Exploring the Holden Captiva: Models, Specs, Interior & Price

The Holden Captiva is an impressive mid-size SUV that offers great style, versatility and convenience. Since 2006, this vehicle has been continually upgraded to meet the demands of modern drivers. In our review we'll cover all aspects - from its model range, specs & interior features to safety concerns, fuel consumption/efficiency in Australia plus ownership costs and maintenance options too! Plus there are a few alternatives for consideration as well. Now let's take a look at everything related to the popular Captiva!

Short Summary

  • The Holden Captiva is a mid-size SUV offering great value with five and seven seat configurations.
  • It has a range of engine options and safety features, plus an intuitive infotainment system for easy connectivity on the go.
  • Prices start from $26,490 in Australia with low maintenance costs - Driva can help you finance your purchase quickly & easily!

Chevrolet Captiva Origins

The Captiva, also known as the Opel Antara in some regions of the world, is a mid-size SUV that came out in 2006 and has been on sale and manufactured by South Korea ever since. It has become popular due to its exceptional value for money and various seating options with five or seven-seat configurations making it an ideal choice for families who need versatility in their vehicle.

To get first-hand experience on how this model works, visit Motorama Holden where you can take it out for a spin while discovering all of its features such as the reverse camera etc. Learn more about what the Captiva offers when you explore different models within its range!

Model Range Breakdown

Holden's Captiva range offers a variety of engine configurations and provides reliable, comfortable driving with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel options. The boot space can fit plenty of luggage for your journeys and the 2.4L petrol four-cylinder, 3.0 V6 petrol motor as well as a diesel option give drivers more than enough choice to suit their needs without breaking the bank thanks to Holden’s lifetime capped price servicing guarantee in place on every model sold.

Diesel Engines

The Chevrolet Captiva stands out with its selection of diesel engines. Its 3.2-litre Alloytec V6 engine paired with a five-speed automatic transmission provides superior driving performance and comfort, as well as the option for Active Select manual/automatic shifting to allow you more control over your ride. An Eco mode offers efficient fuel economy while also supporting environmental efforts. This feature helps optimise fuel consumption in the Chevy Captiva's range of diesel motors without compromising power or quality of driveability.

Seven-Seat Configuration

The Holden Captiva is the ideal choice for those seeking extra seating and storage space. Offering two rows of three seats, plus a third row with one seat, there's plenty of room to bring along your whole family or group of friends in this vehicle. For more compact dimensions, while still allowing comparable convenience and flexibility, you could opt for the five-seat option which consists solely of two rows containing 2+3 seats respectively. Whichever option you choose between these seven-seater or five-seater versions both provide an excellent solution by providing essential and storage spaces suitable no matter what type or size your travelling party may be!

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    Interior Features and Comfort

    The interior of the Holden Captiva is designed with comfort and ease in mind. It features adjustable lumbar support, comfortable seating, and headrests that can be adjusted to ensure a pleasant journey for all passengers. Its intuitive steering wheel ensures easy access to functions such as audio control or climate systems. Allowing efficient use of these settings while driving this car. All-in-all creating an enjoyable ride experience within the Holden vehicle's cabin environment.

    New Infotainment System

    The inclusion of the new infotainment system in some newer models revolutionises driving experiences, making them more convenient and enjoyable. Utilising Bluetooth connectivity as well as voice recognition technology along with an array of apps allows drivers to remain connected while on the move without taking their eyes or hands off the wheel. Apple CarPlay & Android Auto have been integrated into this innovative new system, for streamlined usage of navigation services such as music playback messaging straight from your smartphone.

    Steering Wheel and Controls

    The steering wheel and controls in the Chevrolet Captiva are tailored to meet user needs depending on what model and year it is. Every feature of this vehicle, including cruise control, audio functions, and climate control, has been implemented for a comfortable driving experience.

    The intuitive layout allows drivers easy access to every aspect of their Captiva. Controlling your car will be effortless so you can focus more on enjoying yourself behind the wheel!

    Safety and Convenience

    The Holden Captiva is designed with safety in mind, showcasing a comprehensive selection of features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. For added protection, there are seat belt pre-tensioners, pedal release systems and several other sensors that continually monitor the engine's performance. To help drivers even more. Rear Cross Traffic Alerts (RCTA), Side Blind Zone Warnings (SBZW) and Park Assist have all been fitted to ensure total peace of mind when getting behind the wheel.

    Holden has also incorporated convenience into its design philosophy. Offering hands-free power liftgate access plus keyless entry for easy maneuvering around the city or town, not forgetting an effortless rear view camera so parking can be done without any stress at all! Overall, these great features make the Holden Captiva a top choice amongst modern vehicles when it comes to having both comfortability & reliability combined within one package.

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    Holden Captiva Price in Australia

    Holden's Captiva range in Australia is designed to cater for drivers with a variety of budgets, providing vehicles that start at $26,490 and can reach up to $41,490. With such an expansive price selection available across the models they offer plus different engine types and features you can add on. Each buyer should be able to find something suitable within their individual requirements as well as financial circumstances.

    It is important to remember when researching prices for your new Holden vehicle that model type, engine size/type along with any other details may alter how much it costs, but by considering these factors all buyers are sure to receive what meets both their lifestyle and driving needs perfectly!

    Fuel Consumption and Efficiency

    The Holden Captiva is an impressive option when it comes to fuel efficiency and consumption, especially for those choosing the diesel engine. Depending on your vehicle's model year, type of engine used, and driving conditions, you can expect an average rate of 11.6L/100km from a Captiva – that’s significant power output without straining both pocket and environment alike. Drivers are able to make use of the Eco mode setting to increase their overall savings with every drop they pour into this ride!

    Ownership and Maintenance

    Holden's Lifetime Capped Price Service Guarantee offers reasonable maintenance costs for owners of the Captiva vehicle. There is also an extra assurance with its three-year or 100,000km warranty included in the purchase. Recommended services to keep your Captiva running smoothly should take place annually or every 15,000km, whichever comes first. The goal is that it will remain at peak performance and condition throughout ownership.

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    Alternatives to the Holden Captiva

    Before making a final decision on the Holden Captiva, it is important to explore other options that offer comparable convenience and versatility. These include the Ford Kuga Trend, Nissan X-Trail ST-L and Toyota Kluger GX. Each having their own advantages depending on needs or preferences.

    The Kuga Trend has an efficient 2.0-litre turbocharged engine with driver assistance technologies but comes at a higher price than others do whereas its Japanese counterpart features a reliable 2.5-litre motor as well safety tools although may lack some power against certain rivals’ equivalents. Finally, The Kluger from Toyota offers a strong 3.5 V6 combined with comfort amenities, but it may also have an inflated price tag when compared to other cars on the market - so you will need to consider what works best for you in terms of budgeting and specific needs or requirements before purchasing decisions are made for any vehicle within this segment of cars.

    Holden Captiva - Are they really as bad as people say? | ReDriven used car review


    The Holden Captiva, which began in 2006 and has evolved significantly since then, is a strong contender in the mid-size SUV market. With its wide variety of models offering convenience features as well as diesel engine options plus seven-seat configurations, it has become known for being both reliable and adaptable to various driving needs.

    This vehicle offers comfort within its interior while still providing safety considerations on top of an extensive range new models from which customers can choose the ideal model that suits their budget best. Ultimately speaking, you will be making a wise investment if you go with this dependable option, one that promises to last throughout the years ahead!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Holden Captiva a reliable car?

    The Holden Captiva is a classic car. Thought of as a reliable car when proper upkeep and maintenance are observed. The early models were deemed unreliable due to flaws in their construction and reliability levels that weren't up to standards. Overall, with consistent care, it can be expected for any model of the Captiva to remain operational over an extended period of time without issues arising.

    Is it worth it to buy a Captiva?

    For those who require a reliable everyday vehicle, the Captiva SUV could be good car worth considering. This mid-sized family car has good reliability and is suitable for basic day-to-day journeys - it's not ideal if you want something sporty or designed for off-roading though.

    All in all, this vehicle may prove useful if one needs an uncomplicated ride with no need of taking on difficult terrains.

    What was the last year for Holden Captiva?

    The Captiva, a vehicle from Holden made by GM Korea that was produced over the 2006 - 2018 time period, is well-known for its sophisticated look and comfy ride. It also had amazing fuel efficiency which explains why it remained so popular until its departure to make way for more modern counterparts. This SUV surely sets itself apart with all these qualities!

    Are Captivas 4x4?

    Since 2006, Holden has been manufacturing the Captiva SUV with both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options available. This popular crossover can be obtained in a 4x4 configuration if desired.

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