2023 Volvo XC60: Overview, Price, Review, Specs & More

The Volvo XC60 is renowned for its sleek Scandinavian design and luxurious features, gaining lots of attention in the luxury SUV market. This review will look into how it has developed over time, what powertrains are available, and how well it performs on the road while analysing interior/exterior styling decisions plus particular stand-out components that appeal to Australians. We explore customisation options along with technology implementations employed by Volvo for safety as part of this comprehensive analysis. Finally, Driva can provide valuable assistance when financing your dream car. Join us to discover why exactly the Volvo XC60 remains such a popular choice among those searching within this vehicle segment!

Short Summary

  • The Volvo XC60 has evolved significantly since its introduction in 2008, with improved suspension and advanced technology.
  • The car offers various powertrain options and the T8 plug-in hybrid provides numerous benefits including fuel economy, reduced emissions, extended electric range & regenerative braking.
  • It features a luxurious interior & exterior with practical boot capacity for ample storage as well as tailored safety features to suit the Australian market.

The Evolution of the Volvo XC60

When the Volvo XC60 was introduced in 2008, it has gone through a number of advancements with its second-generation version coming out 2017. In an effort to better equip this car and their entire lineup for drivers. Volvo worked to upgrade suspension, cutting-edge technology features as well as safety components without taking away any attractive aspects that had made their cars popular.

Google Maps, Assistant and Play have been incorporated into the driving experience, allowing access to music streaming services along with other fun activities available while cruising around behind the wheel of your favourite vehicle. The XC60 even took home honours including the Car Of Year Japan award for 2018–2017 making Volvo’s product standouts!

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    Powertrain Options for Every Driver

    Volvo’s XC60 provides drivers with a selection of three powertrain types, each offering unique fuel efficiency. These consist of the B5 turbocharged 2.0-liter four cylinder engine. As well as the T8 plug in hybrid and B6 mild hybrid system paired to an equally powerful 2.0L turbine/supercharger combination which all provide various levels of consumption rates for many different uses by customers from around the world.

    Plug-In Hybrid Benefits

    The R Design models with a T8 plug-in hybrid powertrain have several advantages, such as improved fuel efficiency and lessened emissions. It is also capable of longer distances via electric energy compared to traditional hybrids. This extended range can be attributed to regenerative braking technology while the available air suspension ensures comfortable maneuvering for the front wheels.

    In terms of eco-friendliness coupled with aesthetics, it features reduced exhaust emission levels combined with an optional glass roof, both making this particular model an attractive choice amongst all other R Design cars.

    Comparing Trim Levels

    The Volvo XC60 offers four options for trim levels - Momentum, R-Design, Inscription and Polestar Engineered. The range of features vary across the different trims to meet various customer needs. For example, with the base level Momentum you get a 9 inch Sensus system plus panoramic sunroof as well as power tailgate which makes sure rear passengers are just as comfortable in their seats too.

    Upgrading to either an R Design or Inscription provides more amenities such as Harman Kardon audio systems while luxury is ensured by Nappa leather upholstery on offer within this selection of versions respectively. With Performance at its peak, there are also packages including some premium fittings that come included when choosing from the Polestar Engineering choice available here too, making it easy for drivers to take advantage of whatever they seek out – budget wise especially!

    Driving Experience and Performance

    The Volvo XC60 delivers a remarkable driving experience that prioritises comfort and technology, rather than being an exhilarating ride like some other luxury SUVs. Its smooth rides are accompanied by responsive steering for precision in controlling the vehicle while its advanced safety features reflect Volvo’s dedication to driver and passenger protection. Technology, performance, and especially safety all come together seamlessly with this model of car from Volvo providing both stability on roads as well as enjoyable experiences when behind the wheel.

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    Interior and Exterior

    The XC60 has a luxurious and refined interior, boasting high-quality materials like soft carpets, padded armrests with metal trims, tactile buttons and knurled dials. Its seats feature beautifully stitched leather as well as grey cloth in Scandinavian styling that provides plenty of support too.

    As for its exterior design. The sleek modern feel is something unique to the XC60 when compared to other models on offer - even so, there’s still ample capacity boot space which measures 468 litres in Recharge models (though 37L less than alternative versions).

    On-Road Costs

    The on road costs for Volvo XC60 models in Australia range from around $70,000 to nearly $100,000. All associated fees such as insurance premiums, registration and maintenance are accounted for with these estimated prices. It’s important to consider this total cost of ownership when budgeting your purchase since details like driving habits or location can affect the overall expenses related to owning a luxury SUV.

    Taking into account all applicable charges will help make sure that you choose the right model which fits within your financial limitations while giving access to features available across the full price range, wherever you may be located in Australia!

    Standout Features for the Australian Market

    The Volvo XC60 offers an impressive selection of features tailored specifically for the Australian market, making it a desirable choice amongst local buyers. Boasting all-wheel drive to improve grip in various conditions, an eight-speed automatic transmission and 9.0 inch touchscreen infotainment system with both Apple CarPlay and Google software functionality integrated seamlessly, this SUV has much to offer drivers looking for a luxurious experience on the road. Furthering its appeal are LED headlights, leather upholstery and semi-autonomous driving capabilities. Setting it apart from many other SUVs currently available on the market today. All these elements combine into one comprehensive package that makes selecting the XC60 an easy decision when comparing across different ranges of cars.

    How Does the XC60 Compare to Other Cars?

    The Volvo XC60 is a great choice when selecting from the range of luxury compact SUVs. It provides a nice balance between superior features such as its panoramic sunroof and 12.3-inch digital driver display, to name just two examples, combined with reliable performance at an agreeable price point similar to that of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce’s. It also has advanced technological additions like its 9 inch Sensus infotainment system which makes for a more enjoyable driving experience than what other models in this class can provide (e.g. BMW X3). All these factors make the XC60 stand out among competitors within this segment such as Acura RDX, Audi Q5, Lincoln Nautilus or Mercedes GLC Class.

    Customisation and Accessories

    The Volvo XC60 has a wide selection of customisation options for drivers to choose from. Enhancements and practical accessories like different colored cargo liners, sun shades in various materials, along with interior or exterior styling can give you the perfect driving experience that is customised according to your needs and tastes. The range available allows buyers to truly personalise their vehicle so they get the ideal combination of style and convenience while on the road.

    Safety and Technology Innovations

    The renowned Volvo cars are synonymous with safety, and the XC60 is no exception. The car has a broad range of security features such as forward and rear collision warnings, automatic emergency braking system and lane-keeping assistance for added protection on roads. Blindspot warning sensors along with cross traffic alerts ensure an even more secure driving experience. Complemented by hill start aid coupled with numerous airbags that add to its list of impressive safety specs. It certainly continues setting new standards in automobile protection.

    When it comes to technological advances within vehicles. The XC60 offers many advancements including head up display option alongside 360 degree camera vision PLUS pedestrian recognition - all features demonstrating how seriously Volvo takes driver’s safety while enhancing their ride quality at the same time!

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    The Volvo XC60 is a first-rate compact luxury SUV that brings together style, capability and practicality in one attractive package. Customers have the choice of multiple powertrains along with additional amenities such as advanced safety components, modern technology functions, and an array of customisable accessories, all for a competitive price tag. Whether you are new to owning Volvos or have been driving them for years, this vehicle should be on your radar when it comes time to buy another quality SUV. It promises excellent performance coupled with enviable good looks which make it stand out from other models in its class.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Volvo XC60 a good value?

    The Volvo XC60 provides superb performance, stylish aesthetics and a trustworthy make at an economical price. With the 2021 model year coming in with up to 86% off of its original cost while still delivering 92% of its useful life, it’s undoubtedly great value for money.

    Is Volvo XC60 a reliable car?

    The Volvo XC60 is renowned for its dependability. With a comfortable and reliable drive, it’s an ideal selection as an SUV for many consumers looking to purchase one. Numerous model years have been constructed providing this consistent quality driving experience sought after by drivers of the Volvo vehicle family.

    Is Volvo XC60 made in China?

    The Volvo XC60 is a model that is only being built and put together at Swedish facilities, not in China. Research shows this to be the case for the well-known vehicle from Volvo. Thus far, there has been no sign of production or assembly taking place in Chinese factories for this particular product made by the company headquartered in Sweden.

    Where is the 2019 volvo xc60 made?

    The 2019 Volvo XC60 model is produced in either the Torslanda factory based in Sweden, or at the plant located in Chengdu, China. This being dependent on where it’s intended for sale.

    What powertrain options are available for the Volvo XC60?

    Volvo’s XC60 offers a range of powertrain options, like petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid engines. This variety enables drivers to pick the most fitting combination between performance and efficiency for their preferences. With this vast selection of engine types from Volvo available on the XC60, you will be sure to find just what you need!

    Philana Kwan

    Philana Kwan is the marketing coordinator at Driva she has a demonstrated history in customer service excellence and is knowledgeable in all things car and finance related. When she’s not working Philana enjoys learning new things and keeping up with the latest trends in marketing and technology.

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