Best Forward Folding Camper Trailers - Buying Guide

Everyone wants to go camping and to do that, you need something to sleep in. While most people would jump at the idea of a tent, what if there was another option? Now, of course, there are many options out there, but we’re specifically talking about forward folding camper trailers. 

These are extremely simple options that are designed to give you a comfortable night's rest off the ground. In this article, we here at Driva are going to tell you all about forward fold campers and provide some options for you to consider. So, let’s get started!

For those that don’t know, forward folding camper trailers are…

At their core, forward fold campers are incredibly simplistic. Setting up a forward folding camper trailer means taking the trailer’s lid and folding it forward. When the lid is upside down, it acts as the camper’s bed and a general interior, such as a dinette or lounge area, thanks to a wraparound. The point is to be higher up, more comfortable, and more insulated.

Here are some pros and cons you should know about forward fold campers:


  • Less footprint.
  • More compact.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Not as expensive as other camper trailers.
  • Comfortable.
  • Convenient.


  • Small.
  • Not as much storage space.

Let’s look at the best forward fold camper trailer options of 2022

Cub Campers Frontier

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    Cost: Starts at $35,990 

    What we love about the Cub Frontier

    • All-terrain capable camper trailer.
    • Fully Australian-made.
    • Easy to set up and very light.

    How the Cub Campers Frontier could be improved

    • It’s among the most expensive forward folding camper trailers on the market. 

    Cub Campers is one of the best in the business, and their Cub Campers Frontier is just another solid entry from the company. This forward fold camper is among the only fully Australian-made forward folding campers, and they’ve made an effort to keep it that way. Their loyalty to Aus makes it that much easier to support them!

    The Frontier is an easy-to-set-up forward folding camper trailer that offers comfort, style, and the ability to traverse difficult terrains with ease. A young couple seeking adventure, a family, or just about anyone hoping to get away can enjoy the Frontier for all it’s got to offer, which is substance, style, and a comfortable living space. This is the perfect vehicle to tow, camp and explore around Australia.

    Jayco JTrak

    Cost: Starts at $17,495 

    What we love about the Jayco JTrak

    • Affordable option.
    • Sturdy build and great chassis design.
    • Great warranty.

    How the Jayco JTrak could be improved

    • Storage space isn’t great. 

    The Jayco JTrak forward fold camper is the cheapest option on this list. It’s a very popular option too, and it might be price related, but it’s also slightly the quality of this forward fold camper trailer. It’s not necessarily better or worse than other camper trailers, but the price tag makes it very alluring, and the fact that it’s a solid vehicle meant it had to be on our list.

    The Jayco JTrak isn’t a premium option, but it’s got everything you need to have an amazing camping trip. It’s a comfortable model that has a great well-engineered chassis and is sturdy enough to handle off-road conditions. Overall, it’s a worthy contender for your next, or first, forward fold camper trailer.

    Bluetongue Overland XF Lite

    Cost: Starts at $21,490

    What we love about the Bluetongue Overland XF Lite

    • Extremely lightweight forward fold campers.
    • Great kitchen set-up.
    • Comfortable interior at an affordable price.

    How the Bluetongue Overland XF Lite could be improved

    • The storage capacity is abysmal, which is fairly standard for forward folding camper trailers. 

    The Bluetongue company only has two forward fold in its range, and this is the one we think shines the brightest. It’s the cheaper option of the two and is more simple, but somehow we think it’s just better overall. The Overland XF Lite forward folding camper trailer is a light model that’s easy to travel with and even easier to set up. 

    The Overland XF Lite has everything you’d need, and the kitchen is one of its best features. It’s one of the more impressive aspects of the Overland XF life because it’s easier to set up than the heavier options out there. The living quarters are comfortable and covered, making this yet another amazing forward folding camper trailer.

    Signature Campers Elite X

    Cost: Starts at $23,490

    What we love about the Signature Campers Elite X

    • Great storage in this forward folding camper trailer. 
    • Reasonably priced.
    • Great independent suspension.

    How the Signature Campers Elite X could be improved

    • Not fully made in Australia, which is a common theme on this list. 

    The Signature Campers Elite X is a more distinct forward folding camper trailer on the market. The independent suspension was developed in Australia while the model itself is produced elsewhere, but that’s not what we really want to talk about. For starters, the Signature Campers Elite X has storage, good storage, we might add. That’s not common in forward folding camper trailers. 

    The Signature Campers Elite X is a stylish forward folding camper trailer that’s easy to access and very easy to set up. If you’re a camper that likes comfort and style, this might be the option for you!

    Ultimate XTerran

    Cost: Starts at $59,990 

    What we love about the Ultimate XTerran

    • Great for various terrain types.
    • Adequate storage.
    • Great shape and functionality.

    How the Ultimate XTerran could be improved

    • Pricey.

    It’s got Ultimate in the name, so this forward folding camper trailer is here to play! Interestingly enough, this technically can’t even be called a forward folding camper trailer because its design is more identical in concept. The Ultimate XTerran has an iconic shape, and it’s a take on the forward folding camper trailer other brands are starting to replicate, so they must be doing something right!

    The trailer has a decent interior lounge that features a flip-over bed concept which is comfortable and convenient. Overall, this is a great camper trailer that’s ready for adventure.

    ModCon Quattro

    Cost: Starts at $23,490

    What we love about the ModCon Quattro

    • Affordable for the family. 
    • Family forward folding camper trailer.
    • The unique entrance makes it easily accessible when packed up.

    How the ModCon Quattro could be improved

    • Not made in Australia anymore, even though it remains an Aus brand.

    The ModCon Quattro is a unique forward folding camper trailer because it’s got a rear entrance which is different from other options out there. As a result of this interesting choice, you can access the back even when it’s all packed up!

     This camper trailer is definitely a model for families. It’s got space for more than just the parents thanks to the two lounges, which you’re able to use as single beds for the kids. Is it the best out there? No. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great camper. 

    So, ready to get your own forward folding camper trailer?

    We’ve been talking about this a lot now, and we’ve shown you some pretty amazing options. Now, it’s time for you to get one of your own so you can start exploring the Australian wilderness in style. With Driva, you can get your hands on a forward folding camper trailer with ease. We connect you with Australia’s best lenders to get you a great deal that makes getting a forward folding camper trailer a no-brainer. So, what are you waiting for? Apply now and get your adventure buddy ASAP so you can start exploring and camping more.


    Which is the best forward folding camper trailer?

    Our personal favourite is the Cub Campers Frontier forward folding camper trailer. While it’s pricier than other models, it’s exceptional. It’s got one of the best tent setups among all the forward folds options; it’s lightweight, comfortable, includes all the essentials, and is one of the best off-road campers in the game with excellent suspension arms and tow ability.

    How long does it take to set up a forward-fold camper?

    One of the best parts about forward-fold camper trailers is that they take next to no time to set up entirely. All in all, it takes about five minutes to set up. It’s not complicated, so just about anyone can do it!

    Which is the cheapest forward-fold camper trailer?

    The cheapest forward folding camping trailers are probably the Jayco JTraks at $17,495. It’s by no means a luxurious forward folding camper trailer. Still, it’s got everything you need for a comfortable camping trip - heavy-duty bearings for off-road travel, easy setup and decent space for sleeping.  The Jayco JTrak has a great chassis specifically designed to cope with the rigours Aussie roads throw at it. Beyond that, it’s got a decent warranty, there are numerous places around the country to get it serviced,  and there are additional options depending on your needs.

    Are forward-fold campers any good?

    Overall, yes, they are pretty good. There are several reasons why they’re good, from the fact that they’re rather inexpensive options to their overall cosiness. Raw camping isn’t for everyone but for exploring it, and with a forward folding camper trailer, you can take your camping trip to a new level. You get a comfortable sleeping environment with little hassle, sounds like a great deal to us!

    Are rear-fold campers better than front-fold camping trailers?

    They’re definitely different, but we’re not sure if they’re better per se. Rear folding camper trailers are more flexible in terms of where you can use them. What we mean by that is the fact that forward folding camper trailers don’t handle hard terrain and windy conditions as well as a rear fold, and that’s because rear folding camper trailers are slightly lower. This doesn’t make them inherently better, though. It just means they’ve got different qualities that you might prefer.

    Philana Kwan

    Philana Kwan is the marketing coordinator at Driva she has a demonstrated history in customer service excellence and is knowledgeable in all things car and finance related. When she’s not working Philana enjoys learning new things and keeping up with the latest trends in marketing and technology.

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