Looking for the Best Hybrid Camper Trailer?

When you’re shopping around for a camper, you shouldn’t ignore hybrid options. Unfortunately, while hybrid cars are gaining popularity, hybrid camper trailers aren’t receiving the same kind of love even though they deserve it!  

These kinds of hybrid caravans have all the best qualities in a camper trailer that you’ve come to expect, and they’re extremely cost-effective - what’s not to like? 

Let’s take a look at hybrid camper trailers and tell you about the best ones on the market. 

First, what makes a good hybrid caravan or camper trailer?

Excellent off-road capabilities to go off the beaten track

Most people using campers and caravans want to explore the more remote regions of Australia, and to do that, you’ll need the off road hybrid caravans that can actually handle being off-road. Without this ability, you’re relegated to having to skip some amazing places in more remote regions - or in the worst case scenario, having to call a tow vehicle!

Room to sleep the whole family…especially those kids!

When you’re taking the whole family on a trip around Australia, you’re gonna need more than just a queen bed and a tent. A great hybrid camper or caravan doesn’t take away from the space you and your family are given to sleep and rest while camping out. So, look for a camper or caravan that still gives you what you need in terms of space while also providing the benefits of hybrids.Lots of internal and external storage

Going away with your family means there are going to be a lot of bags and essential items. On top of that, there are the items you don’t need but instead want, which make your trip even better. So make sure you’re getting a camper or caravan that’s able to accommodate all of your belongings with great internal and external storage capabilities. 

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    Useful features like solar panels and water tanks

    A great camper or caravan goes the extra mile. By that, we mean things like water tanks, solar panels, and anything else to make life easier. Of course, this is a form of glamping if you want to have uninterrupted power and hot water on tap - but we’re not judging! If you’re shopping around, consider the additional features a caravan or camper offers to see if they might benefit you and your family. Things like cruisemaster suspension, a pop top roof increase travelling height or external cooking spaces are becoming increasingly popular and will make your trip that much better!  

    Creature comforts like an internal ensuite and air conditioning

    The Australian outback and other remote regions can get very warm, so having the luxury of an ice-cold aircon is a big plus. The same goes for an ensuite which means you’re able to go to the bathroom in private. Some of these things are aided by the useful additional features we mentioned above. The point is to find a caravan or camper that makes you feel comfortable and at home even when you’re far from it. 

    Without further ado here are the best hybrid caravans and camper trailers for adventure in Australia! 

    Mars Campers – Mars 13


    • The interior is small but well-designed. 
    • High-quality components throughout this hybrid camper trailer.
    • Excellent tow integration and capabilities. 


    • The external kitchen isn’t the greatest.

    Mars Campers has a great line of campers available, and the Mars 13 is their hybrid offering. This is a great hybrid model that features a fully kitted internal kitchen with a fridge, 2-burner stove, sink, and more! Thanks to the king-sized bed and air conditioner, you’re getting both style and comfort with this camper. Overall, this camper has everything you’d need and is perfect for a couple to take to the open road.

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    Opus Camper OP13 Hybrid Caravan


    • Options to choose from for different-sized families.
    • Ample storage space. 
    • Lifetime Warranty on the drawbar and Chassis.


    • Its size, while compact, can lead to some issues with standard camp sizes. 

    For lovers of a compact design, while still wanting something that can accommodate a small family, this is the perfect hybrid camper for you. With different layouts to choose from, you’re able to get something that fits your needs perfectly. While one option offers bunks, another offers a massive mattress and ample space. There’s a lovely dining area, tons of storage, and a distinct ability to take on off-road tracks. This is one of the best on the market for a reason! There are solar panels, freshwater tanks, jerry can holders, a great external kitchen, and many other great features to keep you comfortable while on the road. 

    Austrack Campers Tanami X15L Hybrid Off Road Camper Trailer


    • Excellent micro hybrid, makes the use of limited storage space.
    • Tons of features built into the price.
    • Extendable bed. 


    • Not suitable for more than 2 adults. 

    For the average couple that loves adventure, Austrack has made a hybrid camper perfect for you and your travel needs. They’ve really done an exceptional job designing this camper so that space is used properly. The bed is extendable, so you can transform sections of the camper to better suit your needs at the time. There’s even the ability to have an extra double bed if needed, so if you have a child or two, you can use it as a bed for them to sleep. Overall, we’d say this is a camper better suited for smaller families or couples, but it’s got a lot to offer. Beyond the space and storage, you’ve got an aircon, external gas outlet, and so much more. 

    Prime Campers Mighty 2 Range – MT12S


    • Electric awning
    • Rear fold-out bed setup.
    • A great, fully enclosed annex setup.


    • Space is limited in this model.

    The Prime Campers Might 2 is a great model, but it’s one of the smallest ones on this list. At first glance, it looks pretty big, but inside they’ve made everything compact, and with only one true bed, it’s not going to be a camper the whole family can reside in. Thanks to a proper, fully enclosed annex setup, there’s some wiggle room on how you can solve these issues and provide somewhere to sleep for everyone. Still, it’s not as easy as just having the bed setup already taken care of. 

    NextGen HybridX Camper Trailers


    • A lot of thoughtful features have been included in this model.
    • The standard equipment is extensive.
    • A reasonable footprint that’s wasted no space.


    • The payload is limited to 300kg.

    The NextGen HybridX tip-toes the line between being a hybrid and an off-road camper. It does both fairly well and considering its reasonable price tag, it’s not bad at all. However, this is a model that, while it’s great in general, it’s not always the best for the more harsh bushy terrain. The main reason is due to its width and height. That’s not to say it’s not worth trying considering it’s got a telescopic shock absorber independent suspension, top-quality Cruisemaster XT trailing arm and coil spring. There’s enough there to make it totally possible. They’ve done a great job of making a well-thought-out layout that has ample space and plenty of features. Overall, this is a great hybrid camper that, if used properly, can be your best bet for a brilliant cross-country trip into the wilderness.

    Track Trailer T4 Rhapsody/Symphony/Concerto


    • One of the more customisable options on the market.
    • Stylish design with unique window shapes.
    • Sleek interior design. 


    • Very expensive. 

    The Track Trailer T4 Rhapsody is a more premium trailer for the off-road traveller looking to have a hybrid camper. Track Trailers has taken an approach of unifying performance, comfort, and style. It’s safe to say they’re firing on all cylinders with this model. With various models, you can find one that accommodates the entire family and provides additional customisation opportunities. The Rhapsody is the smallest offering, perfect for a couple. The Symphony is for a small family of four, while the Concerto is for families of 6. All the models offer fully kitted-out kitchens, main queen beds, couches, and an ensuite (internal for Rhapsody, custom for Symphony and Concerto). Overall, it’s a great model that is potentially a great option for you and your family. 

    Ready to hit the road in your very own hybrid camper?

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    What hybrid caravans and campers are Australian-made?

    Australia offers a ton of great hybrid campers that are 100% Australian-made. You’d be looking at brands like Austrack, Eagle Campers, Altitude, Track Trailer, and many more. This is nothing but a slither of the numerous options out there for those looking for the best Australia has to offer when it comes to hybrid campers. 

    Are hybrid caravans and campers customisable?

    In a way, they are. Many models we’ve mentioned on our list have other layouts that you can choose, which provide a certain level of customisation. There are some brands of hybrid campers that go deeper and offer more minute changes to fit your style and preferences. So keep in mind that when you’re looking at a model, it might be customisable, or it may just have various layout options. 

    What’s the best hybrid camper for a family?

    The Opus Camper OP13 Hybrid Caravan might be one of the best hybrid campers for a family. With three different layout options, you can adjust the layout according to your needs as a family - would you prefer a queen size bed and solid walls for privacy, or are you happy with bunks? The design is sleek and well throughout, making it so that you can have your family there in comfort and style while you’re out exploring the Australian wilderness. With solar panels, lithium batteries and water tanks, you’ll also be able to have access to basic needs that keep us going!

    Philana Kwan

    Philana Kwan is the marketing coordinator at Driva she has a demonstrated history in customer service excellence and is knowledgeable in all things car and finance related. When she’s not working Philana enjoys learning new things and keeping up with the latest trends in marketing and technology.

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