Zone RV Expedition Series: Ultimate Off-Road Hybrid Caravan Review

Looking for the perfect off-road companion to explore the great outdoors? Look no further than the Zone RV Expedition Series. This innovative off-road hybrid caravan is designed to take adventurous travelers off the beaten track in luxurious comfort. With its cutting-edge construction and top-of-the-line features, the Expedition is setting a new benchmark for remote area caravans in Australia.

Key Takeaways:

  • Zone RV Expedition is a new and innovative off-road hybrid caravan.
  • Constructed using 3D printed fibreglass body moulds and composite panels.
  • Equipped with a range of features, including a pop-top roof and electric awning.
  • Designed for off-grid travel with a Redarc lithium battery and rooftop solar panels.
  • Built to withstand rough terrain with Cruisemaster ATX trailing arm air suspension and durable chassis.

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    Construction and Innovation

    In the realm of caravan construction and innovation, the Zone RV Expedition stands out as a true trailblazer. This isn't your run-of-the-mill caravan; it represents a fusion of cutting-edge technology and inventive construction methodologies, setting unparalleled benchmarks within the industry. At the heart of this marvel lies its revolutionary 3D printed fibreglass body moulds and composite panels.

    Through the utilisation of advanced 3D printing technology, Zone RV achieves a level of precision and intricacy in crafting fibreglass moulds that result in a lightweight yet incredibly robust caravan. Complemented by composite panels, the Expedition gains further fortification, ensuring it can tackle the most rugged outback tracks and off-road escapades with ease.

    This sophisticated construction approach not only ensures exceptional durability but also affords greater command over the manufacturing process, guaranteeing that each Expedition caravan meets the highest standards of quality. From the meticulous attention to detail to the skilled craftsmanship evident in every inch, the Zone RV Expedition embodies excellence.

    With its distinctive construction and groundbreaking features, the Zone RV Expedition redefines the very essence of what a caravan can offer. Engineered to traverse Queensland's remotest and roughest terrains, it provides an unparalleled blend of comfort, resilience, and performance, setting a new standard for adventurous souls seeking the ultimate journey.

    Features and Amenities

    The Zone RV Expedition off-road caravan offers a wide range of features and amenities that make it the perfect choice for adventure seekers like you. Whether you're planning a remote off-grid camping trip or exploring rugged terrains, the Expedition has everything you need to make your journey comfortable and convenient.

    1. Spacious and Luxurious Interior

    • Enjoy a spacious interior fit-out that provides plenty of room to relax and unwind during your travels.
    • Rest comfortably on the queen-sized bed, ensuring a restful night's sleep after a long day of exploring.
    • Store all your gear and essentials easily with ample storage space, allowing you to stay organised and clutter-free.

    2. Off-Grid Capability

    • Go off-grid and experience true freedom with the Expedition's rooftop solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to keep your batteries charged and devices powered.
    • Equipped with a Redarc lithium battery and a 3000W inverter, you can confidently enjoy all the modern conveniences even in the most remote locations.
    • The Expedition's off-grid capabilities are further enhanced by three fresh water tanks, ensuring a sufficient supply for your adventures, and a 100L grey water tank for responsible waste management.

    3. External Kitchen and Fridge

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    • No need to sacrifice delicious meals while on the road. The Expedition features an external kitchen equipped with a dual-hob induction cooktop and a sink, allowing you to prepare your favorite dishes with ease.
    • Keep your food fresh and drinks cold with the 85L fridge. You'll always have access to chilled beverages and ingredients for your culinary adventures.

    With its impressive features and amenities, the Zone RV Expedition off-road caravan is designed to enhance your camping experience. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a long-term off-grid expedition, the Expedition offers the ultimate combination of comfort and functionality. Get ready to explore Australia's most remote and breathtaking landscapes with confidence and style.

    Performance and Durability

    When it comes to Performance and Durability, the Zone RV Expedition emerges as a purpose-built marvel, engineered to thrive in the rugged landscapes of off-road exploration. Anchored by a robust chassis forged from hot-dipped galvanised steel, this off-road adventurer is primed to endure the harshest terrains with ease. Bolstering its prowess is the cutting-edge Cruisemaster ATX heavy-duty trailing arm airbag suspension and disc brakes, meticulously designed for unparalleled handling and maneuverability.

    A standout feature of the Expedition's performance lies in its utilisation of 17-inch wheels paired with all-terrain tyres. These tyres, synonymous with superior traction, ensure a secure and stable journey across a myriad of surfaces, from rocky trails to sandy tracks, empowering adventurers to push boundaries without hesitation.

    Moreover, the Expedition's exceptional off-road prowess is accentuated by its aggressive rear departure angle and extended wheel travel, enabling seamless navigation through challenging terrains such as creek crossings and steep inclines. With its rugged suspension system, sturdy chassis, and dependable tyres, the Zone RV Expedition stands as a testament to uncompromising performance and durability, embodying the epitome of off-road excellence.

    Campsite Comfort and Convenience

    The Zone RV Expedition is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience while camping. Whether you're exploring remote bushland or setting up camp by the beach, this off-road caravan ensures that you can enjoy a luxurious and hassle-free camping experience.

    External Kitchen

    One of the standout features of the Zone RV Expedition is its fully-equipped external kitchen. This means you can cook up a storm without having to sacrifice any space inside the caravan. The kitchen features a dual-hob induction cooktop, a sink with hot and cold running water, and a refrigerator to keep your food and drinks fresh and cool.

    Spacious Ensuite

    When it comes to bathroom facilities, the Expedition has you covered. It boasts a spacious ensuite with a composting toilet and a separate shower cubicle. This means you can freshen up and take care of your personal hygiene without having to rely on shared campground amenities.

    Thoughtful Amenities

    The Zone RV Expedition is packed with thoughtful amenities that enhance your camping experience. A diesel water heater ensures you have hot water for showers and washing up, while a rooftop air conditioner keeps the interior cool on hot summer days. Sirocco 12v fans provide airflow and ventilation, ensuring a comfortable and breezy environment inside the caravan.

    Ample Storage Space

    With the Zone RV Expedition, you won't have to worry about running out of storage space for all your camping gear. The caravan offers ample storage with carpeted sealed cavities, allowing you to keep your belongings organised and protected while on the move. Fold-up chairs are also included, making it easy to relax and unwind outside the caravan.

    With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, the Zone RV Expedition ensures that your camping adventures are comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you're cooking up a storm in the external kitchen, freshening up in the spacious ensuite, or making the most of the thoughtful amenities, this off-road caravan provides the ultimate in campsite comfort and convenience.


    The Zone RV Expedition Series is revolutionising the off-road hybrid caravan market. With its innovative construction and robust off-road capabilities, this caravan is setting a new standard for off-road travel. It offers a range of features and amenities that make it perfect for off-grid adventures and comfortable camping experiences. Although the Zone RV Expedition comes with a higher price tag compared to some of its competitors, it delivers unmatched quality, durability, and performance.

    If you're in search of an off-road hybrid caravan that can take you to the most remote and rugged destinations, the Zone RV Expedition Series is undoubtedly worth your serious consideration. Its cutting-edge technology, luxurious interior, and commitment to off-road excellence make it the ultimate choice for the adventurous traveler seeking the utmost comfort and convenience on their expeditions.

    Embark on your next off-road adventure with the Zone RV Expedition, and experience the freedom, comfort, and excitement of exploring the uncharted territories of Australia in style. This caravan will be your steadfast and reliable companion, ensuring that every journey is met with unrivaled performance and an unforgettable travel experience.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the key features of the Zone RV Expedition Series?

    The Zone RV Expedition Series is an off-road, australian-made caravan utilising a duragal chassis construction method with fibreglass composite panels.

    What is the body construction of the Zone RV Expedition Series?

    The caravan features uniquely constructed fibreglass composite panels bonded together, providing a durable and lightweight body.

    How much can the Zone RV Expedition Series tow?

    The caravan has a payload capacity of x 3mm kg, allowing it to tow heavier loads with ease.

    What is the tare weight of the Zone RV Expedition Series?

    The tare weight of the caravan is 50mm kg, providing an indication of its base weight.

    What type of chassis does the Zone RV Expedition Series have?

    The caravan features a duragal chassis with a wheel track optimised for off-road adventures.

    What are the sleeping arrangements in the Zone RV Expedition Series?

    The caravan features a queen sized bed and can accommodate up to three occupants comfortably.

    What are some unique features of the Zone RV Expedition Series?

    The caravan includes redarc manager 30, aeronautical design elements, 270° awning, and LED lighting for a luxurious camping experience.

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