The Best Electric SUVs on the Market in Australia

There’s no doubt that EVs are the future. We’re becoming more aware of the need to be sustainable, and manufacturers of various products are realising the same thing. Now, we’re seeing more and more car makers bringing out their own electric cars and hybrid vehicles wanting to get in on the ground floor of this electric future. 

With the EV generation in full force, there are so many new electric SUVs coming to Australia in 2023, you’ll need a hand to sort through them all! 

Don’t stress, we’ve made a list of our teams, and Australia’s favourites to make searching for your next electric car easy as! 

Which electric vehicles (SUVs) are coming to Australia in 2023?

So many amazing electric SUVs are coming to the market that deserves our attention. Major car makers like Tesla, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, and more are putting their most innovative and brightest into innovating the following electric vehicle that will take the world by storm. 

Let’s take a look at some of Australia's strongest contenders in the electric SUV domain this year!

Which electric SUV should you buy? Here are Driva’s top 7:

Tesla Model X


  • Among the best in battery range - awe-inspiring efficiency.
  • Tech features are advanced and innovative.
  • One of the most powerful SUVs on the Australian market.


  • The rear doors, which are upward-opening, can be constricted in tighter spaces. 

Tesla is a name that we’re sure everyone is aware of by now. The Model X is one of the more impressive EV vehicles, and it has a lot to offer, even if it comes at a steep price (view a full Tesla cost breakdown in Australia here). 

This pure EV large SUV boasts ample seating and interior space, a killer infotainment unit, and an impressive range of 348 miles. 

There’s a reason why so many people want a Tesla. They’re incredibly customizable, offer world-class technology, are tested, and have made a mark. Getting your hands on a Tesla can sometimes prove challenging - so this is something you’ll need to be prepared for when looking at getting one of your own. 

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    Hyundai Kona Electric


    • A very powerful battery pack that will soothe any range anxiety you have.
    • This pure electric car performs well on the roads - glides through cities.
    • Tons of standard equipment are featured.


    • There is no all-wheel drive.

    The Hyundai Kona Electric is a car you’re likely already familiar with, and that’s because it’s been around for a while. Built and designed to be a Tesla Model 3 challenger, the Kona has a lot to offer. For starters, the driving range is impressive at 305 km on the basic model. It’s also not as expensive as most other options out there, which is a bonus.

    We’d argue that aesthetics is where the car isn’t at its best. While the interior is great - offering plenty of cargo space and a comfortable flat floor, the exterior is uninspiring and could do with a facelift. 

    Overall, the Hyundai’s extended range, affordable price point and practical interior make this small SUV an electric car that won’t disappoint.  

    BMW iX


    • The futuristic interior is roomy and high-tech, and the exterior styling is stunning.
    • Impressive off-road capability with standard air suspension in base models. 
    • Excellent blend of power, performance, and practicality without sacrificing driving range.


    • Expensive compared to other EV models. 

    BMW has had somewhat of a head start in the EV market, and the car maker's new EV iX model is another high-quality entry into the growing industry. This all-electric SUV from BMW has a lot to offer, but it is considered a luxury SUV so expect a premium price tag. With adaptive cruise control, lane assists, and rear cross-traffic alert, this all-electric model is head and shoulders above other SUVs regarding driving assistance. 

    Also, with a range of 324 miles - this beauty has one of the more extended driving ranges available on the market, rivaling some of the best electric SUVs. 

    Its bold styling isn’t just for looks, either. Its careful design means much boot space, cabin space, and comfort for multiple passengers. The BMW iX is a challenger to the Mercedes Benz EQB and Jaguar I Pace in the luxury division of the EV market.  

    Mg ZS EV


    • Highly affordable, all-electric small SUV option.
    • The infotainment console is a big improvement.
    • The driving range has been increased massively from the previous electric version. 


    • The rear-view cam isn’t amazing when it comes to energy quality. 

    You might be a bit unfamiliar with this option but rest assured, it’s well worth the entry on this list. Why? Because of the affordability it offers and the quality of the car itself. 

    While nothing flashy is offered with the MG ZS EV, its price point and high baseline performance makes this a great entry model for anyone looking to buy an electric car.

    Overall, the ZS EV by MG isn’t anything to scoff at, even if it’s not as fancy as other models on this list. For those looking for an easy-to-drive vehicle while reducing their emissions, then this car is for you. It’s got the space and comfort needed for a small family, which is what the SUV is all about!

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    Hyundai IONIQ 5


    • Comfortable and spacious EV with a beautiful exterior.
    • The two electric motors are extremely fast charging.
    • Dual motor - front and rear provide balanced power to rear wheels and front wheels.


    • Above base models, the car's price point is higher than other models on this list. 

    The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is yet another great electric SUV option for people to consider in 2023. Coming from a trusted and proven car maker like Hyundai makes it a great option already, and they’ve gone all out to make this a worthy contender. 

    This car enjoys an 800-volt architecture which allows it to charge super fast, and while Australia hasn’t entirely caught up with fast charging, this car is future-proof for when we do. In terms of interior, it’s a spacious vehicle that’s comfortable with a modern interior and a decent infotainment centre. The AR heads-up display is beautiful and helps you keep your eyes on the road at all times.  

    The driving experience is smooth, and thanks to the long-range battery, you can enjoy an impressive 303-mile range! Overall, thanks to a wonderful interior, fast charging capabilities, impressive range, and brilliant driving dynamics, the IONIQ 5 is definitely worth the test drive!

    Chevrolet Bolt EUV


    • Very reasonable price in comparison to other EVs.
    • The driving range is impressive.
    • The interior of the Bolt is spacious, with plenty of features. 


    • All-wheel drive is lacking. 

    Looking for one of the cheaper options on the market? The Bolt EUV by Chevrolet is a great option. It’s got a simple yet effective design on the exterior and a comfort-driven interior that’s spacious and loaded with features. When it comes to the range, it’s got a pretty impressive 247 miles under the hood which isn’t bad at all!

    While it’s by no means the fanciest option out there, it’s got all the same underpinnings as it’s EV counterparts at an incredibly competitive price - which is why this hot hatch is featured in the second half of this list. 

    Audi e-tron S


    • Fun to drive - drives like an EV version of its petrol/diesel Audi brothers and sisters.
    • Impressive torque and power output are one of the highest on this list. 
    • Sporty appearance in comparison to the standard model.


    • The range seems to have been sacrificed for power and performance. 

    The Audi e-Tron S is Audi’s new and improved EV SUV model. This is an exciting vehicle to discuss because it’s got some amazing features and a few less-than-amazing features that could be considered a deterrent. 

    The range isn’t great at only 212 miles on the higher end. More importantly, the price point on this vehicle is far higher than other EVs - putting it closer to the Mercedes Benz EQB and BMW iX. 

    With two electric motors on the rear and front axle, this all-wheel drive is a blast. It’s equipped with tons of torque and horsepower and is so smooth around corners and on straights.  

    Despite a less-than-ideal price point and range, it’s stellar if you’re into electric SUVs. The vehicle's design is stunning inside and out, so you’re getting comfort, style, and speed, which is a win!

    Final Thoughts

    You are ready to get one of these fantastic electric SUVs by now. Take advantage of the special tax incentives offered by the federal and local governments. If that’s not enough, you can get a reasonable loan from one of the many providers in Australia. Driva connects you with excellent lenders and offers. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!


    Which SUV has the longest electric range?

    As it stands, the SUV with the longest electric range is the Mercedes EQS 450+. It just beat the Tesla Model S by 48 miles. The Mercedes EQS 450+ has a 453-mile range. This vehicle doesn’t cost all that much more than the Model S, but it’s still costly. It’s important to note that the longest electric range isn’t determining what makes for the best electric SUVs.

    Can electric SUVs tow?

    Most car manufacturers will build SUVs with towing in mind. As a result, most EV SUVs will be able to tow. The critical thing to understand regarding towing using electric SUVs is that some things shouldn’t be towed with electric SUVs. You need to understand the car you have, its abilities, and the item you intend to drag to ensure you don’t damage the vehicle or vessel you plan to tow. 

    How long do electric motor batteries last (lifespan)?

    An electric motor battery is estimated to last roughly 100,000 and 200,000 miles. This equates to 15 - 20 years. However, it has been noted that as EV batteries age, their overall capacity, which is often substantial, combined with slight losses in power, means that drivers won’t honestly notice drastic changes in the performance of their vehicles. 

    Philana Kwan

    Philana Kwan is the marketing coordinator at Driva she has a demonstrated history in customer service excellence and is knowledgeable in all things car and finance related. When she’s not working Philana enjoys learning new things and keeping up with the latest trends in marketing and technology.

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