The 5 Best Small Camper Trailers for Your Outdoor Adventures

Who doesn’t love a road trip? 

They’re a cornerstone for families and couples looking to have fun while exploring deeper into their own countries. There are many options to go about road trips, including vehicles like RVs and caravans. 

While they’re great options, they’re not always the best for smaller families or just a small couple. So, we thought we’d take a look at the best small camper trailers. 

Let’s take a look at the best options for your off-road adventures!

Why have we chosen these camper trailers to feature in our list?


They’re great off-road!

Our choices for the best small camper trailers all feature great off-road capabilities. It’s all well and good having a travel trailer, but what good is it when you’re limited in where you can go with it on the road? By having an off road trailer, you’re opening yourself up to the endless possible travel destinations in Australia.

They’re perfect for small families!

While small travel trailers aren’t going to work for fast-growing families or families that have older kids, a small camper trailer is perfectly suited for smaller families. You’ve got more than enough space for a small family or couple to enjoy the open road and camp out comfortably.

Their custom design gives lots of storage space!

One thing that you’ve got to know about small camper trailers is that what they lack in size (which is by design), they make up for in smart planning. The makers of the small camper trailers we’re going to discuss have all been made to ensure there’s enough space for everything you need. 

They’re packed full of other features! 

Don’t be fooled by these small trailers. Sometimes more space isn’t better - it can be a nuisance! 

For instance, some of these trailers for sale below have the lowest tow weight in the game, saving on fuel costs without sacrificing standard features the whole family will benefit from. Because of the limited space, manufacturers have come up with innovative designs and layouts to make sure these trailers are only packed with the essential features that your family will need on your camping trip. 

As a result, some of the best camper trailers out there for small families and couples will still be stacked with pull-out kitchens, hot water, slide-out fridges and ovens, outdoor lighting, and so much more - you’ll be amazed at what’s cleverly been included in such a small living space. 

They’re affordable!

If you’ve got the travel bug and want to hit the open road but are afraid of the cost of a small travel trailer, never fear. The great thing about small camper trailers is that they’re extremely affordable in comparison to other off-road camper trailers, caravans, RVs, etc. 

You’ll be able to take to the open road in style without breaking the bank - these micro minnie campers are the definition of affordable luxury.

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    Now - here are the best small camper trailers to explore the great outdoors! 

    Cub Weekender


    • Well-crafted.
    • Ample storage.
    • Easy to set up and take down.


    • Pole storage isn’t amazing. 

    The Weekender is a brilliant camper from the ever-reliable Cub Campers. This model offers a great deal of space with a lightweight design that’s sure to work for a small family - comfortably fitting two children and two adults. 

    In addition, there are a ton of storage options available to ensure everything you need to bring with you has a place to go! 

    With this easy-to-set-up camper trailer, you’ll be able to enjoy your holiday in no time at all. Additional features include the pullout kitchen, which provides an excellent cooking area and optional extras like power packs, mini fridge packs, and more.

    Overall, this is an affordable option that is ready to make you a happier camper on your road trip across the Australian continent. 

    Pod Allroada RT Camper


    • Lightweight and easy to tow. 
    • One of the easiest camper trailers to set up and take down. 
    • Affordable with a focus on value for money. 


    • Average storage.

    The Pod Allroada RT Camper is an interesting camper because it focuses heavily on plastic. That’s right, a lot of the core elements of the camper are, in fact, plastic, which significantly reduces the camper trailer's weight.

    As a result, this baby is easy to tow! For this camper trailer, this rooftop tent is easily accessible by a ladder. A heads up…this isn’t the kind of camper that’s going to work for more than a couple. 

    Overall, this camper trailer is very small, more on the micro minnie side, but it’s a great camper trailer for couples. It’s got a large queen bed that’s comfortable, albeit thin. The windows provide great airflow, and you can simply just zip them up when it's raining. 

    With the fully fitted kitchen, it’s a great camper that’s going to make your trip comfortable and far more enjoyable.

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    Marlin Cruiser


    • Easy to set up and take down.
    • Lightweight.
    • Great additions are included in the camper.
    • Value for money.


    • Very basic standard fit-out.

    The Marlin Cruiser is simple, compact, and ready for adventure. 

    This is a brilliant small camper trailer for a couple looking to travel across Australia. This is a super affordable camper trailer, so you can also enjoy it without breaking the bank. Thanks to its ridiculously low weight of 280 kg, you are able to tow it using almost any vehicle.  

    This soft floor and roof camper is easy to set up and take down while providing enough space for a queen-sized bed/mattress. You can even use the other section for a smaller bed if you’re bringing along your child. 

    Overall, this uncomplicated camper trailer is exactly what you need for a cross-country trip. It provides comfort at a reasonable price.

    Jayco Swift


    • Great use of space.
    • Perfect size.
    • The kitchen is exactly what you need. 


    • Limited storage.

    The Jayco Swift is a really interesting camper trailer. It’s small and compact, but when it’s out in full force, it’s incredibly impressive and spacious. 

    They’ve made this design matter, and their execution shows that. The floor plan means they’ve packed a lot of great features into the space without making it difficult to exist in. 

    With a fitted kitchen, bed, dining area, and cupboards, there’s a lot going on, but it doesn’t feel like it - especially with the excellent interior height Jayco has managed with its pop-up roof design.

    Overall, Jayco has ensured their Swift camper trailer is one of a kind. It’s probably one of the best budget camper trailers out there, considering what it has to offer. You and your growing family will find a great use for this camper trailer and should comfortably fit two adults and two children. 

    Signature Deluxe II


    • The kitchen is very simple but great to use. 
    • Great for off-road travelling.
    • Value for money. 


    • The ladder could be better.

    The Signature Deluxe II isn’t the best on the market, but it’s one of the more off-road capable trailers you’ll find. The rooftop tent is easy to set up, up top while the rest of the camper trailer acts as storage and kitchen space. A word of warning - this vehicle is suitable for a couple only, fitting two adults and two children in this camper will be tough!

    Another thing to note, the ladder to get to the tent isn’t great, and it’s probably our biggest gripe with this camper trailer. 

    Overall, this is a decent camper trailer, if you’re young and active and don’t mind it’s a bit rough around the edges. However, you’ll be able to find good use in this model as it’s got just about everything you’d need for a successful road trip - especially if you’re going off-road.

    BONUS: Brüder EXP-4


    • A great focus on tech elements.
    • Sturdy design using quality materials.
    • Truly an all-terrain camper trailer. 


    • Expensive in comparison to any other option on this list!

    Listen. This is a bonus because, in comparison to the other models, the Brüder EXP-4 is incredibly expensive. To put it into perspective, you could buy several Pod Allroada RT camper trailers for the price of one of these bad boys. 

    So, why mention it? 

    Well, it’s probably the best compact camper trailer out there. This thing is designed to be an all-terrain camper trailer fit with solar panels and many other incredible features. There’s ventilation, ample storage space, a queen size bed and enough room for a small family of four with the ability to put a tent on top - increasing your sleeping quarters to up to six people.

    Additionally, there’s a fully fitted kitchen and numerous other elements such as independent suspension, roof racks, high ground clearance and LED lighting, not to mention this thing looks like it’s a NASA-inspired design.

    Overall, while expensive, the Brüder EXP-4 is an incredible camper trailer. It’s simply hard to deny reality…even if that reality has a healthy dose of sticker shock.

    You’ll be a happier camper with a tiny trailer! 

    So what are you waiting for? 

    It’s time to get one of these nifty small vehicles while the road still beckons! With Driva, you’ve got access to numerous options for financing your small camper trailer. So just head over to our quote flow, to find your perfect camper trailer finance options.

    Want something a bit bigger? Check out our picks for the best camper trailers on our website. 


    Which is the best small trailer in 2022?

    While it’s expensive, the Brüder EXP-4 is a great small camper trailer. With the self-levelling suspension, double bed and bunk options for children, and a bunch of included tech in the camper trailer, it’s hard not to put this as the best. The only problem is that in comparison to any other option on this list, it’s extremely expensive. This is a major downer. 

    Who builds the highest-quality travel trailers?

    That’s a difficult question to answer when any of these brands could be considered for the honour of being the highest quality camper trailer maker. However, if we had to choose just two options, we’d choose Stockman and Brüder X. They’ve proven they can make some great quality models crossing various price ranges. 

    Which is the best small camper trailer for a family of 4?

    It pains us to say that the Brüder EXP-4 offers probably the best sleeping arrangements for a family of four. With bunk beds, it makes it one of the few options where a kid is even able to stay in the camper. The second best would be Jayco Swift. The Swift can handle a small family of campers with ease.

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