Subaru XV - A Comprehensive Buyers Guide

There’s no denying that the Subaru XV has been making waves in the compact SUV market. With its unique combination of performance, safety, and cutting-edge features, it’s no wonder drivers are raving about this versatile vehicle. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of the Subaru XV, exploring its key features, off-road capabilities, and how it stacks up against other compact SUVs. So, buckle up and get ready for an exciting ride!

Key Takeaways

  • Subaru XV offers impressive features such as Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, EyeSight Safety Technology and towing of up to 1400kg.
  • Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive) lets you customise your vehicle’s performance while the Hybrid model provides an efficient and powerful driving experience.
  • With a starting price of $29,690 plus great off-road capabilities & X Mode for confident handling, it’s a smart choice for anyone looking for a compact SUV!

Exploring the Subaru XV: Key Features and Highlights

Based on the Subaru Impreza platform, the XV Subaru, also known as the Subaru Crosstrek, boasts impressive features like Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive), and EyeSight Safety Technology 2.0i l Together, these features make the XV a strong contender in the compact SUV market. With an estimated fuel consumption starting from 7L/100km and a towing capacity of 1400kg, the Subaru XV is ready for any adventure you throw its way.

The XV’s interior is designed for both comfort and convenience, with features including:

  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone integration
  • Active torque vectoring
  • Daytime running lights
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • 17-inch alloys
  • Push-button start with proxy key
  • Range-wide towing of 1400kg braked
  • A 6.3-inch infotainment screen
  • Engine stop-start

With all these features packed into one vehicle, it’s no surprise that the Subaru XV has garnered rave Subaru XV reviews. Stay tuned for the latest Subaru XV news to keep up with its exciting updates.

Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive

When it comes to safety and performance, the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system is a game-changer. This innovative feature provides stability and traction for a safe and comfortable ride, even on challenging terrain. Combining the power of Subaru’s Boxer engine with the Symmetrical AWD system ensures a well-balanced and confident driving experience.

The Subaru XV is well-equipped to handle both city commutes and off-road escapades.

Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive)

Ever wished you could tailor your vehicle’s performance to your driving style? With SI-Drive, you can! This advanced engine management system allows you to choose from different modes, such as Intelligent (I) mode and Sport (S) mode, to optimize engine and transmission characteristics for a smooth and efficient ride or a more responsive driving experience.

From highway cruising to navigating mountain roads, SI-Drive tailors the performance to your preference.

EyeSight Safety Technology

Safety is a top priority for most drivers, and the Subaru XV delivers with its advanced EyeSight Safety Technology. This innovative system includes features like:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Lane Sway and Departure Warning
  • Lead Vehicle Start Alert
  • Pre-Collision Braking System
  • Pre-Collision Throttle Management System

Not only do these features, such as rear cross traffic alert, enhance the safety of the vehicle, but they also provide added awareness and assistance to the driver, helping to prevent accidents and make the roads safer for everyone.

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    Subaru XV Hybrid: Efficiency Meets Performance

    For those seeking an eco-friendly option, the Subaru XV Hybrid is the perfect choice. Combining a hybrid system with the performance and capabilities of the standard XV, this small SUV offers the best of both worlds in the compact SUV category.

    With an electric motor that provides additional power and torque, as well as a hybrid system that improves fuel economy, you’ll enjoy a smooth and efficient driving experience without compromising performance.

    Hybrid System

    The Subaru XV Hybrid features the e-Boxer system, which seamlessly blends an electric motor with Subaru’s Boxer engine and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for a powerful and efficient ride. The key features of the Subaru XV Hybrid include:

    • e-Boxer system that combines an electric motor with Subaru’s Boxer engine
    • Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive for enhanced traction and stability
    • High-performance motors and batteries
    • Lineartronic transmission for smooth and efficient power delivery
    • Regenerative braking system that charges the batteries while braking

    With these features, the Subaru XV Hybrid offers a powerful and efficient hybrid system without the need for plug-in charging.

    With a 14% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to petrol XV models, the hybrid system offers both performance and eco-friendliness in one package.

    Electric Motor

    The electric motor in the Subaru XV Hybrid offers the following benefits:

    • Additional power and torque for a smoother driving experience
    • Better fuel efficiency by assisting the gasoline engine during low-speed driving
    • Capturing energy when braking

    With a power output of 12.3 kW, the electric motor provides an extra boost of power when needed, ensuring a responsive and enjoyable ride.

    Comparing the XV Hybrid and Standard XV

    When it comes to features and capabilities, the XV Hybrid and Standard XV share many similarities, making the xv hybrid l a great option for those seeking better fuel efficiency. Both models offer impressive ground clearance, advanced safety features, and comfortable interiors.

    The main difference lies in the hybrid system and electric motor, which provide the XV Hybrid with a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency compared to the standard model. If you prioritize eco-friendliness without compromising performance, the Subaru XV Hybrid fits the bill.

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    Interior Comfort and Convenience

    Beyond its impressive performance capabilities, the Subaru XV also offers a comfortable and convenient interior.

    • Ample seating and legroom for both front and rear passengers
    • Versatile storage and cargo space
    • Perfect for singles, small families, or anyone in need of a versatile and practical vehicle.

    Plus, the advanced infotainment and connectivity features ensure an enjoyable driving experience for everyone on board, making it a perfect family car.

    Seating and Legroom

    Whether you’re driving or riding in the Subaru XV, you’ll enjoy a comfortable experience thanks to its spacious and supportive seating. With plenty of legroom for both front and rear passengers, the XV ensures everyone has ample space to stretch out and relax during long trips.

    The adjustable seats allow for customisable comfort, making every journey a pleasure.

    Storage and Cargo Space

    The Subaru XV’s cargo space is as versatile as it is spacious, with a 345-litre capacity that expands to 919L when the rear seats are folded down. This generous storage area is perfect for accommodating luggage, camping gear, or even larger items like furniture.

    Plus, with additional storage options like door pockets, cargo hooks, and a center console box, you’ll have no trouble finding a place for all your belongings.

    Infotainment and Connectivity

    Stay connected and entertained on the go with the Subaru XV’s advanced infotainment system. Featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, you can easily access your favorite music, navigation, and more right from the vehicle’s touchscreen display.

    Additionally, the system includes Bluetooth wireless technology and digital radio (DAB+), ensuring you have a wide range of entertainment options at your fingertips.

    Exterior Design and Functionality

    The Subaru XV’s exterior design features:

    • Stylish and functional design
    • Impressive ground clearance
    • Various wheel and tire options
    • Available exterior accessories

    These features make the XV the perfect vehicle for any adventure, as it is versatile, capable, and good-looking.

    From tackling off-road trails to cruising city streets, the Subaru XV rises to the occasion.

    Ground Clearance

    One of the standout features of the Subaru XV is its impressive 220mm ground clearance, making it ideal for off-road adventures. With the ability to easily navigate rough and uneven terrain, the XV is perfect for those who love to explore the great outdoors.

    This generous ground clearance also enhances the vehicle’s off-road capability, ensuring it can go where other vehicles may struggle.

    Wheel and Tyre Options

    The Subaru XV offers a variety of wheel and tyre options to suit different driving conditions and preferences. With 17-inch alloy wheels and a range of tyre sizes, including 225x60 R17, you can customize your XV to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re tackling off-road trails or navigating city streets, the right wheel and tyre combination can enhance your driving experience and ensure optimal performance.

    Exterior Accessories

    To further enhance the XV’s versatility and appeal to active lifestyles, a range of exterior accessories is available, such as roof racks and bike carriers. These accessories allow you to transport your gear with ease, making the XV the perfect companion for outdoor adventures and weekend getaways.

    With the ability to customize your vehicle’s exterior, the Subaru XV can truly be tailored to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.

    Comparing the Subaru XV to Other Compact SUVs

    When it comes to performance, features, and price, the Subaru XV truly stands out among other compact SUVs. With its unique combination of Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, advanced safety features like EyeSight Safety Technology, and a competitive price point, the XV offers an unbeatable package for those looking for a versatile and capable compact SUV.

    Performance Comparison

    Compared to its competitors, the Subaru XV’s performance is on par with or better than other compact SUVs in its price range. With its impressive fuel economy, acceleration, and handling capabilities, the XV offers a driving experience that is both enjoyable and efficient.

    Its unique combination of features, such as the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and X-Mode, ensures a confident and capable driving experience in various conditions.

    Feature Comparison

    In terms of features, the Subaru XV has a lot to offer that sets it apart from the competition. Its Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and EyeSight Safety Technology provide a level of safety and performance not found in many other compact SUVs.

    Additionally, the XV’s interior is designed for comfort and convenience, with ample seating, legroom, storage space, and advanced infotainment and connectivity features, including a leather trimmed steering wheel.

    Price Comparison

    When it comes to price, the Subaru XV is competitively priced, offering great value for its features and capabilities. With a starting price of $29,690 for the entry-level model and going up to $37,290 for the top-of-the-line model, the XV is within reach for many buyers looking for a versatile and capable compact SUV.

    With its impressive performance, features, and competitive pricing, the Subaru XV is a smart choice for anyone in the market for a compact SUV.

    Towing Capacity and Off-Road Capabilities

    For those who require a vehicle with impressive towing capacity and off-road capabilities, the Subaru XV delivers. With features like X-Mode and Active Torque Vectoring, the XV is designed to tackle various terrains with ease.

    Combined with its towing capacity of up to 1,400kg, the Subaru XV is the perfect companion for any adventure in Subaru Australia.

    Towing Capacity

    With a Subaru XV towing capacity of up to 1,400kg, the Subaru XV is suitable for light towing needs, such as small trailers, boats, or recreational vehicles. This impressive towing capacity ensures that you can bring along everything you need for your next adventure, making the XV a versatile and practical choice for any outdoor enthusiast.


    The Subaru XV’s X-Mode feature is designed to enhance off-road performance by optimizing engine output, transmission, and the AWD system. By reducing wheelspin and improving traction, X-Mode ensures a more confident and capable off-road driving experience.

    Be it navigating rocky trails or traversing sand dunes, the XV’s X-Mode feature ensures a smooth ride.

    Active Torque Vectoring

    Handling and cornering stability are essential for a confident driving experience, and the Subaru XV delivers with its Active Torque Vectoring system. This feature improves handling by:

    • Applying brakes and distributing torque to individual wheels as needed
    • Enhancing cornering performance
    • Improving steering response
    • Enhancing overall stability when taking turns.

    With Active Torque Vectoring, you can tackle any road with confidence, knowing that your XV is designed for optimal performance and control.


    In conclusion, the Subaru XV offers a unique combination of performance, safety, and cutting-edge features that set it apart from other compact SUVs. With its impressive towing capacity, off-road capabilities, and competitive pricing, the XV is a versatile and capable vehicle perfect for any adventure. So, whether you’re a weekend warrior, an outdoor enthusiast, or just looking for a reliable and practical vehicle, the Subaru XV is a smart choice that’s sure to exceed your expectations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Subaru XV being discontinued?

    The third-generation Subaru XV has been revealed in Japan, however, the XV nameplate is being scrapped globally in favour of the existing but unfamiliar (for us) Subaru Crosstrek name. The new model will wear the Crosstrek badge globally, with a new look, more technology, and hybrid power, confirming that the Subaru XV is being discontinued.

    Is the XV a good car?

    The Subaru XV is a great car for its price, offering all-wheel drive, proven competency in every category, a smart look and loads of features and tech. Plus, it's easy to drive and provides safety features such as Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive and Eyesight® Driver Assist for added peace of mind. Overall, it's an excellent option if you're looking to buy second-hand.

    What is the difference between Subaru Forester and XV?

    The Subaru Forester is a rugged adventurer, whereas the Subaru XV offers more versatility for off-the-beaten-path excursions.

    Where is the Subaru XV made?

    The Subaru XV is manufactured in Japan and has a 2.0L four-cylinder engine with options for unleaded petrol or unleaded petrol-electric hybrid engines.

    What are some of the standout features of the Subaru XV?

    The Subaru XV offers impressive performance and safety features such as Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, Subaru Intelligent Drive (SI-Drive), and EyeSight Safety Technology, making it a standout vehicle.

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