The Ultimate Guide to Best Medium Luxury SUVs in Australia in 2023

When it comes to choosing the best medium luxury SUV in Australia, 2023 offers a broad range of vehicles featuring an impressive combination of luxurious qualities, high-performance capabilities and advanced technology. To help you make an informed decision we’ve put together this ultimate guide that will take into account each vehicle’s key features while providing expert tips so that you find one perfectly suited for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • This guide compares the key features of the best medium luxury SUVs in Australia, including performance, safety, technology and interior styling.
  • Hybrid and electric options are becoming increasingly popular with vehicles such as the Lexus NX Hybrid or Tesla Model Y providing impressive power outputs whilst reducing environmental impact.
  • Tips on budgeting for a vehicle purchase alongside test driving advice and financing options from Driva are also included to help you make an informed decision when selecting your next car.

Top Medium Luxury SUVs in Australia

For Australian car buyers in 2023, the market offers an abundance of medium-luxury SUVs that provide a unique selection of features and capabilities. Mercedes Benz GLC Class, BMW X3, Volvo XC60, Audi Q5 and Lexus NX are some prominent names that represent superior craftsmanship when it comes to luxury cars. These models also guarantee top performance for those who drive them. The Jaguar F-Pace is another excellent option on this dynamic SUV segment of the automotive industry, each vehicle ensuring driving pleasure with its sophistication and capability regardless what model you may choose!

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class

The Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class is a mid-size SUV that stands out with its combination of luxury and power. With features like onboard navigation, 360-degree cameras for outside monitoring, and ambient lighting which comes in multiple colors along with standard safety mechanisms such as airbags and collision warnings. The options are endless to upgrade your ride even By adding digital headlight capabilities or adaptive suspension elements coupled alongside AMG Nappa leather upholstery. When it comes to fuel efficiency this car has got you covered while simultaneously offering all the luxuries one could ask for from an upscale SUV experience - finding a perfect balance between sophistication, performance & practicality. From different models available ranging across various preferences , there’s something here perfectly suited for everyone wanting ultimate comfort inside their Mercedez Benz vehicle .

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    BMW X3

    For car buyers searching for a mix of performance, technology and attractive design, the BMW X3 is an ideal option. Offering different models to suit individual requirements, it provides great features like powerful engine output as well as advanced safety functions such as blind spot detection and junction assist. Alternatively, hybrid options are available too.

    Its interior has plush seats alongside abundant storage area - perfect if you need more cargo space or plan on going off-roading - which together with incredible power plus state-of-the-art tech prove that BMW’s commitment to excellence shines through in this vehicle.

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    Volvo XC60

    The Volvo XC60 offers an exceptional combination of safety, performance and luxury in a mid-sized SUV. Boasting automated emergency braking and lane departure warnings as standard features, the vehicle also comes with different trim levels and packages such as Momentum, Inscription or R-Design for a customised driving experience. The interior provides optimal comfort to passengers while offering plenty of space for cargo too.

    In terms of technology, this top-notch model has it all: Google services built into its system, Bowers & Wilkins high fidelity audio sound plus multiple driver support systems making the XC60 perfect if you seek a luxurious ride without compromising on security standards.

    Audi Q5

    The Audi Q5 stands out from the crowd for its exceptional performance, luxurious comfort and advanced technology. An array of models offer features including a Virtual Cockpit digital instrument cluster, MMI navigation with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display plus Quattro all-wheel drive, ensuring great power whatever environment you may find yourself in. From city streets to rough terrain, the Q5 is sure to make any journey comfortable as well as an enjoyable driving experience thanks to DAB Digital Radio reception. With this range of capabilities on offer, it’s easy to see why the Audi Q5 is a top choice when luxury meets practicality alongside performance!

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    Lexus NX

    The Lexus NX is a medium luxury SUV that presents an array of desirable features. Offering comfort and stylish design, the vehicle also comes with advanced safety components like Climate Concierge from Lexus, Connected Services for Android Auto & Apple CarPlay compatibility, as well as automated tailgate system. It Offers powertrain selections including Hybrid plug-in variation alongside hybrids, turbo petrols and standard gas options in its range to provide versatility while delivering superior performance suitable to satisfy all types of drivers’ needs on top of lexury standards . The Nx’s hybrid model specifically stands out since it integrates both fuel efficiency together with cutting edge eco-friendly technology making it competitive within the modern Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle market place.

    Jaguar F-Pace

    The Jaguar F-Pace is a medium luxury SUV that boasts impressive performance and unique design. It offers all wheel drive, configurable dynamics, blind spot assist, rear traffic monitor ,rear camera capabilities, lane keep assist as well as adaptive speed limiter options to make it one of the top choices in luxurious SUVs. If you are looking for an automobile with sporty flair while still being comfortable on city streets or off road trails (such as Nissan X Trail) then look no Than the F-Pace which exemplifies style matched by its commitment to quality .

    Comparing Key Features

    Let’s take a closer look at the key features of these luxury SUVs and compare them, such as: performance, safety characteristics, technology, interior design and comfort. We’ll investigate engine options available along with power production rates to analyze their handling potentials while also assessing advanced security systems together with infotainment systems plus examining both styling and coziness inside the vehicle.

    This comparison should provide substantial information on what each SUV can offer making it easier for you to pick out your desired car that satisfies all requirements & tastes specifically.


    In Australia, medium luxury SUVs offer a great balance of performance and efficiency to suit your needs. With sporty handling, powerful engines and plenty of room in the interior for passengers or cargo they are some of the best mid size options available on the market today.

    To find one that fits your preferences perfectly take different models from each brand out for a test drive. Audi Q5 is just one example as it offers an engine selection between 150kW, 210Kw ensuring you can choose what meets those requirements specifically.


    For car buyers, safety is a crucial consideration when shopping for medium luxury SUVs in Australia. These vehicles come packed with valuable defensive features such as autonomous emergency braking and electronic stability control systems, numerous airbags, ABS brakes plus active security components like blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise regulation and lane departure alerting technology. Comparing the protective characteristics of these automobiles can help you determine which SUV provides optimum protection to occupants.


    For those living in Australia, it is important to consider the available technology when purchasing a medium luxury SUV. These vehicles come equipped with advanced infotainment systems which include touchscreen displays, satellite navigation and smartphone integration for an enhanced driving experience in cities. Driver assistance features such as adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring have become staples of many medium SUVs out on the market today while lane departure warning gives drivers more confidence behind the wheel.

    When looking at different medium luxuries models you can select one that best suits your needs due to evaluating all these technologies together with their user-friendliness of various features they offer – making sure you get hold of what’s considered by some as “the best” kind out there!

    Interior Styling and Comfort

    Mid size luxury SUVs offer an excellent blend of style and comfort. The interiors of mid size luxury suv boast classy styling, spacious cabins with seven seats providing ultimate luxurious experience for passengers. Many vehicles also feature advanced infotainment systems as well as ambient interior lighting and auto-dimming rear view mirrors in certain models to truly enhance the ride quality. When looking at mid size suvs it is important to consider each model’s qualities, designs and level of comfort so that you can find which vehicle best suits your needs perfectly!

    Hybrid and Electric Options

    In Australia, the luxury SUV segment is experiencing a boost in popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles due to their sustainability. Notable models include Lexus NX Hybrid, Volvo XC60 Recharge and Tesla Model Y. All providing luxurious interiors, advanced safety features as well as superior performance without sacrificing environmental impact.

    Lexus NX Hybrid

    The Lexus NX Hybrid is a car that will appeal to buyers wanting an environmentally-friendly option without compromising on luxury or performance. Its combination of gasoline and electric motor makes it highly fuel efficient, while also offering modern safety features inside its high-end interior. All this can be had in the luxurious SUV design of Lexus’ popular NX model line, making for one incredibly attractive package!

    Volvo XC60 Recharge

    The Volvo XC60 Recharge is a hybrid option which provides great performance without needing to sacrifice eco-friendly credentials. This SUV has the following features: an electric motor combined with a 2.0 litre turbocharged and supercharged petrol engine for delivering 300 horsepower and 400Nm of torque, as well as being able to travel up 50km powered solely by electricity before running out fuel, 600 km when coupled with its traditional engine.

    Volvo’s XC60 Recharge offers those who desire it sustainable transportation while less fuel bills while also obtaining powerful outputs. Making this vehicle worth considering if one needs both efficiency & high levels of capability in their car choice!

    Tesla Model Y

    The Tesla Model Y, a cutting-edge luxury SUV equipped with high-tech features and an awe inspiring performance capability. Offering up to 300 miles of range on one charge as well as 4.8 seconds 0 - 60mph time and reaching top speeds of 150 mph this new model provides drivers with unprecedented access to luxury transportation and all the benefits that come along with it such as Autopilot technology for enhanced safety including eight airbags To its reinforced steel frame construction. Creating reliable protection should any collisions occur.

    Interior wise customers can enjoy comfortable seating arrangements complemented by ample storage space enabling you experience more convenience than ever before while out exploring what your preferred journey has waiting for you! Consequently making the sophisticatedly designed Tesla Model Y one must have item if their preferences lean towards leading edge SUVs driven by luxurious capabilities merged within optimum safety parameters defining modern automotive excellence from today into tomorrow’s future driving expectations.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Medium Luxury SUV

    Now that you have been briefed on the most desirable medium luxury SUVs in Australia, with their noteworthy elements and hybrid/electric alternatives available to them, it is now time for you to pick out the right one.

    Going forward we will provide advice related to budgeting at an entry-level, test driving options as well as warranty support post-sales and various financing plans so that your decision-making process is aided thoroughly.

    Budget Considerations

    When budgeting for a mid-luxury SUV, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and needs To the total cost of ownership such as gas, insurance fees and maintenance expenses. To stay within allocated funds you must set up an affordable financial plan and remain committed towards it. When trying to obtain the most suitable deal on your vehicle you should do some research into multiple models available, compare prices, look at various financing options open to you. Search out potential discounts or promotions that may be running currently.

    Test Driving

    It is imperative to explore numerous makes and models of medium luxury SUVs in order to discover the best fit for your preferences. Taking each car out on a test drive can help you determine which vehicle better corresponds with how you usually drive.

    Before going off-roading, it’s advisable to learn about the model or brand and browse reviews as well as assess features - this will ensure that when picking an SUV, the decision-making process has been properly informed by facts about luxuries & performance capabilities alike.

    Warranty and After-Sales Support

    When selecting a medium luxury SUV, make sure to evaluate the accompanying warranty and after-sales assistance. A sensible choice would be opting for a vehicle with extensive protection from potential malfunctions or defects that is provided by an extended year guarantee plus efficient customer service support in case of any issues arising afterwards. Choosing this kind of luxury SUV guarantees maximum reassurance as well as confidence in your purchase decision.


    For those searching for a high-end luxury SUV in the Australian market, there are many top contenders available to car buyers such as Mercedes-Benz GLC Class, BMW X3, Volvo XC60 Audi Q5, Lexus NX and Jaguar F Pace. By evaluating features like hybrid and electric vehicle options closely analyzing budget availability while also taking into consideration aftersales service warranties etc you can make an informed decision based on your own needs preferences when selecting from these SUVs which offer amazing performance and advanced technology along with superior craftsmanship perfect suited to one’s individual requirements. Enjoy the ultimate driving experience by embracing their luxurious capabilities today!

    How Driva Can Help You Finance Your Next Car Purchase

    Driva’s mission is to make sure that you get the best car finance deal. Their platform compares over 30 lenders and will provide tailored loan quotes for your desired luxury SUV purchase. Driva guarantees complete fee transparency with any agreement they broker, allowing you to feel secure in choosing an appropriate financing solution.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which is the best used luxury SUV to buy Australia?

    Families who are looking for a luxurious SUV should certainly consider the Volkswagen Tiguan. This vehicle provides an amazing experience, thanks to its cutting-edge tech and comfortable climate control - all at pre-owned costs! With this luxury suv, you can make any journey special.

    What is the #1 luxury SUV?

    The Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class, an iconic luxury SUV that is considered the top in its class, has earned a stellar rating of 8.6 out 10 for overall excellence and luxurious features.

    What is the best luxury SUV that holds its value?

    The Lexus GX and LX are highly praised for their solid engineering, as well as great resale value - in particular the LX 570 has a depreciation rate of only 32% over five years.

    This luxury 7-seater SUV provides plenty of comfort without sacrificing off road capability making it an excellent choice.

    It is clear why these vehicles from Lexus have become so popular due to top level quality and affordability when buying used cars that retain its worth even after many years on the market.

    Which luxury mid size SUV has the most comfortable seats?

    Mid size SUVs, such as the Lincoln Nautilus with its luxurious seating space of 83.1 inches, top the list when it comes to comfortable seats among luxury mid size models - Notable contenders include INFINITI QX60, Mercedes-Benz GLE and Jeep Wagoneer L along with Genesis GV80.

    What are the top medium luxury SUVs in Australia in 2023?

    For Australia in 2023, the top medium-range luxury SUVs are Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class, Lexus NX and Volvo XC60 as well as Jaguar F Pace.

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