Suzuki Jimny Review - Australia’s Favourite Little 4WD

While Suzuki vehicles are popular in general, the Jimny is one of the most popular cars in Australia. If you’re wondering how popular this car truly is, then look no further than the fact that Suzuki has paused orders for the vehicle after unprecedented demand. 

It’s absolutely incredible the appetite for the 2023 Jimny despite its $7,000 price increase from four years ago. That’s just how amazing this vehicle really is, and we’re going to break it down in Driva’s Suzuki Jimny Review. 

Let’s see what makes this Australia’s favourite little 4WD.

Suzuki Jimny Dimensions & Specs

Suzuki Jimny Dimensions: 67.7 inches (H) x 137.0 inches (L) x 64.8 inches (W)
Wheelbase: 88.6 inches
Weight: 2447.1 lbs
Doors: 5 doors
Engine Model: 1.5L INLINE Engine
Max Power: 102 Hp
Max Torque: 130 Nm

Suzuki Jimny pricing based on model

  • Suzuki Jimny Lite manual – $30,490
  • Suzuki Jimny GLX manual – $31,990
  • Suzuki Jimny GLX auto – $33,490

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    Suzuki Jimny 2023 Overview

    Before we get into what we like and dislike about the 2023 Suzuki Jimny, let’s just familiarise ourselves with this amazing car with an overview.

    Jimny’s heritage has always been an interesting one with each model since its debut in the 70s. For more than half a century, they’ve been updating this line of Suzuki vehicles, making it better and better with each iteration. The 2023 model is still true to the Jimny we know and love with a ladder frame chassis, usage of traditional steel, and iconic round headlamps. The frame allows for full-width rigid axles. This ensures a great grip on various surfaces. When an obstacle pushes a wheel up then, the axle presses another wheel down, increasing tyre contact in rough road conditions.

    Like previous iterations, it doesn’t feature hybrid assistance, turbo, or diesel but does have a stiffer foundation to support the rigid front and rear axles with their separate differentials. The fuel tank is relatively small at just 40 litres, but the 1.5L engine manages to make use of that, delivering high fuel efficiency, substantial torque, and stellar performance. You can choose between a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual. It’s your journey, you choose how you want to drive it.

    The Jimny is popular thanks to a boom in popularity for three things:

    1. SUVs
    2. Downsizing
    3. Retro

    The Jimny ticks all the boxes making this 1.5-litre petrol engine vehicle a winner. It’s a confident driving experience, and maybe that’s why people love it so much.

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    Features & Equipment of the Suzuki Jimny

    Before jumping into some of the more impressive features in greater detail, here’s what you can expect in your 2023 Suzuki Jimny Lite model:

    • High beam assist
    • Weaving alert
    • Lane departure warning
    • Hill hold control/Hill descent control
    • LED headlamps
    • Heated front seats
    • Climate control
    • 15-inch black steel wheels
    • Cruise control
    • Brake LSD traction control
    • Dual sensor brake support
    • Six airbags
    • Power-adjustable door mirrors

    …and here’s the extra features you’ll find in your 2023 Suzuki Jimny GLX model:

    • Android auto, Apple CarPlay with voice control
    • 15-inch alloy wheels
    • Sat nav
    • Reversing camera
    • Leather covered steering wheel
    • Rear privacy glass

    What we like about the Suzuki Jimny

    There are so many things to like about the Suzuki Jimny, and we’re going to take a look at all the reasons here:

    The Interior

    The interior of the Jimny is functional, and there’s a lot going on. It’s stylish and comfortable with seating that’s relatively high up, but you can manoeuvre the chair to a more comfortable position and change the height of the steering wheel too. It’s sleek and stylish, with just enough space for you and a passenger.


    This is one of the more praised aspects of the Jimny. The Infotainment centre. It’s a seven-inch system that doesn’t have the best graphics but does have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, which is great for connecting to services like Google Maps with ease. You can also enjoy Bluetooth and USB audio playback.

    Powerful off-road performance + hill descent control

    The main appeal of the Jimny is its off-road capabilities. It manages to achieve some incredible driving off-road thanks to superior grip with the Suzuki’s ALLGRIP Pro and its low range transfer gear which helps it adapt to all environments - but particularly come alive when going off the beaten track!

    Some of the off-road features include hill descent control and hill hold control. With these features, Jimny ensure superior grip when tackling tricky off-road tracks. This all makes it great for sharp descents, handling steep slopes, and stability in those slippery situations. Go to a dealership and try to take it for a test drive to see just how well it handles diverse surfaces.

    Suzuki Safety Support

    Suzuki has included many safety features that make driving the Jimny an even better experience. A lot of the safety features are considered when you cover slipper ground conditions, and they aim to make that safe to do. Some of these great features include

    • Electronic Stability Control: helping you stay on track by distributing torque and applying breaks to individual wheels. All four wheels are targeted separately to help with stability. 
    • Brake LSD Traction Control: While travelling on slippery surfaces, if two diagonal wheels lose their grip, then this feature will automatically brake the slipping wheels before redistributing torque to the opposite wheels making an escape possible. This ensures that slipping wheels don’t cause an accident.
    • High Beam Assist: when travelling, the headlights automatically switch between the High and low beams depending on your environment, making for a more relaxed and safer drive. 
    • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB): thanks to a great sense of surroundings, the Jimny uses a camera and laser sensor to sense obstacles, providing an audio and visual warning and brakes in an emergency. 
    • Weaving Alert: The Jimny observes your driving patterns and will tell you if you’re weaving.
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    Suzuki’s genuine service program

    For five years from purchase, your Jimny will enjoy capped-price services and factory warranties under the Genuine Service Program. With expert dealer technicians using the latest technology from Suzuki, your car couldn’t be in better hands.

    Roadside assistance program

    Every Suzuki sold after December 2020 is eligible for the Suzuki Roadside Assistance Program. This is an excellent additional safety service that makes driving a Suzuki the right choice!

    What we don’t like about the Suzuki Jimny

    No car is perfect, and the Jimny has some aspects we’re not totally in love with, so here they are

    Strictly a 2-seater - no rear seats!

    This is a disappointment, but unlike previous Jimny models, the 2023 Jimny is strictly a 2 seater four-wheel drive. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it’s just not what we hoped for from the Jimny, which used to have space for four passengers, including the driver.

    What’s worse about these seats is that they’re rather uncomfortable, which is something you really realise after a long trip.

    If you're looking for more space, have a look at our list of Best Seven-Seater SUVs in the Australian market.

    It comes at a premium

    This vehicle is extremely popular. Even at a premium, it’s still selling exceptionally well. This is made even clearer when you realise that even second-hand car dealers are selling this car at a somewhat premium price. So second-hand or from a Suzuki dealer, you’re going to be spending a fair bit of money on a 2023 Jimny.

    This is a negative and a positive. On the negative side, you’ve got to shell out a fair amount of money when it comes to buying a 2023 Jimny- or any model, for that matter. On the positive side, you most likely will be able to get a decent amount for the vehicle in the event you’re looking to sell.

    Now basic tech features are noticeably absent

    There are a lot of features far more common than before. Two features missing from the Jimny that are a disappointment are parking sensors and a reversing camera. These are almost essential, but they’re not included at all in the Jimny, which is a shame.

    Getting one can be a challenge

    Thanks to the Jimny’s carbon footprint, getting one has never been the easiest thing to do in the world. Why? Well, it’s because they only produce a certain amount a year to avoid getting slapped with major fines for failing to meet the emission targets. This led to them changing the classification to a light commercial vehicle (LCV). Sales are still being limited, and that means that getting a Jimny isn’t easy, but most would argue it’s worth it.

    Final verdict

    The 2023 Jimny is an amazing yet flawed 4X4. It’s a tough vehicle to get your hands on, but most people love it when they do. The vehicle itself is cramped, and it’s disappointing that it’s now only fit for 2 people with the sacrifice of the rear seats, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to make people stop buying.

    This four-wheel drive car thrives in off-road conditions, and while it’s not the best for on-road driving or daily use, it’s what every adventurer wants for a road trip where the road meets natural terrain.

    Want to get your hands on the all-new Jimny?

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    If the Jimny’s not for you, check out our list of the top 10 Best four-wheel drive cars for inspiration!


    Is Suzuki Jimny a reliable car?

    Yes, Suzuki Jimny’s are reliable vehicles as they’re highly durable, aren’t complex electronically, and have engines that aren’t overly stressed.

    Can you get a Suzuki Jimny in Australia?

    Yes, you can buy a Suzuki Jimny in Australia. However, the demand for these vehicles is extremely high, meaning that in some cases, you may need to wait longer to actually get the vehicle and be able to drive it off the lot. They will be selling like bunnings snaggers in reputable Suzuki Australia dealerships!

    Is a Suzuki Jimny a real 4X4?

    Yes. It’s a more affordable and practical 4X4 that’s small and lightweight. Thanks to the lightweight design approach, it’s able to tackle difficult terrains easier. This means a slippery ground of sand or mud can be overcome by the Jimny as well as slippery and steep slopes.

    Why has Suzuki stopped making the Jimny?

    The third-generation Suzuki Jimny has been discontinued, to many people's disappointment. While significantly cheaper than prior and current models, it had to be discontinued and redesigned after 24 years due to our changing stance on environmental requirements. As they became tougher and more enforced, the third-generation Suzuki Jimny didn’t stand a chance.

    Philana Kwan

    Philana Kwan is the marketing coordinator at Driva she has a demonstrated history in customer service excellence and is knowledgeable in all things car and finance related. When she’s not working Philana enjoys learning new things and keeping up with the latest trends in marketing and technology.

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