The Best Seven-Seat SUVs In Australia 2023

Whether you’ve got a growing family or are just after a new car that is as practical as it is spacious, chances are you’re considering buying a seven-seat SUV. 

With so many options on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. 

Luckily for you, we are constantly updating this blog with the best seven-seat SUVs available in Australia, so you can make the most informed choice while shopping around!

First, what’s the biggest pro of 7 seater SUVs?

Well, of course, it’s none other than…

Space! Those second and third-row seats baby!

It’s hard to deny that having all that space isn’t a major benefit of a seven seater SUV. If you’ve got a family that’s a little above average in terms of size, then you should definitely be getting yourself a family SUV with a spacious cabin to accommodate the whole family comfortably.

Seven seater SUVs can even hold up to eight people comfortably - unless you’ve got those luxury second row captain’s chairs…in which case, who cares about 8 people, they’re so comfy and you can still fit six or seven!

Enough mucking about, read on to find the best 7 seater SUV for you…

Ford Everest

Price: $53,290

The Everest is the stylish new Ford SUV on the market. It’s a great vehicle with a lot to offer. This offering from Ford is a big car with a great interior design to ensure that the three rows of seats are comfortable for everyone. Whether you’re third row passengers, or up front, there’s enough space for everyone. 

Between models, Ford has improved the Everest engine and transmission. You can choose between having the 2.0-litre four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel or consider a meatier, more powerful, 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel engine. The Everest also has towing capacity, so you can take it on some rugged adventures and bring along a trailer with you. That’s where more power from your engine comes in handy! Overall, this is a great option from a reliable brand like Ford, and if you’re looking for a large SUV, the Everest is exactly what you need.

Nissan Pathfinder

Price: $65,910 - $80,227

Nissan’s Pathfinder is another great entry into the list of amazing seven seater SUVs. One upon a time, the Pathfinder range was a king of off-road driving. Nissan then went and made the car too soft to the point that it was called a soft-road vehicle. Finally, they’ve balanced it out and made this both an on and off-road SUV that’s far better than the older models in the Pathfinder range.

It’s got a stylish interior design with a modern infotainment centre. Even better than a spacious cabin is an insulated one. It’s peaceful on the inside of a Pathfinder, with the outside roads being tuned out. The seats are comfortable and supportive and don’t decrease in quality once you get to the back row. This seven seater SUV is one of the best on the market and one of Nissan’s best efforts.

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    Toyota Highlander

    Price: $54,994

    Australian showrooms are populated by Toyota because they’re one of the biggest brands in Australia. The Highlander is one of their best vehicles, and it’s got a hybrid option too. Regardless of which you choose, be it the hybrid variant or the petrol-only option, you’re getting a car with above-average fuel economy.

    The interior is classic Toyota which depending on who you are, might be a good or bad thing. The infotainment centre is slightly outdated, but other tech features make up for it. Third row seating is also a bit of a letdown, with it being slightly limited. Beyond that, the interior design makes use of some luxe trimmings and has a great feel to it. While the Highlander isn’t perfect, it’s still an amazing car perfect for a small to medium-sized family.

    Volkswagen Atlas

    Price: $59,359

    Volkswagen brings you the Atlas, which is a stunning SUV that’s been given a lot of attention to make it look and drive amazingly. This vehicle features a very spacious cabin with a stylish design that’s simplistic. It can be a bit difficult having a family in a car with a white interior, but it looks amazing, so if you can make it work, make it work!

    It’s a comfortable vehicle that has a decent driving experience. This car is packing some power with its 269-hp turbocharged inline-four engine. You’ll be able to make use of it not just for driving around your family but also in instances where you need to move cargo or tow another vehicle or trailer. It’s not perfect and has been noted as being slightly inferior to the competition, but it’s still a car worth considering. One thing that you might want to consider is how the interior of the vehicle sits with you. Some don’t enjoy the somewhat ‘corporate’ look.

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Price: $83,950

    Jeep is a luxury brand, and the Grand Cherokee is a premium SUV. The Grand Cherokee from Jeep is one of the more expensive options when it comes to seven-seater SUVs. This vehicle has a lot to offer, with a spacious cabin, improved tech, and convenience features. The 3.6i engine provides a comfortable and moderately powerful driving experience.

    The car thrives in the fact that not only does it drive amazingly, but it’s also just a beautiful-looking car inside and out. While it looks extremely modern, it also has that rugged vibe that Jeep is known for. Some downsides with the Grand Cherokee mainly have to do with how all wheel drive is an additional cost which is disappointing. Otherwise, fuel economy is decent, tech features aren’t bad, and the infotainment centre is great. Besides the pricetag, there’s little reason not to get a Grand Cherokee.

    Ford Explorer

    Price: $53,480

    Another option from Ford is the Ford Explorer. This rugged vehicle with a stylish aesthetic is ready to take you and your family on an adventure. The engine included in the Explorer is a 300-hp turbocharged 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine. As a result, you’re getting some decent power on any journey. There’s also a hybrid option to consider if you’re looking for even better fuel economy.

    The interior isn’t anything special with the Explorer. It’s stylish but does feature some lacklustre materials. The comfort level is decent, but back row seats are clearly something that wasn’t done with as much effort as the seats upfront. Overall, this is a decent mid-sized seven seater SUV that’s got a lot to offer small families who need to travel in and around town more frequently.

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    Subaru Ascent

    Price: $33,895

    Subaru’s Ascent is the biggest Subaru on the market. With this wonderful offering from Subaru, you’re getting a cushy ride that’s comfortable, smooth, and easy. The car has plenty of standard safety features included, is a standard all wheel drive, and has a stylish design to cap it all off.

    The Ascent is like many on this list as does have a slightly lacklustre third row seating which cannot accommodate adults. Additionally, the powertrain is rather noisy, which isn’t the best. However, despite it all, this is a great car for families and something that should be considered after a test drive.

    Haval H6

    Price: $​​33,990

    Coming in at number 10 is the affordable Haval H6, which manages to undercut the majority of its competitors on price, starting at a reasonable $33,990 for the entry-level H6 Premium. Despite its low price, the H6 doesn’t compromise on quality - it’s functional, safe and roomy, making it an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable seven-seat SUV.

    Isuzu MU-X

    Price: $65,990

    The latest Isuzu MU-X is a reliable 4x4 wagon that’s as stylish as it is comfortable. Though the 2022 Isuzu MU-X is more expensive than its predecessor, with a higher price comes with more comfort, entertainment features and safety equipment. It also has a higher maximum towing capacity than most of the other SUVs on this list. The LS-M 4x2 starts from $47,990 before on-road costs.

    Bentley Bentayga

    Price: $334,700

    Refined and hyper-luxurious, the Bentley Bentayga combines an extremely powerful engine with the latest tech and finest interiors to create a stunning SUV. The main downside to the Bentayga is the price; for this luxurious seven-seater that doesn’t dare to compromise on quality, you’re looking at spending upward of $364,800.

    Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid EV

    Price: $55,490

    In terms of stand-out plug-in hybrid EVs, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is high on the list. This seven-seat SUV features more powerful and efficient engines than ever before, as well as all the latest entertainment and safety features. Starting from $55,490 before on-road costs, the Outlander PHEV is something of a pioneer for plug-in hybrid technology.

    Toyota Landcruiser Prado

    Price: $60,830

    The Prado, a staple on Australian roads for decades, continues to provide excellent value for money, outstanding off-road capability, and practicality for families of all sizes. Starting from $60,830, the entry-level 2022 Prado GX is a reliable, practical seven-seater brimming with the latest technology. For those interested in Toyota's larger offering, our recent blog post delves into the new 300 Series LandCruiser in detail, comparing it with its predecessor, the 200 Series.

    Hyundai Santa Fe

    Price: $44,700

    Coming in at number five is the Hyundai Santa Fe, a well-rounded SUV with a reputation for reliability and durability. The Santa Fe starts from $44,700 before on-road costs and comes in three drivetrain options including a turbocharged hybrid with AWD.

    Featuring a luxurious interior and a comprehensive active safety suite, the Santa Fe is a great choice if you’re in the market for a seven-seat SUV. Keep in mind though that the third-row seats are slightly smaller than most rivals.

    Hyundai Palisade

    Price: $60,000

    The Hyundai Palisade is a versatile and practical vehicle that can be configured to fit either seven seats or eight seats. Featuring a sleek interior and a massive infotainment system, the Palisade truly is a stunning vehicle (especially if you’re thinking that the more car seats, the better!). Prices start from $60,000 for the 3.8 in two-wheel-drive configuration.

    Mazda CX-9

    Price: $45,990

    Practical and comfortable, the Mazda CX-9 is one of the most established 7 seated SUVs in Australia. It features a well-made cabin, plenty of up-to-date technology and a powerful turbo engine. The Mazda CX-9 starts from $45,990 before on-road costs, while the higher grades (whose second row seats are luxurious captains chairs) start from $73,751.

    Kia Sorento

    Price: $46,990

    Narrowly missing out on our top spot comes the Kia Sorento, a comfortable seven seater than provides exceptional value for money - particularly after you’ve factored in their entertainment and safety features.

    Featuring a more efficient engine lineup than ever before, and a sharper, crisper interior, the Sorrento is an excellent choice for families and those seeking a bit of extra room (it can also easily fit three child seats!).The entry-level Sorento S with a petrol engine starts from $46,990 driveaway.

    Toyota Kluger

    Price: $68,900

    And in first place we have… the Toyota Kluger! This iconic and efficient SUV is a staple on Aussie roads - and for good reason. Featuring a spacious cabin, flexible cargo space and all the latest tech and safety features, whether you’re sitting in the front passenger seat or back in the second and third rows, you’re in for a comfortable ride.

    It also comes in three trim levels with three drivetrain options including a petrol-electric hybrid (which is All Wheel Drive only), so there really is something for everyone! The GX starts from $47,650, while the range-topping Grande starts from $68,900.

    Ready to get your very own seven seater SUV?

    With so many amazing options out there, it’s no surprise you’re probably more ready than you’ve ever been to get behind the wheel of a seven seater SUV. With Driva, that can become a reality, and it couldn’t be easier. Just head on over to Driva and start the application process to be connected with the best lenders in Australia. Together, we’ll get you the seven seater SUV of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!

    If the SUVs on this list are too big for your family, check out our list of the best small cars in Australia.


    What is the most reliable 7 seater SUV?

    The most reliable seven seater SUV on the market is the Kia Sorento. It’s a large vehicle that’s got a lot of amazing features while also have a spacious interior that’s comfortable and rewarding. Overall, Kia has easily taken the price for having the most reliable large SUV on the market.

    What is the best 7 seat SUV in Australia?

    The best seven seater SUV in Australia is hands down the Highlander from Toyota. Beyond the fact that Toyota’s a trusted brand, this vehicle is just among the best of the best. It’s reasonably priced for an SUV, it looks amazing, drives well, and can fit the whole family comfortably. Other great options include the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Ford Everest, and the Kia Sorento.

    What is the most spacious 7 seater SUV?

    Some of the most spacious 7 seaters available in Australia include the Toyota Kluger, Mitsubishi Outlander and Kia Sorento.

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    Which luxury 7 seater SUV is the best?

    The best luxury 7 seater SUV on our list is the Bentley Bentayga, which combines an extremely powerful engine with all the latest technology and finest interiors.

    Can I get a loan for a business car?

    Yes, you can! If you’re looking for a vehicle to use for business purposes, you might be eligible for a commercial loan with Driva. Some of our most popular commercial loan options include chattel mortgages, novated leases, ongoing leases and hire purchase arrangements.

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