The Top 6 Best Camper Trailers In Australia 

Camper trailers are experiencing a renaissance in Australia. Everyone is ready to reclaim their adventurous roots and get out to explore Australia in all its glory—and we love it!  

We’ve had a look at the top 6 best camper trailers in Australia so you can head out into the outback in comfort and style. 

Before we take a look at what’s on offer, we need to ask ourselves…

What makes a good camper trailer?

It has awesome off-road abilities

Australia has many harsh terrains that you won’t want to come across unless you’re in an off-road trailer. That's why many camper trailers on this list are some of the best off-road camper trailers on the market—we wouldn’t want you to be stuck out in the great outdoors involuntarily! 

No need to worry though, most camper trailer manufacturers will explicitly tell you what their model’s off-road capability is.

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    It’s easy to setup

    Investing in a camper trailer provides you and your family with a place to live while away from home. You want that space to be adequate to suffice the entire family without causing too many issues. 

    Additionally, you want it to be easy to set up, so you’re not fighting with everyone just to get your tent set up and running every time your family travels. This is meant to be a relaxing time away, which means making it as easy and comfortable as possible is a top priority of many Australian-made camper trailer companies. 

    If setting up always sparks arguments—perhaps consider pop-up camper trailers or camper trailers that have a rooftop tent—that way everyone's a happy camper!

    It’s got lots and lots of storage space!

    Even with small families, space is often hard-fought over, especially if everyone is bringing along a bag of their clothes and essentials. This means you need to have the best possible storage to ensure everyone can bring what they need without the risk of overcrowding your travel trailer or exceeding your safe camper trailer weight limit. 

    When you’re looking for a camper trailer, ensure you’re getting one that’s got adequate built-in storage space for all of you and your things.

    It doesn’t require outrageous towing capacity

    To transport a camper trailer around, you need to tow it. Therefore, you want to consider your camper trailer options to ensure it’s easy to tow in general. Ask the right questions, like if it’s durable, how high its ground clearance is, what towing capacity will your vehicle need and if it features an independent suspension.

    So without further ado here are the best off-road camper trailers! 

    Cub Campers Frontier


    • Easy to tow.
    • One of the quickest set-ups of all the camper trailers. 
    • Quality materials, build quality and construction.


    • Generic in its appearance with a wide profile. 

    The Cub Campers Frontier is one of the best forward-folding off-road camper trailers. This is one of the best set-ups of any camper trailer around and is extremely straightforward in its set-up. You’re getting comfort, style, and everything you need to enjoy a great trip in the wilds of Australia. One of its best features is the amount of space you’re able to get from the Cub Campers Frontier. 

    This camper trailer is well-built and is meant to last a long time. There’s a ton of effort that’s been put into this model to ensure it’s perfect, and they’ve nailed it! Overall, this is among the best off-road models around.

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    Patriot X1


    • Very off-road capable.
    • Easy and quick to set up.
    • User-friendly kitchen.


    • Internal living space is limited.

    The Patriot X1 is a top-of-the-line camper trailer that is built with some intense features. For starters, this camper trailer has a hard-topped roof which provides a comfortable space for a soft-floor tent. In addition, you can set this unit up in minutes, so it’s an easy process.

    These expedition-style trailers are equipped with ample storage and even have a great spacious kitchen setup. This is one of the best camper trailers on the market thanks to its winning design, consideration of space, durability, and a host of other incredible features.

    Walkabout Campers


    • Affordable.
    • A decent amount of storage space is provided.
    • Sleeping space is decent for a small family or a couple. 


    • It’s not the greatest-looking camper trailer.

    Not everyone has money to burn on some of these pricier camper trailer offers. However, there’s an alternative that doesn’t make major concessions to quality. The Walkabout Camper is a somewhat elegant model, even though it's a budget model. The tents are high-quality and provide enough space for a small family. 

    Overall, it’s not the perfect camper trailer to exist, but it’s still a great model, thanks to some clever thinking. With bright colours, ample storage room, and a decent amount of coverage, this is a camper that’s going to be perfect for the family or couple on a budget. 

    Austrack Plenty X Double Fold Camper Trailer


    • Easy to set up.
    • Ensuite private room with a port-a-loo.
    • Great kitchen setup.


    • Pricey.

    Including the word plenty in its name was a smart move because there are plenty more features to love with this iconic camper trailer. It’s massive and provides an adequate living space that can fit the whole family comfortably and is especially welcoming for taller folks. Forget fitting just two adults—this off-road camper trailer will be everything you need to sleep a family of six with ease! 

    This Aussie build camper trailer has a wonderful gas-plumbed kitchen that slides out and has a tap, drawers, a multi-burner stove, and more! Finally, to top it all off, there’s even a dual-zone fridge and freezer, water tanks, and an ensuite privacy room, including a port-a-loo.

    Swag Campers King Kimberley Generation 6


    • Large size with ample space.
    • Quality materials and construction.
    • Easy to set up.


    • Expensive.

    If audacious were a camper trailer, it would be the Swag Campers King Kimberley Generation 6. This is an intense model that is a premium for families. It’s got just about everything you’d need in a camper trailer to satisfy everyone’s needs of a home away from home. You can also install solar power panels or an extra roof rack on the roof for rooftop tents. 

    The trailer features a large amount of space to sleep, eat, store items, and more. You can sleep six comfortably in this unit while having a king-sized bed. The lounge converts into another bedroom, giving you some privacy. The kitchen is extremely well-equipped. It features a large high-sided sealed pantry box, gas-plumbed 4-burner cooktop, sinks, fire extinguisher, etc. There's also a freshwater tank with a portable gas hot water system. Overall, this camper trailer goes above and beyond the call of duty.

    Black Series Dominator


    • Independent suspension and dual shock absorbers. 
    • Tackles numerous types of terrain.
    • Easy to haul.


    • Customer service isn’t great.

    Despite the intense name, the Black Series Dominator is a classy setup. Featuring a slide-out kitchen, an internal dining area, and a small room for two, it’s great for a couple on the go! 

    Of course, it can be used for families assuming other members of the family don’t mind some old-fashioned camping. You can also convert the table and sofa into a second room, meaning sleeping four is possible. 

    Additional features include adjustable independent suspension, a fully equipped kitchen with a gas stove, and more. Overall, it’s a small yet well-priced unit that can make any couple or small family extremely comfortable out on the beaten path.

    Jayco Eagle Outback


    • Decent off-road performance.
    • Easy to tow. 
    • Spacious and well laid out. 


    • Expensive considering the final product. 

    This is an Aussie favourite when it comes to camper trailers. The Jayco Eagle Outback is part of the great Jayco range and features one of the best floor plans of all the models previously mentioned. 


    Because space has been utilised the right way. You’ve got a large bedroom that can fit a queen size bed and a living room that can be converted into another bedroom easily. 

    Families will find immense use for this camper trailer as it’s spacious with tons of storage room. It’s easy to set up and provides a comfortable living situation while you’re off the beaten track. This is a great camper trailer, and it’s popular for a reason. It’s no surprise why that’s the case!

    Ready to hit the road with your camper trailer?

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    What is the best camper trailer brand?

    This is purely an opinion, and our opinion is that Black Series is by far one of the most reliable camper trailer brands out there. The camper trailers produced by Black Series are of high quality, have a classy look to them, and utilise space extremely well. They’re also able to handle on and off-road conditions well. 

    What is the most reliable RV trailer?

    The Patriot X1 is one of the most reliable RV trailers around. The Patriot X1 is made using durable and tough materials with a winning construction. These trailers can handle tough terrain and weather conditions with ease. They’re also extremely comfortable while being relatively inexpensive in comparison to some of the high-end options. 

    What campers last the longest?

    Campers that use fibreglass usually last longer than other campers out there. This is because they can handle rough conditions far more than an aluminium trailer. In addition, the perfect blend of soft and durable construction makes them perfect for on and off-road camping trips

    What is the best off-road camper trailer?

    Our personal opinion puts the Swag Campers King Kimberley Generation 6 as the best off-road camper trailer. Not only is it fancy, large, and ready to make comfort a guarantee. The Swag Campers King Kimberley Generation 6 is also great for handling off-road driving. 

    What is the best budget camper trailer?

    The Walkabout Campers are among the cheapest camper trailers out there. While they’re affordable, that doesn't mean they’re bad quality. They’re not as fancy or as big as some other options out there. Still, overall they’re extremely affordable and well worth the money.

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