2023 MG HS Review: Specs, Interior, and 2021 Model Comparison

Welcome to our review of the 2023 MG HS, a mid-sized SUV that offers an impressive combination of features and affordability. Manufactured by the Chinese brand MG, the MG HS is known for its compelling pricing and attractive design. In this article, we will delve into the specifications, interior features, and compare the 2023 model to its 2021 counterpart.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 2023 MG HS is a mid-sized SUV from Chinese brand MG.
  • It offers a range of driver assistance features and premium interior materials.
  • The MG HS is available with a choice of 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre turbocharged powertrains, including a plug-in hybrid variant.
  • The 2023 model offers updated specs and interior innovations compared to the 2021 MG HS.
  • This review will explore the pricing, variants, standard and additional features, safety, comfort, engine performance, and fuel efficiency of the MG HS.

Pricing and Variants

The MG HS is available in different variants, offering you a range of options to suit your preferences and budget. The variants include the Vibe, Excite, Essence, Essence X, and Plus EV.

When it comes to pricing, the MG HS offers competitive rates in the mid-sized SUV segment. The pricing starts at $31,990 for the HS Vibe FWD and goes up to $53,690 for the HS Plus EV Essence FWD. These prices include the drive-away cost, ensuring transparency and convenience for buyers.

With its affordable pricing and diverse range of variants, the MG HS provides flexibility and choice for customers in the market for a mid-sized SUV.

Standard and Additional Features

Stepping inside, you'll find a generous 10.1-inch infotainment system, creating a user-friendly interface for all your entertainment and connectivity needs. This new car includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your smartphone and access your favorite apps, music, and navigation tools with ease.

To enhance your driving experience, the MG HS also features a semi-digital instrument cluster, allowing you to access important vehicle information at a glance. This intuitive display not only provides useful data but also adds to the modern and sophisticated feel of the cabin.

In terms of safety, the MG HS is equipped with the advanced MG Pilot Driver Safety Suite, making it a prudent mid-sized SUV. This comprehensive suite of safety features includes technologies such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, autonomous emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring. These active safety features contribute to the SUV's five-star ANCAP safety rating, positioning it as a safe and reliable option on the road.

In addition to these standard features, the MG HS offers a range of optional extras for those who desire even more luxury and convenience. Higher-grade models come with additional features such as LED headlights, dual-zone climate control, satellite navigation, an electric tailgate, and luxurious leather seats. This SUV's price range makes it an attractive option, competing effectively with Japanese and Korean rivals like the Mitsubishi Outlander and the RAV4.

For those considering a hybrid SUV, the MG HS plug-in hybrid is part of the model range, featuring a 2.0-litre turbo engine and a dual-clutch transmission. The MG HS Plus EV is set to arrive in Australia in 2024, further expanding MG's commitment to sustainable and innovative car brands.

With Australia's most popular and Australia's cheapest plug-in hybrid, the MG HS solidifies its position as a family SUV that meets diverse needs. Its dimensions, hybrid variants, and a variety of colours make it a versatile choice within the MG HS models.

Whether you're looking for a front-wheel-drive or a hybrid SUV, the MG HS ensures that you have everything you need for a comfortable, connected, and safe journey. So, read and agree - the MG HS is Australia's equipped medium SUV, offering a compelling combination of style, technology, and safety.

Safety and Comfort

The MG HS is designed to prioritize the safety and comfort of its occupants, making it an ideal choice for families and individuals alike. With a 5-star ANCAP safety rating for non-hybrid models, you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are well-protected on the road. The comprehensive safety features include six airbags and the MG Pilot driver safety suite as standard, providing an added layer of peace of mind.

Aside from its impressive safety credentials, the MG HS also offers exceptional comfort and space. With seating for five passengers, there's ample room for everyone to relax and stretch out during those long journeys. The rear legroom is particularly generous, ensuring that even taller passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride. The well-designed interior materials further enhance the cabin's ambience, giving it a premium feel that exceeds its price point.

Engine Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The MG HS offers a variety of engine options to suit different driving preferences. You can choose between the 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engines. The 1.5-litre engine is well-suited for a vehicle of this size, providing sufficient power and efficiency. On the other hand, the 2.0-litre engine offers more power, especially for the all-wheel-drive variant.

If fuel efficiency is a priority for you, consider the hybrid variant. It combines a 1.5-litre petrol engine with an electric motor, delivering improved fuel efficiency without compromising performance. This eco-friendly option allows you to save on fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

The fuel consumption of the MG HS varies depending on the engine and driving conditions. The claimed fuel consumption ranges from 7.3 to 9.5 L/100km. This range provides a good balance between power and efficiency, ensuring you can enjoy your drive while keeping fuel costs under control.

Final Thoughts

The MG HS offers exceptional value for money with its competitive pricing and impressive range of features. It boasts a comfortable and spacious interior, equipped with a variety of standard and additional features that enhance the driving experience. Whether it's the 10.1-inch infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, or the advanced safety features of the MG Pilot Driver Safety Suite, the MG HS delivers convenience and peace of mind.

When it comes to engine performance, the MG HS delivers satisfying power and versatility. With the option of a 1.5-litre or 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, it offers choices that cater to different driving needs. The hybrid variant further enhances fuel efficiency, making it a compelling option for those conscious of their environmental impact.

In summary, the MG HS is a robust contender in the mid-sized SUV market. Its combination of style, well-thought-out features, and affordability make it an attractive choice for Australian buyers. Whether you're seeking a family-friendly vehicle or a spacious and comfortable ride for daily commuting, the MG HS offers a compelling package that is worth considering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the specs of the 2023 MG HS?

The 2023 MG HS comes with a variety of specs including hs core, hs range, mg hs core, 2022 mg hs, phev, and fuel consumption.

How is the interior of the 2023 MG HS?

The interior of the 2023 MG HS is equipped with modern features such as air vents, steering wheel, and a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

What are some comparisons between the 2023 MG HS and the 2021 MG HS?

The comparison between the 2023 MG HS and the 2021 MG HS includes hs variants, rival, outlander, all-wheel drive, medium suv, and drive-away price.

What are the boot space dimensions of the 2023 MG HS?

The boot space dimensions of the 2023 MG HS provide ample space for storage and luggage.

Can you provide a review of the 2023 MG HS?

The 2023 MG HS review highlights its features, powertrain, and safety rating as well as its range-topping essence and list of standard features.

What are some notable interior features of the 2023 MG HS?

The 2023 MG HS interior includes advanced amenities such as the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, air vents, and a steering wheel.

What are the available colors for the 2023 MG HS?

The 2023 MG HS comes in a range of colors to choose from, allowing for personalization according to preference.

What is the fuel efficiency of the 2023 MG HS?

The fuel efficiency of the 2023 MG HS ensures economical use of fuel, making it an ideal choice for daily driving.

Is the 2023 MG HS a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicle?

Yes, the 2023 MG HS is available as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV), offering eco-friendly driving options and fuel savings.

What are the safety ratings for the 2023 MG HS?

The 2023 MG HS has been rated for its safety features and performance, ensuring peace of mind for drivers and passengers.

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