The 10 Best Off-Road Camper Trailers in Australia (Updated for 2023)

If you’re not afraid to skip a hot shower, hit the rough trails and get off the beaten path in the name of an adventure, then these off road campers are going to tick all your boxes. 

We’ve only included vehicles that can tackle any terrain the Aussie great outdoors will throw at them - hell - some of these campers would get you through a zombie apocalypse. 

To make this list, our picks had to have the perfect mix of excellent trail performance, all terrain suspension systems and low tare weight, as well as some much-needed luxuries such as air conditioning/cabin heating, ample sleeping space and a large fridge to store all your essentials…plus a few cold ones.

1. Ultimate Campers Xscape (2023 Favourite)


  • Unique and Lightweight Design: The Xscape's design stands out due to its clever fishbone chassis, minimalist gear storage design and moulded fibreglass body, ensuring that the camper remains light but does not compromise on strength or storage.
  • Technologically Advanced: Equipped with a potent 24V power system and an impressive 14.3kWh lithium battery capacity, users can enjoy up to seven hours of AC runtime. The addition of legal limit solar blankets from REDARC ensures that the battery remains charged efficiently.
  • Quality & Customization: The camper has various updates and features like the Cruisemaster trailing arm suspension, Toyota Nebula Blue finish, updated tent with 360-degree shade coverage, and high-quality internal fixtures like a king-sized bed with a triple-layer foam mattress.


  • High Price Tag: With a whopping price of $120,000, this hard floor camper is on the expensive end, making it potentially out of reach for many potential buyers.

The Ultimate Campers Xscape continues to prove why it's a consistent winner in the camper trailer realm. After making a significant impact in 2021, it came back stronger, securing titles like the Camper Trailer of the Year, Compact of the Year, and Most Innovative Camper. 

The standout features, including its distinct chassis design, advanced technological inclusions, and top-notch quality and customizability, set it apart from competitors. While the fibreglass design ensures a lightweight structure, the camper doesn't compromise on strength or storage. 

Technologically, it's a powerhouse with an impressive battery capacity and efficient solar charging system. Internally, the camper is a blend of luxury and practicality with features like a king-sized bed, upgraded tent, and efficient AC system. However, all these premier features come at a premium price, positioning the Ultimate Xscape at a high-end market segment. 

For those who can afford it, it offers a unique blend of innovation, luxury, and ruggedness that's hard to match in the camper world.

2. Swag Campers King Kimberley Generation 6 (2023 Favourite)


  • Expansive Kitchen Area: Unlike many six-berth campers, the King Kimberley boasts a large kitchen equipped with a 4-burner stove, spacious sink, and accommodation for a substantial fridge, simplifying the task of cooking for larger groups.
  • Easy and Quick Setup: With a gas strut assisted pole system, the camper offers a rapid setup process, reducing the hassle traditionally associated with camper setups.
  • Efficient Storage Solutions: The camper is designed with convenience in mind, featuring an internal storage area that's accessible even when closed, and ample storage spaces under the bench seats.


  • Notably Heavy: Carrying a tare weight of 1,690kg, the King Kimberley is relatively hefty, which may necessitate a robust towing vehicle and can potentially affect travel efficiency.

Its gas strut assisted pole system exemplifies its commitment to user convenience, allowing for a swift and painless setup. Storage, often a pain point in campers, is addressed thoughtfully with easily accessible internal spaces and generous under-seat areas. However, its weight is something potential buyers should be cognizant of, especially when considering towing capabilities. 

Overall, for larger families or those who prize spaciousness and ease of use, the King Kimberley is a compelling option in the camper market.

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    3. Complete Campsite Fraser XTE (2023 Favourite)


    • Distinctive Design: The Fraser XTE stands out with its reimagined design, using heavy-duty powder-coating and baked enamel gloss white finish, reflecting its premium status among Australian-built gear.
    • Quick and Easy Setup: It boasts a user-friendly system that allows users to set up camp in about 10 minutes, perfect for those who want a hassle-free camping experience.
    • Off Road Performance: Designed with serious offroading in mind, it's constructed with a heavy-duty chassis, fibreglass lid/floor, aluminium body, and offers great ground clearance, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging terrains.


    • Premium Price Point: The Fraser XTE, with its price tag of $61,950 AUD, positions itself in the premium segment of the camper trailer market, which may not be accessible for all potential buyers.

    The Complete Campsite Fraser XTE sets a new benchmark in the camper trailer industry, blending innovation, luxury, and rugged capabilities. With its standout design, it offers not just aesthetics but also practicality, with features like quick setup, spacious interiors, and off-road adaptability. 

    The inclusion of a technologically advanced setup system, combined with a comprehensive electrical system, showcases the brand's forward-thinking approach. Internally, the Fraser XTE doesn't skimp on comfort, offering a camper-queen mattress, efficient heating, and modern fixtures. 

    While it sits at a premium price point, its unique offerings and quality justify the investment, especially for those looking for an advanced, reliable, and luxurious camping experience.

    4. Austrack Plenty X Double Fold Camper Trailer (2023 Favourite)


    • Spacious Living & Sleeping Area: The Plenty X offers the most expansive living space in Austrack's lineup, comfortably accommodating six people with two double beds and a convertible dining area, making it ideal for larger families.
    • Comprehensive Amenities: With a gas plumbed slide-out kitchen, ensuite privacy room, Bluetooth stereo, HD TV, and a 95L dual-zone fridge/freezer, the camper provides a luxurious experience, reminiscent of a home away from home.
    • Off-road Capability: Designed with rugged terrains in mind, the camper is built with heavy-duty independent coil spring suspension, twin shock absorbers, and a robust welded drawbar and chassis, ensuring it can tackle challenging off-road conditions.


    • Significant Weight: With a tare weight of approximately 1,880kg, the Plenty X is on the heavier side, which may require a more powerful towing vehicle and can impact fuel efficiency.

    The Austrack Plenty X Double Fold Camper Trailer stands out as a top choice for families seeking the ideal balance between comfort and adventure. Its vast living space, unmatched in Austrack's range, ensures that families, even those with multiple kids, have ample room. 

    The camper doesn't hold back on amenities, offering an array of features that elevate the camping experience, from a fully equipped kitchen to entertainment options like a Bluetooth stereo and HD TV. 

    The inclusion of an ensuite room and a portable gas hot water system emphasises its commitment to comfort. Despite its luxurious offerings, the Plenty X remains a formidable off-road contender, built with durability in mind. 

    However, its substantial weight could be a concern for some travellers. Overall, for families unwilling to compromise on either comfort or adventure, the Plenty X emerges as a compelling choice.

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    5. Hardkorr Campers Bushmaster 4200 TE


    • Rugged design and construction make it perfect for rougher terrain.
    • The fridge slide is extra-large.
    • The kitchen is amazing and easy to access. 


    • The bike carrier's awkward placement means it needs to swing down to access the fridge.

    For medium-sized families, the Hardkoor Campers Bushmaster 4200 TE is a great choice for your off-road adventures. It sleeps four, preferably two adults and two kids, for ultimate comfort. 

    It’s a quick set-up pop top off road trailer that provides the right amount of space for comfortable on-the-road living and tons of space for storage. 

    The Bushmaster 4200 TE is a well-built off road trailer that’s ready for rough terrain. It includes a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, sink, 12v water pump, hot water, fridge slide, extension bench, and more. 

    Overall, you’ve got what you need with so many included amenities which guarantees an easier trip on the road.

    6. MDC Robson XTT


    • Simple to set up.
    • Clever folding bed design to increase sleeping capacity.
    • Strong design and a great layout.


    • The boat rack is awkward to drop down. 

    If space is what you’re after then you want to get your hands on one of these Robson XTT off road camping trailers. The MDC Robson XTT comfortably sleeps six if you convert the lounge to an additional bed. 

    The trailer's kitchen comes with everything you need including a 3-burner gas cooktop, sink, fridge slide, hot and cold water, and various other features. There’s also an external ensuite with a 20l portable toilet. 

    In terms of handling tricky terrain, these trailers have tough Trax independent suspension, which has dual shock absorbers, coil springs, and a trailing arm. It’s built to handle the road regardless of what that road looks like. Overall, this is a great camper trailer for a mid-large-sized family!

    7. Opus OP15 Hybrid Caravan


    • Roomy with ample storage space.
    • Great design and easy automatic set up.
    • Excellent off road capabilities.
    • Features to help facilitate off-the-grid living such as solar power and water tanks.


    • Pricier than some other models as it’s in the 40k - 50k price range. 

    Opus has been in the game for some time, creating some of the best off road campers for anyone looking for the ultimate off road trailering experience. 

    These hard floor travel trailers are created with a great sense of space thanks to a rear extension and pop-up top roof. The slide-out kitchen resides on the outside of the Opus OP15 and features all the essential kitchen items, such as a sink, four-burner stove, 70-litre electric cooler, and more. 

    The Opus off-roader is built to last with sturdy construction. It can easily handle tricky terrain many camper trailers wouldn’t dare to tackle thanks to its galvanised, welded stainless steel chassis. 

    More importantly, its independent trailing arm suspension and quality dual shocks make it easy to tow and take on uneven terrain. 

    Opus has done a sensational job creating quality off road camping trailers for small families to enjoy on road trips. Overall, there’s little to complain about here!

    8. Opus OP2


    • Ensuite bathroom. 
    • Incredibly easy to set up.
    • Modern space-conscious design. 


    • Outdated entertainment aspects such as DVD and CD players which seem unnecessary. 

    This isn’t just a great off-road camper trailer - it’s also got an amazing setup feature that pushes the boundaries when it comes to the use of technology. With the simple push of a button, this trailer essentially sets itself up! This is not a drill. It inflates the camper’s annexe and canopy like it’s nothing, making it the perfect vehicle after a long day on Australia’s dirt roads. 

    Beyond this cool feature, the Opus OP2 also handles well on off-road journeys thanks to coil springs which are heavy-duty, dual shock absorbers, a fully galvanised chassis, and off-road tyres. In total, it sleeps eight when the sofa is converted. 

    There’s a king-sized bed which is ultra comfortable. Additionally, there’s a fully equipped kitchen with a sink, four-burner stove, fridge slide, and electric tap. 

    However, that’s not all; there’s also an ensuite with a portable toilet and hot water, which is heated by gas. Opus has thought of everything and then some!

    9. Black Series HQ21


    • Electric awnings. 
    • Ergonomic queen sized mattress.
    •  Interior kitchen and ensuite bathroom


    • Pricy, but not insanely expensive. 

    The Black Series HQ21 is more of a luxury off-road camper trailer than some of the other options on this list, and they’ve done an excellent job making it luxurious. 

    This big boy is able to sleep four people comfortably with enough extra room to walk around and not be on top of one another. So, small families looking for enough room to get away in style will want to consider this model. 

    The layout of this camper trailer is brilliant, with a double bed, interior kitchen, separate toilet and outdoor shower, and a lounge/dining room that converts to an additional sleeping area. There’s no escaping how amazing this camper trailer truly is, and it’s able to handle rough terrain well. 

    So while it’s a focus on style, the substance hasn’t been ignored. 

    10. Bruder EXP-6


    • Interior space and exterior features are very customisable 
    • There’s a remote control app to adjust certain elements of this camper trailer.
    • Ample storage and space with a great layout.  


    • Very expensive, especially in comparison to other options on this list. 

    Australian-owned and built for comfort; the Bruder EXP-6 is a sensational way to end this list of the best off-road trailers! With the ability to sleep six comfortably in its double beds, you’re ready to take the whole family on the road trip of a lifetime

    You’ve got options when it comes to the roof lift - it can either collapse or remain fixed whenever you need it, according to your needs. 

    Overall, this is an amazing camper trailer with the highest level of luxury available. Featuring a stylish pull-out kitchen with a large sink, ample storage, and tons of living space inside, the Bruder EXP-6 has everything you’d ever need in a travel trailer.  

    If you didn’t like the options in this list, look at our recent articles on the Best Small Camper Trailers and the Best Hybrid Camper Trailers.

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    What is the best off-road camper available in Australia?

    Australia has so many amazing brands when it comes to off road trailers, both on and off-road models. It’s extremely difficult to pick a favourite, but the Bruder EXP-6 is a pretty sensational camper trailer. While it’s beyond the reasonable price point, it’s still undeniably an incredible camper trailer. 

    What are the best off-road camper trailers under $30 000?

    The Cub Brumby and Cub Weekender are two of the best off-road camper trailers under $30,000. These are both well-crafted, sturdy, and resilient off road trailers. While they’re a bit on the small side, they are perfect for couples or smaller families to use on off-road adventures.

    Which is the best off-road camper trailer under $20 000?

    One of the best off-road campers under $20,000 is the Cub Explorer. It’s an entry-level camper trailer that doesn’t offer anything special but more than meets the moment for those looking to have off-road adventures without breaking the bank. Perfect for couples, it’s a light-to-tow model that’s easy to set up and take down with standard yet simplistic features. 

    What is the highest quality camper brand?

    Opus camper trailers are among the highest-quality campers on the Australian market. The brand has an intense focus on how technology can be further incorporated into camper trailers while not neglecting the performance of the camper trailers. For example, the Opus OP2 has incredible self-set-up features but still handles the tricky terrains incredibly well. 

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