The Best Family Caravans to Hit the Open Road

What better way to relax than to spend some quality time with the family on an adventure around our beautiful country in the right caravan? The best thing about having a great caravan is that you can bring the whole family along! The kids, the parents, (god-forbid) the in-laws - just cruising through life looking for the next awesome camp spot to put your feet up and chill. 

Do you have an adventurous family nipping at your heels but money is a bit tight? Don’t stress.

At Driva, we know there are many financing options available to help families pay for the caravan or vehicle they’ve got their eye on.  What’s even better than these competitive loan options, is the incredible range of campers and caravan models for families to choose from and purchase!

We also understand that as parents - particularly of young families - you aren’t afforded the convenience or luxury to sit down and browse through vehicle after vehicle…which is why we’ve done it for you!  

So, if you’re ready to take the first step of your adventure, check out our best family caravan of 2022 list below!

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    What makes a good family caravan?

    Spacious interior

    You’re going to be bunking with the family; you need space. A great vacation can quickly be ruined for many families because there just isn’t enough room for everyone to comfortably co-exist in. This is something you can avoid. Look for caravans that not only offer space but also offer great floor plans, so everything is in the best place possible to promote cohabitation - especially if you fall under the category of larger families.

    Smart storage

    If you're a family of four or more, you need storage. You're not just transporting your family's clothing. You're also carrying leisure items, food, beverages, and an array of other necessary items. You need to know that you can take all of these things without cluttering the general living space, thus making it uninhabitable or uncomfortable. So keep an eye out for smart storage and unique storage techniques and places such as clever lift up storage under the kids bunks or the full size bed. This is one of the key features of any solid family van.

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    Bunk beds!

    Bunk beds are perfect for family caravans because they provide additional sleeping spaces without compromising the general space. It’s a far superior use of space than having audacious double/queen beds when there’s little real estate to work with - and trust us, your kids will love their triple bunk bed. Regardless of what you might think, there’s not an insane amount of space in a family caravan, and that’s why you can’t just do things for comfort. You’ve got to have logical features. If you were a couple, a double or queen bed would make sense, but in the instance of a family, it’s not going to work. Key features such as triple bunks for the kids may be something to look out for when you are on the search for your family van.

    A separate toilet and shower

    It's important to note that some campsites have toilet and shower facilities, but it's always nice to have your own. When you're travelling as a family, it's essential to have the facilities to be able to live as if you were at home. That doesn’t mean you have to be living in luxury at all points on your journey, but having a separate shower and toilet can take a camper from a good one, to a great one! 

    Roll-out awning

    This is a great way to achieve more space. With a roll-out awning, you can set up additional places for people to sleep in tents and even create more sitting areas. This is also perfect for when it rains or is extremely hot and you need somewhere to sit and enjoy each other's company away from the elements.

    Cooking & appliance features

    Depending on how long you plan on being out on the road, it should be top of mind what kind of facilities your future family van offers. We’re talking in terms of cooking, cleaning appliances, and general appliances. You want to be able to cook in the caravan and potentially handle washing clothes, especially if you're on the road for longer than just a weekend without key features such as bench tops, in-built cooking utensils or kitchen appliances such as a fridge. 

    Best family caravan for 4 in Aus

    Newlands Tourister 675


    • Easy to tow.
    • Great layout.
    • There’s a generous slide-out storage compartment.


    • It could use more internal 12V points to make charging devices easier. 

    If you’re a family of four, or even five, and are looking to drive around the country in comfort and style, look no further - your search is over! The Newland Tourister 675 is a quality family caravan ready to improve your time on the road. Despite its relatively large size, it’s easy to manoeuvre. 

    The build materials used are of the highest quality, which should only make you more confident in this caravan being trusted with your loved ones. Included in the Newland Tourister 675 is a fully fitted kitchen, a bathroom, bunk beds, a queen bed, and ample storage. Essentially, it’s everything you’d need to make any road trip the best trip ever!

    Best family caravan for 6 in Aus

    Adria Altea 552 PK Sport


    • Easy to tow and relatively lightweight. 
    • Main bed is the perfect length.
    • Bathroom size is brilliant.
    • The interior is full of natural light and cheery.


    • If you install a TV, be warned the angle from the dinette seat is a little awkward.

    Sometimes the family is a little bigger than four, and that’s why you need more options. Enter the Adria Altea 552 PK Sport. This is a stylish model that boasts a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, sitting area, bunk beds, double bed, and more. While it hosts a ton of great amenities to make your trip comfortable, the great layout makes it even better. You’ve got room to move and not always be on top of one another, which might be a common issue for a family of six. The window design also means lots of natural light gets in, making this camping van very pleasant to be in. 

    You get everything you need from this model, and while it’s not flawless, it’s pretty great for a road trip with the family.

    Best family off-road caravan

    Franklin Core 220 


    • Ample storage.
    • Reverse camera.
    • Air conditioner.
    • Fully kitted kitchen.


    • Redundant features like DVD/CD players,

    This is another big boy in terms of size. The Franklin Core 220 is a great choice for the larger family looking to head on out onto the beaten track. It’s an off-road option that offers a great living experience for all aboard. The Franklin Core 220 features a spacious layout with great features like a fully kitted kitchen with fridge, shower, toilette, air con, and even a washing machine. If that wasn’t enough, there are solar panels to keep anything needing battery power up and running.

    Overall this caravans good ground clearance is going to come in handy on the rough roads of the Australian wilderness. All while providing space and comfort for the entire family. 

    Best family hybrid caravan for touring Australia

    Kokoda Cadet II


    • RV Wi-fi.
    • Bike racks, which is a great feature.
    • So many storage options are featured all around the caravan. 


    • There are some redundant features included in the Kokoda Cadet II.

    If you’re looking to take this family road trip on the beaten track, you’ll need a caravan that can handle the roads. So you need an off-road beast, and that’s why we’ve got to recommend the Kokoda Cadet II. Not only is it an insane model, but it’s also a luxurious one for those who are willing to pay a price to get a bit more than what the simple van life can provide.

    The size of these caravans is perfect for a family. It offers multiple sleeping berths and bunks, a separate toilet and shower, a fully fitted kitchen (with washing machine), solar panels, a 24” TV combo, a roll-out awning, a fold-out picnic table, and more. It makes travelling the country fun, comfortable, and safe.

    Best value family caravan

    Ezytrail Parkes 15


    • Pop-top provides more headroom.
    • Full-length bunks. 
    • Massive king bed.
    • Great use of the space in the compact unit. 


    • The kitchen is external.

    This might not be the flashiest caravan out there, but the Ezytrail Parkes 15 is a model that really is perfect for those looking to take camping and road trips at an affordable price. This compact off-road model is a pop-top caravan that sleeps four comfortably. There are bunks on one side and a massive king bed on the other. The kitchen is an external slide-out to maximise space inside, and the caravan has plumed hot water for the kitchen and shower.

    At the price of the Ezytrail Parkes 15, it’s a great deal. You can comfortably fit a family of four or five in these caravans without issue. At this price, it’s one of the best-value family caravans on the market.

    What is the best family caravan in 2022?

    Crusader Excalibur Castle


    • Fully fitted kitchen.
    • Roll-out awning.
    • Great design and spacious layout (triple bunk beds)
    • Quality build. 


    • The price. 

    So what is the best of the best? Well, it’s by far the Crusader Excalibur Castle. If the name doesn’t sell you, we’ll break it down. This family caravan is perfect for large families because it’s simply huge! The length is incredible, you’ll feel like it takes a while just to walk from one end to the other in these caravans. For the parents, you get a queen bed. For the kids, you’ve got three bunks. The kitchen is fully fitted with a fridge, oven, stove, and microwave, while the bathroom is spacious and includes a washing machine!

    This model includes a ton of storage options, so don’t worry about how you can travel with a large family and a ton of luggage: it’ll cope! Overall, the Excalibur Castle caravan is the best place you can call home away from home. It’s large and spacious, has a wonderful roll-out awning, and has so much more to offer, just be prepared to fork out a bit more to cover its price! 

    Ready to take the whole family on a road trip?

    So, are you sold, or are you SOLD on the idea of a family caravan road trip? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to start considering your options.

    Thanks to Driva, that’s the easy part. We’ve already found you some of the best caravan, camper trailer, and Jayco loans in Australia. All you need to do is to start the process on our website and browse through your tailored financing offers. 

    We’ll have you on the open road in no time!


    Here are some frequently asked questions about family caravans that you ought to know:

    Should I choose a semi-off-road caravan for my family?

    It depends on what kind of roads you're planning on driving during your family road trip. We recommend considering a semi-off-road caravan so that you're prepared if you find yourself in a situation requiring a bit more off-road abilities

    How much space would large families of 6 need in a caravan?

    When it comes to a family of six, you'd be looking at a 6-berth caravan which measures averagely at  23 ft 7 (7.18 m) in length from front to rear. This is to provide enough space for adequate sleeping quarters and the dining lounge. The layout sorts out the rest to ensure there's space for everything else.

    What is a tandem axle caravan?

    A tandem axle caravan, also known as a double axle caravan, is a caravan with two axles positioned in close proximity to one another to disperse the cargo's weight load. Single axle trailers usually weigh less which might be seen as an advantage considering they're more economical when it comes to towing.

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