is a great place to start. 

    The Best Selling Cars in Australia in 2021(Old but still gold!)

    10. Mazda BT-50

    Coming in at the 10th most popular car (so far) in 2021 is the bold Mazda BT-50. Designed to be able to tackle rough terrains as well as city streets, this 4x4 has a sleek interior and is a massive step up from other Mazda utes when it comes to the latest technology and safety features. The BT-50 starts from $29,060 drive away. 

    9. Mitsubishi ASX

    9th place goes to the Mitsubishi ASX, a small SUV that’s surprisingly roomy and starts from $23,990 drive away. It drives just as well in the city as it does on country roads. The AXS is the smallest and most affordable SUV from the entire Mitsubishi range, and is packed with all the latest technology to keep you both safe and connected.

    8. Toyota Camry

    Next up is the Toyota Camry, which is widely regarded as one of the best midsize vehicles available. Camry’s petrol cars have a reputation for being reliable and have long been the vehicle of choice for taxi drivers and government fleets alike. The latest Camry model is sleeker and more refined than its preceding models and starts at $30,990 drive away.

    7. Isuzu D-Max

    The 7th best-selling car of this year (as of right now) is the Isuzu Ute. The D-Max starts from $54,000 before on-road costs. The Isuzu ute 4x4 is comparable to the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger, and is priced very similarly as well. The interior of the D-Max is modern and logical, and it’s overall a very comfortable highway cruiser, making it an attractive option for those looking to buy a new ute.

    6. Hyundai i30

    Coming in at number 6 is the Hyundai i30, a small family car that’s available in both hatch and sedan. The i30 features a sleek design with premium finishes and some more sporty design elements. Starting at $25,490 drive away, this popular car is a great fit for any member of the family. 

    5. Toyota Prado

    Next up is the Toyota Prado, one of Australia’s favourite large SUVs that’s built to take on even the toughest of terrains. The Prado contains an extensive range of safety features, as well as a sleek and luxurious interior. Combining power and sophistication in an exciting way, you’ll have no problems loading up the roof rails with everything you need for a multi-day camping trip. The Toyota Prado starts at $60,830 drive away.

    4. Toyota RAV4

    4th place goes to the Toyota RAV4, a hybrid midsize SUV that’s built for the whole family to enjoy. The RAV4 is an exciting hybrid option for those who are looking for a more environmentally friendly ride that combines quality and value. The RAV4 starts at $46,415 drive away.

    3. Toyota Corolla

    Taking out the bronze medal is the Toyota Corolla, a compact car that is known for its excellent fuel efficiency and is priced from $23,395. Since its debut in 1966, the Toyota Corolla has been a staple on Australian roads and has built a reputation for being compact, dependable and cost-efficient. The Toyota Corolla regularly features in most new vehicles sold, year in, year out. 

    2. Toyota Hilux

    Coming in at second place is the iconic Toyota Hilux, which has been one of Australia’s top-selling cars for a number of years in a row. The Toyota Hilux has a reputation for being a reliable workhorse that probably owes much of its success to Australia’s perpetual love of four-wheel driving. The double cab ute starts at $23,590 drive away, but the cost increases significantly depending on which model you’re after.

    1. Ford Ranger

    And the best selling cars in Australia during 2021 is the Ford Ranger pickup truck. It’s designed to help you tackle any challenge that comes your way. With so many utes on offer in the Australian market, the Ford Ranger has beaten out its worthy competitors to take out the top spot as the best-selling car in Australia.

    The Ranger performs flawlessly whether it’s off-road, on the open roads, or through the busy city streets; this truly is a car that can do it all. Starting from $29,190 for the XL 2.2 LOW Rider (4x2) all the way up to $79,390 for the Raptor 2.0 (4x4), no matter your budget or personal needs, there’s a Ford Ranger available to suit you. 

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